Opening The RAREST Yugioh Packs Ever Made! 1st Ed Legend of Blue-Eyes, Retro Pack & Champion Pack 1!


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    In today's video I will be opening the rarest booster packs in all of Yugioh! These packs include 1st Edition Legend of Blue-Eyes White Dragon, Retro Pack 1, Retro Pack 2, and Champion Pack 1 Heavy packs! At 20k I will be opening 1st ed LOB, Retro Pack, Retro Pack 2 & Champion Pack 1 so make sure you subscribe for that! Thanks for watching!

    Published on Month ago


    1. Dylan M

      I’m trying to get back into yugioh and I remember that purple monster on the mat but can’t remember his name, can someone please tell me?

    2. Shawn Joesbury

      hey i have some 1996 cards iam looking to sell

    3. Cedar Promotions

      8:55 for the pull

    4. GOD'S PLAN

      Awesome video brother! i have a dark magician first edition sye-001 and was wondering if you know what year it is from i think its 2003 but not certain. also was wondering if you know what i should try to sell it for and if i should get it graded? there is a very small scratch on top of the card near the bordering but most of the card is flawless,corners are great, and the centering that you mention i think is 10/10 on the card. would like your input very much please!

    5. Kinklezopper

      Silver bow and arrow 1st ed from LOB is a short print common, worth quite a bit too btw.

    6. rynadin06

      you can do a boosterr box of retro pack II or get that and do a giveaway. you can also do duel videos on them. dueling with decks full of retro pack cards!

    7. marron rs

      where do you buy the lob packs

    8. Desri Whadduflack

      OG tin opening!

    9. dawg Nation

      You think you could move any slower. My god dude! If you would just rip the damn pack open there will be no damage to the cards. Nobody give me that shit about value in the package. That's bullcrap.

    10. Ale Piano

      On card market mystic elf is on 0.50€....

      1. Ruxin34

        This is a 1st edition NA print, they are worth a lot more than an unlimited copy

    11. Lawsome Just Lawsome

      Some crazy picks there :o ! Great content !

      1. Ruxin34

        Thank you!!

    12. Lawsome Just Lawsome

      Some old tin boxes would be nice 🙏🏼

    13. Mushroom Lasers

      Get your greasy hands off that shiny dragon, you are making me physically ill!

    14. Mushroom Lasers

      Why don’t you wear fine cotton gloves? Your finger oils de-value the cards.

      1. Ruxin34

        No they don’t, museums don’t use gloves when handling ancient documents so I think my cards will be fine LOL

    15. Matthew Lovato

      Oh man what an awesome video!!! Id love to see more ghost rare hunts tbh !! Either way anything you do will be awesome!!

      1. Ruxin34

        Thanks a lot Matthew!

    16. Joshua Tenny

      all worthless

    17. Chris Russelburg

      Great pulls. Send some cards this way.

      1. Ruxin34


    18. Gohan

      hello, i have more than 100 first edition cards to sell, some holos to from first edition. If you interested to buy just tell me. I dunno where to sell them. They are portuguese first edition. Have some of the cards you got there, including mystical elf holo and more.

    19. Mitchell Adams

      One day I’ll be opening packs like this, but for now I just have a few cards

    20. Khristian Cayias

      Awesome video, super nice pulls! I'm glad I stumbled onto your stuff!

      1. Ruxin34

        Thanks again!

    21. Gelsomino Pesante

      number xyz

    22. Zamir Jones

      I want to see a 24 "booster box" of retro pack 1 or 2

    23. craig hammonds

      New to the channel my guy but i really like the content and my nostalgia has been crazy for Yu-gi-oh lately. I have a Red eyes B dragon thats worth $800 but when i was a kid i abused it so i doubt its even worth $80 :(

      1. Ruxin34

        @craig hammonds that still has worth even beat up!!

      2. craig hammonds

        @Ruxin34 YESSSSS I'm super sad i treated it poorly as a kid. :(

      3. Ruxin34

        Thanks Craig!! Is it 1st ed LOB??

    24. Padre Più

      Open some modern packs but try pulling all secrets

    25. Stev Mincrift

      This man’s luck very rarely hits the bottom, like, what on earth are the chances of pulling that shining dragon, same thing with the red-eyes from the 1st ed box

    26. Mumen rider

      I remember getting a blue eyes shinning dragon when I was a kid and I gave all my cards to my nephews years later...

