Relaxing Deep House Mix (Zhu, CamelPhat, Meduza, Disicples, Elderbrook) | Ark's Anthems Vol 44

Ark Mantony

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    Published on Year ago


    1. Ark Mantony

      *As usual I'll be posting one song of the tracklist for each like this video gets! Like and share for the full tracklist* Soundcloud version of mix: Spotify playlist of this mix: Tracklist: 1. Numb - Elderbrook (Original Mix) [0:00] 2. On My Mind - Disciples (Original Mix) [2:20] 3. She Don't Dance (Lost Frequencies Remix) - Everyone You Know [4:34] 4. Wicked Game - Yola Recoba (Original Mix) [8:54] 5. Epiphany - Nora En Pure (Original Mix) [11:00] 6. All Mine (Sony Fedora Extended Remix) - Disciples [12:18] 7. Lonely (Extended VIP) - Joel Corry [14:09] 8. Cruel - Jax Jones (Original Mix) [17:04] 9. Panic Room (Extended Mix) - AU/RA & CamelPhat [19:23] 10. Trippin' (Gabe Remix) - BONDI [24:49] 11. Came For The Low (Extended Mix) - Zhu ft. partywithray [26:57] 12. DR1NK - Beave ft. WillG (Original Mix) [30:01] 13. I'm Falling (Next Habit Remix) - Anton Powers [33:33] 14. In The Dark (Sonny Fodera Remix) - Vintage Culture [34:53] 15. Goodbyes (MT Soul Remix) - Post Malone [36:41] 16. Using (Meduza Extended Mix) - Ritual ft. Emily Warren [39:59] 17. Right Here (Tom Budin Remix) - Loui PL [42:01] 18. Missing (Should've Known It) - Leftwing & Kody [45:10] 19. There For You (Warehouse Mix) - Gorgon City [48:13] 20. Close Enough (Extended Mix) - Alex Ross [50:17] 21. Identical - Next Habit (Original Mix) [53:35] 22. Don't Start Now (Andy Jarvis Remix) - Dua Lipa [54:53] 23. Not Ready Love (Extended Mix) - TCTS ft. Maya B [56:08] 24. Feel Again - Akiro ft. Mullaly (Original Mix) [59:30] 25. Afterlife - Coldabank (Original Mix) [1:02:29] 26. Old Friend - Elderbrook (Original Mix) [1:03:31] 27. I Belong With You (Extended Mix) - Dada ft. LIV [1:06:36] 28. The Moment (Extended Mix) - Sonny Fodera ft. Lilly Ahlberg [1:10:10] 29. Something About You - Elderbrook & Rudimental (Original Mix) [1:11:37]

      1. Mac Maya

      2. Barbara Sementilli

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      3. Delphine Courtine


      4. Zivile Rimseviciene


      5. Zivile Rimseviciene


    2. Delk Kalopsia

      Love remix, loved this pictures. ♥


      COOL !!!!

    4. Safe n Sound

      Why all the dislikes? Are you ok people?

    5. DieLocke

      Nice mix. Too much ads inside.. Moneeey

      1. Ark Mantony

        Unfortunately due to the mix containing copyrighted content I can't control the number or placement of ads

    6. Biscuit Tin

      Adverts, swerved, no thanks!

      1. Biscuit Tin

        @Ark Mantony I will try an ad blocker on my pc thanks for that.. not posted in a while but welcome to listen,

      2. Ark Mantony

        @Biscuit Tin Totally agreed. I use an adblocker constantly on desktop but on mobile it's super annoying. I get they are trying to push people to get the paid version of YT but feels like it is just pushing people to other services for music

      3. Biscuit Tin

        @Ark Mantony wow I didn't know that, jeezus!! Tbh I watch a huge amount of YT but it's starting to become annoying as adverts are a lot more frequent, now a compulsory advert followed by one you can skip.. its ridiculous 😒

      4. Ark Mantony

        @Biscuit Tin As far as I can tell USfilm just inserts an ad anytime it detects copyrighted content.

