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    Hey guys! I hope you love this video. it was so fun/terrible to make HAHA!
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    1. Tabitha Ryan

      Im so stalking!! I'm soo happy I found you in USfilm, your amazing love love you guys

    2. Eve

      My god the stress is going to have her sleep walking for mths. 😂😂 Blessings from Scotland. 🙏🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🌹

    3. Gerrit smits Productions

      im so sorry

    4. Kryxtonz

      but like... where did you get the hoodie?

    5. HorrorTale Lucidia

      I love your laugh!!! It's so contagious!

    6. LeanyB

      I’m here for this!!! *grabs a cup of tea and settles down*

    7. Kat Robertson

      What was the panda thing I love pandas

    8. TisMeAgain

      It was all worth it just for the pastasaures

    9. Elizabeth V

      I know this has nothing to do with the video, but I LOVE your make-up!

    10. Ernie2118

      Can you tell me where you purchase the pallets from please?

    11. Sabrina Kopke


    12. Alois Please

      Im go glad I found this channel its such a mood

    13. Bearcade

      Yes on the cassettes. I still use them

    14. Kcn Mays

      So uplifting

    15. Kcn Mays

      You are so entertaining..... Lmao hilarious p.s. is ur brother single/ straight

    16. The Short Yautja

      I want that wooden comb

    17. brunom72

      your fur baby is SOOOOOOOO CUTE!!!

    18. Ediane Remark

      My 9 year old thinks it would be awesome to see you eat 60 Airheads at one time. Although she is concerned you’ll get a stomachache if you try it. 😆😉

    19. LinkaBell GAME

      you two are hilarious and cute af

    20. Shawna Henry

      I laughed out loud multiple times. So glad I found you two. Made me smile on an otherwise smile-less day. XOXO😂

    21. Tara LeMaster

      Oh man, i would buy those switch controllers from ya

    22. Amelia

      Hey! I just thought I would say that I think you’re so sweet and seem really genuine and also freaking beautiful and adorable! Ok that’s all 💕

    23. Carrie A

      You are gorgeous. Really gorgeous

    24. Jas Bless

      I want her anti social hoodie

    25. Carissa Anderson

      I just love you lol 🤣 😻

    26. Joyce Wit

      We like you i laugh my pants off 😅❤

    27. Sietske Hazel

      All I can think about watching this.. is how much I want a sweater like that. Anyone have a link🤣

    28. Mars-Lisette

      That was not a paint brush. It was a basting brush for cooking or baking.

    29. Sheila Shemeld

      Went to buy some merch but all sold out. When is it comin back?

    30. Fizza Jatoi

      He hates being in a video

    31. Keith Sorenson

      Me wondering if my missing elf ears are in there

    32. PeanuttyGoodness

      I work for Purolator and get constantly yelled at for lost packages, so this made my laugh REAL hard.

    33. Alison

      This is the first video of yours that I've seen but I knew I was subscribing when inward you say "can I fart" 💜 love you guys already

    34. Lasha Blystone

      Her laugh kills me 😂

    35. Nicole Legere

      You/re my new Jenna Marbles.

    36. JESS W713

      You guys are amazing and always cheer me up 😜

    37. Mandi Green-Walk

      Uberlube is great

    38. RedHorse LifewithRed

      I paid 5630 for sheep.....

    39. Lesbionic

      That's not a paintbrush. It's a basting brush.

    40. Dekon Dekon

      Laughathon 0:43 ppffff 4:43 MAGA BUTT 6:02eehhh 6:31 first thing we open 6:45 woody the wood pecker 7:00 eeehhh 2 7:43 weezing 7:59 Uber loob 9:25 OOOooohhh 10:08 chapy lips 10:28 ok bye 11:12 cassettes! 12:26 among us 14:14 it needs a wash 16:00 drama 16:23 it is another battery 17:30 an impasta 19:26 how to date

    41. punksfic09

      i just want all the baby stuff xD

    42. Chloe Slotkin

      First I love you both so so much- second sis you are LITERALLY ADORABLE I love your personality so so much! Thank you for sharing your life with us ❤️❤️🙏🙏 we love you guys ❤️❤️

    43. Irish Technical Thinker

      When you sleep walk it's epically funny! You might not know it but you say Irish words and phrases when you're walking around sleeping. New subscriber from Ireland Belfast.

    44. Moments formoms

      What’s the auction website?

    45. Sarah Hardy

      anyone know where she got the sweater from?

    46. Courtney Francis

      CAN YOU PLEASE DO A MAKEUP TUTORIAL USING YOUR "YOU'RE THE SHIT" PALLET???? I feel like this would be the MOST entertaining and educational video on USfilm.

    47. C B

      Which platform do you find these for auction? I found 3 sites and was just wondering.

