When you're trying to impress a girl...

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    looking for a minecraft girlfriend.

    Published on 25 days ago


    1. Penguin ._.

      "you're so dog and my dog a dog dog my golden retriever?"

    2. Shridharshan Booma Balusamy

      am i the only ne who thinks that wig looks like ochaco's hair from mha

    3. Meep Yeep


    4. Dominic Robinson

      Alternate title various versions of Nathan being a simp to a girl version of himself

    5. Ryan Le

      No I like men.

    6. Dumblucas

      They all look the same lol. It’s probably because their Asian

    7. jestfullgremblim800

      I can't decide for one either, they look the same :'(

    8. Mr.Electro

      Lol he actually has a wig instead of a towel

    9. Alex Zer0

      "On second thought, I don't really want to do this now." "I don't want to do this either!" "I don't want to do this either!" "I don't want to do this either!" "I don't want to do this either!"

    10. Pw _ner

      69k likes. Nice!

    11. Edison Phua

      What the simps in pokimane chat is doing

    12. Danny nguyen

      Where is ging GING

    13. PieBoi_

      Lucky at the beginning very unlucky at the end

    14. Mangolorian

      The likes on this video


      Literally it's so straight to the point and what a beautiful ending. Needs credits!


      Pure genius

    17. Cabbage Man

      The end made me laugh. It hurt,I have a sore throat

    18. Laura Aguirre

      the ending got me thinking YO WHO T F!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    19. Amp Blackout

      69k like lolGamermomentt

    20. Sreejani Vasireddy

      this dude ripped out the cinemetography for this .... im impressed

    21. Voldemārs

      Brooo the end😂😂

    22. treepower

      They all said they like woman but the w and o are slient

    23. giselle sky

      lmao u should of put ging ging in there

    24. Toff

      I love how it just ends

    25. Zimmy Zim Zim

      I feel like this video was just a rant on how cool he is! 👍🏻

    26. Kiwi Boi

      Yo, those are some real neat arowanas.


      U are Epic!!! Legend never die

    28. CheeseReaper

      69k likes everyone subscribe

    29. SAMI Simeon

      Nathan you are gay

    30. Micah Hello

      1:30 *proceeds to turn gay*

    31. Hey. Brillantes


    32. T4n

      He likes men.

    33. Heidi Harmon

      Bro that plot twist though

    34. hlol 2

      I also like men

    35. Skean

      The ending killed me laughing.

    36. Mar Dutch


    37. Kevin Sugrue

      I LIKE MEN

    38. Just an 8-bit m0nk3y

      its the ending that got me crying

    39. HisokasSmallPP Its really small

      Is no one gonna acknowledge that he glowed up, I mean he got that clear skin now😩🤚

    40. Lukas Dos Anjos

      ngl nathan in that wig looks pretty good

    41. Why you so Random G

      I can't with the end 😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣

    42. Leon Jack

      Hahaha! Ahhh no. PLOT TWIST Boi. 😂

    43. Kha Cho

      They gay

    44. Dream


    45. Raneem Jomaa

      oh shoot they all gay in reality

    46. Raneem Jomaa

      0:35 this is a new start of a fast-food commercial 😂😂🤣🤣

    47. Tomi Ai

      It’s like he’s trying to tell us something....

    48. Felix9763


    49. Mizo animations


    50. Fade-Ashuka

      im not even paying attention to the video i just like the music and intense moments xD

    51. Aidan Hu

      U have the absolute best acting skills and voice changer and

    52. godofwind

      Can you make a second version but 1 of them doesn't say I like men

    53. Karah Y.


    54. pardis


    55. ʚ Natsumi Cloudii ɞ



      Did it broke rip you must have worked hours and then you were like what ever it happens all the time

    57. Ejl

      0:23 he said "CHICK fil a" instead of "chick FIL A" and it hurts.

    58. 101King


    59. 李胤彥Kody Lee

      He is too single he wore a wig to get a girlfriend and the gf is him

    60. Damien Pantaleone

      You got me at “I like men”

    61. brown crewmate


    62. Yuri Fernandez

      I like men...

    63. Moneybrainz99

      Bro the 'i like men' fucking murdered me

    64. spongebob


    65. Schuyler Yancy Zeng

      " I Like Men " Me be like: Bro wtf are you gay???

    66. Aboudyyaya

      Am I the only one who saw all those arowana

    67. Nate do random stuff

      bro the most realistic thing is the fishes in the background

    68. ChrisDuckless D

      Not to be racist or anything but those 4 men look's like the same person 0:01

    69. Gerson Sacalxot

      When they saybI like man I kept laughing

    70. funnyd

      THE END THO 😂😂😂😂😂

    71. Random Kid On Roblox

      Me: I'm Not a Simp *Also me When My Crush Says he Likes* :

    72. IRONIC CGA

      Just Take all Three it's a Lost Cause Before it Even Started Lol 🤣

    73. kz857

      Wait there gay...

    74. DaOldMan36 Gaming

      Emma: I like men All the guys: I like men Me: wait. that's illeagal

    75. kokichi kinnie

      I must admit *i do like men and that's is a fact*

    76. Amikoizumi

      Already opened Chick-fil-A sauce lol ur not slick I saw u nathen

    77. Joseph Linscheid

      Woa there buster

    78. TheReal_Eden

      i like men too even i am

    79. Caevinn


    80. Sir Drudles

      Nathan is actually very cute as a girl

    81. Jose Luis Villarreal

      They just beat her up then their response out of no where is " my pleasure."

    82. Ulf

      im dying🤣

    83. Daniel Wong

      Emma:I like men The boys: *I like men*

    84. Demented souls Gaming

      Is there something u want to tell us?

    85. Kristian GAM3Z

      Nathan: "i like men" me: on the floor laughing

    86. Alilsleepy

      Little did he know I like men😏

    87. Class Corner

      "I like men!"

    88. The Gamer Guy

      Some of the sealed packets are glued so strong that my fingers can't even open it and this dude opening it with his teeth

    89. Josip Pankretić

      Where is chin ching?

    90. waffle Playz

      that last part was gay

    91. C2B ChinoFN

      The end tho🤣😂🤣

    92. BacoK08X x

      I like men

    93. cannedgu

      Are you asian?

    94. Dragonslayer Yt

      Great video and also where jing jing we haven’t seen him in a while

    95. Daily chess games

      1:27 shit went from 0 to 100 real quick


      1:28 I LIKE MEN!

    97. Jeff The Sister

      Why is the ChickFalay scene straight out of a marvel movie.

    98. Phillip Lam

      The I love men lol 😂😂

    99. XRoguey

      lol, they all started to say i like men right after she said it 1:30

    100. Cookie_Playzシ

      You are not the chosen one…