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    1. Sofia Tejlgaard

      Im Libra to :D

    2. mutedforever

      Does he not know what a comb is?

    3. elf fortnite YT

      Laser beam has a crunch on you

    4. Tai Vialva

      I see why people don't want you on the dream smp

    5. Tina Ahmadi

      my new kanal is tina ahmadi plz abbonirt

    6. RÑŽŚ Śś


    7. Sophia playzz

      Ima pass out if you respond to this 😀

    8. Dzmon


    9. Chandelle Higa

      Addison are you quitting tik tok

    10. Turtle Boo

      Aww you guys are the cutest couple ever

    11. Esila Alkan

      Why there isn’t coming a new video?

      1. Esila Alkan

        Every day I’m looking if there is coming a new video,..☹️😘

    12. Nathi The Guapo

    13. Nathi The Guapo

    14. giad roblux gime

      you so cute addison

    15. Nacka Antonova

      Hi addison rae

    16. Lauren Calixto

      is it just me or is bryce acting like a total simp?

    17. Lauren Calixto

      who's here in 2021?? btw addison plz post!!

    18. CT Turner


    19. CT Turner


    20. CT Turner

      Addison you and Charlie ARE COUSINS

    21. Dragica Nikolic

      Can you say "škola" in serbian

    22. Kylee Majors-Dixon

      Hi Addison love you

    23. hoya

      يزينهمم 🥲💘.

    24. Natalia Albach

      I am a big FAN✌💥😁😘I LOVE you🌈🥰

    25. Jara Woithe

      hii Addison i am a big Fan for you.I speak German :)

    26. wesley stokes

      Please make a new video

    27. Nele Jordan

      You are so sweet together ❤️

    28. Jesiuah


    29. Anahit Hovhannisyan

      Es qo fannmm

    30. raneem hassoun


    31. Anahit Hovhannisyan

      Adison hamart kases 😣😣😣

    32. MyNameIsAshyIThink

      Plz add to ur YT again we miss u 🥺🥺

    33. Simply•CloudZz

      Okay I know this is a month ago but the cameraman is full on third wheeling lmao-

    34. Maleah Twells

      Your amazing Addison!! X

    35. Kyuziio

      You don’t deserve to be in the smp, dudes gonna hate you. Not like you just becuse you play mc. You probably haven’t ever even played mc 💀

    36. Master Chef Lol


    37. تومس

      اول عربي يرد 👯‍♂️

    38. It’s katie Reeves

      Who just comes bsck to one of there chanels to see if they have posted toghter

    39. Nathaly Aguilera

      I’m obsessed with them to the point it’s unhealthy 😭😗

    40. Reeann Burger

      I’m a Libra

    41. Spex Crxed


    42. Hamza Altınal

      O kapak ne efe dayımız görmesin

    43. Pamela Martinez

      They are so cute

    44. Tianna thomas

      I am a leo

    45. J_saV_96 J

      Ever want to punch a man so much

      1. Dikk Az


    46. Erika Valdez

      Addison Rae you are prettier then guila vomito ❤️💗

    47. Zubair

      Ahh I can’t watch this. This is to cringe

    48. Jayden Knowles

      Every body is the same get it guys we all have to clean our ass when we shit ????????????????????? What

    49. Shea Hale

      Hey Addison Rae can u please respond❤️❤️❤️🧡🧡🧡💛💛💛💚💚💚💙💙💙💜💜💜🖤🖤🖤🤍🤍🤍🤍🤍 to me pls u are a vary good tik-too er to and USfilmr pls I love ur USfilm videos and tik-tok vids :)❤️🧡🧡💚💙💜🖤🤍🤎

      1. 3ianzo

        I'm her brother but she doesn't show me on her tiktok

      2. Shea Hale


      3. Shea Hale


      4. Shea Hale


    50. Olivia Barrett

      Awww 🥺 They're so cute together🥺

    51. Duncan Noy

      you want him to say yes to doing things and then u make him do it but then if he starts saying no u have to do it

    52. Gregg Forsberg

      Hi genesis

    53. Maxx_345

      Addison I got a acc I have a fp of you @xmas...addison__42359

    54. Anja Knezevic

      pls follow me on tik tok addisons_pie

    55. StealthyRhino 21

      Just me who had no idea she's form laffayete Louisiana (That's my home town)

    56. Dave Critch

      Addison if ur libra we are both libra together!! I rlly wanna met u one day

    57. marc weber

      you could follow all marcw20 on insta please ?

