Who I'm Voting For 2020


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    1. Harsh Prajapati

      Casey whenever the vlog or video come it should be a tech review of the sony a7s 3 camera...... Pls

    2. Tito Bob

      Vote Biden then leave California, taxes is gonna soar 😂

    3. Jordan Axtman

      Fucking Democrat

    4. Carson Reed

      And he is gone because ny is so dead now people are leaving to go to Florida a republican state that had no riots and has a good gov

    5. Boomer

      Patrick Gaspard......one of your Biden’s picks........How did he help your beloved Africa?? hmmmmm. You shall sow what you reap! lol lol lol

    6. BrianXAnimations


    7. The Comedy Pilot

      So Casey do you think Cuomo did a good job, even though NY has the most Covid deaths BY FAR and his restrictions are giving you citizens no freedom?

    8. OzZVidz

      6:26 Yikes

    9. Bruh Moment

      Yea I’m not surprised bro. You live in New York City actually I don’t think anyone was surprised about this.

    10. Simon Solberg

      where is the next video?

    11. along Sempoi

      I'm just start my Vlog learn from this channel.. but he said see on 2024.. what going on?

    12. Jan


    13. EstonianGamer71

      I'm voting for red.

    14. Света на краю света!

      Смотрю из России. Очень интересно🙂

    15. UGP Studios

      Well said Casey!

    16. Katie Cake

      You spoke my words for me thank you!!!!!!

    17. deadartapart

      I was in Honolulu some asian lady says to me Go Biden, go Biden ! Me: it's all the same mob Lady : Go no? I love you anyhow! We all need that Aloha spirit.

    18. Sarim

      Casey disappears. Again. I know that he pretty much prefers spending time with his family, but he should at least tell us in some way that he won't be making videos for a while.....

    19. Meet xD

      From K18 Gaming.., :)

    20. KRONBAK

      So now your a moviestar to .. “project power” everybody 😁

    21. Matthew Rosenberg

      I agree it’s the same for me too

    22. Erkan Kırıkçı


    23. Erkan Kırıkçı


    24. Erkan Kırıkçı


    25. Oscar Richman

      Casey your about to hit three billion views. Please come back!

      1. -A_ _S-D_ _F-

        He died buddy

    26. Matt Bailey

      Nicely said. Here's to the incoming plutocrat capitalist Biden coming into power. Let's bomb Syria again!

    27. Jet Jaguar

      Casey when do we get more Airplane review videos?

      1. Jet Jaguar

        @Mister Ollie The Cat :(

      2. Mister Ollie The Cat

        when covid finishes :(

    28. Just A Robolx Player

      I respect your opinion

    29. Jib Guy

      Ok now Your cannot ride your electric bike ,,, it sucks the political wedge Floridian free to live the Factual American way.

    30. GREEK BOY

      CNN is the worst fear mongering dividing divisive channel on earth

    31. Jesse Dellinger

      But we’ll said

    32. achilles torres

      Fox News or MSNBC?

    33. {YouTube} 《Google》

      See you.

    34. Syd

      Why the hell am I not surprised another influencer/celebrity votes for Biden? Y’all are such a joke.

    35. Yeetus__skeetus

      Casey in 2024 Bobby shmurda I will be voting for Bobby shmurba

    36. FH

      Yo Casey. Post something new bruv wtf you doing

    37. lascius - black

      U issued a scary (to me) T warning four years ago. U were correct then, and now.



    39. Vince Towerpast

      Thank God. I was worried you were going to say the con. God Bless. ps. I am a conservative but have to support Biden

    40. Ahmed Amin

      وائل غنيم

    41. Ula Diving

      Hello Casey, Why did you never talk about Jacques Fresco and the Venus project in your videos? don't you know him? As a video blogger who is watched by a lot of people, you have to show the world a very cool project. You need to read the materials of Jacques Fresco. Forgive me for my English, I am writing via google transliteration) I really hope that you will read this message, because it can really help the whole world.

    42. kraieg

      Aaaaaand boom magic

    43. James Begadesh

      I miss the plane videos

    44. Youness Agourdi

      Dude u need to update ur FAQ, you're not 35 anymore. im sorry.

    45. Devon Games

      biden is to old

    46. Gary Gibson

      Imagine voting for a man who cant even string a sentence together. He doesn't know where he is half the time lol And you trust that man with control of the country for 4 years....

      1. Gary Gibson

        @Jack Gtramp ... well if your brain is fried you cant take charge of a country you ree..

      2. Jack Gtramp

        @Gary Gibson so? What does that have to do with being the president?

      3. Gary Gibson

        @Jack Gtramp that comment is referring to his cognitive decline, not simply a stutter bud.

      4. Jack Gtramp

        Ok dude he has a stutter. You’re making fun of someone for having a slight stutter? I mean I’ll respect your opinion or whatever but don’t go so low. Just a thought, take it or leave it 👁👄👁

    47. Culture Club 1984

      Do you think Beme was the tiktok of its time?

    48. Stephan Plümer

      Hey Casey, are you out of Buisness? .. i hoop its all ok ?!

