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    Krew plays Gacha Online in Roblox. We read your comments and wow, we were inspired to recreate your stories with a twist. Our first story is about a hated savage child who can read minds but is highly allergic to the sun. Little do they know she is secretly disguised as a celebrity. Little do the other knows that she also is a hybrid pastel galaxy rainbow cotton candy princess. This concludes our first story of the hated savage child. The next story is about a poor kid who turns into a rich kid back into a poor kid. The story is truly sad, watch the entire video to find out what happens to the poor kid. Lastly our Gacha tale is ended with a magnificent confusing master piece of art. It is about a hated child secret phoenix princess who is daughter of a phoenix king. But she is in love with her bully friends that are alpha wolves with magic powers to shoot lasers. If you read this entire paragraph of nonsense, please leave a comment that says awooo.
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    1. ItsFunneh

      *Leave your best dramatic story thanks~!* 100K likes for more epic gacha stories lol

      1. Alpha qwq

        Girl in all alpha boy school

      2. Lostforwords


      3. Anh Ho


    2. jwan 2015

      Make a story for pop star with lazer

    3. Samantha Albie Cariño

      Oof i love the part when the parents were obsessed and saying chesebuger's 😂😂😂😂😂😂

    4. kaylee elizabeth

      The bad girl and the and the alpha

    5. Lilly 4986

      Lost kid kid trans in to a rich kid

    6. Jad Sanji kun


    7. Nicole Calleros

      Plss do more

    8. Purple gamer_XD


    9. Xx__Gacha__xX

      What my backstory is, is that when I was born I had half of an arm so my parents hated me so I moved away and got a family

    10. Shemar Cookie fan

      i uesd to plat it

    11. Shay Michelle

      by the way, I think I'm gonna have nightmares of the son and the mom in the dad

    12. Shay Michelle

      an Alpha is like the most second powerful wool

    13. Crazy Unicorn Life

      My Gacha Story: "Hated child abandoned by her parents and gets adopted by a rich family and meets her sister again"

    14. K4t3funnyc4t


    15. nguyen tran

      A very dramatic story: A girl who is sad then turns happy bc gets a best friend then sad bc best friend left her The end

    16. Ayana Johnson

      A girl that is a werewolf and a boy that had never seen in clear vision and a mom loved the kids and had power and a dad who hated the kids and was evil and was going to take the kids to foster care.

    17. Dean martin Banto

      Story: the water were blond but the water eat the horse

    18. aah

      No one: Gacha stories: The bullied poor girl becomes a hybrid princess

    19. Ashley Gonzalez

      I am ur biggest fan funneh and crew i loove ur vids

    20. Maria Bill

      I love your chenal

    21. Anthony Finch

      Cheese Burgers~

    22. Anthony Enih - Realtor

      Gatcha life is cool I played it and it was FUN

    23. Anthony Enih - Realtor

      I’m sabria that my dads logo

    24. Zina Bobbitt

      The heated child who is the favorite child but the brother didn't like that it kicks her out of the house to be poor glad her auntie give her 1 million dollars

    25. Sharon Wu

      rose are red violets are blue I want ItsFunnehs teddy But I don’t have money

    26. Enderboss417 Ur mom

      Video is funneh

    27. edenandeve

      Idea:celebrity in discuses

    28. Summer Playz roblox


    29. Vicky Chambers

      What happened to draco when he got rich? HAHAHAHAAHHAJQJQJQJHAHAHAHQHAHQHHQQH🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😹😂🤣😂🤣😹😹😹😹😹

    30. Astr0 Frog

      Story: the very jealous sister who hates her sister who gets everything she wants especially cheesecake and she eats her sister and transforms into an evil cheesecake

    31. Casea Morquecho

      Rainbow princess and her queen mom princess goes to regular school that is in disguise and bully finds out that she is a princess gets bullied and gets poor

    32. Kerrie Bridget Taylor-Bowen

      Good story the herd is the queen

    33. Dee Edwards

      Gacha story : There are twins they're really close as kids but as they get older 1 twin gets popular and ignores/bullies the other twin and the popular twin steals her sis bf when they become adults the ignored twin becomes a rich and well known company owner and the poplular twin has to get a job at the other twins Corporation and she doesn't get accepted bc she was rude to her sis that owns it. Hope its not too much

    34. Ann-Jalene DeBow

      I love your Video

    35. Tsegaye Ayele

      mean girl bully bacon dude and mean girl get bullied

    36. madiha virk

      First sooooooo funny

    37. Galaxy’s wonderland

      Also the alpha is the leader and they protect the low leveled wolfs

    38. Family Rezayee

      Draco is like cheese burgers cheese burgers cheese burgers cheese burgers

    39. Kara Burley

      A celebrity turns into a poor kid into celebrity again

    40. Girly Girl Gabe

      My favorite line:krew descript . Com yoot

    41. Minty - Chan

      Story: girl in morning a cat at night

    42. Brielle Bernil

      10/10 best cosplay 😂😂😂😂😂

    43. aya hattab

      Cotton candy princes

    44. James-Metuli Esera

      girl named ters friends monsterand foster parents get rid of monster but monter runs away with ters