      5. Biscuit Tin

        @Ark Mantony I have multiple channels, who sets the frequency of adverts if you don't mind me asking

    7. Jaro Sessions

      Very moody stuff right there 😊😊😊

    8. Dawid

      1:37:35 music?

    9. Demz 258

      First 15-20 mins 🔥🔥

    10. Klaudia Klaudia

      Love this mix 🪅🙌❤️

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    13. Carolina Copete


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      My lovely mix 💔

    15. Trillicent

      One of the best playlists I've ever listened to! Thank you :)

    16. Tony Ismail

      zemo dancing introduce me to good music.


      very nice

    18. Vitor Giraldes

      Just Perfect and Espiritual moment !! Peace from Brazil 🇧🇷❤

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    20. Rasmus Balck

      Super sweet mix :)

    21. Ёжик Мольная

      Некоторые треки в ином формате вообще зашли😍🥰🎶

    22. Ёжик Мольная

      Улёт 🥰🎶🎵😋♥️♥️

    23. Νίκος Κ.

      advice about molly?

    24. VarietyMusicChannel

    25. Aman Mambet

      Is not Deep House at all, some other electronic music

      1. Ark Mantony

    26. Nessa Peace

      My favourite mix. Can’t stop listening

    27. Betteanne Melisande

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    28. Lindy Rauch

      Love it. A few awful tracks and then some soup-shifting ones that actually made me ugly cry it was so movingly raw. Hit the spot so profoundly and I havnt felt that for a very long time. Love your stuff. Some of it. 🤔💬💢😅🤣🤣🤣 😎✌️ We want more.

    29. Ryan gst

      Took me an hour to put on a part on the car, this vid was wonderfully played to relax to😌🙏🏼

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      Another music for nightdrive Kotl - Hope

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      Best house mix I’ve ever heard! Really consistent and doesn’t die down. 💙

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    34. Milagros Cordova Cruz

      Me encanta esta musica ...para bailarla todo el dia en playa ...llegando el sunset hermosooo con tu persona favorita

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    36. Ede is boring

      best mix ever !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! love from romania

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    38. Bartosz Mazur

      I have to say, mix is quite nice... But there is nothing relaxing about commercials each few minutes...

      1. Ark Mantony

        Unfortunately due to the mix containing copyrighted content I can't control the number or placement of ads

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      So many ads

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        Unfortunately due to the mix containing copyrighted content I can't control the number or placement of ads

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    42. Haziel M c v

      Track id minute: 25 26

      1. Ark Mantony

        Trippin' (Gabe Remix) - BONDI

    43. Apathos Anhr

      I can't get enough of this mix!!!

    44. Trevor Goodchild

      Wow this is pretty good. It accidentally autoplayed after another video I was on, and I was busy working so I didn't notice. Then my ears perked up and was like...damn accidentally found some nice tunes here!

    45. hamza hammami

    46. Big Sack

      19:23 bookmark

      1. Big Sack


    47. Alvaro Mendez

      33;36 song please ?

      1. Ark Mantony

        I'm Falling (Next Habit Remix) - Anton Powers

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    52. FRANCIS weetjes en de rest

      that,s no DEEP HOUSE

      1. Ark Mantony

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      best transitions i've heard!


      @BrianaL02846915 I'm starting too love me, your ego is waining....ive a new phone... I'm going places.... 7 years of caring..... NO MORE......

    61. Devin McDonald

      Such a beautiful vibe. Love it, thank you for sharing!

    62. Лилия З.

      Задрали со своей рекламой. Во время одной песни по 2 рекламы минимум. 😡😡😡

      1. Ark Mantony

        К сожалению, поскольку микс содержит контент, защищенный авторским правом, я не могу контролировать количество или размещение рекламы. 😞😞

    63. Yvan Rivas

      27:00 goes hard af 🔥🔥I came for the high , I came for the low

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    92. Boxeralixx

      that bass ist penetrating my eardrum

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    94. Adal Dávila

      Al inicio pensé que era la de "goloza" xD ese tumbao es único jajaja

      1. Juan Miguel Pai Giraldo

        Si verdad


      What is rap monster doing (from bts) standing on the left?

    96. Mya Khalifa23

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