The Hardest Video I've Had To Make

Rick Beato

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    This video is dedicated to my biggest musical influence Aunt Penny.

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    1. Greg Thibodeau

      I've been around a long time, and you know, when you've been around a long time, you see people who are older , and they've survived this very complicated life that we've all been given, to figure out what are we to do with it? We have these children, we have this home, we have this relationship, we have all this stuff, it comes and goes like waves . Sometimes its okay, sometimes its horrible , and that will never change. how you react to it, is what makes the difference . Let's not all get hysterical when the dog won't stop barking. We all have to take turns barking. We all need to bark, and this happens to be the day that your dog is barking. Something is bugging him and he's barking, and until we figure out what it is, he's going to bark . We all need to do that. Don't be afraid to bark. It's good to bark. It's good for your soul. Then we have to sit back, take a deep breath, drink plenty of water , and not get too upset with the every day stuff , because it can make you sick if you let it . Go with the tide, ride with the tide, go with the flow Thank you Aunt Penny.


        Beautiful words of a wise, wise woman.

      2. Pounamu Bts7

        such great advice and wisdom...

      3. Adam Sowder


      4. Redd Dogg24

        Aunt Penny seems like a cool hip woman. May she Rest In Peace. My aunt Dawn was the same way we were close and she was a musical influence to me. She played piano and she plays the harp. She was an amazing woman as was your aunt Penny. Keep your head up she seems like she live a full life and a beautiful one my brother.

      5. Curtis Reed

        I am so glad Greg transcribed that portion. I had not heard the poetry, but it really was. It's beautiful that such poetic philosophy was so casually and humbly dispensed. You were so blessed to have your Aunt Penny in your childhood, Rick. RIP happily, hysterically, hilariously, barking aunt Penny!

    2. Siuleo Pouesi

      Shed a tear when she played just the way you are not only for your dearbAunt Penny but because that was one of my father's favorite songs ever. RIP Dad❤

    3. Kt Haynes

      Tears for you and with you. Thanks for sharing your Aunt Penny with us -- it only took me about 10 minutes to fall in love with her!! I'm sorry that you lost her so suddenly.

    4. Shawn Conley

      Thank You for Sharing !!!

    5. Shawn Conley

      Amazing ! Thanks for shareing !!!

    6. Brett Carlson

      What a sweetheart. RIP.

    7. Shawnee76

    8. TreeTrout

      To me her voice and phrasing sound musical. I had a Lovely Aunt I loved dearly - I miss her and I think I feel What you Feel. I'm Sorry.


      What a beautiful, classy woman.

    10. Ray Wade

      God Bless you. Wonderful Richard and Aunt Annie. Let's bark together. Love.

    11. crashsymbol

      You are a lucky man to have had such a caring person in your life. I'm sorry for your loss. ☮️

    12. juliengripp

      This is a really lovely tribute, Rick. Penny was very clearly a wonderful woman and she persists through her relationship with you, your family, and with her students.

    13. Robert Bella

      She was obviously like a mom to you. So sorry for your loss Rick. It was quite obvious how much you loved her and how proud you were of her. Think of her life with you as a gift that very few people ever get to experience. Take care.

    14. blazes8n

      Condolences for your loss, Ric. I hope you and all your family are well. Beautiful and touching tribute. I love the line "we all gotta bark sometime" and that's a nugget of wisdom right there. Everyday stuff does suck, and music brings us all through it. 🤘

    15. Bryan Dover

      Damn, Rick. I really didn't want to cry this morning.... but here I am.

    16. This Old Boat

      We all have to go. I hate death!!!

    17. Pilot Dawn

      Very sorry for you lose. Thank you for posting this video and the heart if represents.

    18. Bruce Gardner

      Brought a tear to my eye. What a wonderful relationship you shared. Thank you!!

    19. William C Francis

      wonderful remembrance. thank you now I can say I met her.

    20. Perry Petrillo

      What a wonderful person. I love you Aunt Penny!

