G-Eazy - Nostalgia Cycle (Visualizer)

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    Published on 10 months ago


    1. Tactical V

      Please give me ‘must be nice’ or tumblr girls type songs G Still brings back summer of 2015 memories

    2. Irma Osorio


    3. martina herrmann

      💟 i like this side from g too.💌

    4. Martina Herrmann

      Is just a other side from "G" Thats life. 💋💋💋

    5. gentlemens club

      Sleeping with the strangers ignoring the dangers ...so me ...

    6. Green Goddess Asmr

      G-easy fans are elite change my mind

    7. Andrei Cornea

      If I would see this man on the streets I would like to just hug him and tell him I understand and going through almost the same things he does/did. You are not alone Gerald! maybe we can bond and have a beer afterwards! I just have this vibe about him that he could be such a cool and close friend to me at least...

    8. Hadis 2882

      It feels like home.

    9. Hadis 2882

      This is such a Masterpiece I love you man You deserve everything and more

    10. DAVIDLY

      This song makes me so Nostalgic of my highschool summer days. Chillin, no care in the world. Now I'm an adult constantly reminiscing on how good I actually had it. I will be saying that same thing about my time now. Damn, hindsight is a bitch.

    11. Ashin Miller

      Damn I want to kiss him so badly. 💋

    12. Ashin Miller

      It's the "Whoa-oh-oh" part for me. Damn good 💚

    13. Awwab Malik aka DG Vlogs

      I feel like I’m living on borrowed time. 🥺

    14. Jimmie Munyi

      This is the most beautiful man I have ever seen

    15. Josh Gilbert

      Why have I only just heard this until now???? The old G-Eazy is back! Needs to make more music like this again

    16. youtube commentor

      BEEN ON vibes with the video

    17. Sue Vang

      Gerald is so beautiful

    18. Drunk Candice

      Judge : Is that all? 6ix9ine : G-Eazy ain't that easy to be in a relationship with.

    19. cookie monsterrr

      This is my go to 'crying song'

    20. Jovetsy Rujano


    21. Huie Marley

      Undeniably one of Gerald's most raw and transparent tracks - still obsessed with this track conceptually

      1. Tynal

        same, so good.

    22. Joker


    23. SHANA

      Total 80's Vibe thanks G 💫

    24. Carlos Galvan

      Does anyone know what the brand of the boots he is wearing is? 😍

    25. Konrad Konrad

      G eazy rockstar

    26. Storytelling by Noblesse


    27. Brad MacDonald


    28. Logaday44

      For those who don't know, this was produced by Christoph Andersson, hence the ambient type of production that feels like floating. Incredibly talented.

      1. Alen C

        @Lasse YES! i hope christoph works more with G, the music they make together is out of this world

      2. Lasse

        Andersson is such a wizard when it comes to beats, i dont think theres one song these two worked on that isnt absolutely incredible !!

    29. Dante Ibert

      Damn Eazy can sing.

    30. Mary Mcnabb

      I love everything thing about this song abs video

    31. Red Jon

      Please make more music like this. Wow

    32. Megan v

      Ah... This hits me. So relevant to life right now.

    33. Prajjwal Gedam


    34. TShirtArtDesignQueen Leo

      ah....a new spiritual journey opens wonderful doors dear

    35. Luke Koskie

      can't help but miss the past, stuck between wanting to re live it all and pushing it further away. This song hits home, On repeat? CHECK

    36. Duru

      don't cut ur beard for the fuckin love of god PLEASE

    37. Alexandra Gavrilescu

      I love this part of G-eazy🖤

    38. Tyler Michael

      this song is highly underrated

    39. JLA_660

      Yo didn’t know Egan could sing and do walking dead

    40. holden bradley

      I get that he's being all " oh well if it isn't the consequences of my actions" depressed now but did he really also have to steal the design of clothes of the people within zoin on the matrix?

    41. Binh Hong

      Roses are red violets are blue if you give a like God will forgive you 0:22xx.