    27. Michelle Emry

      I'd want to see a video about opening every yugioh pack ever made.

      1. Ruxin34

        I have done that!

    28. Jbur1

      Ruxin must be ballin 🤑

    29. Hoisan Fatboy 肥台山仔在海外

      Too much garbage talk, speed stuff up plz

      1. Ruxin34

        I think I will take my time, thanks!

    30. Josh Laganowski

      Just keep doing the stuff your doing

    31. Sahil Millwala

      A dark magician tribute opening vid from day 1- now/best build pls ty

    32. Tattoo Improvement

      My virginity grown back while watching this video...

    33. g007gr

      i want to see 100 legend of blue eyes opening

    34. harms09

      Damn I remember opening a butt load of these as a teenager. Bringing back so many memories.

    35. First Last

      I remember pulling my first exodia piece

      1. Ruxin34


      2. First Last

        Then a 'friend' in grade school tried stealing it.

    36. Stevie Tazz


    37. Green Ninja

      Open a Lost Millennium 1st edition box, that set retro af

    38. Isis Cantu

      Travel back in time just to rob myself of pokemon and yugioh cards. 😢sorry lil big me.

    39. Anton Collie

      I remember that I had almost all of these you got from the early packs. No idea where they are today, but my Pokémon stack my mum washed in the washingmachine 10 years ago. Maybe I find my YuGi collection someday and get good paid (if they aint tossed) 🤪

    40. Adam Navarrete

      Well, every other pack opener may as well stop now. Nothings ever topping this.

    41. mark beach

      I dont understand where all this pricing comes from for these cards because i still have all my cards as a kid ,so basically originals ,i need some one to ecpmain to me how these cards can be worth so much and how they go about being sold and where

    42. BigYeti27

      I have not touched a yu-gi-oh card in over a decade. I used to collect these cards big time as a kid. Not to sure what happened to them but I have a strong suspicion my mother had something to do with their disappearance, lol. As of right now I have zero cards and I'm looking to start my collection back up. Glad I found this channel so I can see what's good!

    43. Aaron Jay

      Man I wish I could find my old cards :/ it was the most fun game I played when I was younger but no one played.

    44. thehair616

      Watched this video and he mentioned the scapegoat from retro pack 1, I pulled one a few years back which has been sat in a folder ever since never been played. Any idea of the value of it?

      1. Ruxin34

        @thehair616 that is sweet! Hopefully it is really nice😎

      2. thehair616

        @Ruxin34 wow thanks for the reply! To the best of my memory it just went straight in the folder having never been played. Will have to check it out. Loving the videos, on a binge watch atm.

      3. Ruxin34

        It depends on the condition, but a Near mint copy is probably $500+

    45. John Henry

      These are the cards i actually know, not synchro, xyz, or whtever all this nonsense is with 4000 ATK monsters everywhere you turn. Back in my day you had gate guardian, who involved literally 6 tributes to get and zero other ways to summon him for 3750 ATK xD

    46. BLaziiN Aztec

      I have. A1st edition regular holo blue eyes white dragon that I got for $5 from a flea market much is it really worth??

      1. BLaziiN Aztec

        @Ruxin34 LCKC-en001

      2. Ruxin34

        @BLaziiN Aztec legend of blue eyes. What is the code right below the bottom right of the pic?

      3. BLaziiN Aztec

        What is lob? Lol sorry

      4. Ruxin34

        From LOB?

    47. Scott

      How can we sell our own cards? I have a pretty impressive collection that you would most likely not believe.

      1. Scott

        @Ruxin34 Yeah and just see what the prices are / how much my collection is worth. I'll DM you!

      2. Ruxin34

        Are you looking to sell to me? You can DM me on Instagram or through email

    48. Robert Lemoine

      Is yugioh next after pokemon?

      1. Ruxin34

        Who knows!

    49. Talk_ No _Jutsu

      Congrats on 25k+ subs I'm a sucker for the vintage pack opening and mystery box opening so those are always good video idea man. Best of luck 🤞🤞✌

      1. Ruxin34

        Thank you!

