iPhone 12 - What were Apple thinking?

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    Full review of the iPhone 12 launch event, including my brutally honest opinion on price, specs. and cameras, vs Samsung, OnePlus and Huawei. Check out the new OnePlus 8T vs Google Pixel 5 here: usfilm.info/fire/ZauvqJ97r7V30NA/video.html
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    Published on 17 days ago


    1. Mrwhosetheboss

      Did an all-nighter working on this one - hope you found it interesting! Also...I've got a second video dropping later today, any guesses? 😈 Edit: Check out the new OnePlus 8T vs Google Pixel 5 here: usfilm.info/fire/ZauvqJ97r7V30NA/video.html

      1. Shadab Hussain

        Plz give me a 12 pro

      2. Shadab Hussain

        Plz give me a 12 pro

      3. Alojado, Jon Mark D.

        Can i get phone? I needed it for online class cause my phone cant keep up with low ram and processor thank you im you number 1 fan i did watched every video you uploaded😁

      4. suma prakash

        Yes really good

      5. Swapna Mattevada

        arun pls tell that we shoud ban 5G becuse it ma kill us or birdsss

    2. Test Account

      Me: Trying to watch an Apple Video USfilm: Shows ad of the latest Samsung S20 FE version What USfilm was thinking? Ans: Guys, forget about apple. We hate them. Samsung is way better both in people and products.

    3. Carol Smith

      Did an all-nighter working on this one - hope you found it interesting! Also...I've got a second video dropping later today, any guesses? 😈 Edit: Check out the new OnePlus 8T vs Google Pixel 5 here: usfilm.info/fire/ZauvqJ97r7V30NA/video.html

    4. Swirl AndTwirl

      What if Steve Jobs is alive?

    5. Xue Han Neo

      May I have a suggestion for your video? If possible, please reduce the number of unnecessary zooming in or out and the cutting of the scenes seems jerky. I’m no video expert, but just find them quite distracting.

    6. Amongus Memes

      1 g so boring 2 g yay 3g yay 4 g yay 5g wtf apple tou trying to spread covid we were almost there no more covid what an idiot

    7. boiæ _

      Why do people keep making phones thinner and bigger? it's really hard to fucking hold them.

    8. Thorvald Kiersch

      4X is NOT 400% gains, because 2X = 100% gain!!!

    9. Toluwani Falegan

      If MrWhoseTheBoss had a kingdom MrWhoseTheBoss: Apple, your son, IPhone 12, has disgraced my kingdom. We have to execute him! Apple: WHAT????!!!!! MrWhoseTheBoss: Execute him! Samsung(the executioner): Yes sir!

    10. Auri PYT

      Nothing has change Lmao 😂 dude really you sound like the typical apple fanboy . I love your videos tho

    11. Slarza Kaan

      Who needs 2 kidneys anyways

    12. Josue Arriaza

      Iphone still sucks. No offense you say the same thing every video about phones.

    13. Evangelos Aktoudianakis

      I don't know guys. I just got an iPhone 12 to try it (I have an S20 5G FE that I love, and the OP8 Pro before that)... And I actually liked iPhone 12. Admittedly I added all my google apps to the phone, down to the browser. But it's fast, it charges fast, the app collection and integration is far superior to Android (my BMW supports full Apple Play, whereas with Android it was just a matter of audio playing). Battery seems very decent, I am getting 4 hours screen time and I am at 50%. Admittedly I haven't tried it with 5G yet out in London, which I will do today and tomorrow...Battery life will affect my decision. But I did already have a USB-C-PD adapter as a charger, and I am using wireless headphones. I don't need those accessories. For 849, the price is decent given how that was more or less the launch price for S20 line... Standby drain is minimal... Camera is great. I don't know. I really like it. I might move to Apple for a year or so just to experience it, see if I still want to stay there. I'll tell you this. I had the S20 Ultra Exynos for 1199, and the Iphone 12 is a FAR superior phone when it comes to : speed, heating, app management, standby drain. Yes, it's not QHD screen, and I wish it was 120 Hz, but for me - I prefer a phone that does the basics very well, over a phone that's full of gimmicks and fails to deliver on the basics.

    14. Shining One

      Is that wild rift at 3:44? :o OMG OMG OMG!!!

