Pokimane LIED to EVERYONE! #DramaAlert - Jake Paul MESSES up BIG TIME! - KSI , Logan Paul!


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    Published on Month ago


    1. DKsaNn Kat

      Booo pokimane 👎

    2. Noob Gaming

      I did not know that poki had a boyfriend and also I feel bad for the kitten

    3. Expert Panda09

      Jake Paul : COVID isn’t real. Legit over 100,000 people die 😑

    4. Expert Panda09

      I feel really bad for Shane Dawson cause his cat died. I lost my cat a few years ago and I have empathy for him . I’m sorry shane

    5. Imfantasticlikeadonut

      Pokimane and Fed the internets version of dumb and dumber. Lets all raise our fists for Pokimane! Kids please don't listen to Jake Paul about Covid19 it is real Jake is stupid and is trying to be edgy again.

    6. Cappuccino Labradoodle

      I feel like Pokimane and Fed are both guilty, not defending either, don't know a lot about them. But it's not just one person, I think they're both in the wrong.

    7. Athena Agoraphobia

      When he read the title of the joke Paul thing I felt braincells leave my large brain

    8. THE RagingCookie 43

      9:35 noone gonna mention how she foreshadowed her pr0n

    9. u̶ ̶w̶e̶r̶e̶ ̶w̶r̶o̶n̶g̶ ̶a̶g̶a̶i̶n̶

      If u say pokimane is innocent u can legally call u a *SIMP*

    10. Tanbeast123

      Bro even Logan Paul know better not to fight connor mc Gregory

    11. Nick Maharaj

      Nah i dobt think poki is dating fed

    12. Real Redcoat

      lol i dont believe the news these days, but how the heck is covid a hoax lmao.

    13. DillThePickle 2007

      10:00 Among us in real life!Lol

    14. Crickety Crack06

      This is officially my new favorite source of recent news.

    15. Hayden White

      I don’t believe that COVID-19 is fake I just believe that from personal experience with it that it is very over feared

      1. skittlez ;—;

        As a person without grandparents I also feel it is over feared

      2. Jude The Dude

        You aren’t very smart

    16. Tristan

      She belongs to the streets.

      1. skittlez ;—;

        Daaayum boy rooooaasteed

    17. Keira

      I mean, I still see no problem with Pokimane. I really only like her cause of OTV. So, whenever I see criticism, I can't help but feel bad for the other OTV members like Toast, Lily, Scarra, Yvonne, and Michael, cause they are part of her OTV family. So, when I see it, I would be upset if someone was openly being rude and everything to my friends. Either way, even if Poki lied, that shouldn't downplay ANYTHING Fed did, because the interactions with Lilly, Yvonne, and countless others still occurred.

    18. Ralph Dominic Perez-Sorral

      The thumbnail has pics of Pokimane, and the uwu shirt got my attention than her face

    19. Thomas Liu

      Jake Paul - Connor is my final fight because he is the BOSS, like, the best opponent WORLD'S #1 FIGHTER MAYWEATHER - AM I A JOKE TO U? U PICKED ME FIRST!!

    20. HaloDieHard

      Your channel is slowly dying

      1. skittlez ;—;

        Why.... WHY

    21. HaloDieHard

      Oh stop keemstar

    22. David

      Yet poki still top streamer lol....proves woman in the wrong will stay on top

    23. LJ

      Pokimanes side of the story???

    24. Victor Lahti

      Lol mr cancel culture

    25. Rusty Brigz

      Jake was clearly drunk

    26. 69ingsquirls

      Y dose jake Paul always think anything he’s in is going to be big

    27. H3110m7 E

      Jake: “Covid is fake” then why are millions of people dying because of it?

      1. H3110m7 E

        @Danielle Carty are you dumb? Obviously other people are gonna die from other diseases but millions of people die from covid

      2. Danielle Carty

        @H3110m7 E theres proof if youd like to search for it :p

      3. H3110m7 E

        @Danielle Carty :/ dumb theory

      4. Danielle Carty

        they arent actually dying from covid itself, they have other diseases which led to death, not covid killed them but they just say its covid that killed them to scare people and make them wear their masks more

    28. Linkjozee878

      Kemstar should know that masks are not as effective when you have a beard

    29. Daniel PRAZEUS

      when jake paul said him fighting logan would be bigger than the klitschko brothers i wanted to die

