How to make a Doll Wheelchair: Advanced Version! PDF included


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    How to make a doll wheelchair from scratch: Advanced Version!
    Link to PDFs:
    Looking for an easier doll wheelchair project? Here's the simple version:
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    1. •Amaterasu-Senpai•

      you should make an anime doll series

    2. Jurand Von Spychow

      can u pls make more doll customizing videos? pls? :)

    3. Žęrø

      Could you customize an lol doll?

    4. fox and membos gacha

      Hi i love your videos anyway i thought an idea which fnaf lovers may like if you make a fnaf charecter into a doll like maybe foxy so please do this on your next video thc

    5. Vera Rasmussen

      You inspire me SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much you always tell us to stay artsy but so do u so we can all keep being inspired

    6. nikki fitzgerald

      do they fit made to move dolls??

    7. Aiino Dino

      Completely unrelated to this, I have a suggestion for pride month (I know it’s early). Since you covered sexuality and romanticism last time, you could cover gender this time? As a non-binary person, it would mean a lot to me (and other trans viewers) if you made a trans doll. It doesn’t have to be much, maybe just a cute Lolita gal with a sneaky little trans flag!

    8. Rachael Mosher

      My daughter's eyes lit up when she saw this video. She's also in a wheelchair. Finding wheelchair toys isn't common in our area

    9. _The Frog Princess_

      I had a really cute idea like a mushroom theme doll and she (or he ) could wear a polka dot dress or T-shirt and the some really puffy pants like that one red mushroom and if its with the shirt there could be overalls this was just an idea you don't have to do it thanks for reading!

    10. Audri Flores

      Can you make a Scorpio doll please

    11. Pumkinclaw

      if you know warrior cats (what i dont think but when yes- im very sorry then) can you make a doll out of these characteres in the books?

    12. Libbie Studios

      How does the wheels roll if it's hot glued in place?

    13. Trever Mcgucket


    14. _iamroyalty_

      I made a doll for my sisters birthday (custom paint) someone who makes dolls helped me out but then I noticed that I missed her wheelchair! I went on ur channel to watch a paint vid and I saw this, what a coincidence. Tomorrow I’ll definitely start on this project

    15. kitty remix UwU

      I have a question can you customize a Pikachu doll plzzzzz on the next vid I watch your videos and you look so amazing when you customize dolls I am your fan!!!!!!!

    16. Calleigh Van-Pedro

      Ok hear me out.....Make a coraline doll of yourself???? pls i follow u

    17. •Gacha_ Cassey•

      me: Looks at all vids me: this is so cool! me: subs me again: *comments* new sub reached!

    18. Orizzontie !!!

      Hello I’ve got a question do you do requests? Because if so I would love to see how you would turn a doll into a spider 🕷 or insect 🐞 or any type of bug or even a butterfly 🦋 and would love to see how you would design and make them😁😁😁 and have them a bit like different elements (if none of this has been done before tho😅😁😁😁)

    19. Aashka Manandhar

      Is it weird that I say your videos in the background when I'm doing homework?

    20. Carmen Moore

      I have an ideal for a doll you should make a cottage core doll it would be rlly cute🥰

    21. Ultimate Dadzawa

      idea that someone else commented: rainbow series. like, a doll for every color of the rainbow. like how sakura was pink

    22. Owen

      You should also do a doll with an Ever after high body and a Monster high head

    23. Meditatortoday


    24. vvkittycat

      Me, watching this knowing that I definitely won't be making it: *interesting*

    25. That one Kid

      You should so more steampunk!!

    26. Shilee Sanchez

      I just had an idea what if she made like a rock doll? With really crazy hair and gave her a guitar or a drum set😁😃😲

    27. Ame Everett

      I want you to make a mango from five nights at Freddy’s 2

    28. layla flofeild


    29. Cristina Sescosse

      Make a santa paddys day doll

    30. Pink ERZ

      My Opa (grandfather) is missing a leg but he uses a metal leg or his crutches i think this is cool (also I like how you made a beginner one and an advanced one)

    31. Julia Cristina Pereira dos Santos

      Dollightful you can make a kistune doll is a chinese or japanese myth and a seven-tailed fox (i don't know if i'm right)

    32. Maria's World of Dreams

      I tried this out and it actually worked! Thanks for sharing! ( but it took me hours because I did the advance)

    33. Artzy_Star

      It'd be cool if you'd make a doll with a puffy hoodie! That'd look so cute!! 🤩💖

    34. Dusty Unicorn

      I love your attitude, you are so upbeat! So talented and just overall fun to watch.