    50. Mr Not That Famous

      you spent 8k? YOU ARE INSANE

      1. Ruxin34

        I know😂

    51. Prodbynitro

      Non rarest packs

    52. Jarrad Dark

      Bro! This took me way back to better days. Appreciate the openings brah! Best of luck for the future pulls mate

      1. Ruxin34

        Thanks Jarrad!

    53. cookiefam916 916

      When you realize you should of kept all cards you had as a kid smh 😤

      1. cookiefam916 916

        @San Moro lucky!!!

      2. San Moro

        i just found mine!!!

    54. Kingcaid_7

      Not gonna lie, yugioh was pretty easy to load up on back when they came out. Even to this day easy to find old cards..

      1. Ruxin34

        Find me some!!

    55. Jimy Ac

      next would be nice to see sports opening

      1. Ruxin34

        I have some sports cards coming back in a PSA return soon!

    56. Marc ahles

      $8500 spent on $3931 worth of cards? Nice investment!!!

      1. Ruxin34

        Thanks Marc!

    57. matthew fowler


    58. reviewfor thetube

      Insane to think about the 1st edition pokemon cards I had and 1st edition yugioh cards I had and they are all gone now and for literally nothing I wasnt able to hold onto them im so so upset about it tbh it makes me feel like shit but to the future I look and im collecting again so hey amazing stuff and I'm having fun lol

    59. Wolf Demon

      Where and how do u determine what your cards are worth i still have my 100s of yu-gi-oh cards from my childhood

    60. Fire Playz

      I have like 1000 first edition cards from when I was younger

    61. Victor Dukem

      Next major one opening Retro Packs 1 till getting a foil.

    62. Ty Richards

      50k show collection

    63. Holographic Happenings

      I really love the old tins you do!

    64. Dalton Crandell

      I found a shining dragon from the retro pack 2 in my closet the other day in a hard sleeve. Didnt even know I had it

      1. Ruxin34

        Talk about a sweet find!!

    65. Noah VanWetten

      More heavy packs!

    66. Kevin Thompson

      Where is a good site to see how much my old cards are worth if anything?

      1. Ruxin34

        Usually ebay sold listings or TCGPlayer

    67. C.L

      man im so stupid for not keeping all my yugioh cards as a kid...

    68. Javier Garza

      113,200 views and 25k Subs. You deserve more subs!

      1. Ruxin34

        Thanks man!

    69. everything will be ok

      I had literally all of these packs when I was a kid. A lot of (now) expensive cards too. Lost to time.

    70. Oliveza

      So he lost 5k in this video?

      1. Ruxin34

        4.5K, but that included the light CP01 packs that I didn’t open which have value. Over time I may break even lolol

    71. Justin Sipos

      I opened up a ton of those blue packs back in the day

    72. Alex Carter

      Buy an old school box

    73. pbj315

      open yugi and kaiba starters

      1. Ruxin34

        Okay :)

    74. Ronnie Hankel

      Would love to see some old school magical ruler packs definitely one of my favorite sets

      1. Ruxin34

        Okay :)

    75. lrez84

      I remember when LOB was $3.50 per pack back in my days, man only IF I KNEW the future T-T

    76. Benjamin Monroe

      I want to see a TIN OPENING! Nostalgia for myself. Love your videos man.

    77. Yoda-in -ya-Box

      When I was younger I had a 1st edition blue eyes toon dragon and I just found it. But it’s so damaged cause I actually used it as a kid. 😭

      1. Durchmesser D

        @teuflhunden Yeah and it works like that for everybody bcuz if it wasn’t like that they wouldn’t be rare and therefore wouldn’t be expensive

      2. teuflhunden

        Yeah but when your a child you didn't understand the value items gain over time you were just having fun which if you have memories of those times those are priceless.

      3. Fire Playz

        Me , but i still have my 4 of them

    78. thevipergeoff gaming

      I got three of the retro packs and thay were all fake and I bought them from Ebay

      1. thevipergeoff gaming

        @Ruxin34 yeah its stupid but stuff happens

      2. Ruxin34

        Oh no :(

    79. Bienne Karlo Polbos

      Are the Armor card worth a lot? I have a few

    80. Alex Corral

      no chill don't I BEG u etc stop

    81. Alex Corral


    82. Jusmatsta

      Isn't Cybernetic Revolution the rarest box? I thought they discontinued those boxes once Cyber Dragon flooded the meta lol

      1. Ruxin34

        I haven’t heard that, but since we don’t have print numbers then nothing is for certain. These are some of the most expensive packs that I never see for sale. CRV hobby is pretty rare though

    83. LionsAWE

      Watching this hurts as a kid i had so many yu gi oh cards man i loved them there long gone though think my mother threw them away when we moved house when i was 10 sad times

    84. Corey J Beats

      the nostalgia... I can just smell the cards watching this!

