Building THE SKELD (Among Us) with cardboard & clay - Part 2


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    NEW VIDEO: "Building THE SKELD (Among Us) with cardboard & clay - Part 3" --~--
    We are continuing our Among Us Map The Skelds and are building the Rooms Storage, Communication, Admin and Shields with cardboard and clay!
    ► This is PART 1 of The Skeld Map
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    Published on 15 days ago


    1. Theobald Amos

      Imagine if we got shrink and play on this map. It would be cool.

    2. EnderKnightmare

      "Freshly baked interior"

    3. teal tenney


      1. EnderKnightmare


    4. this_is_not_alex_ 69

      Tell me where those stairs are... 😡

    5. Slayer of the Players

      Me waiting for him to do electricity 👁👄👁

    6. abhay kiran palleti

      Lov the artwork ❤️❤️

    7. Minecraft Melon

      I thought the box contained things like tools ,spare food , spare oxy tanks , space suits and other essentials required during an emergency. I think the floating box contains a sample of a magnetic asteroid wich is why its floating ( i.e it is repeling with the artificial gravitie's magnetic field). And i think the "milk containers" are fire extinguishers

    8. Cornelius mreep

      I think milky ways are in the boxes

    9. Agaton Santiago

      Wheres the cafeteria

    10. Shag!

      Im very exited for the vents of the imposter

    11. ZShawn Z9

      There are dead bodies in there 😱😱😱

    12. tapple

      the boxes are full of cereal, who has milk without the cereal

    13. Clyde Young

      The way you talk is very delicious

    14. Hayden Haynz

      Inside the boxes are the body's of the dead. or food

    15. Mary Zoilo

      10:31 it is full of clay to sculpt with it

    16. Samuel Waldron

      I enjoy your videos a lot, what country are you from. I really like your accent.

    17. Ishwan Dhanoa

      I never thought the same materials I used to make these trash creations had as much potential in the right hands

    18. Nicky Curtis

      All the greens box’s have the dead bodies imposters kill because where else would you put them 😱

    19. RyRy Gamer

      you should also do mira hq and the polus

    20. Bleenteam J

      The boxes are full of different gases. The floating one is filled with Helium.

    21. Muhammad Nadeem

      In side the box could be clay 😀

    22. alphabet soup

      i love this this man makes me so happy

    23. Jennifer Nancy

      I lost it when you said the gas canister was full of milk

    24. Nestor Guzman

      Hey red sus

    25. Jacky Margall

      There full of clay!

    26. Neymar Fuentes


    27. DS - 04ZN 831834 Hickory Wood PS

      How do you get the stickers?

    28. ;-;

      Clay claim milk gang confirmed

    29. James the Roblox Legend

      Crewmate: Blue is sus I think he’s the imposter Blue aka imposter: nah bro I was doing tasks in electrical

    30. Student LaraAlodia Niosco

      I think in those boxes are like some more stuff that the skeild needs, or like more securitiy camras?

    31. Yvonne Raabe

      All I’m wondering is how do u not die when ur in the game

    32. Mister Micheal

      Make a whole video about cafeteria

    33. Graphix

      i wish he made more of these among mmap builds instead of only 2

    34. vc galarza

      Make a toilet room lmao

    35. Zunaira Usman

      I think supplies

    36. Zunaira Usman

      I agree

    37. Wyatt F

      It's where the dead bodies go when a dead body is reported

    38. Elite wwe Squad

      Mate those are so good

    39. steven mayes



      Omg if you need to get your pinky cut off you can make a new one out of clay :D

    41. Becky Levine


    42. Jamakin 2007

      I think they the boxes hold all of the impostors victims. Where do you think the bodies go?

    43. UnePetitePatate

      PART 3!!!


        Coming soon just wanna finish what you couldn’t

    44. AnonymousAmongUsCrewmate

      The barrels are filled with oil. Pitch black flammable oil.