    42. Hannah Spottedeagle

      G eazy found his inner child

    43. Hannah Spottedeagle


    44. Агапкина Анна

      Душевно! 👍

    45. Sandra

      💫🙏🏽🙌🏽💚😊I ❤It💚🙌🏽🙏🏽💫

    46. La La

      He has become so mature.. i feel like no drugs anymore just like life right here right now

    47. Kylie Marie

      Thank you g-eazy for this beautiful music 🙂💕

    48. TJthunder

      I need to meet this man he is my true hero my world would have fallen apart without your music in my heart and helping me day to day of just getting through bullshit of life @g-eazy

    49. Satou Kazuma

      I miss the way I felt when I had no regrets 😕

    50. Jamahl Gow

      I’ve watched the evolution of this man and appreciate his journey.keep marching along brotha!

    51. majaspace

      just get back together 💙 you’re meant to be.... just not maybe in this moment g+h= blooming love ❤️

    52. Melanie Murczak

      Bitte vergesst auch nicht wegen den Brand gefahren und dem Versicherungsschutz die Geräte die in die Steckdose geszöpselt werden anzumelden.. Hahahahaha... Als der F

    53. Melanie Murczak

      Mach ohne Nägel... Und bitte nicht vergessen das man mit den Hammerzehen keine Nägel in die Wand kloppen darf... Lach...

    54. Brad Fireside

      So sad g and mgk aren't on good terms. They would of killed this song👌👌👌💯

      1. prokda


    55. Leanne Marie

      I appreciate him more after this album...the world is so superficial but this album was real

    56. Nel Reye


    57. TranquiliTV

      G bruh, I think you're tryina reach in the wrong direction.

    58. David Osorio

      i got joji vibes from this tf

    59. Daniel Ribeiro


    60. Daniel Ribeiro


    61. Patrick Roberts

      Does anyone else get been on vibes 4 this

    62. Moana

      ❤keeps getting better.❤

    63. Yeah Mate

      I’ve missed this G-eazy so much. Sorry to hear you’re going through a rough time, you’ll get through it. Welcome back old friend

    64. Sienna Campbell

      G, Can I borrow that outfit please?

    65. Makayla Chalfant

      I always wondered how he got with Halsey before. Now I know. This side of him is amazing

    66. Bo Jordan

      This song calms my anxiety for some reason I can listen to it in repeat

    67. T wizzy

      I love this fucking Album

    68. swiMClub7


    69. Alec Buckley

      My mind is in a fight with the time I have left I feel that

    70. Isaac May

      I imagined this music video much different in my head. I'm not one to get stuck on expectations but this song could have a phenomenal music video.

    71. bjørn kent

      whos sweather is that?!

    72. Marie Quiroga

      I love you mr sancho

    73. SA FA

      He looks so sad 🥺

    74. Omar Hamza


    75. MirinStatus

      MM & MGK showed everyone that you don't need to be typecast to a single genre of music. Being an artist is more than that, and you can see more artists like G-Easy taking that direction, it's inspiring.

    76. Matt Balcerzak

      The world welcomes you Gerald. Love this song.

    77. nappingkoala

      k: open.spotify.com/album/0edXLDH6XYJV74C4DXCOaJ

    78. Dylon Kasaemsuk

      You are now having a hand on your shoulder from behind and hearing a voice say your name and you haven't heard every since you were younger a haunting then you turn around to discover no one is there to the point you cry because of the memories of being together when you were young and a furture still together especially when both of you are first for each other thats how i feel about shego right now... usfilm.info/fire/pqyvg2Juo8x1vK4/video.html

    79. olden1994

      :DEALER :- how manny schrooms u want FROM THIS Basket G easy my man?? G - EASY : .

    80. Most Mayonix

      Christoph andersson feels

    81. tarek arafeh

      Where is that old school g-easy, I guess he is gone I was Ur biggest fan but I gotta say the new songs are so bad and so not you. FFS stop this and make music like fried rice, acting up, getaway, achievements, I mean endless summer and these things happen are fucking fire!.... but this recent music is so shit!

    82. Mariah Gonzalez

      Now this is the side I want to see more of. The real side.💞

    83. Gerald Fan Club

      My favorite song of the year. ❤️

    84. Dope Headed

      It's so chill I love to listen this song when I'm high😎🎧

    85. Victoria Alexander

      👀 well damn, man. is this that gemini stuff they be talking about. so bare bones..