    15. jenynce

      Your point about only new phones have usb C cable and old iPhones have usb a cable so people will still have to buy plug separately is such a good point

    16. ABD

      Arum out here proving the haters wrong which even Apple couldn't do

    17. Bálint Kordováner

      I always laugh when these companies highlight speed as an important upgrade in their new gen phones. Honestly, any mediocre phone from the last 5 years have more than adequate speed for daily use. Still using my S8 and probably will unless it breaks. I completely lost interest in mobile phones in the recent years. Other than the folding screens there were literally 0 ground breaking improvements yet people burn their hard earned money on the latest generations every year.

    18. Lee CodmYT

      Who buy new iPhone?

    19. Jiajian Hou

      Box = original 5/5s/SE = I like

    20. Kal

      Apple socks,u got the money yo make a reservation and still u can’t get this phone,long buying process by by Apple

    21. bayhin1

      I wouldn’t mind having a thicker phone with better battery.

    22. The Channel for You and Me

      Well, really, ITS THE IPHONE SE2 11 10 8 7 SE 6 5 AND 4S

    23. Deepak Arora

      I am using samsung galaxy note 20 ultra 5G, is the better option than iphone12 pro max, Actually its value for money, before Note 20 Ultra, I was on apple 7plus for 3 years, As of now Note 20 Ultra is the Best

      1. yasio bolo

        Iphone. Thanks but no thanks.

    24. mohd alen

      i wish samsung making blutooth charger! just connect with blutooth charger and done! very simple and useful

      1. mohd alen

        @yasio bolo wait what!?

      2. yasio bolo

        Wait it wasnt small enuf? U still want an iphone mini?

    25. Tom Cypher

      Isn't agenda of not including the charger misleading from apple? This is straightly fooling of their users. Obviously, they don't care of the environment. If they cared, they woudln's produce iPhones at all, lmao!

    26. Alex Blok

      The awful distracting notch and lack of USB-C is a mix of lazy design and greed. No sale. Will stick to my stylus equipped Note 9, with headphone jack too. Which reminds me, why no Apple Pencil support on the Pro Max?

    27. Rohan Mathews

      Apple is the new Nokia. You can see this company disappearing in a few years. Overconfidence will lead to downfall..

    28. Jugoslav S

      I can see from plane how much uncomfortable he was while making this insincere video.... (payed by apple)

    29. Matthijs Roovers

      So the elephant in the room: *Why* would I need 5G? I'm perfectly happy using 4G. It's way fast enough, need way less cell stations, works better indoor and uses less battery. 5G, in my opinion, is the least useful feature *ever*, sold to us as if they were oranges. Stop being a brainless consumer running at every new gadget.

    30. Hao Shi

      the small battery is the actual deal breaker, I want to be worry-free when I am using my phone outside. Btw this is a very biased video.

    31. youngTAG

      i'm here for the praise of iphone 4 body design. nothing else matters cuz not gonna buy the 12 anyways

    32. Rztro

      Who else is watching this with an iPhone 7 :((

    33. SomeRandomGirl [WhoLikesWriting]

      $699 is still way too much. In English pounds that's £541. Whereas my phone - the Samsung Galaxy a70 - was only about £300, a lil' over. (Not exactly sure, parents bought me it last Christmas.) So, I'm a Samsung gal (but not just because of the price, for other reasons too.)

    34. AE

      Apple: We need android users to switch over to iPhone Also apple: No more charging brick. You probably already have one

    35. Art_istically

      I like how he assumed the iPhone 12 Pro Max would be $1,500 but it was $1,100.

      1. Art_istically

        like damn, if the phone actually was $1,500... I could get myself 2 or more androids but I wouldn't do that. Because I don't like android

    36. Matthew Jones

      Im currently on samsung s10+ and once iphone 12 pro max comes put ill be upgrading to that

