ATTAWAY GENERAL | Season 2 | Ep. 2: ”Playing God”

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    When a familiar face returns to Attaway General, Nina must confront her past. Benny has an uncomfortable encounter with a fellow volunteer.
    When a group of very different teens arrive at Attaway General Hospital’s prestigious volunteer program, they must learn to work together to survive the program and make a difference in the lives of their patients.
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    1. Brat TV

      what are your thoughts on episode 2?

      1. alice h


      2. oceanwxves


      3. bobbas yt

        It need Griffin and Dixie for tea

      4. Natalie Bruh

        @Allian's World for real, hes such a player tbh

      5. Natalie Bruh

        holand is such a player tbh

    2. KimBlessy

      the intro is scary

    3. KimBlessy

      "swipe right doctor H" -Kio

    4. melia Chisholm

      It bothers me how Holden forgets about kit and where is the curly hair guy from season one and the doctors daughter 🙄🙄

    5. Sierra Licini

      Where’s Dixie

    6. Amaryllis Centeno

      no one kio: swipe right mr h mr h: what oh nothing me: dead his jump tho

    7. Sophia Hayman

      bruh why is the only lgbtq+ character so stereotyped-

    8. Gracie and Grace

      hit carrier the show plz i hope she comes back

    9. clxudy_ roses


    10. Natalya Torres

      It’s kio

    11. Official Cheese

      I did not watch 4 crappy 20 minute long episodes for the main characters not to come back smh 🤦

    12. Jaime Holland

      im sorry but the beginning was not it.

    13. Grace Moscrop

      There like the worst actors but I still watch it because it’s cringey good 😂😂😂💕

    14. Marote Choramo

      Petition to have kit back

    15. Jermairah Thompson

      I’m only here for Kio

    16. GoreMother

      Whyd they have to take away the best actor and the best ship and ship him with someone else, it makes me not wanna watch anymore lmfao

    17. Jakira with a J

      No tiktoker in this movie or whatever

    18. ridanotfound

      Holden really thinks he can just replace Kit like that?? No no no this is not happening

    19. Prakruthi B

      is crown lake season 3 coming out? if yes when?

    20. Nasiyah Showell

      Holden you be ashamed of yourself

    21. can jschlatt stop getting cancelled

      1:47 her voice went autotune 📈📈📈

    22. FatimaSheikh

      Ok dudes this is the cringiest show in medical history. I thought it was good at first but boy was I wrong...

    23. Citrus

      3:36 4:03 6:06

    24. Ηλέκτρα Καρακάση

      I'm confused-what happen to the others???

    25. Nabihah Ashraf

      Like Abby is jut anoinng me

    26. Nabihah Ashraf


    27. lmao kid

      There's nothing wrong with playing God, so long as you are good at it!

    28. charlis.x. multi

      Whos watching this exactly one month later

    29. ComradeKhan

      big big chungus big chungus big chungus big big chungus big chungus big chungus CHorus: chungus, big chungus, chugus, big chungus

    30. Chloe Playz

      I am so happy this show came out I watch this everyday

    31. Na'Kia Dilworth

      what happened to Holden and Kit, Im confused. I think that Holden and Kit would have been a better couple.

    32. Nishi Patel


    33. Nina Lavoie

      Kio needs chapstick

    34. charli demnz


    35. Emmy Davenport

      How could they just cut off the season 1 Characters

    36. Felicia Kamga

      They're making Christians/God look so bad...

    37. Loois Kerkly

      I love how Mads Dixie and more tiktoker are in this 😂

    38. JAC Carrillo

      I miss Dixie

    39. Sneezing Lamb Productions

      How the hell did they get 2 seasons

    40. sky bevan bedford


    41. Giselle Rosales

      bye madi is the only good actor in this show

    42. Chloe Webe


    43. Ruweyda Ali

      did they replace dixie with kio

    44. Lily B

      I wish Georgia and the rest didn’t have to leave 😓

    45. Hell_ girl


    46. JullyTokei

      Falta da dixie..

    47. P y t. N a r i y a h

      Why am I now noticing how cute kio is

    48. Jamie Hates You

      Who else only came for the homophobic scene?

    49. Little Shroom

      Benny is a mood

    50. toca.roblox

      What happend to dix pix?