    21. JC

      I'm so so sorry for your loss, Rick. That's one of my biggest fears. I'm terrified of having surgery and being put under. 😔

    22. Ric Bergstrom

      So sorry for your loss...the phrasing in Yesterday was beautiful.

    23. Tony N

      I'm so sorry for your loss.

    24. misterflipster

      Beautiful story and a beautiful soul, God Bless and Rest In Peace Aunt Penny!

    25. misspoffles

      How fortunate for you to have had this special woman in your life and for her to have had you in hers. Thank you for sharing this with us. No doubt she will be incredibly missed. My sincere condolences to you and may she rest in peace.

    26. Dave Allyn, Sr.

      Oh my gosh, Rick, purely delightful. Her playing, her. And I have no idea. Thanks for sharing this with all us.

    27. David Bowe

      So sorry. She was obviously a huge influence on you and your life choices! I love your enthusiasm, your positivity and your all-around Uplifting personality! I'm guessing you got some of that from her!

    28. Grasshopper

      Man I knew I was going to cry after I saw you two sitting together talking. She was a very wise woman. There are some words to live by in there. So sorry for youe loss Rick. FYI - for the folks who didn't get the stamps for food part, they rationed almost everything in WWII to support the war effort. My grandmother told me so many stories about that time and when I get down about what's going on in the world now I think about what it must have been like for people back in those years.

    29. Lanny Rice

      Oh Rick, bless your heart man! She was a very talented musician! And what a wonderful soul! RIP Aunt Penny. My condolences to you and your family. I’ve been so busy, it’s January 14th and I’m just now watching this. 🙏

    30. PumpkinSeed17

      Aww, Rick! I'm so sorry! I can see...and feel what a blessing it has been to have her in your life! Thank you so much for sharing these videos of her with us, as we are now also blessed by her in this small but beautiful way. *hugs*

    31. Pounamu Bts7

      My sincere condolences to you Rick and to your family!

    32. Pounamu Bts7

      Rick Beato " i haven't practised.." ~ classic comment! ~ I love it !! Pure Love is what I see and hear between you and your beloved aunt, Rick. ! Wow!!!! Thank you SO much for sharing this ~ my heart is Full!

    33. Pounamu Bts7

      " 'rise with the tide' and 'go with the flow' ~ Mmmmmmn Good advice

      1. Pounamu Bts7

        ride with the tide...

    34. Pounamu Bts7

      "..." there's a shadow hanging over me..." so sad this song and so beautifully played by this beautiful lady! thank you!!

    35. Pounamu Bts7

      "Richard"- yep! She's his aunt alright!

      1. Pounamu Bts7

        funny, I just realised I'm an aunt of a nephew called Richard too.. gosh!!!

    36. Pounamu Bts7

      "I would Quit at the end of every lesson.."....God Bless her... I can SO relate to this ! Thanks Be that she didn't ...HAha

    37. Pounamu Bts7

      3- 4 years of, music, music...yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

    38. Pounamu Bts7

      7 in my family too (chn)

    39. Ragnar Lothbrok

      God bless her. What a gift to all who knew her.

    40. RocketRed Glare

      Who hits the "dislike" button on something like this?! 🤔 I hate this world... 🤦‍♂️

    41. Equos

      Amazing woman. She's playing now in some better place, I'm sure.

    42. Craig Thomas

      Dear Rick, I just met Penny through this video and I already miss her too. What a blessing you had and will cherish forever. God bless and Godspeed!!!

    43. Leonard Argeanton

      RIP Aunt Penny! Sorry for your loss Rick your an inspiration.

    44. Patrick Spicer Cassidy

      Sorry for your loss Rick. Condolences to you and your family. Thanks for sharing such amazing memories with the world. We all need reminders of how beautiful and sacred people like Penny are.

    45. jalabi99

      Thank you for sharing a bit of your dear aunt Penny with us all. May she rest in peace.

    46. Pádraig Floyd

      Sorry for your loss. What a great woman. It’s people like that who make it possible to keep on keeping on. Requiescat in pace.