    37. Paw

      Some of the main reasons I like having an iPhone as opposed to a Flagship Samsung is because Apple has a sort of class to it, and sure it might be a bit behind, but it still has that bit of professionalism to it. Samsung just runs on the same OS as the other thousands of phone's released in the same year, while Apple makes their own chips, own hardware, and they're not releasing everything they have all at once. Apples doesn't make a ton of products all at once, like Samsung or Xiaomi (sorry if i spelled it wrong), and it just feels more exclusive. Samsung makes amazing phones, don't get me wrong, like their cameras are astounding, and I find myself on discord talking to friends and watching that little video in the corner while im waiting for their response. Those are some of the better features, and I really enjoy those. But now iPhone has a better camera and it can do that thing with youtube as well. I also find the simplicity of the iPhone to be really nice. I'm not much of a tech guy myself, but I find it a lot harder to navigate the settings on a Samsung than with an Android. Everything on an iPhone is really easy to access, and it's right at the tip of your fingers. The AI's on each phone is amazing as well, Bixby and Siri and both really good, but I feel like Samsung added too many unnecessary things to Bixby, like swipe left and Swipe right and Take a screenshot. Sure, it's handy to have, but when are you going to have to say "Bixby, take a screenshot" instead of just pushing the two buttons necessary to do so.

    38. Meenatchi Sundaram

      What I ask what you show me bullsit

    39. Kuroyukikaze Kanade

      Wait it wasnt small enuf? U still want an iphone mini?

    40. The teacher

      Iphone. Thanks but no thanks.

    41. Saikat Maji

      This channel on same iphone with new name and new price: i like it. Its amezing bla bla This channel on cheaper phone with advanced techs: eww. This phone is for peasant.

    42. PuertoRock13

      You tried so hard to excuse Apples.gritty behavior.... You said Building trust, apple is by far one of the most deceitful companies in the world!

    43. MeWife & 5boys

      Apple is selling old tech off course for more money. The I in iPhone stands for idiots. Inside that iPhone are made in china electronics.

    44. Gaurav Mahto

      Giveaway participated Reason : I will never win😂😂

    45. Corvec

      I don't care how good it is. A mid-ranged Android from Samsung or Xiaomi will blow it away in terms of value.

    46. Art Renth

      I have an idea for Apple that everyone would like. They should grow *Apple trees* to save the world from “overheating” and grow *Apples.*

    47. ickeausberlin36

      Your camera operator seems to be drunk constantly zooming in and out. Yeah, i get it is supposed to look dynamic, but unbearable for my eyes to watch.

    48. Sonia_ Ashbee

      Ok I have one of the iPhone 12 and it’s actually awesome. It’s pretty much the same as the 11 but the edges are not curved.

    49. Mrinmoy poit

      can you give me any of your used iphones? I really want to have one iphone.

    50. K'sEO

      I wouldn’t buy an iPhone ex r just because who ever named it was mentally challenged!

    51. K'sEO

      Apple found a way to sell you basically a 5 inch phone because the notch will take up 1/4” of screen, for basically $800 including tax! Which if you decide to use your new charge wire you’ll have to buy a new charger brick which will put you over the $800 mark!

    52. K'sEO

      How long will it take people to get annoyed at the iPhone 12’s wearing a face mask 😷?!

    53. bryant vargas

      I’m not getting the new iPhone 12.I need 240hz display or 120 hz will work for me

    54. Mihail G

      You need to buy a new phone and keep in the package 📦 in till new one comes out then test and don’t do any update on the other phone because the iPhone it’s a Scammers last you three updates they long down the iPhone show the new one that’s for sure when in real life in the same way :(( Before they use to show the batteries better until they got sued they were slowing down the barriers on the phone your head now they Lauren different just putting a virus is slowing down the phone apps everything Else phone it’s a bigger scam, ripping off people

    55. Balbir Singh

      They are so out of innovation. Few years later they're gonna go back to iPhone 6 design. Whats new lol?

    56. nieooj gotoy

      Title: What WAS Apple thinking

    57. LarsDeSteeNL YT

      Iphone 11 pro max 5g ultra... This iphone 12 is made out of 11

    58. Maarten Keus

      I'm so angry at this point, the sensor is NOT NEW just because Apple is now using doesn't mean it's new!? All of this is so unimpressive when you take off the Apple eye flaps everyone at Android already had all this sht years ago what's the hype I legit do not understand.

      1. nieooj gotoy

        I will never buy an Apple product, laptop, Macbook, ipad, dildo, iphone, icard, isuck, apple pencil, apple monitor stand... NEVER

    59. Maarten Keus

      Title: WHAT WERE THEY THINKING Video: nice phone lads well done Apple wow 5G just got real! And 30% more battery?! Best iPhone ever y'all!

