SHINee 샤이니 'Don't Call Me' MV


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    SHINee's 7th album "Don't Call Me" is out!
    Listen and download on your favorite platform:
    01 Don't Call Me
    02 Heart Attack
    03 Marry You
    04 CØDE
    05 I Really Want You
    06 Kiss Kiss
    07 Body Rhythm
    08 Attention
    09 빈칸 (Kind)
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    SHINee 샤이니 'Don't Call Me' MV ℗ SM Entertainment

    Published on 13 days ago


    1. hmm ninara

      Keep str3aming dont stop!!!

    2. 나나나나


    3. Pinky arisandy

      minhooo 😊

    4. Maya


    5. S W

      congratulations SHINee for your 4th win

    6. Syasya Yusra

      i love onew’s voice!!

    7. Rinné Rinné

      Road to 50M views everyone? We can do this! 💎💎💎

    8. Natalia Rosalina

      so cool

    9. Reniandriani Rivai

      Shinee is back ❤️

    10. darma kasih

      Otw 50jt bisa gk ya?

    11. Genesis Vasquez



      Let's get this to 30.M asap! Go go go!

    13. Ayu Nur Saffitri

      Im really like music don't call me.

    14. Ayu Nur Saffitri

      Punten kumaha daramang :)

    15. Hegexo

      The song is amazing, and honestly when was there ever a Shinee song that wasn't?? But wth did their stylists smoke????

      1. Hegexo

        @eat cookies okay, there were som nice aspects too, like Onew in that hoodie! But mostly sat there with a wtf feeling 😅

      2. eat cookies

        Tbh i like it, but the coboy minho is a lil too much 😅

    16. Kartika Leonita

      I LIKE WATCHING THE OPERA! This is the mean of ART!

    17. M G

      Am feeling strange Am getting addicted to this song

    18. Tiffany Ezeoke

      Omg there back

    19. Beth

      Listen to key talk about his love of clothes and how he convinced SM to allow him to design their outfits. I love how he talks about finding his way of standing out. Maybe people will stop criticizing their outfits. Maybe.

    20. wed

      go shawols we can do it

    21. Anitha Mathew

      Yheeeee Shineee is back👏👏👏

    22. ssvaveylaa

      dördüncü ödülü aldı oğluşlarr kalp kalp kalp kalp kalp

    23. Suss saz

      Congratulations to shinee and shawols for working hard...

    24. Rahmanika Syaffitri

      Ayolah guys kenapa kita sangat melemah dalam hal mengalirkan mv ini

    25. 봄이언니

      아니 여기가 이번주에 1위 4번한 14년차 가수의 뮤직비디오인가요? 네에~ 오늘도 잘 보고 가겠습니다 ㅋㅋㅋㅋ 샤이니 1위 네번한거 축하한돠아악!!!!!! ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

    26. Starfrom_theSEA

      waste my timee yeappp

    27. Silviani Anjelina

      Dr indonesia, suka banget sama mereka, dr jaman smp dulu selalu mengikuti, dan yg paling suka dr dulu ONEW 😘😘

    28. wansa suktong

      30M Go fast

    29. Seoklulú_13

      I love

    30. kim tae


    31. Vanessa Silva


    32. Vanessa Silva


    33. Marvi Valenzuela

      What I miss in this era is the Fan Chant.

    34. Tapasya Takkore

      Im here because kimbab family❤️❤️😘👍🏻

    35. Jin hit labels

      Tf? What is wrong with sm stylists

      1. Suss saz

        love their outfits and everyone owns this kinda style... sm stylists should be praised

      2. Junguwu Kim

        Why? They all look awesome

      3. Zhe Zhe

        Why they are handsome

    36. Natsuki Kubo

      :-)Hello again, 240K to go, getting soon, 30M! Go Go Go! :-)

    37. Soleil Choi Minho


    38. astrhenaverne

      Congrats on winning your 4th award on Inkigayo, SHINee!!! So so deserved!! Let's give more support to these kings by streaming and voting on Mwave and Idol Champ. They deserve so much.

    39. hmm ninara

      bikin gregetan bgt ini vi3w anj guk2

    40. jimin pishva

      Hi friends, should we delete our history or not? Cause everyone said different things to me. Help me please🙏

      1. Dinda

        No, it is fine,

    41. Ade Lauww

      Kpnnya kimbab fam collabs lg dgn shinee ya

    42. なも

      Every single part of this song is my fav part

    43. Shienly Madrones

      Lezzz go for 30M💙

    44. Annisa Rahma

      Don't call me selalu terngiang ngiang🤣

    45. SHINee 5 & TXT 5

      BRO efsanenin sayısı aynı 5

    46. taemin ֆ ،

      اني كنت اعتقد تيمين مثير وشخصيته باردهه بس من صرت فان اله بالحقيقة تيمين لطيففف وبريئ وطفل هذا جاوبي كيف أرى تيمين

      1. زَيۧنۨب

        ومن برائته يحب كل الناس حته لي سومان عههههه

    47. OJKMT The Best 5

      Guys if u are writing number then plzz guve more gaps between like ...... ,,,,,,,,. ,,,,,,,...

    48. OJKMT The Best 5


    49. SHINee 5 & TXT 5

      sizi çok seviyorum adamım

    50. SHINee 5 & TXT 5

      SHINee sen benim ruhumsun

    51. Puja Singh

      1:04 i don't y but i m obsessed with don't think about calling that swag in his voice

    52. Chloe Lee


      1. OJKMT The Best 5

        Make more gap between no. Like this ....... ...... ..,,,,,

    53. Puja Singh

      Now i understand why everyone hype shinee so up damn this is amazing incredible

    54. Ita Afrila

      Key walaupun kamu pake bulu ayam, nuna tetep sayang kamu

    55. Jayshri Patel

      Can I set this song as caller tune?