    30. Dumb Koala

      I’m so glad there’s only one of you

    31. Zortcia Roblox

      I believe COVID is real strongly but I genuinely do not believe the numbers are real. I have friends who showed serious symptoms, loss of smell, taste and etc. but tbh out of the thousands of cases in my state and hundreds in my county I only know him and my other friend who genuinely has it. It’s just my opinion though so please I beg you to not leave hate reply’s

    32. Relaxation Meditation

      Jake isn’t lying the survival rate of COVID-19 is 99.7 percent and if you die of a condition but have COVID it counts as a COVID death

      1. Linkjozee878

        Well no but actually yes

    33. Emergency Pension

      Leafy wins again

    34. hunter nguyen


    35. Joker Atlas

      KSI: Doesn’t agree to a fight because there’s a pandemic Jake: hE’s dUcKiNg mE

      1. Saturn Studios

        The Kung flu has a 0.3% death rate. It’s nothing to be scared of

    36. AcidGlow

      ✊ damn.. Poki is hardcore..

      1. Drama Cop

        ✊🏻✊🏻? More like ✊🏻✊🏻✊🏻✊🏻✊🏻✊🏻✊🏻✊🏻✊🏻✊🏻✊🏻✊🏻✊🏻✊🏻✊🏻✊🏻✊🏻✊🏻✊🏻

      2. Cornelius Bøndergaard

        ✊ ? more like ✊✊

    37. ObeyTheRaid

      Son Keemstar “OHH NOOO”

    38. Alejandro Alvarado

      How is it real if I never saw it

    39. Edgar

      5:41 he’s not Italian 😂😂😂

    40. Joe Grow

      Jake looks like he's on drugs hard

    41. Joe Grow

      Susan your ruining youtude

    42. Jannie

      Shane Dawson sounds like Michael Jackson

    43. steven randl

      That is sad I love Shane dowson

    44. Javier Aguilar

      Dont hav Twitter, got insta tho , @ veryrare.antrax

    45. Paradox

      no offense but, its a fucking cat

    46. Dexter Caughy

      Covid is real I got it

    47. RandallTheSissyGirl

      Loosing an animal sucks, i hope Shane gets better. @randallthesissy

    48. Frence wrabbit and Storm night

      Why is he covering Shane Dawson Shane Dawson is a horrible human being and has done really bad things why would you give him any sympathy whatsoever I feel bad for the cat but I give him no sympathy

    49. Dragged•—•

      The simps are going to war after this one

    50. Braden Shaw

      "Something romantic" bro she asked him to fist her

    51. Sophany Chhea

      22% of those who think pokemain is innocent then they are a SIMP!!!!!!!!!!!!

    52. LilwilltheDeity

      Keemstar 90% of the news IS fake 😂 YOU should know my nigga 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    53. Mr. Sandman

      I am not a bot. I have commented on every video since the start of the give away, now I am going through every one of your videos KEEM, and commenting (I’ll also leave a like just for bonus points). I want that ps5. I will comment on every video if I have to. @fjord_strongjaw

    54. potato

      jake isnt dumb as i thought he was

    55. Ezekiel Menia

      Jake should get into a boxing match with manny paquiao

    56. Clay Mccarver

      Y’all this is just Shane trying to get sympathy so he can come back to USfilm.

    57. A random channel

      Clear favouritism H3H3 > literally everyone else

    58. Budder Playz



      Wow keemstar the guy who made fun of an african american and a peraon with cancer and also almost made a peraon commit suicide oh and dont forget about all the information he has leaked

    60. MonkishRaptor 40

      Yeah it’s totally a hoax, my friends grandpa died cuz of it but you know...fake

    61. Lebron Salad

      Yooo would be cool if you gave me some lay chips with a ps5

    62. issy 295

      ✌ more like ✊🏻 twitter @issy295

    63. Boop

      Can I just add, fed didn’t just kiss a girls hand. He inappropriately touched two female members, one who was in a relationship, both without consent.

      1. Boop

        @RickRoll it was literally in yvonnes statement and on Lily’s statement. He came in drunk and put his hand up their shirt.

    64. DankyMankey

      I doubt Susan Wabbajack would do anything lol

    65. Squalid

      I wouldn’t call ”✌️? More like ✊” romantic lol

    66. Boss Man

      COVID is a hoax, stop lying to your audience.