    85. CaoimÍn

      Fun thinking back when i used to have so many expensive cards and packs that i abused back then and didnt care for fuck i regret it xD.

    86. YYYNARUTO12001YYY

      Holy crap im pretty sure I have that shining dragon

      1. Ruxin34

        The Retro Pack 2 or the Movie version?

    87. InCrIpTiOn

      are sakuretsu armors expensive? I have about 10 in 8-9 mint condition

      1. Ruxin34

        If they are from Champion Pack 1, yes

    88. matthew burns

      Just subbed to your channel. Your video came in after tca gaming, so I keep watching. Nice content!

      1. Ruxin34

        Thanks Matthew!!

    89. Dylan Pittenger

      never pulled a charizard but I did pull a blue eyes, I don't believe it was 1st edition tho, but I honestly have no idea. Definitely best pull I've ever had in my youth

    90. Denis

      nice pack opening

      1. Ruxin34

        Thanks Denis!

    91. Tom Shaw

      Wait so what’s a 1st edition blue eyes white dragon go for? I’ve got version 1 and version 2 and I’ve got a first edition of that card you’ve just pulled ‘blue eyes shining dragon’

      1. Ruxin34

        @Tom Shaw haha it won’t work the same way with newer reprints

      2. Tom Shaw

        Oh well. Sit on them for 20 years I suppose ? 🤣

      3. Ruxin34

        Those are from Legendary Collection Kaiba, so they aren’t worth much. If they were 1st Edition LOB they would be super expensive

      4. Tom Shaw

        I couldn’t tell you, they are numbered ‘LCKC-EN001’ and says ‘1st edition’ after the eight digit serial number

      5. Ruxin34

        Are they North American print 1st Edition Legend of Blue-Eyes? The specific set is really important, as well as if they are NA print

    92. Eljefe8383 :3

      i have the three god cards if you wanna buy them all mint conditon still in original case never taken out

      1. Ruxin34

        Are the GBI secret rares?

    93. andrew crandall

      I dont understand, are you telling me my old yu gi oh cards (some in good or bad condition) are worth something? I pulled so many cool things from old school packs back when

      1. Ruxin34

        Yes, but most need to be in good condition

    94. Jeffe Villavicencio

      you are an ultra rare dragon liar is not worth 20 euros

    95. Jimmy Dean

      I like how u edited the video your personality and i really liked how u did not do much talking great job

      1. Ruxin34

        Thanks Jimmy!

    96. Stany Budianto

      please enlighten me. you bought packs in total 8k and only get around 3,9k? damn thats super horrible investment on tcg. if you want to collect it, why dont you just buy a single card?

      1. Ruxin34

        @Stany Budianto I am willing to sacrifice for some fun/a great video :) It helps my channel as well so you gotta factor that in

      2. Stany Budianto

        @Ruxin34 Yes, that's true. Well, i really appreaciate your effort to entertain us. Thank you!

      3. Ruxin34

        That wouldn’t be much of a video!

    97. Jack Benner

      Is blue eyes ultimate dragon holo a valuable card pulled him and it looks like he’s not going for a lot at all

      1. Ruxin34

        No, unfortunately not

    98. TorontoOpal

      Open a case of 1st edition blue eye booster boxes?

      1. Ruxin34

        @TorontoOpal I am sure there used to be a bunch. Probably very few left now

      2. TorontoOpal

        @Ruxin34 i used to but I lost contact. The thing is this was pre jump in price!

      3. Ruxin34

        @TorontoOpal you know of one??

      4. TorontoOpal

        @Ruxin34 oh they exist, the question is if a seller would consider letting any go hah

      5. Ruxin34

        I am not sure any exist

    99. Patricio Coba

      The real question is not "how much did he collected?", it is "how much did he spent, and did he profit?"

    100. Martin Hampe

      Much love