      1. Maarten Keus

        @Marcus Outplays if I understand you english correctly, yes ;)

      2. Marcus Outplays

        @Maarten Keus frickin 100$ android phone we got from lazada cause it has sailed Its a frickin redmi note 9 it has better specs

      3. Maarten Keus

        @Marcus Outplays yeah this iphone is the most how-are-they-getting-away-with-this iphone ever for me, no charger, no new features just catching up to the competition and still having the balls to claim it's a shiny brand new

      4. Marcus Outplays

        Samsung at the distance got 5g at like 2 years ago 👀

    60. Da Boss

      2:30 Yeah Bitch !! Magnets ooh

    61. Gregory Cotter

      If Apple makes the phone battery thicker, several things will happen. One, the device will have more endurance. Two, the device can be consistently uniform and flat on the back, getting rid of that repulsive camera bulge. Three, it will support better performance. Overall making it a better phone, possibly pushing android phone users towards the forbidden fruit.

    62. yadeedya babu

      PassionFruite iphoney Max Pro 5G Fold

    63. Ranasinhe Wickramasinghe

      The Best Video in Jailbreak Family. The Huge Jailbreak iOS 14.2 Beta and iOS 14.2/ 14.2.1/ 14.2.2 Public Version [A14 Chip] ROOT And Kernel Exploit Achieved Even On iPhone 12 @t

    64. That's Gay Tho-

      They should have removed that hugeeee notch instead of the charger. Even my 300€ phone doesn't have one.

    65. Ethan Lee

      I have a MacBook Pro and iPad Pro, but I don't really like the iPhone. If they want to steal me away from Galaxy Note they should have gone with the USB C charging port. The fact that all my other Apple products have a USB C and the iPhone doesn't mean that I won't be switching. It doesn't make sense.

    66. graham smith

      Charge em more and give em less, keep those shareholders happy and give Uncle Tim another bonus.

    67. The Drewster

      I really liked this video. I didn't feel that you were overly biased towards Apple products. You hit on subjects that other Apple biased reviewers don't touch. At the same time it doesn't seem like anyone is really talking about magsafe enough. Is it safe to have an iphone 12 in your pocket sitting right up against your normal wallet? Will it ruin your credit/debit cards? Will it demagnetize hotel room key cards? I don't care if Apple is selling a completely over priced wallet magsafe wallet attachment thing. I want to know if the iphone 12 magsafe magnets are going to destroy my cards or anything else in that pocket. Reviewers needs to be focusing on stuff like that. Battery life, screen, storage capacity, memory size/capabilities are all great but every other reviewer does that. What about antenna reception for 4g and 5g? Can you get better cellular signal strength with iphone over Samsung phone? If I were to tether my phone's data as a hotspot or USB tethering then which phone would provide the best data throughput and latency? Just different things to touch on when doing a phone review that might set you apart from all of the other reviewers that talk about the exact.same.thing.

    68. Nithin Raj


    69. chillausmc

      Android user since Gz'one, and have love, love, loved my wife's old iphone5S. Her new 12 is flipn everything i ever wanted in a phone. It might be enough to turn me honestly.

    70. shoeprano27

      if only that samsung phone colorway from your thumbnail is real

    71. Gamer God

      Well sorry man I got I phone xr because when I got it it was the best phone out so now I got to wait till Christmas to get one :(

    72. J

      We don't know what they're Thanking that want to be like Get people who wants a iPhone for 400 500 and 700 and people who like to waste your money even 1,000

    73. jimzplace

      I will never buy an Apple product, laptop, Macbook, ipad, dildo, iphone, icard, isuck, apple pencil, apple monitor stand... NEVER

    74. Alberto Banegas

      sounds like your kissing apple's ass imo

    75. HogVlog

      It’s strange me that Apple is a late adopter to new technologies, then markets themselves as having brand new tech. No, Apple, this “new to you” tech. The rest of the world has had these things for years. That being said, I do kinda understand the late adoption. Samsung, for example, loves to innovate new technologies such as the folding phone. However, they treat their high-paying customers as beta testers. Apple doesn’t release beta technology- it’s fully fleshed out and really functional and good. At this point in phone technology, I don’t think there will be any great leaps in hardware in the next few years. Maybe chipsets and memory will get slightly faster, but screens, battery life, and cameras will all essentially stay the same for a while now. The differences and optimizations will come from software, and that is where we will see the winners and losers over the next 3 or so years.