      1. RickRoll


    67. Cinamn

      Honestly just give me the PS5. Twitter: @NotCinamn

    68. Krispy

      I respect jake Paul for the first time about the COVID thing, it’s just another flu literally and I don’t see people wearing a masks over that! Don’t care if you agree I just know that COVID new is half fake, now it’s coming through our eyes now!! This is fake bro honestly

    69. FlxmeXtra

      In a parallel universe where jake is still so dumb

    70. Don Bub

      I wonder what tier 3 subs think of this

    71. Steele Hothem

      Logan and valk nah

    72. Pavo Mineta

      most critikal.............

    73. Evan Dugas

      I am not sure who Pokimane is but this sounds like a lot of shit. If you were seeing a dude who did something creepy. Would you want to talk about how you used to see that guy online. The thing about trying to get members kicked is more troublesome.

    74. xFatSnacks

      Wanna know what's so interesting about Pokimane? Nothing.

      1. Inconceal

        Ok xfatsnacks🤦🏻‍♂️

      2. xFatSnacks

        @Inconceal and? As if youd ever get near it lol

      3. Inconceal

        She has a fine ass bruh like c'mon

    75. Christian Morris

      Dude he was a weirdo to poor Lily and Yvonne

    76. Kaiden Shiner

      What’s the next feeding a cat alcohol hahahaha Oh wait that already happened

    77. click bait

      Good Way to misrepresent what Fedmyster did. You don't know anything. you even said on your twitter that you didn't read it. Fed didn't just kiss her hand. There are 3 public accounts of Fedmyster doing bad stuff and to sum it up as "he kissed her hand" is clearly just an attempt to Paint Pokimane and all others affected by him as Childish idiots that can't take a flirt. It wasn't a flirt. and Just before you say it, No. I'm not a poki simp. I hate her after her reaction to what he said. I just wanted to correct this because I actually care.

    78. Isaac Thao

      9:44 Voice crack.

    79. Our crAzy Life

      Says it’s about the money.... KSI wants more money. Also says that he treats all his fights as a business. Then says he wants as much money as what KSI gets. Well he is the one who wants to fight KSI. So if he wants what KSI wants then your all about the $ too! Give KSI what he ask for Jake.. you want the fight sooooo???? What’s the big deal? Dumbazz! The more that I start liking Logan and Jake and then Jake says all this dumb ass 💩. Logan is the better brother. Kick his ass Logan.

    80. jolo jones

      lol this document proofs to 100% in my opinion thats my opinion.

    81. MLHatz PHC

      That is actually cool of Susan W! USfilm shouldn’t ignore the people who got them to where their at! Twitter: mlhatz_phc

    82. Knuckle Life

      Where is future when you need him

    83. Knuckle Life

      Pokimane has been around more than the village bike

    84. Kats Corruption

      jake really thinks he can beat conner mc fucking gregor. “He’s past his prime” WHAT HELL SHRED YOU LIKE A MORTAL COMBAT KO

    85. Tachi

      I cant believe people follow you, your channel ruins people's lives, and you do it for your own good I dont get why you you entertain yourself by doing this

    86. Aaron

      I hate mcgegoer and I'm Irish he a disgrace

    87. Red The Majin

      What kind of shizz is Jake on?

    88. Exeneris

      I really hope i get one

    89. Spxkes

      ✌️? More like ✊ @xDanielPicos


      I think Poki will lose all her subscribers.

    91. Nick Powell

      Jake Paul- 110% facts.. the flu still has killed more.. cancer has killed more... drunk drivers have killed more... aids.. hep c.. ya kno all those and the common cold they still haven’t even figured how to fix or curve the sickness lol

      1. RickRoll

        Maybe Because covid is 1 year old And all of those have been around for decades

    92. matt bern

      Pokiman really for the streets huh

    93. BlackMichaelo

      its crazy because i dont give a fuck about that dudes cat

    94. Trappyi 69

      RIP lil cat nigga he didn't want to end up like the previous one✊😔

    95. Katsuki Bakugo

      Jake Paul:COVID isn’t real it’s fake Karens:we have found our leader...

    96. Jim B

      I thought I’d find actual information in this video, rather than a man baby acting way to over the top for his pre teen fans. 1 star would not recommend

    97. GOLDNdx9er44

      Why the fuck is Shane Dawson’s cat worth covering

    98. BITW Awesome

      Romance girl

    99. BITW Awesome


    100. HZShark_ strucid

      I am mostly surprised about pokimane.Also if I win probably not can I get a ps5.Twitter:Tameem:I have a goku profile