Merkules ft Upchurch - ''MONSTER''

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    Produced by Stoner
    Mixed & Mastered by Stoner
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    Published on Month ago


    1. Jimmy Losier

      Fuggin need to collabs for an album🤟🤠

    2. Burt Brooks

      Hell yeah boys🤘🔥🔥💯

    3. Thiccc Knots

      Merk tapped into the og 50 cent style. That shit was hard af

    4. woopass0420 2018

      Most definitely dope af... good shit fellas

    5. Andrew Drew

      My boys did it again

    6. brady murphy

      I like that Walking Tall reference. Buford was a real badass, upchurch is a legend.

    7. Americana MemphiS Dianne ?

      Can't wait to sing for you!

    8. Americana MemphiS Dianne ?

      Just so you all know, I haven't had my phone from before and only have wifi calling. Can't get on my Facebook either. I ll have that fixed tonight. Xoxo 💚〽️

    9. Country Road

      @RyanUpchurch killed Merk on this

    10. Country Road

      Why all Merks hooks sound the same

    11. Glendagee

      Yaaaasss I'm a monsta 🔥🔥🔥🥰😍😍🥰

    12. Jason Yates

      Hard as fuck 🔥🔥🔥

    13. Michael Myers

      Yo Merk...we need a collab with Kydd!!

    14. Dan Fenley

      #RHEC 🤘🔥🤘

    15. george villa


    16. DoubleA

      Did he say he cheated on his sister lol

    17. Evelyn Parsons

      In the words of BUSTA give me some mo

    18. Eduardo Felix

      Yo please do a song with Dax and Liquid assassin

      1. Casie George

        He has already done a song with dax it's called noise

    19. goblue 75

      Broooooooo my top 2 rappers

    20. Crixis Thompson

      Just seen I was unsubscribed to Merkules SMDH! Idk how long I've been unsubscribed for but damn youtube. I knew something was off when I seen this reacted to on an havent got any notifications on new music. Love both these guys music.

    21. Crixis Thompson

      Hell yea another great one

    22. Thomas Pollard

      Merk does jawns with all the goats man .Rittz jelly and church .shit mane

    23. Jackson Pierce

      🔥🔥🔥 Dope song fellas!! I'm LIVE now doing my February Jackson Vibe Top 75 and this is on there!! 🔥🔥🔥

    24. Dwarrd Rosko

      373 people dislike . HOW!?

    25. Sayward Layton

      Live off of u jelly roll struggle Charlie Farley Upchurch tom Macdonald and yela wolf👌💯

    26. Richard Phillipsburg

      I'm a Monster 😂 I ment ScAmmer

    27. Michael Harper


    28. todd cusson

      A Joyner callab would be dope too merk 🤣 508 7hillz all day

    29. todd cusson

      Very thankful for even just this track would like a whole album tho you’ve both been in my top for years

    30. McKinzie M8

      This is exactly how alcohol is

    31. Brian Rankin


    32. LIL SAD MJL the real one

      merk will be the guy i listen too at 12 am LOL

    33. GLily & GLoNY

      Killin it in here FaM!

    34. Cody Allan

      Church goes hard every time this is sick

    35. Techemist

      Felt this. 100% MONSTERS

    36. B U R R

      Yo dis 🔥

    37. Easton Ashcraft

      love this fucking song bicth

    38. Ronald Lenderman

      My three top artists all-in-one song

    39. Lisa Davis

      Upchurch is the💣💣💣💣💣💣💣💣💣💣💣💣💣💣💣💣💣💣💣💣💣💣💣💣💣💣💣💣💵💵💵💵💵💵

    40. Lisa Davis

      Upchurch is the BEST

    41. Jamey Babcock

      How did it take me this long to hear this!

    42. Jacob Whaley

      I shared this song to a global game i play. Had to show them how real rappers do it

      1. Brock Zavalney

        You can sleep now, thank you for doing your civic duty my friend.

    43. Clarke Liam

      Absolute fire of a song!!!!👌💯 love abit of both artists but yeah the futures bright..

    44. xRIDEorDIE26x gaming

      Now I need a merkules n tom McDonald

    45. Thomas Rash

      fuck yeah

    46. Tahlia louise

      Fuuuuuuck, everything you do is just 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    47. Arleen Statler

      Damn bro glad I heard about u from church 😍

    48. Jessie Gerdes


    49. Steven Nelson

      Love the beat

    50. Kevin Dunlap

      Fire but some verses seem unbalanced. But great

    51. Dj-Cp3o Show

      Dope. Song feat ideas for 2021 Kottomouth Kings, baby bash, BeatNuts, immortal technique, Ouija macc, Long Beach dub allstars,icp, saigon,lil windex

    52. GrizzlyEFT

      Never gave Upchurch a real chance, even though i listen to Outlaw. He killed it here for sure.

      1. Ben Jones

        Don’t listen, hear it. He’s deep bro. Listen to “wake me up”. Just a country boy from the south that likes ALL music. Like a lot of us... clearly....”