    76. SVTStrikesback

      I honestly don’t recall any iPhone, except the first one, that was terribly groundbreaking. I think a lot of people view apple as a premium product that’s solid and dependable. Not to mention the fact that their stuff generally works pretty well and is easy to use.

    77. Adam Wilson

      Love your videos!

    78. Zachary Smith

      I just sold my galaxy from last year, for the 12. Im so glad i switched, this iphone 12 is wayyyyyyy better. So happy.

    79. Prix0280 DOS

      I like the notch. I want to keep it.

    80. Bogdan

      The honest comment: “I can’t afford an iPhone so I make stupid jokes about Apple to feel better, I always criticize iPhones even if I’ve never tried one”.

      1. Anderson Majano

        Better values. ... 3.5mm headphone jacks. ... USB Type-C charging ports with fast charging. ... Customization, widgets and skins. ... Many more hardware options, including rugged phones. ... A true, working file system. ... A back button. ... Multiwindow support. Just wanted to put that out there

      2. VeRy ScArY dOg

        @XrT_Quadzy i mean its ur choice

      3. XrT_Quadzy

        Lol my parents lets me decide if I want to get the iphone 11 pro or samsung s20 and Im off course is gonna choose the samsung s20 since the iphone x i had sucked ass Sorry for bad english

      4. VeRy ScArY dOg

        @Anderson Majano well widgets are the only thing i use and customisation is kinda stupid in my opinion

      5. Anderson Majano

        Bruh stfu I’ve had an iPhone and its faster and all but u cant rly customize its so it suck imo

    81. Múhammàd Hâdî

      iPhone 15: There are components inside the box disassembled, assemble it yourself or get us do it at just $200. Thankyou for chosing us again🤞

    82. Racheal Andre

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    85. Racheal Andre

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    86. Galen Man

      " did you guys see Apple do what Samsung did last year and they got from some 2012 patient , so innovative, so new" Its all good all you Apple users can try not to remember the suicide nets on Apples factories

    87. Nick Jeffrey

      My contract ended last week so I upgraded yesterday, been apple user since the 3gs but now I have a s20+ fuck apple! Charging me more money for USfilm premium just cause I'm buying it on a iPhone... wish I knew this years ago

    88. Shoe Chew

      They’re Boxy But They’re Good. We know they’re not sexy. This is not a smart time to be sexy anyway, with so many new diseases around.

    89. kolim jone

      Eh Ill still be picking up a Note 20 Ultra at the end of the month.

    90. Dragongamer br

      I have a Samsung j7 its a 10 year old smart phone, i was going to get the iphone, but the charger thing--- i only have micro usb or normal usb, thats hard.

      1. kolim jone

        Does anyone still care about the iPhone 6s anymore and does any one still use them??

    91. Deniz Kilic

      imagine still using a phone with 60 hz refreshrate lmao, apple really is a joke

    92. Ben PH

      What *WAS* Apple thinking?

    93. Carlos J Acosta thorrens

      I’ll stay with my iPhone 11 Pro. 🤦🏽‍♂️ nothing spectacular in updates 🤦🏽‍♂️

    94. Alec Shoemaker

      120HZ: I think they want the refresh rate goes to down to 1HZ for Always On Display to 120HZ and I think due to supplies Apple couldn’t get enough drivers for what they needed or maybe too costly to implement them. Power Adapter: Just like the headphone jack, companies mocked them then they actually got rid of the headphone jack. Also, I think they want people to move to USB-C Power Adapters instead of USB-A. I think that if they included the Power Adapter the price of the 4 iPhone 12 would’ve been higher than what it is now. Notch: Because there are sensors for FaceID and I think I am pretty sure they want to get rid of the notch all together instead of making the notch smaller.

    95. louis corey

      Spoiler alert switch to a android

    96. Rey Pogi

      ok,after all your paid praises, is there a charger inside the box?

    97. OneIcieBoi _YEET

      So are we not gonna talk about the fact that arun put among us in the iphone in the thumbnail?

    98. ghxstz

      I swear the iPhone 13 is gonna come with just the phone and the iPhone 14 is gonna have an empty box

    99. TheAvenger62

      2:17 I thought a x4 increase of something equals to a 300% increase and not 400%

    100. William Hauberger

      I’m getting an iPhone 12 Pro in December can’t wait!