    47. jim f

      Sorry for your loss

    48. Bob Witt

      RIP Aunt Penny. Rick I could tell that you thoroughly enjoyed hanging out with her. She seemed like a great lady, sorry for your loss. I actually watched that original livestream on the Live channel.

    49. Tomer N

      May she rest in peace.

    50. Mikoy Fernandez

      What a beautiful tribute to a special person. Thank you Rick for sharing this story. God rest her soul.

    51. Xero

      I don't know if I can watch all of this. My husband has had MS for most of his life and I can track his deterioration over time. He was a highly awarded audio engineer before I met him but had to give up work because of his MS.

    52. Nic Hofberg

      I'm sorry for your loss. She was obviously a lovely lady.

    53. Franco De Felice

      beautiful tribute

    54. Toddly Krentz

      Beautiful Tribute. Love you Both.

    55. rpminc 12

      So Sorry, Rick 😪🙏❤️

    56. Leonardo Carretero

      Beautiful lady, you are fortunate to have had her in your life. So fortunate. I wish I had an aunt like her.

    57. Kiss My_Butt

      I can't remember where I heard the quote but it is true and lovingly painful. I may be paraphrasing. "We are at the age where life stops giving us gifts and starts taking them away.'

    58. wily wascal

      My favorite aunt taught piano. She died in middle age from lupus. This brings back fond memories, Rick. So sorry for your devastating loss. Take hope; those memories don't die, helping to sustain us.

    59. glenn pierce

      Your Aunt Penney is worth a million,sorry for your loss.

    60. RF Guitar Tuition

      Beautiful. What a wonderful lady. Such great insights into the joy of music. People that disliked this must be empty inside.

    61. Steve Blixt

      Did anybody else notice that aunt Penny looks and sounds like an older Meryl Streep?

    62. Stephani Graham

      What a truly moving video and tribute. Absolutely beautiful.

    63. White Knight

      My condolences Rick. May Penny Rose rest in peace!

    64. TropiCool

      My condolences and thank you for all your contributions.

    65. Tomica Nurnberger

      My sincere condolences 😢❤️

    66. Tomica Nurnberger

      Rick, thank you so much for this video! All your videos are so inspirational, but this one warmed my soul💜

    67. franco del

      Lovely woman RIP Aunt Penny, thanks for sharing this Rick. 💕

    68. Shamus Wilde

      My Uncle Ron was a drummer and really got me into music. He passed away shortly after I started playing, and I never really got to show him anything I could do. The important part is that they were proud while they were still here. I’m sorry for your loss, Rick.

    69. B Shade

      Wow Rick just saw this. What an amazing lady.

    70. Sam Lloyd

      What a lovely woman, RIP Aunt Penny

    71. studiowizard

      What a beautiful person your Aunt Penny. Music runs very deep in your family!

    72. Carl Graham

      Thank you for sharing this Rick it was very spiritually lifting.

    73. Stevirobbo

      I'm sorry about your loss she was a great lady and you loved her dear I can see that. Thanx for sharing it takes a lot of love to do that. :) hugs

    74. Rocklyn

      Seems like a wonderful woman

    75. Robert Jova

      Thanks for sharing. Yesterday 💔. Sorry to hear . ☮️➕❤️ To you and your family.

    76. Whip-Smart Outlook

      A very warm-hearted woman. You were so blessed, Rick, to have her near for so long (particularly in your formative years). R.I.P. Penny Rose 🌹

    77. SystemsOverSymptoms VisionWithVenture

      What a lovely tribute to your Aunt Penny, may she rest in peace. How fortunate you all are and were, to have such a musical family.

    78. David Northern

      Her message is clear in your heart man. Love you Rick. I hope to have a cool family that plays music like yours someday.

    79. Jonathan Rowland

      So sorry for your loss. I had an aunt that I lost several years ago who was a similar influence on my life. I still think of her nearly every day.

    80. Doug Griffith

      Thank you for sharing this wonderful person with us all.

    81. Gary Manheim

      What a beautiful soul Rick, so sorry for your loss.

    82. Andrew H

      The dog barking advice- gold!

