I Ate & Exercised Like The MOST POPULAR Fitness YouTubers For A WEEK (CHLOE, MADFIT, PAMELA, etc.)

Linda Sun

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    PART 2: usfilm.info/fire/pb2djKZ5ltV2lrI/video.html
    This video was so fun to make! ********EMI WONG, SYDNEY CUMMINGS, HEATHER ROBERTSON, ETC. WILL BE IN THE PART 2 DON'T WORRY******** I know I didn't include ton of other popular fitness influencers but there is only 7 days in a week and it would have been like a 6 hour video! These are just some of the girls that i have personally had a lot of experience working out to so i could give you my most honest and best opinion!
    I DON’T OWN ANY OF THE CLIPS SHOWN OF THE GIRLS’ FOOD! They all belong to their original owners, I was just showing the clips for reference :)
    These are the specific times for each girl:
    CASSEY HO: 1:17 - 4:20
    CHLOE TING: 4:20 - 7:06
    LILLY SABRI: 7:06 - 11:09
    MADDIE LYMBURNER: 11:09 - 15:54
    NATACHA OCEANE: 15:54 - 18:54
    PAMELA REIF: 18:54 - 21:42
    WHITNEY SIMMONS: 21:42 - 24:05
    FINAL COMPARISONS: 24:05 - end
    peanut tofu: www.feastingathome.com/bali-bowls-with-peanut-tofu/
    kale salad dressing: cookieandkate.com/how-to-make-vinaigrette-plus-variations/
    These are the workouts i did for each girl:
    Cardio booty: usfilm.info/fire/l5qTj3WPrJSZxdQ/video.html
    20 min booty:
    10 min butt:
    5 butt moves: usfilm.info/fire/npOrnZSdnLR3uKY/video.html
    Everyday to lose weight: usfilm.info/fire/ZrCofaqYnI-r29Q/video.html
    Abs in 2 weeks: usfilm.info/fire/ZtOFil-mo8mGrNg/video.html
    Lower body workout:
    Abs and core: usfilm.info/fire/fZynfV9-a6RmpNg/video.html
    Butt workout: usfilm.info/fire/mdCrp1-ooteE1Lo/video.html
    Abs finisher: usfilm.info/fire/bb2wjIqejM57lLY/video.html
    Leg workout: usfilm.info/fire/laaaboRwgKtpqJU/video.html
    Song challenge: usfilm.info/fire/gLinfYiqkaNpsKo/video.html
    Lower abs: usfilm.info/fire/ptOtjGabfKyG2pk/video.html
    Cardio workout: usfilm.info/fire/qq9siKmcpI-fuZU/video.html
    Resistance band butt workout:
    Tik tok dance workout:
    Booty activation: usfilm.info/fire/asichaZtataImbY/video.html
    Butt workout: usfilm.info/fire/pJCui6CpesaZtJ0/video.html
    Cardio workout: usfilm.info/fire/jZWehYluj7uI2sg/video.html
    Business Inquiries: lindasun@select.co
    Morning stroll by Josh Kirsch/Media Right Productions from youtube audio library
    Music by HOAX - Moon Moon Baby - thmatc.co/?l=007A5DBD
    Music by HOAX - Grow - thmatc.co/?l=8FD72C05
    Music by Peter Fenn - Like Crzy - thmatc.co/?l=93BBF209
    Music by Eric Reprid - Going - thmatc.co/?l=38B7CD3B
    Music by HOAX - Beach House - thmatc.co/?l=9F666C89
    Music by Dylan Rockoff - Awesome - thmatc.co/?l=397F712A
    Music by eric Reprid - Lime - thmatc.co/?l=47CAE26F
    Music by mark generous - orange and pomegranate - thmatc.co/?l=16FD1F70
    Music by Eric Reprid - Come Back to Earth - thmatc.co/?l=656796FC
    Music by MYSM - Honeymoon At The Holiday Inn - thmatc.co/?l=F0A462C5
    Music by Eric Reprid - Basement - thmatc.co/?l=CA984851
    Music by Grant Schaffer - Pineapple - thmatc.co/?l=6A2836FB
    Music by Jaylon Ashaun - On Sight - thmatc.co/?l=7522DF74
    Music by Dylan Rockoff - Anymore (NDAF Chill Remix) - thmatc.co/?l=87F29144
    Music by Dylan Rockoff - Anymore - thmatc.co/?l=931F8244
    Music by Reggie San Miguel - Ruby Grapefruit - thmatc.co/?l=F1C79AC8
    Music by Sam Stan - Look Like Art - thmatc.co/?l=23119E45

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    16. Ella Ocean

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      This video is honestly so helpful and amazing and just everything I wanted to know. If I'm honest I've only just started working out via videos (last 9months) I have only ever used Madfit but this has given me so many more options and ideas! I ma so grateful, thank you so much!!

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        I made a part 2

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