    45. Fanny Adelia

      Is this for sale? Because I want

    46. dgds2001

      I loved your videos

    47. Juan Felipe Quintero Roldan

      Like si no estendiste nada de lo que dijo pero te divertiste al ver el video

    48. Rogelio Woo

      When clayclaims got more likes than me ill be 😢

    49. Kaique Perim

      Plz do the electrical, upper and lower engine, reactor, security, medbay and cafeteria, I know that this among us model take time to do, but we can wait until there, just do it plz

    50. Ángel Miguel Quintero Carrillo


    51. kazymysik

      Please use gloves when working with the clay to avoid fingerprints. Looks bad

    52. Danil Olga Yaskevich

      You are so funny🤣


      wow you make it amazing, where can I get those materials?

    54. C00chie man

      Is it just me, or does everybody else pay more attention to the details when watching clay claim build the map?

    55. Tuğtekin Bektaş

      Wow Cool : Please Among us caractèrs

    56. Deivid Rivitti

      Já amo o canal parabéns pela criatividade ✌️

    57. Famille Savaris

      Beautiful !

    58. Ayya yo

      Please make the part 3 !?!? This is amusing 😳👉👈

    59. León Fernández

      i think equimpent from jupiter

    60. Dennis Rodriguez

      I want you to play with the skled


      Soy tu admirador er3s muy ingenuoso

    62. Gatcha life Crazy

      Food from Mars I would love you to finish the amoung us map please

    63. Gatcha life Crazy

      I want this!


      Knives because the skeld is an imposter place



    66. Joshua Ward

      i love it

    67. Nut Punch

      the boxes are filled with meth

    68. Paola Quiaro

      New follower, you did very well

    69. Movement Jr

      Part 3 plesse

    70. CN Club Awesome Toys, Games, and Fun!!

      I like how you put “subscribe” on the tv

    71. CN Club Awesome Toys, Games, and Fun!!

      Lol did anyone here watch part one like if you did

    72. The Red dude

      The sound is so satisfying, and I wish I have that lol

    73. Jorge Vargas

      like por el que no entienda nada de lo que dise

    74. Historinhas com Lelê

      *Part 3 plyssss!!!!!!*

    75. wolfman

      You king

    76. wolfman

      Wow 🤩


      love it!!!


      imagine that i was watching u at 6 and now, i found u again and everithing u do its just.. mindblowing. Iremember you did things from clash royale and i tried to imitate you, it didnt work well but now, thanks of you, i am so good at modelating things! :)

    79. shu beyblade

      Wow awesome plz make part 3 you are best👍

    80. Khalid Khalifah Dandry

      PART 3 PART3 Part 3

    81. Md. Shahidullah Shahidullah

      You doing very good I suggest you should also make the third part

    82. Gacha Salmon

      the Boxes are Filled With Dead Carcus From the dead Cremates

    83. Flarez Games

      Clay claim should make polus and mira hq if the skeld gets 4 parts

    84. Rohan Dhanawade

      Next Is the cafeteria, medbay, upper engine and electrical Please bro Pick my comment Love your work

    85. MoGGan

      Can you make Mono Six, and some enemies from Little Nightmares II? PS: you're best with the clay! Thumb up so he can see this

    86. The Animator

      Mars pancakes are in the crates

    87. Маркіян Шилнко

      10:33 - I think there's food

    88. Sesariska Komang

      10:32 umm.. , maybe an props ?

    89. Vijay Chethan

      I want to see entire ship

    90. tamwalker1

      Your videos are amazing

    91. tamwalker1

      Maybe you should do Roblox one day

    92. tamwalker1

      OMG BRUH!

    93. tamwalker1


    94. tamwalker1


    95. tamwalker1

      WOW BRO

    96. tamwalker1


    97. tamwalker1


    98. tamwalker1

      Your videos are SICK

    99. tamwalker1


    100. 혜윰

      디테일이 와...