      2. Jeffrey Householder

        BIG facts bro....I never gave Upchurch even half a chance. The whole “country rap” shit, can’t fw it....I’m with Yelawolf on that whole topic. But this boy Upchurch flat killed this

    53. RC Cromwell III

      How come I never knew Merkulese was Andy Milanakis? Must live under a rock.This was a shock. You have improved a lot, Andy! Keep workin! Big names are helping you get better man. Good luck! Loved your show ur so funny. You rapped less gangstery in your show😬

    54. Carlos Lastra

      This needs all the squad on this track Jelly Acal and Struggle so sikk

    55. Carlos Lastra

      That beat though Merk always has sikk beats

    56. Nikoli Streeter


    57. Pete Mckeil

      Listen im one of the biggest fans of you both. I respect the qualities put in this and the level this song is at and think its great and will put it in my catalog of music. I just think it has that sound like Merk paid church to feature and mailed him the beat and his verse and then church out his on it they talked and this is the song. Covid19tracks is what i call em but its all good just miss the booth raps when peeps get together

    58. Collton Kirby

      Need more of these two on a track

      1. damian cochran

        Go listen to blame us by upchurch

    59. Kevin Smith

      I'm all good for good music... but Upchurch got a mouth he need to watch!! .. either way a masterpiece is a masterpiece!!

    60. Dustin Howard


    61. Jon Hattaway

      “Nashville want an outlaw you bout to get it” 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍 my favorite bar on there

    62. Chris Davis

      This is fire!!

    63. Jarrod Mitchell

      Ya man I’ve waited for this one sick sick song real shit bubba

    64. malina marie


    65. aztakkats34911

      I am the beast but yet i am the light in the dark. You are not god but yet god is you. Everywhere you go there you are. Whats right from wrong only empathy knows. Is cheating only a concept created to make the game harder just like time. Listen to a song an pay attention to your perception of reality. Its all a illusion little light!

    66. Tyler Kidwell

      Been playin this bout eraday since it dropped how’s it only got 400k views?!

    67. Attilo _FS

      Rosemarie Cardinal from Edmonton Alberta Canada I love it.. like WOW. Blessings from this Canadian Lady 💯 i

    68. Jesse Mclellan

      Anyone else hearing that 50 cent

    69. plex5150

      been waiting for this hell yeah

    70. Blake Foxworth

      Merkules went full John Goodman off Family Guy on the beat. He was like "You can have what's left!"

    71. Nate Davis

      The collab the world needed!!!

    72. Jason Monk

      Love this shit.......

    73. Jordan Daley

      You need to collab with yung gravy

    74. Donald Schrier

      Man O Man Caskey better watch out with Upchurch!! Upchurch will put him in a hearse!!

    75. david aranda

      Merkules about to blow

      1. Robert Germain II


    76. Jeff Kingston

      2 underground OG's..

    77. Brian Vancely

      "Nashville want an outlaw ya bout to get it!" this is bad ass.

      1. Ben Jones


    78. Jordan Sinn

      I'm not digging it up Church sounds like em Murk can do better!

    79. Jorden & Jessica

      🔥 🔥 🔥 bro bro'$

    80. Johnny Broughton

      Been following you both since the beginning actually merk before he even rap

    81. Nicholas Sciarra

      Dope af. Y’all hear the Acal “whoa” beat in the background? It’s 100% there lol

    82. Selena McKee-Smith

      this shit was fire loved it

    83. Johnson Tucker

      Church that verse was 🔥

    84. MADDOG 217420 CRACKAH 1


    85. Rickey Daniel

      Yoooooooooooooooooo I’ve been waiting for y’all to do this

    86. Blake Kirkland

      Brooo u and upchurch, jelly roll, struggle Jennings, tom Macdonald are the best that's out yall are definitely my favorites

      1. Daniel Vasquez

        @Ethan lol, you must be gay

      2. twisted Nuts

        You named all brotube trash. Insta wanna bes. Merk a killer. His covers, his personal everything he touches. You just compared President Trump to middle school class clowns...

      3. Daniel Vasquez

        Soo translation is, I'm white but I want to listen to rap.

      4. Mike Brown

        Dude adam Calhoun is better then Tom lol

      5. Amanda Jarnagin

        Fuck ya! All of them plus Adam Calhoun

    87. djredshow

      This is on my spotify list and when church drops the Buford pusser line I love it. Shout out to my Mcnairy County Tennessee!!! We walk tall even the short guys and gals. You piss off our family we become Monsters. I love this track.

      1. djredshow

        Selmer originally been living in crump for 9 years

      2. Neal Seay

        I'm from adamsville. Hell yea

    88. Jason Morris

      Let's goo finally my favorite two rappers get together

    89. Mike Duggan

      2 of the monsters in the game respect it or GET RUN OVER. CREEK SQUAD

    90. Tyler Rice

      Allready need more 💥🔥

    91. Keith Conrad

      This should have featured Violent J of ICP

    92. Erik Lavallie

      Haystack already did this shit like 10 years ago his song monster was way better

    93. Erik Lavallie

      This shit sucks you just bite in haystack style.

    94. Dale Menke

      He said I’ll beat your ass like you cheated on my sister. RHEC!!!

    95. Rob Hodgen

      I guess 2021 isn't so bad...

    96. Kelly Price

      This jackie love rebel ghost

    97. Kelly Price


    98. Document B.C

      Great song boy's! Just curious lol but did Ford actually make a f250 dually?

    99. White Boi