    58. DaGoat ClanFight

      he a cheater he cheated again

    59. Master Drawer Z

      Hey Addison do you have a satanic Bible book?

    60. Ellie Mendeslol

      Anyone else wondering what breakup date means?....

    61. Sanda Darii

      Soooooooooo cuteeeeee💖💖

    62. Caylin's Gaming

      When are you going to do a youtube video

    63. TALIA Bulut

      Please leave him and take jamootv he will do anything to get you please

    64. TALIA Bulut

      Addisona I'm sorry but i don't like bryce because he hurt you and it's a shame that you can hurt someone as beautiful as you

    65. TALIA Bulut

      Addisona please jamootv makes an effort please take it please I like you so you are my idol too you are so pretty too

    66. phia !

      they hav much more chemistry than dixie n noah tbh

    67. Juliet Magat

      Umm addison did you really have a fight with charli if you had fuck you both 🖕🏻😡

    68. Nikola Balaz

      Me and adison

    69. Wafa Moussa


    70. Keira Julius

      I love you on tik tok

    71. Blake Callaway

      Fuck u bryce

    72. Adit Paliwal

      I am not very sure guys but I think they are dating

    73. Life With Kevionna

      They’re just so cute

    74. Monica A. Glez. Maldonado

      addison you are beutiful can you send me HELLO MONICA plissss

    75. Scarem180

      Imagine if a friend thats supports u and u cut them off cause u are happy with someone and it was that friend that was cutted off thay help them fall in love with each other smh🤔🤔😂😂😂😂😭😭💀💀💀

    76. manana witeladze


    77. shaina bozkurt

      Hi Addison you make a beautiful couple with Bryce and also you are the best friends of Charli damelio? You and her have a beautiful friendship

    78. Nafisa Islam

      I Love Braddison so much you guys will save 2021 I love you guys so much yall Make me happy 🥺🥰💕

    79. addison fiction

      just perfect

    80. walldy23

      Why !?!?!?

    81. walldy23

      You love him but make porno Logik

    82. Jenny Babcock

      ig im still stuck on that one video of them being realated lol

    83. Isra Aoulad

      Addison i am so happy 4 you i love you so mutch can you please say hi than i will be so happy❤

    84. tiktok tv


    85. William Trachimowicz

      No I should not be seeing this I’m only five years old who think that I could see

    86. Geneviève Abou Rjeily

      Love you guys you are so cute together

    87. AWSM VIBES

      dixie and noah or addison and bryce...

    88. Addison Rae

      I love u addi💋💕😁

    89. KAPRONIX


    90. Aurely Santos


    91. george Samaras

      This is Queen and King!!!!

    92. Дарья Захарова

      You so beautiful!

    93. Rob.Valentinoo

      “I want addison rae to become my doctor and play wit my privates” ~ Lil Boat

    94. Momations

      So shes the one joining the dream smp

    95. Jaydon Budraj

      She is lucky the girl i love is in love with ny brother ❤ but i try supp her the girl is Aliayh Debi

    96. Mohamed Koshaji

      Wäre so nice

    97. zocken 428

      End jamotv 😍😍♥️♥️♥️♥️

    98. Valeria Nicole

      I love how she said, "Bryce is such a good writer" and I just imagine him paying someone to write his thoughts out for him. LOL, I hope not, but it's just a funny thought.

      1. Tiana Dveeigne


    99. Salman Abanmi

      bryce fuck u

    100. Shilynn Mae

      Me: It’s unhealthy to watch this video so many times But me at the same time : ok at least one more time 10000 million more times