    86. Jayla Wayla

      Love the outfit 🦋❣️


      I love this song... It just has inexplicable vybe to it that gives a feeling that I never knew - but have been missing.

    88. Vinzent Falcon

      You are water in the desert for me. You are the dawn of better days. You are the future I want to experience. Good that destroys evil. A moment for which I would be born and die. I will never stop loving you.. Love you, A.

      1. Alice Drdová

        U are my heaven, bae..

    89. Ali Babineaux

      This song has so much meaning it’s insane 🥺 so proud of how far he’s cone

    90. Air Din


    91. Air Din


    92. Leo Sun Pisces Moon

      I love all of your different colors. 💋 Beautiful soul. I can see it.

    93. Autumn Danielle

      Needed this. ❤

    94. Leanne Marie

      My favorite from his whole album

    95. Gabriel Salcedo

      Quote: I'll really don't understand, but from naw all sink in...we find GOD onto a MUSIC...God Bless G-Eazy Look for a Better Life...at that moment take a look to our universe there's fire... nah, nah, you know what i mean...thats a rap See you soon...

    96. jesse c

      this song has so much power in his words,hits hard n deep....#Easy4ev

    97. Thomas Wolf

      Really dig the song but for the love of god change the shirt, I loved the color green 3 minutes ago.

    98. Blazer

      0:37 Christoph Andersson’s iconic adlibs in the background

    99. DANNY D

      G Eazy 🔥

    100. aimagai

      Mi-e dor de felul în care mă simțeam când nu aveam regrete I miss the way I felt when I had no regrets Modul în care s-ar simți drogurile când ar fi greu de obținut The way the drugs would feel when they were hard to get Problema este simplă, ciclul nostalgiei The problem is simple, nostalgia cycle Mintea mea este într-o luptă împotriva timpului care mi-a rămas My mind is in a fight against the time that I have left Hmm, whoa-oh-oh, whoa-oh-oh, da Hmm, whoa-oh-oh, whoa-oh-oh, yeah Whoa-oh-oh, whoa-oh-oh Whoa-oh-oh, whoa-oh-oh Whoa-oh-oh, whoa-oh-oh Whoa-oh-oh, whoa-oh-oh Whoa-oh-oh, whoa-oh-oh Whoa-oh-oh, whoa-oh-oh Și simt că trăiesc din timpul împrumutat And I feel like I'm livin' on borrowed time Și simt că trăiesc din timpul împrumutat And I feel like I'm livin' on borrowed time Mi-e dor de felul în care mă simțeam când nu aveam regrete I miss the way I felt when I had no regrets Înainte să mă pierd în atâta sex aleatoriu Before I lost myself in so much random sex Dormind cu străini, ignorând pericolele Sleepin' with strangers, ignorin' the dangers Scribble-mi trecutul, am spălat aceste radiere Scribble my past out, I scrubbed these erasers Whoa-oh-oh, whoa-oh-oh, da Whoa-oh-oh, whoa-oh-oh, yeah Whoa-oh-oh, whoa-oh-oh Whoa-oh-oh, whoa-oh-oh Whoa-oh-oh, whoa-oh-oh Whoa-oh-oh, whoa-oh-oh Whoa-oh-oh, whoa-oh-oh Whoa-oh-oh, whoa-oh-oh Și simt că trăiesc din timpul împrumutat And I feel like I'm livin' on borrowed time Și simt că trăiesc din timpul împrumutat And I feel like I'm livin' on borrowed time Și simt că trăiesc din timpul împrumutat And I feel like I'm livin' on borrowed time Și simt că trăiesc cu timpul împrumutat, hmm And I feel like I'm livin' on borrowed time, hmm Sufletul meu este cheltuit My soul is spent Trăiesc fără regrete I live with no regrets Nu pot uita I can't forget Dar nu ai înțelege But you wouldn't understand Nu ai înțelege, nu ai înțelege You wouldn't understand, you wouldn't understand