    49. PallyPenguin

      see ya when biden loses

      1. Laila Taylor

        lol this didn't age well

      2. Layney Conway

        He already won though

      3. ChrisChras 9000

        He won tho 🤦

      4. KINGBAGH_ 3434

        He finna win yeahhhhh

    50. sun light

      Me from pakistan plz sport me

    51. Dexter's World

      Casey allow me to let you know that you have motivated me a lot to do more videos on my channel. I saw that video where you encourage youtubers with three words" never stop uploading". These three words that you said became my motivating factor that drove me to upload videos regularly. Now I have almost a million subscribers. Thanks to you. God bless you more.

    52. Roberto De La Torre

      I love hem now

    53. WuhSuhDood

      D I V I S I V E N E S S

    54. Tucker Pearce

      So as quick as he came back he’s left us again. 😢🤷🏻‍♂️🕺🍷🥃🍺

    55. Cash and Phoenix


    56. Alex Van


    57. House of Highlights

      Let’s go baby. Thank god for someone who actually knows shit and just doesn’t live off of Fox News. Thank you sooooo much

    58. The Legend

      Me who voted kanye west:

    59. Quick Stop Entertainment


    60. Nicoleta Lucaciu

      I soooo got used to the daily vlogs. It was like a moment of joy in my day. Please come back 😞

    61. Distant_ Uncle4

      I won't watch this dude until Biden is not President

      1. ChrisChras 9000

        So u can't accept his political opinion? Sheesh!!!

      2. Trevor Erickson

        Imagine not watching someone because of different political opinions

    62. Mundhir Abdirahman

      Did he say see you in the next election? coming back for the 3rd time

    63. Layney Conway

      Cmon Casey where are you? :(

    64. FLYbY


    65. Marcin Hibner

      Don't forget to load up on "Z" Zcash(ZEC) 👌💰🚀💎😊❤️💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰

    66. Dominic Nguyen


    67. The Stig

      Well it's been a while huh?

    68. Lizandro Roque

      So where is Casey?

    69. sevenfreshh

      Take your fucking sunglasses off your inside buddy

      1. Delaney Moore

        you're *

    70. Pollard

      I enjoyed this election video better than the last one because he gets his opinion across while also respecting how ridiculous the media can be in 2020. Big respect for Casey, thank you man for being sane

      1. ChrisChras 9000

        Facts like I'm glad this vid didn't get much hate as the last one did.

    71. Justin Augustus

      What happened to thr vlogs casey

    72. :D

      i like donuts

    73. David Shaheen

      Thanks for not hating those who disagree with u

    74. Hups

      ok don't care

    75. Great Dane Channel

      Casey, we are ready for your next video please. Seriously, film paint drying, it will be great.

    76. Stealth Wolf

      I personally don’t agree with this video, however I respect him making this and now let’s hope joe Biden does good

    77. SIU TOU G7L-22

      Casey, when r u uploading again?

    78. Lawson Wood

      Jeez, it’s been years since I last watched a Casey Neistat video.

    79. Brock Myers

      He's lying

    80. Pentium

      *_Casey Neistat has been eliminated_*

    81. Balloon Boy

      You done fricked up why Casey

    82. Sam Dineen

      Thank god it was Biden

    83. Luke Chrisco

      Casey might be a Democrat but he’s a good Democrat

      1. Luke Chrisco

        @Just Ortiz like jkf

      2. Luke Chrisco

        @Just Ortiz I’m talking old Democrat not new ones

      3. Just Ortiz

        No such thing abortion and sexual trafficking are pro democrat party not to mention them destroying the black community in America ...

    84. Hastatus

      That all folks !

    85. TheAndySan

      I will be voting for Joe Biden.

      1. Bobo Gao

        Election already ended.. Maybe in 2024?

    86. Austin Grasch

      Casey canon 90d video

    87. D. Cynthia

      Make more videos ☆

    88. Beth Gatza Art

      Please don't let this be the last video. Purely for the sake that I hate to be reminded of this election every time I come check on your page. Is USfilm still your Rushmore?

    89. Daniel Duncan

      he hasn't posted in a month. i am worried

      1. Jamie Woodward

        eh he does that every once in a while

    90. Aquaa

      1 like equals one vote for Casey

    91. The.Shiny.Subaru

      See you again when you start vlogging again

    92. Nate Cantalupo


    93. Bill Rockwell

      Been an absence for Casey as I am positive he’s self-placed himself on a educational sabbatical .. wise man. Great man. Reflect as he is.

    94. King James

      Hell Yeah Joe Biden All Day

    95. Ex Eaglesbandwagon


    96. Mae Schlenker

      you did a good job saying that

    97. Michal Stankoviansky

      We have some rights here c'mon, there *has to* be at least one Casey Neistat video per week, what is this entire disappearing sh*t about? :-P :-D

    98. FODOL NET

      hi man ,wher are you ?i miss you man

    99. Doris Duarte

      one thing I find funny is that people search for money and numbers on the internet. And they are here every day begging to be recognized, for money, fame or praise. After they make money they disappear and appear when they want without the slightest regard for the people who put them where they are. For me this is at least dishonest. No matter who your vote is!

      1. Laila Taylor

        lol so you're saying he should keep posting videos even if it doesn't make him happy? thats like saying ariana grande shouldn't retire bc ppl like her music.