    35. Danielle A

      Delightful you should make a unicorn dragon

    36. Rebekah Wall

      I absolutely love 💕 this 😍

    37. mikea hiooi

      “Dolls are just for kids” Dollightful: Hold my bottle of m.s.c

    38. Anrei

      I deeply thank you now the ken doll who's leg my niece ripped off can enjoy his life again

    39. Bib

      I safe it for future nieces and nephews, they'll have a lot of fun and it'll normalize wheelchair usage

    40. Miiah Wilson

      you should make an Indian doll. Please

    41. Darshana

      Katherine which doll do you use

    42. destiny anzures

      can you make a wheelchair for amercan dolls pls

    43. Samir

      Thank you, you're bringing joy to a lot of people! & this video even makes me happy for all wheelchair users. The Inclusivity warms my heart. You're offering the pattern for free too. Love to see it. ♥

    44. Zodiac Master

      You are one of my favorite yters and if you could notice me I have a request. (you don’t have to do it but) can you maybe do a spicific anime character name:ciel phantomhive????

    45. Caterina Snelling


    46. Caterina Snelling

      Did you try to do a mythical logical lion dolls

    47. aola wili

      Why did I get this notif twice Edit: oh wait no they're for two different wheelchairs lmao

    48. Dadoo-Dattoo

      As someone who has studied and done work on wheelchairs, I must say that this video definitely gets my seal of approval

    49. Noura Altamimi

      Or do a grandma

    50. Noura Altamimi

      Hello can you do an elf please I have been watching your videos I have thought why haven’t you done an elf

      1. aola wili

        so i havent vbeen able to watch your videos lately and I MISSED YOUR VOICE SO MUCH ^^ your voice gives me serotonin! :3

    51. Juan Nicolas

      very good

    52. Kytachan

      Kathrine is the very spirit of genuine sweetness 💖

    53. alida flus

      community, love your videos💖💖💖

    54. Sanghee Reyes

      Random question can you please do a succubus 😖😖

      1. Nemision

        She did, Ember.

    55. Chante Hayward

      Does anyone know if Walker Color changed their name. In one of Dollightfuls videos she references Walker Colors channel for learning how to make doll shoes.

    56. saja firas

      you are awesome i love your videos

    57. white trash

      Gosh this is so clever

      1. alida flus

        me: it loks easy also me: giving up in a week😂

    58. Roblox_ Gacha lover

      I know this is off topic but I’m sad that the wendigo doll isn’t a video anymore I really liked the doll since I like scary and horror stuff but I will always remember the doll 🙁

    59. April McPherson-VanRaalte

      Thank you Catherine 😊

    60. Ash

      For this years pride you should do an asexual doll, a lesbian, doll or I would love for a enby pan or bisexual doll so many cool ideas I can’t wait to see how she lets her creativity loose this year.🥰

    61. Leaf Elvan

      "I don't have an interest in dolls why am I here?" I say while I watch the entirety of this video

    62. Funxy_ ThefoxYT


    63. uh

      Am I going to make a doll wheelchair ? Probably not. Did I watch this video anyway because I love Katherine and her entire channel ? Yes. Yes I did.

    64. Jasmin singer

      I had finegan from monster high with a weelchair because hes a mermaid but I used it for my draculaura that had an broken leg

    65. scarlett woodworth

      so i havent vbeen able to watch your videos lately and I MISSED YOUR VOICE SO MUCH ^^ your voice gives me serotonin! :3

    66. Angie Wang

      I gotta say im not one to just down and listen to a video of instructions but this got my attention.Thanks for making instructions less boring to listen to.

    67. Møøn

      Who else is waiting for a dollightful and Moriah Elizabeth Collab? :D

    68. Leena Captain

      goes without saying about how amazing you are. truly.

    69. B B

      옛날부터 생각했는데 여기 댓글창에는 정말 한국인이 없는거 같아요!! 뭔가 신기해요!! 항상 열심히 보고있어요!!🙊

    70. Anonymous

      Hey Cat its my b day so can you pls name one of your dolls Xahji after my favorite anime pls 🙂

    71. bella skafte

      me: it loks easy also me: giving up in a week😂

    72. dueeh nyyu

      I really love that you made the simpler version as well as the advanced one. Cute craft for everyone!

    73. Charlotte H

      Can we have a tutorial for the simple one plz?

      1. Nemision

        We do? She posted the video before this one.

    74. WillowSapien

      She better not get cancelled for a wheelchair because its "offensive to disabled people." Just like how her wendigo doll was somehow "offensive to indigenous people."

      1. Nemision

        A wheelchair is not offensive, it's inclusive.

