I Painted My Entire Room With Musou Black-The World's Blackest Paint

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    In this video I paint my entire room with Musou Black to see what it looks like when the walls around you absorb over 99% of the light in the room. What happens when you turn on a light in the room?
    Musou Black: www.ko-pro.black/product/musou-black-paint/
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    Published on 5 days ago


    1. The Action Lab

      I only ran into the wall once! Extra points for anyone who can spot the cell phone flashlight I accidently left on in my pocket...

      1. Ryan Lopez

        did you try putting luminous stickers inside the room I'm wondering what it looks like

      2. Typicgragon

        Now do it with the lightest paint


        Beta asf


        Your wife is cheating on you w black

      5. Alex Wiese

        @hood sal No he might get hit by a car

    2. Gutherr

      Now paint it in green

    3. Be Red

      4:30 that white spot on the floor is making me angry

    4. Be Red

      3:40 Ender portal

    5. MrValgard

      Musou? I like musou games

    6. Ponty Thython

      Aaahh so this is how they faked the moon landing

    7. Free Willy

      I wanna sleep in there so much. Perfect darkness bliss

    8. Gutherr

      This guy doesn't need green screen

    9. Appu Kumar

      No need green screen?

    10. Be Red

      Wasn‘t vanta the darkest black

    11. sam phoenix

      you better make that fabric of musou black into a disk shape so then you can have the first real loony toons acme hole

    12. Alexzander Павел

      Plot twist: its a green screen

    13. Grigorii Semenson

      paint a house with this paint

    14. Anne T

      2:08 I stg I thought there was something wrong with my screen

    15. Anne T


    16. Robert Egger

      ah... so that's a blackbox... i guess... ^^

    17. The Real Tikoy

      Imagine being drunk and they put you in this room

    18. Christian Zaraspe

      Turn off you devise for full screen

    19. Lucas Souza

      Imagine being in the QUIETEST room painted with the world's BLACKEST paint. Space vacuum vibes???

    20. Apolo Trevent IV.5

      it looks like you got stuck knto a video editor program

    21. Swaino

      Next vid: I painted my car BLACK

    22. Ali Hayder

      So matter in black hole exists but cannot be seen because there is no light?

    23. Rorschach Got Nice Mask

      shit, now i know what they are doing in the films

    24. Adam Mitchell

      Screw a mirror maze. Make a maze with misou black panels and flooring.

    25. Griffith


    26. Oliver Mason

      Now do the worlds brightest room

    27. Vili Rajala

      Into the void you go.

    28. DustinFly

      Host: “I want everyone to turn on their virtual background as plain black” The Action Lab:

    29. Anything 2 Everything

      next video: brightest light in blackest room... we want to see what happens

    30. HÆRD GÆMS

      u can make a music vid 😂😂😂 looks sentimental-y

    31. Nursaiful Aizad

      This is so mind disturbing, I can't imagine if were in that room, Can't find any edges XD,, maybe put the LED strip on the edge room, it s gonna be lit!

    32. mikael facelo

      looks like the set of Glory hole

    33. SteveBrine 101

      Everyone Gangsta till Action Lab painted his whole house with musou black.

    34. Syclone 30

      This dude reminds me of a modern day Mr. Rogers.

    35. Tuhin Subhra De

      When he rotated the camera, it gave me kind of interstellar feeling.

    36. Vysair

      Looks comfortable

    37. Dorelinendenwen Ancalime

      I would have loved to see you soundproof it and then put panels to paint black so you could have sensory deprivation

    38. TheCOClster

      Worlds brightest flashlight vs this room

    39. kebi

      That's how you create SCP-3001

    40. Worthless piece of shit

      wait im not ready to fight the four kings yet

    41. Max Moors

      Watching this on an oled screen looks weird

    42. Nomad Suanay

      Better greenbox

    43. Xd Ct.

      Lol its like a green screen

    44. 》X1AN《

      And thats how the moon works i think

    45. PentagramProduction

      Is this the new green screen??

    46. Kaiju RA

      Plsss be a ninjaaaaaaa

    47. The Fugu

      I want to paint my whole house interior with this..

    48. Daniel Ogunleye

      A military suit of this color would be a PROBLEM

    49. DarkCrusadeXD

      Purgatory but you still alive

    50. Gamma281

      Now put a blacklight in there to complete the picture. xD

    51. Abdul Rahim

      OK now I know how the movie film did the black stuff. IDK what I'm saying.

