Minecraft Bedwars but if you draw diamond items, you get them...


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    Minecraft Bedwars but if you draw diamond items, you get them...
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    1. ShadowApples

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      1. Alexis Kirker

        This guy could've drew a bed

      2. Jerrell Navs


      3. Mike Trejo

        @LolzGamer:can u send seed link

      4. Alesia Davis


      5. Felix Flexman

        love it

    2. Jammin7even

      Build elytra

    3. JustBilly

      Free shoutout boiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

    4. Malachai Robles

      Like the vid but he edits wayy to much

    5. AR Gaming

      hello I'm from Indonesia how are you, hopefully all is well

    6. Ashlie Frassetto

      among us

    7. KychIsAlive

      I'm just wondering why not n e t h e r i t e ?

    8. Daniel Gaston

      you talk to much

    9. TimelinePlayz 01

      A R T A M A Z I N G

    10. RockyANDMagicYT1

      i have a question billy STOP CURSING


      4/15-I Personally liked this video! Here is a list of why -Funny -Cheaty ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) -Good channel!

    12. Renesh Sarkar


    13. Viv Plays

      Wow You good

    14. super luigicat

      the "..." on the titles of videos are a type of clickbait because "..." is put in the end of titles that can't be fully shown

    15. Whiz Tokoshi

      The thumbnail: Drawing machine The video: Drawing Box

    16. Kyla Griffith

      That was Susan

    17. Black Clover

      I’ve been here since 500k

    18. NotScummy

      When he said artistic skills, I thought he said autistic skills instead...

    19. NickMortuus

      Do you like my sword, sword, sword?

    20. The Knighted Demon

      Can't you draw obsidian.

    21. KNGOFGAMES roblox


    22. Owen Evans

      Nooo he wanted 11 likes

    23. luca

      stop copyng bionic

      1. nieooj gotoy

        this is my 1st time watching ur videos, i have subbed , liked and im dying of laughterrrrrr

    24. Daniel Stone

      Billy is a god

    25. Lilhulkkiller

      Billy can you panting?

    26. Wut Cat

      “Im looking for 11 likes” Haha lol you get way more

    27. dareallogjake

      U copied mc story mode

    28. O_0

      "Im gonna take my *autistic* skills"

    29. Juan Nicolas


    30. CravaDream


    31. Jens Andre Amundsen

      your talking to fast. just a tip

    32. Ayvah-Grace Dixon

      Mabey practice some more drawings

    33. bouytt guyt

      I love how billy says I AM A BIG BOY HE AINT WANT THE SMOKE

    34. Indibondadurgur

      why not nether rite?

      1. bouytt guyt

        Never say someone doesn’t deserve to live! I hate you!

    35. M I C R O W A V E

      Imagine the one noob that didn’t know who you were they would be so confused lol

    36. Gladys Vidallion

      Lol player build among us

    37. Trop1cal Brax

      Why is shadow apples not banned yet

    38. jaydon galligher

      make it a public plugin

    39. • bunz •

      this is my 1st time watching ur videos, i have subbed , liked and im dying of laughterrrrrr

    40. Casey Clements _ Staff - GarnerHS

      you bully you destroyed a beautiful pixel art

    41. Gildred Rentas

      You should do it but with netherite

    42. D46K PH30N1X

      Haha blue lost

    43. Kian Jones

      If your bed breaks and your still alive you lose

    44. Braylon Vellmure


    45. Annebeth Taylor

      Can you make this a datapack or mod for us???????????????

    46. Cereal's AMV

      put the video in 0.75 its more normal xd

    47. NicolasTown YT

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    51. MinePix

      you are rapping the whole video *i lIkE iT*

      1. qopoy dnon

        Can you hear me

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    55. Krixyush

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      1. Krixyush


    56. Peta Coulston


    57. Peta Coulston


    58. Anas

      Isn’t that means that he can make bedrock with black and white wool

    59. a

      Should've drown netherite armor

    60. Nate Pugh

      Y didn't he use black to make armor?

    61. Jacker Maker

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    62. Nooby Toh physics / Donny

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    63. Yummy flamingo’s

      He sounds like a rapper

    64. Nathaniel Forrest

      This dude's talking sounds like he is frigging rapping

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    72. jayiel padit

      i got trolled on the mouse

    73. Deepinder Singh

      Very good

    74. Deepinder Singh

      Very good👍

    75. A person with NO life

      Shadowapple: I fear no man accept for that thing The void:

    76. Rock girl

      “Are we playing musical chairs without the music and the chairs?” ~billy

    77. Ειρηνη Αλεξακου

      dude this guy had a OP cheat and still lost, cheaters never win

      1. Rock girl

        This is copied from bionic

    78. mamah mudah

      Why didn't he make a netherite set

    79. cqvio doli

      4:02 the way he portrayed his fear

    80. Mohammareza Barmaki

      bruh i was watchng a vid from grazer right before i was watchin this vid

      1. cqvio doli

        Why not draw some TNT?

    81. Tom ZhaoX12A

      You could have gone for full netherite

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    85. Jiri Ryan Gregorio

      "Were ON PURPLE TEAM" Arsenal Flash backs

    86. Dumbz Dood

      whats with the 5 million cuts tho

      1. zuygj bnsv

        Intense talking speed lol

    87. Gamer cat 69

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      When game hates you:this video


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    91. Helloitzguesty_Official

      You stole the thumbnail from my other acc

    92. cutie . . potatoesi

      Just draw a diamond buster sword

    93. Landen McConnell

      This is copied from bionic

    94. S Logo T F 2

      There shouldve been a “dappple(diamond apple)”

    95. Danny DuBois


    96. NicoRic12

      Why not draw some TNT?

    97. Pikatok

      U talk fast

    98. Alexia Damasceno



      When you killed a full diamond with leather armor