    75. Chocolate~Pyrus

      Love this! I hope ur next will be the moth girl stock box, so much hype for her

      1. dueeh nyyu

        kat makes me happy

    76. PrincessFidelma

      Oh my! You've done so much hard work designing this. It's ABSOLUTELY STUNNING! I've often thought of making a steampunk wheelchair, then found there are no (good) tutes to follow, and basically I'm too lazy to design one myself! I can't wait (to eventually getting around) to make this :-)

    77. chding zuure

      Dollightful, the Queen of “Say it confidently even if you’re mispronouncing it” #REALWHEERLS

    78. Chloe._. D

      i think i have an idea for a doll a constellation

    79. Andrea H

      Lovely 🌹♥️

    80. pork boi animations

      Can i pls draw your charcter from your Q&N when u did the fashion show i liked the steam punk one so can i pls draw it

      1. pork boi animations

        @chding zuure u are right

      2. chding zuure

        whats on the shirt Namjoon is wearing at 24:32 😂

    81. WhatTheFridge 1o1

      So my understanding is that this is a hospital chair yea? Idk much

      1. WhatTheFridge 1o1

        @Nemision ah ok cool!

      2. Nemision

        @WhatTheFridge 1o1ah, then the thinner rings along the wheels would suggest that it is possible to be self propelled!

      3. WhatTheFridge 1o1

        @Nemision I mean it's a wheelchair that isn't made to be self propelled

      4. Nemision

        It's a wheelchair? Like, for people who have difficulty walking, not just for hospitals..

    82. Chantal Bellmont

      I want to make one, even though it looks more like a hospital chair and not a regular one! Although I'll probably try to lower the seat back and shorten the handles or remove the handles entirely.

    83. James Huot

      i am never gonna make this, i have no dolls of this size, i have no plans to start collecting dolls of this size, and yet i watched the entire video and was interested the whole time. i don’t know why this video came up in my recommendations but i’m glad it did. thank you for making this very small wheelchair, i am now inspired to try making an even tinier one that might be compatible with my tiny little collection of calico critters

    84. OttPop

      I would love to see your take on arm crutches

    85. Bones

      "making the rear wheels is the most difficult part" katherine you can be honest saying it was the most difficult part

    86. vinasu maaj

      I honestly admire Katherine for how much detail, time and energy she puts into each of her videos, it shows how much she cares about her audience and I love it 🥰

    87. sampossible1991

      Im lucky I have one of the few MH dolls that has a wheel chair tho I totally love this idea one day I hope I have the time and money to make it myself

    88. Cookies

      i think this will be such a good video for parents with disabled kids, make it together or as a present for them or even kids who want to make it for themselves.

    89. Emily Prescott

      We Stan for doll inclusivity

      1. vinasu maaj

        I wonder if this could be adapted to an active wheelchair... though it's design is entirely different... sigh- it certainly wouldn't work with top heavy dolls

    90. Sophia Graziani

      kat makes me happy

    91. huttio srreu

      just normalizes it- its amazing ♡♡♡

    92. NataliaEntalia

      Who is waching this just for fun, and who *actually* made this wheelchair?

    93. lea ledoux

      This is beyond cool !! I _have_ to make it one now !

    94. virginiaclemmpoe

      I got into your channel around the time you made Ty Tanium. I also recently had to start using a cane around that time, and I was so embarrassed and insecure in my disability at the time I had trouble accepting it. Then...I saw Ty, and realized I didn't have to limit myself when it came to canes. I talked to my mom about it and she came home with a mermaid scale covered cane the next day

      1. huttio srreu

        I think u should make a series of u making the egyptian gods as dolls, there are so many to chose from and i think it would look fantastic!

    95. HisoKu

      whats on the shirt Namjoon is wearing at 24:32 😂

    96. itz_ Ari

      Now I wanna see who's gonna put their BTS doll in a wheelchair

    97. Samantha Dietz

      Im T1 diabetics, and even though I don't have an insulin pump (yet), I really want to make one for my dolls now, and maybe even a little glucometer and other items I use throughout the day. ❤

    98. Renuka Panwar

      I have a huge request from u pls can u design a unicorn doll for me and sand it to me plssssss I never one of them never I really want them pls

      1. Nemision

        Make one yourself. These types of dolls take a lot of time and effort, and begging creators for free stuff is extremely rude.

    99. Sarah Moore

      @MissJessicaKH if you or Claud want to make some doll accessories for baby to have around for early introduction

    100. Naomi Burns

      So I don’t know if you’ll even see this but I had an idea for a doll you could get inspiration from. There’s a show called dragon prince on Netflix and there’s this really cool looking guy who is starry and sparkly and I think you would like it