    52. technopink01

      Lol you are so goofy. Very funny. Very cool room too

    53. spaideri

      That would be a cool movie room

    54. Diva gemala

      I still can see a ghost behind you, it follow you when you spinning

    55. Stefan Lo

      Actually its great for noir photoshoot with nude 😍

    56. Manish Singh

      Minecraft caves without rtx

    57. ghogue61

      Someone on another channel painted a car the same black and it really looked strange -- as if it was a fake car. Imagine driving a car like that at night with no headlights on.

    58. BuVi Kristan

      I wanted a very green color so I can use it for some reason

    59. AEN

      I see a withe room and I want it to paint it BLACK



    61. BadRecords -

      Imagine getting stuck in the room

    62. Arco Mxxnxn

      how do you feel. disorientation, floaty

    63. AshPlayz

      This is what it looks like in space

    64. MrCoolJ20

      I would be interested to see a lazier pointer in that room

    65. Mawarti Wahyuni

      Oh my god corner reveal

    66. nevan o'connell

      When you were screwing in the light bulb it looked like crappy green screen

    67. Peter Peterson

      It really looks like you are in a really dark forest in a cloudy night or something, or in a really large cave, really spooky that you can only see the face. My brain tells me that the walls must be really far away, because I can't see them, but I can see your face with the lightbulb on. But the room is so tiny! It's like something out of a video game, and they forgot the background, or they are just making the 3D model.

    68. LazyBunnyLyn

      Ffffff turning on the lightbulb is just like a horror scene

    69. LazyBunnyLyn

      Somehow you looked edited in

    70. Junior Mints

      Black Rooms Matter

    71. Peter Peterson

      The fabric just looks like black velvet. Really nothing special lol.

    72. Kriptycoin II

      wow! looks like a void

    73. Adult AspieVlog Norway

      Ya don't need to see a face to talk with someone. (:

    74. Happy Melon

      Somebody: enters the room The multi-dimensional business man walking in from the dark ass void: Doctor Freeman... I have this moment may not be the most convenient for a heart-to-heart, but I had to wait until your... Friends, eh? Were otherwise occupied.

    75. PureWave

      Now use the worlds brightest flashlight in there

    76. Gawain

      This is what Morgoths time out room looks like.

    77. MaxOutTheCake

      now you can do epix ted talks

    78. Boris

      Now spray the light bulb and switch it off put on a blindfold and wait till dark

    79. T R A S H 新 ドラゴン

      Introverts: whats wrong i can see you perfectly?

    80. kjacX the fallen


    81. Timothy Uriam

      Try the worlds blackest room VS the worlds brightest flashlight

    82. Austin Hillard

      What do IR or thermal cameras see

    83. Salty Scrub

      All I'm saying is, maybe this paint shouldnt wear hoodies.

    84. Mike DaChincheka

      I did the same thing to one of my walk in closets. The difference is I bought a pack of small glow in the dark stars, a pack of medium size glow in the dark plants and last a small black light. If you guys are into outer space this is a super cool project. For some strange reason placing glow in the dark stars on all sides of the walls, ceiling, floor, closet rods and door will result in you not being able to hold your balance. It is super cool and it will leave you feeling like you are really floating in space. Fun Tip: walk inside the middle of the empty closet, close your eyes and have a friend or family member turn on black light for 20 seconds then turn off and quickly close the door.

    85. Ryan Lopez

      I'm wondering what will luminous stickers look likes in that room

    86. bruh

      what if it was just a green screen

    87. Hodgepodgecali

      Take a balloon and make static electricity on your hair in there and a bunch staticky clothes from the dryer and rub your shoes on the carpet

    88. Pallav Farsoiya

      Rtx on Rtx off

    89. Hodgepodgecali

      How illuminating!

    90. Bassotronics

      Noob Saibot is looking for you.

    91. TabbyClan69

      Imagine that for haunted houses and shit

    92. レンユー

      New Scp - the black room

    93. * waleyboi06 *

      100,000 lumins flash light in that room

    94. Mark N

      USfilm compression really screwed with this one.

    95. Chris Jones

      5:40 it's like he's in space

    96. Micro-Song The Writer

      What if you have an IR camera in there? With the ir light source

    97. RAJA NAREN

      Try using a tourch light in this room! just curious !!

    98. weird furry thing

      the room can now say the n word

    99. A K

      Mirrors! Mirrors! Mirrors!

    100. LegoFan225

      Looks like a black hole in the room.