    48. Life With The Locey's

      I love your gold and black shirt

    49. Julia T Fulton

      You two are awesome

    50. Michael Purington

      Celina, just make sure that the crystal ball is placed somewhere safe and in the shade somewhere in your apartment. Believe me, if you aren't there? That crystal ball acts like a magnifying glass and WILL start a fire if the sun is refracted through it and kill your pets or you. Just sayin...🤗

    51. Summa BC

      Okay , officially my favorite couple on YT

    52. Tiffany Gilmer

      “gEt OuT oF mY cHaIr!!” 😡 lmfaoooo

    53. snowbettybc

      Very informative. Now, what was in the big flat box?

    54. M Young

      I call it chappy too!

    55. Nikki Sixx

      I subbed from the first 5 seconds lol iloveyou and you're now my virtual friend 😌

    56. Jo HexxKitten

      Imagine if you opened one and it was YOUR book on its way too a buyer...

    57. Ava Haugen

      You probably spent just as much as you will make off of this video!

    58. Ava Haugen

      I guess now you have to buy a swtch!

    59. B.K. Newrd

      I came for the sleepwalking but I stayed because the two of you would be surely my favorite neighbors....

    60. SmileMaker 4.0

      You can just open a Amazon selling account and you simply send all the items to Amazon (free shipping) and they mail out the items to purchasers. Play the system girl!

    61. Angie Shaw

      I love your video. You made me laugh the whole through

    62. Shaylena Brie

      I wonder if you could sell them back to Amazon and ship them to amazon warehouses

    63. Shaylena Brie

      I was watching this video while my cat was sleeping and she kept turning her head waking up every time your bird chirped ahahahahah

    64. Alex Hallen

      7:45 the plastic baggy has a lil smiley face on it

    65. victoria uva


    66. Chance Cox

      Donate file it on w2 nezt year

    67. ravin levinson

      A positive to this video is that you both got really good at opening Amazon packages very fast 😂

    68. B.R. OGRE Lucas

      Just discovered You and Your channels. And that You are 🇨🇦. Looks like from the T.O area I really Hope to run into You some day

    69. Katie Sharman

      Find out how she done! I shall

    70. Dax Elliott

      Omg she is a character

    71. CJ IrishLez

      I almost feel like you where meant to get both.

    72. Sarah Phillips

      He loves her so much but he looks sooo tired lmao

    73. tiktok11150

      It made me feel better that porch pirates get nothing but crap.

    74. Liz Hellsing

      I want a pastasaurus!

    75. sassyangel8890

      I bet that other skid of stuff you didn’t buy was better lol

    76. Betty Boop

      You guys are so cute together awesome and fun 🤩 and funny 😁🥰✌🏼🙋🏼‍♀️🌟🙏🏼

    77. Terxx

      i want those plushies🥺

    78. Mandy's Arm Candy

      It’s giving me nervous feelings! Priceless!

    79. Mandy's Arm Candy

      Can you please explain where you got this palette? I’m needing this

    80. Mandy's Arm Candy

      She’s got ADHD...the only reason I know this is because I do too! lol your welcome!

    81. Jerry Perez

      Get the other box

    82. Prepper Pirate

      Give me the pastasauruas

    83. Claudia Trammell

      Y’all are so funny and husband is so sweet. “Your a keeper”.

    84. I Julie Rampl

      How do you get the packages I've looked how to do it but can't find how to.

    85. Antonia R

      You should go buy/bid on a storage unit auction! That would be cool.

    86. Jolene Escobar

      That word block game is amazing for children with autism and other learning disabilities.

    87. D


    88. Leigh MS

      Celina: “That’s a keeper bud” Adam: “You’re a keeper” 🥰🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥰

    89. Hez Griffin

      crystal ball nerd ;)

    90. sgold465

      I literally love your laugh so much lol

    91. Evelyn Greene

      That brush is a pastry brush you use it to baste food or put butter on certain pastries

    92. Kali Stream

      That “paint brush “ is definitely for hair

    93. Nichole Bricko

      “How to date a douchebag” is actually a book in an awesome series and everyone should read it.

    94. Smurf Maddie

      You should do airport bags that got abandon they auction them


      This is why I wont ever do this as yes some people get mega lucky and drop on lots of very expensive stuff, Then there is also a chance you can drop on a load of utter rubbish like you did and it is not worth it to possibly loose all your money. Especially such a substantial amount.

    96. Juanita Lewis

      What was in the big long box I’m dying what was it 😅

    97. Poli Marinova

      Where did you buy this pallet? I am only able to find one place in LV , too far for me.

    98. Alexis LaClair

      The part in the truck is giving me YOU GET A CAR YOU GET A CAR AND YOU GET A CAR kinda vibessssss

    99. LadyRavencide13

      I want that sweater! Gimme link! 🤣

    100. Summer Gordon

      I thought you spent 6,000 something since you accidentally got two? Or did they fix the second win? I would have took both probably would have been better luck or if you picked which package I would of had them pick instead out of the two