    45. Jona De Guzman

      My story: my girl has Rainbow hair and also she is the hated child and also she has a mean sister that only her mother and dad likes and also she’s the queen of everything all elemental super rare can’t even die anymore she’s an animatronic and the animatronic is a snow crystal animatronic and also she loves crystals and then goes to her castle that is very rare made out of very very very rare crystals

    46. Caley O Donnell

      A abaded cat a little girl finds abaded cat and her prenits whot get a cat or s dog

    47. SamHimiko

      Story : Cinderella Story but Krew Version

    48. Lillian Pursley

      I like how in the cotton candy princess story that when the fan is talking, the sun is just dancing in the background

    49. Tc Lam


    50. wolfie the wolf :3

      story: the girl whos a hate child and is dumb then the girl is the lost moon priness Meh; yes :3

    51. BoB Williams

      Itsfunneh should have been the mum and Draco should have been the dad

    52. Sydney Thomason

      me was too late for lunar squish :(

    53. diamond williams

      poor kid rod the bank and become rich then fell in love

    54. Anime freak

      How do edit the videos so good

    55. The smol brain hooman.

      ironic i got a acha club add before the vid started.

    56. Li Cecilia

      two alpah boys agruing over a cute kind hybird girl

    57. Azra Tilki


    58. Thomas Nguyen

      Who is your least favorite USfilm

    59. Tessa Yousey

      Story :

    60. Tessa Yousey

      A hated child who was a nerd, she read a book, and found out that she was the legendary moon princess, then the parents leave her, and she goes to the moon to live on the moon, PART 2 She goes back to school, and meets the legendary sun prince, from the book, she knew the legandary sun Prince was her brother, then they go to space, and live happily on the sun, and the moon, THE END

    61. Shelley Goodman

      Girl born from the clouds and came to the world with a unknown mystery to solve at age 16

    62. Kaitlyn Kawaii World


    63. River Swiatek

      Human turns into a penguin penguin turns into a human

    64. Brianna was here

      The normal girl fills in love with an alpha and then got kids🤩🤩

    65. honey._

      pov: the princess who gets kidnapped by a wolf man and then they fall in love and they get married and buy a kingdom of elfs

    66. Vincent Chen

      I like cheeseburger part lol omg

    67. Marta Kasinska

      Awooo! I know! The hated child and the loved one the dad does not like the loved one the hated one is the one he likes the mom only likes the "loved" one but the hated one is secretly rich🤑🤑🤑

    68. Kati-Ann Port

      My story is an 4 year old girl gets billed by her cuzen kolby West and with heair Down to her eirs and dark brown hair and dark brown eyes but broke and her mum makes her tidy her apartment

    69. Kati-Ann Port

      Are that sold out

    70. LLL Studios

      Softie bodyguard/Cleb in disguise/rich boyfriend

    71. Amelia Angello

      make 4 legends:ice,sun,moon,love and likes.

    72. Umma Chowdhury

      The hated chiled and loved choked that the hated one becomes process and boyfrind

    73. ItzMoonlightPlays

      Rainbow: Just wait till I grow up! Me: Just wait till I glow up!

    74. Jade Nguyen

      The hated to the favourite child?

    75. Maria Diaz

      A werewolf god With the power of elements but he hi

    76. Hilario Torres

      A pregnet mom all redy a mom of 2 kids 1girl 1 boy the new baby 1 yer later she the new baby is famos

    77. Glitched Wolfy Ø

      Story idea: a female cat in a all alpha male school.

    78. matt kane

      some peploe idk who the crew but i said to them the crew is good

    79. Nancy Santillan

      Me and my friend made a gacha story

    80. Maddie Bedilion

      SHE HIT 7MIL!

    81. Itz Sunfløwer Roblox and gacha :P

      here is a story its about a mother giving birth to a baby and 5 years later it became so smart and speak every luange and everybody bullied her and called her dumb and not smart but she is actully smart when the teacher asked her a hard qestion

    82. Jocelyn Hart

      The hated child becomes a blue hybrid princess

    83. Carlos Hector

      Funnel is the best

    84. Arif Mohd Sham

      The girl who is secretly a Raimbow princess allergic to water hated by sibilings also secretly unicorn lives in a forest with adopted Parents

    85. mansor 2013

      Fun eh what’s the name of the game

    86. esmes world of cooking

      Story: a girl who can turn into a sea horse and mum doesn't know so she punches her mum 😐😐😐😐🤣🤣🤣🤣

    87. Brian Bartlett

      Do Rich girl dates the poor boy and then leaves him

    88. CHIN and SANDY Squad

      all da story is so funny

    89. Malika

      There Was A Little Girl Called Lily First Night She Walked By Tree's And She Trip Over The Rock And Slip To The Skateboard And Someone Took Her Skateboard And Slip(The End)

    90. Sanic the hedgey Oliveira

      Good job reaching 700k bravo

    91. Isabelle Go

      100/100 100/100 100/100

    92. rayandnanise

      In the Night The Kid Ran Away from her parents A Rainbow girl Turned the Kid to a Rainbow Queen

    93. Jacob Cupin

      Funneh alpha has a mark in there cheek.

    94. Red Velvet Cake Gamer UwUz

      Thease stories is like 2017 gacha life but people still do it

    95. william mojica