    51. α ρ ɾ ι ʅ ƈ σ ƚ シ

      Ik this is probably old but I swear I want to punch the marbles out of Georgias dad I am so upset and I am raging about the fact that my favorite person got suspended. i swear to you I'm gonna cry and I just... *closes tab*

    52. Nah

      My man’s lips be lookin like the Sahara desert

    53. bocoy noiu

      Am i the only one who realized the Nina is obviously Jamie's ex-girlfriend he tell's Ronney about...just me ok

    54. Rebekah Toledo

      I haven’t been able to see Dixie in a long time like where is she

    55. Lindsay Fekitoa

      I tried evvery app to find the 2 season ofthis

      1. bocoy noiu

        I miss the old attaway genarel

    56. Hi hi


    57. Rock girl

      Why has Holden moved on so fast like bruh KIT EXISTS

    58. F.N Effxct

      yo kio cyr is here

    59. Jacob Hutton

      Oh my gosh is this really brat tv Kamine love with your vids

    60. Gayatri KASICHAINULA

      Did Dr. Henry just call Jamie "James"? speaking of james, benny is the shows James Charles!!

    61. Olivia Idibia


      1. Rock girl

        what are your thoughts on episode 2?

    62. BackTo2Squares

      this is filler

    63. Liyana Bari

      0:37 no

    64. Emilia Mejia Brando


    65. Aratrika Chakrabarti

      (In the beginning)The contrast in the reactions on seeing him was funny. Although, the nina's reaction was my fav. Exactly. From the pic printer with indiana to here. Me: "Wut are u doing here?"

    66. Cammie

      Why is everyone just brushing over the fact that rosie is homophobic-

    67. Zianelle Van Staden

      I miss Dixie

    68. Zaine MacKellar

      I have never wanted to rip out my eyes more

    69. reema badar

      I watched this only for kio💕💕

    70. Carla Dib

      I miss the old attaway genarel

    71. Jadyn Beech

      they made that girl homophobic and blamed it on "the light" I'm disgusted not all Christians are like this guys

      1. the_mr_chungus

        Yes they are

    72. Jadyn Beech

      They did not make that girl homophobic

    73. Lilah Harrison

      how come holden loves this new girl but dosen"t like Kit!

    74. soiung toiue

      idea that all Christians act like this when they don’t smh 🤦🏻‍♀️

    75. Amy Cheatwood

      Love it

    76. Fatma Alyahmedi

      We love recycling ideas It's good for the environment

      1. soiung toiue

        I though holden had a girl friend and how could he just forget about kit like that

    77. Fatma Alyahmedi

      2:35 Do we have have a homophobic / up and coming Karen on our hands

    78. Cory Laska

      I said that girl said she was not mad that she was lieing there her pretty white teeth

    79. -Nameless-

      I don’t like Rosie as much anymore, she reminds me too much of my irl problems

    80. Brigh Geal

      everyone just forgot the previous love interests XD

    81. Lilly Innit

      Wtf i came here fore really cringy dixie and kit and holden and instead I get a pick me girl and a bike dude smh

    82. Chilli Birtles-Eades

      Am I the only one mad at Holden because kit deserves him 🥺🌸

    83. Candace Rogers

      Imagine trying to copy greys

    84. Nopo789 ;

      kios acting is GOLDDD

    85. Smile

      Am I the only one who thought holden looked like kio??

    86. Smile

      i don't care What anyone says I DO NOT ship sasha and holden

    87. rula alquzai

      I love the first 2 with jack and goorgie and hit why better

    88. Allyson hu

      how could rosy even say thatt likeeeee

    89. Dyzzi

      stan bennie

    90. lollipop lollipop

      doesnt the doctor talk like dr shepard from grey?

    91. Ivy Patrick

      I though holden had a girl friend and how could he just forget about kit like that

    92. Ellie Vlogs

      In season 1 Madi was the only decent actor, she got 1000x worse

    93. Skeleton

      This show is so bad it’s good

    94. Sarah Mohammed


    95. Kovacs Renata

      Wait i kinda ship madi+kio=hell ya

    96. Lily Yue

      Medically nothing right acting ok

    97. sassy Barbie

      Is it me or Kio lips are umm....

    98. Lori Patrick

      weres dixie demilo?

    99. emily maisie


      1. Sparkling M

        @Emily Bourassa 😬

      2. Emily Bourassa

        Bc they added a gay character, and a character can’t just exist without a homophobic on to make their life more difficult 🙄

      3. Sparkling M

        christian stereotype✨

    100. Tessa McCool

      They really said Greys anatomy but more cringey and stupid😁