    83. Kerry M

      Sorry for your loss. I wish I had someone like Aunt Penny in my life ❤️

    84. Mike, Jayne Kennedy

      Rick, although you are grieving, you have many wonderful memories of your aunt. I am so sorry for your loss, my brother. ☮️

    85. TheAxe4Ever

      Very late to this video but wanted to comment. God Bless you Rick and to your Aunt Penny. No doubt we know where that sweet lady is now. She seemed like such an amazing and very strong woman. Never letting the disease break her spirit. I also suffer some days with MS. I was diagnosed 12 years ago. I love playing guitar and play every chance I get because some days I can feel it’s affect on my hands already. My wife is completely understanding when she wants me to do something else, but I want to play as much as I can on my good days. My wife is amazing. Her name is Penny as well. So now I know of two incredible women named Penny. Very nice tribute to your Aunt Penny. I’m sure you feel her loss, yet her presence every day.

    86. chelsea grim

      Love to you and your entire family. What a woman 💖

    87. Susan Keller

      She's super cool

    88. Misterholas

      So sorry man for your loss, what a beautiful human being... it is clear how you got your inspiration!! Much Love Man!!

    89. Richard Nosiglia

      Sitting here smiling & weeping. You are SO lucky Rick to have had that AMAZING woman in your life. We are the people we love...

    90. Wishpool

      What a lovely lady with an insightful, sweet soul. Pure beauty from the inside out! Rick, I love the pride in your eyes and smile on your face sitting next to her at the piano. You're so lucky to have had this special woman/aunt in your life! RIP Penny Rose 🌹

    91. James Ettles

      Sorry for your loss.

    92. alaysia kaye butler

      As a child, i was given a nice guitar at 6 yrs and later, an organ at 11 yrs... Instead of lessons, the organ was sold and guitar smashed and tossed. As a consequence for some transgression, likely as in who gave me the instruments.. Im now 59 and Ive been giving myself all kinds of enjoyment learning the keyboard AND the guitar for going on 3 yrs. . I love your Aunt Peggy. She and ber spirit are a gift youve shared with us..thank you; if its ok Im considering her as a role model, because of the values I aspire to live, alone basically, and Im sharing my love of playing with my grandbabies (1 and 4 yrs old) as I go along.. just encouraging the way they respond to music. Also, giving instruments..just to expose them to this aspect of life. My condolences. It must hurt deeply.. She gave you the kind of love as a small xhild that transposes into a great sense of self, for life. She was a really solid, smart, kind, insightful and talented generous lady The world would be a different place if every family played music together or had an aunt Peggy!! Your enriching relationship reminds me very much of my 4 yr old grandson and I. We just enjoy doing many things that otherwise he wouldnt know about. Blesssings and thank you..

    93. L Barefoot

      I’m so sorry for your loss. What a remarkable woman your Aunt Penny was. Thank you for sharing.

    94. MonkeyFreeZone

      My condolences, sir. Rest in Peace, Aunt Penny. Now you can make music with the rest of the angels.

    95. Kel Dierick


    96. keleco cb

      This is the second time I have watched one of your videos , and I'm wondering where have I been. Your content is great. This one is special and your aunt was clearly a great and special person. Im So sorry for your loss.

    97. Joe Milner

      So sorry Rick, she sounds like an amazing person.

    98. Wayne Russell Fritz

      So sorry for your loss, Rick.

    99. romuno01

      What a touching video. I'm very sorry for your loss, your family's loss, but rejoice in knowing Heaven's band just got so much better. They'll even let her improvise. This is what family is all about. This is what music is all about. This is what LOVE is all about. Thank you for sharing this, I'll be doing the same with everybody I know. I hope the piano (and organ in the background) become a part of your collection. Wouldn't it be great to have this piano used on a track by an icon on their next album. Better yet, create a whole album , proceeds to go to M.S. research, called "Aunt Penny's Piano" where great players come in and do a track of their choosing, played on that piano. Much like the Buddy Rich tribute where great drummers came in and played a track with Buddy's band. R.I.P Aunt Penny.

    100. Stephen Asetta

      What a beautiful woman.