    56. Kenneth Liu

      4th win

    57. taemin ֆ ،

      ويعع مدرستنه كساع تنشررر

      1. taemin ֆ ،

        @جلآدهہ‏‏ مـآر وتتت

      2. جلآدهہ‏‏ مـآر

        @taemin ֆ ، سوي نفسة وسوي روحج بي

      3. taemin ֆ ،

        @جلآدهہ‏‏ مـآر امي مترضه

      4. جلآدهہ‏‏ مـآر

        طلعي منة

    58. taemin ֆ ،

      صورتي تفلش

    59. جلآدهہ‏‏ مـآر

      اني ماعض اخوي الصغير عمرة5 سنين واكول عقلي كبير

      1. جلآدهہ‏‏ مـآر

        @taemin ֆ ، اي

      2. taemin ֆ ،

        @جلآدهہ‏‏ مـآر كان

      3. جلآدهہ‏‏ مـآر

        @taemin ֆ ، لا والله ترا كان يبجي

      4. taemin ֆ ،

        ترا عضيته من خدوه شقه

    60. جلآدهہ‏‏ مـآر

      اكلكم الفرق بيني وبين نور

      1. جلآدهہ‏‏ مـآر

        @taemin ֆ ، لا

      2. taemin ֆ ،

        اني عقلي اكبر منج

    61. Intan Mustikasari

      I'm here coz watch Taemin & Onew @kimbabfamily .. this song is amazing #SHINeecomeback

    62. Rewa Hingane

      SHINee. IS. BACK.

    63. Pika Mochi

      How can yall not appreciating Onew's unique voice? I loved it. I wanna marry his voice TT

    64. Kookie

      Şarkı asla sıkmıyor

    65. Kookie


    66. Shui Pu Hui

      Can we give them more wins for next week :)

    67. جلآدهہ‏‏ مـآر

      وسع وسع وسع اجيت

      1. جلآدهہ‏‏ مـآر

        @Zhe Zhe هلا بيج نور العاكس

      2. Zhe Zhe

        هلاااا نورتي

    68. smyliefce c

      How come promotions are already over 😭

    69. OJKMT The Best 5


    70. Tarry An

      이야 대박이다

    71. Minho Choi

      Can we pls reach 30M today?!! Fighting Shawols love you~~~

    72. PK

      250K ... 30M fighting

      1. Minaa

        @PK hehehe!!! I'm going!! Bye!! I'll use playlist!!!

      2. OJKMT The Best 5

        @PK baby now we r meeting again on comment box like earlier

      3. OJKMT The Best 5


      4. PK

        @Minaa hey you have exam tomorrow go prepare for it. If you want to stream use playlist. Go go study

      5. Minaa


    73. luíza

      congrats on dont call me 4th win!!! thank you shinee for this amazing round of promotions

    74. imaky imaky

      4th win congrats, I'm so proud of you.

    75. Excuse me miss Chocolate!

      We can do it Shawols!

    76. imaky imaky

      Shinee is back

    77. Excuse me miss Chocolate!


    78. Excuse me miss Chocolate!

      Missing 253K

    79. White Life

      Shawol where are you ? We waited a long time, They did the best job for us ! so let's str30m ok? Shinee is back!

      1. Indraneel Das

        Please censor the word str83m

      2. OJKMT The Best 5

        Plz cen0r $t®€@m

    80. Cia cia

      Yang Dislike PASTI SASAENG TOXIC barbar. #candabarbar

    81. taemin ֆ ،

      63 win

    82. taemin ֆ ،

      Shawols fighting

    83. kaiyaxe

      Shawolssss I'm proud of you since today SHINee takes their 4th win!! Let's keep str34ming the MV and give them more trophies!! Fightingg

    84. Ku Ching


    85. alpha

      Shinee will always have 5 members. RIP Jonghyun🥺 gone too soon

    86. harum indah

      gasij kuyyyy

    87. Yuju beMine

      Dont think 'bout calling~

    88. Espacio Melody

      Kibum insta post

    89. ` raqiat buyunaan

      ممممممممممم اعشقكم

    90. Espacio Melody

      Pepsin, Tripeptidaz, Aminopeptidaz ve Karboksipeptidaz'ın Substratı proteindir.

    91. ltmltmltm ltmltmltm

      Don’t want it now OHHH

    92. Kemyl Sese


    93. OJKMT The Best 5

      30m here we come

      1. Minaa


      2. PK


      3. taemin ֆ ،

        ليش احس اعرفج طريقه كتابه اسمج ذكرتني بوحده

    94. Cla

      Yaaaah congrats to us again. 4th win! Stream lovies. We are stuck on 29m yesterday till now.

    95. taemin ֆ ،

      اكو امل نفوز الأسبوع الجاي

      1. taemin ֆ ،

        @Zhe Zhe اني استرم

      2. taemin ֆ ،

        @Zhe Zhe اي صحح ام كاونتت

      3. Zhe Zhe

        لو نسرتم اغنية ميوزيك كور و انكيغايو كمان بس هيك لا

      4. Zhe Zhe

        يمكن ام كاونت داون

    96. Talitha Panglima

      Taemin aa

    97. taemin ֆ ،

      يالله وصلنه


      30M coming~

    99. ᴠɪʟᴇɴᴀ

      Тэмин, конечно, мой фаворит из шайни, но как-то слишком много внимания уделено ему в видео по отношению ко остальным

    100. 가쟈고

      들을수록 좋타...