Night at Work | Instrumental Chill Music Mix


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    Night at Work | Instrumental Chill Music Mix
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    An instrumental chill mix featuring the finest in deep, calm and atmospheric electronic music, with genres such as chillout, downtempo and future garage. Uses for the music include music for background, working, studying, concentration, focusing, stress relief, etc.
    0:00 Ptr. - Genesis
    - Ptr-1546547572276423
    - ptrmusicofficial
    3:56 Liam Thomas - Could We Say Goodbye
    - liamthomusic
    - liamorganthomas
    7:47 Audial - Silhouette
    11:33 Daminika - The Colors of the Evening
    - daminikachill
    - katerina_daminika
    - daminika_music
    15:48 Emiliano Secchi - Crossroad
    - Emiliano-Secchi-108595727360132
    19:07 Sillage - Ethereal Traces
    - sillagegc
    23:06 4lienetic - Fade
    - 4lienetic
    - 4lienetic
    - 4lienetic
    27:32 Himalia - Growing Upwards
    - HimaliaUK
    33:59 tondchee - Enter Forever
    - tondchee
    38:38 Evocativ - Lost In a Dream (feat. Arch Origin)
    - evocativ
    - markevocativ
    - ArchOrigin
    - ArchOrigin
    43:20 Hello Meteor - Smoke Notturno
    - hellometeorofficial
    - hello__meteor
    - hellometeorofficial
    46:36 Speh - Torn
    - spehmusic
    51:15 Liam Thomas - Alinio
    - liamthomusic
    - liamorganthomas
    54:58 Hiatus - Relic
    - hiatusmusic
    - hiatusmusic
    58:46 Liam Thomas - The Last Time I Saw You
    - liamthomusic
    - liamorganthomas
    *This video was uploaded for promotional purposes. If you enjoy the music, please support the artists and download the best quality versions of the tracks from the links above! If you own any content in this video and would like me to take it down, please contact me (contact[at] and I will remove it immediately.

    Published on 3 months ago


    1. Fluidified

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      1. Sk films

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      2. Sk films

        @Maya Punjabi to them to you first Apache

      3. Melvin Hooker

        @Gia B. Ree5ee

      4. Daniel Hall

        This was unfunny. Nothing like this:

      5. Sleep Surgeon

        Hey Fluidified, how do I submit a track for consideration?

    2. Lofi chills

      Always Remember, it's just a bad day, not a bad life. Keep smiling everyone :)

    3. perk bautista

      This image looks like Rockwell, Makati in the Philippines.


      la musique est un cataliseur de bonnes ou mauvaises emotions, sensations.... cette compile donne envie d'y croire. Il y a des bas, il y a des hauts, merci pour cette superbe musique qui aide a remonter des trefonts d'une melancolie exacerbee par le stress de cette vie de fou.... mais magnifique.

    5. Smooth Background Music

      To everyone reading this, let's meet here after 10 years when we all are successful. Until then, take care. See you in 2031. 😜😘

    6. Kill Team Hungary

      very good!

    7. Fred Flintstone

      No milk maids.

    8. Mind Body Relaxation

      To everyone who is experiencing a difficult situation: To shot an arrow you have to pull it backwards. So when life drags you back with some troubles, it means it's going to launch into something better. I wish for physical, mental and spiritual healing for ALL.🙏🙏

      1. Razabazal

        That was something I needed to hear ty.

    9. Afaq Ahmed

      Have no words for this awesome music

    10. otar shavadze

      USfilm really knows what to offer

    11. Amandeep Baghiana

      8:13... I’ve finally found it!

    12. darrell cray

      Everything isn't going to be okay, but that's okay because you're a badass who listens to ambient chillax.

      1. db

        darrell is a pretty dope name, have a great day

    13. Dana Izadpanah

      What a crazy world, don't worry so much about your s***, sometimes just let it go

    14. Серж щас

      Миллион лайков

    15. John Pulickal

      The city in the background is Makati/BGC- Metro Manila

    16. jazz music


    17. Patricià Manina Hh.

      @Fluidfield, thanks for the great Musik 🎶!! 👍 👌 ✌ 👈 👏 👏 👏 👏 👏 I love it! 💞💕💗💖💗💞💞💕

    18. Sounds of nature

      To whoever is reading this, you are loved. You are blessed. Your dreams are manifesting as we speak.

    19. Pavel

      Проходил мимо...

    20. Chilled nature Sounds

      On night duty n enjoying this, keep the vibe

    21. Mxolisi Tshoni

      My whole life is in my hands, possibilities are abundant. Not a dime to my name, home-less and quintessentially alone. But you know what? It's almost midnight and I AM NOT GIVING UP! I KNOW MY WORTH, WHO I AM AND THE GOD IN ME, THAT IS ME. I am Mxolisi Peace Tshoni and I am Africa's finest investor, I am the worlds next billionaire. I am God of my world. To the next man and woman, never stop fighting.

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      Quem começou agora deixe o seu like e se inscreve! vamos nos ajudar uns aos outros

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        @Triat a união faz a força

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        Um monte de comentários encorajadores e no meio um brasileiro a pedir likes e subs "para nos ajudarmos uns aos outros".

    23. Ian Oyaro

      So relaxing

    24. Rangan Halder

      to all of you who are keeping up to their level best, remember just dont go with the flow, also carry the debris to know whats worth

    25. Theppriya Somwan


    26. Math Machado

      Fala galera! Me deem uma forcinha visualizando o meu vídeo, por favor.

    27. portalkey

      Oh I think see Rizal Tower at Rockwell in Makati.

    28. Ehssan Zartab

      I love the bass in background, so deep and Motive

    29. Arthur Brandão

      muito boa essa play

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    32. Your time to Relax

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    33. Oljas Nurgaliyev

      Very relaxing 😌 sound

    34. Relax Music 247

      Nice and cool Music.

    35. You are a kpop star


    36. oscar

      thats rockwell in manila philippines

    37. micnpark

      People are very inspired here in the comment section.

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    39. Mr. Roy

      Everything is going be alright....right as rain. Sending kindest regards & very best wishes from Texas....

    40. Lu'a Po'Ka

      маленький островок русских буковок

    41. Meditation Music Clubhouse

      Very relaxing and soothing. Whoever reading this comment, I really hope you find peace and strength to live through the day. Whatever you're going through right now, I promise it'll be okay.

      1. Jair S.

        I just finished my second drink and you are correct! I went through 2 drinks & it is okay! I think I will go through another one!

      2. Ehssan Zartab

        Big Like

      3. Victor

        you promise?

      4. Advait Maindalkar

        Thank you

    42. James Tantra

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    44. Just Relax

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      Despite how bad the last year in particular was for many.... the incalculable emotional, fiscal, and personal permanent loss certain individuals foisted on us...... think about what the world would be like without music? I personally use it everyday many times a day to set whatever tone i need to continue on...Thanks for this channel...check out Gerhard Daum trumpet rhapsody set

      1. Jennifer Norman

        Excellent point, thank you x

    50. GozerTheGozerian

      I used to have a view like this in Manhattan, 20 floors up in my brother's apartment on the west side, with floor-to-ceiling windows. I'd dog-sit for him when he was away, sit with my laptop facing the windows and the glorious view, spark the leaf and just write.


        Would you give me some lines as a present from the other side of the ocean?...

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      1. Relaxation and Meditation

        god bless you all❤️

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        Thank you.

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      I really like listening to these songs when I'm studying or when I'm preparing for something... thanks a lot for this uploaded this video!!!!

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