i dont know how to play minecraft

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    my twitch is www.twitch.tv/dannygoonzalez btw

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    1. Psycho Ranger

      so now we know that this guy is NOT dream

    2. Enrique Ornelas

      The nether is minecraft hell

    3. BINGO

      I think Danny is dream his voice 🤔

    4. Owen Lamothe

      He is dream

    5. ryan dizon

      I feel like your dream

    6. Creeper Mello

      You said to. Yourself Dream

    7. adrian lee

      hi dream


      he is the oppisite of dont know how to play minecraft

    9. Allen gaming

      Search mugo and you will see it

    10. Allen gaming

      He is dream

    11. Ollie Hecht

      Hmmmmmm his voice if you lower it then.....................CLAY

    12. danganronpa child

      make more minecraft

    13. Biitchy Wiitch

      Ew...la croix....thats gross

    14. shareef shareef

      You are dream

    15. elgamer delcastillo

      Hello mr dream

    16. Bryson Buzzell


    17. Vicky0 D

      Dream has been pretty quiet since this video came out...

    18. Rabid Hog

      He should collab with dantdm

    19. Kurteon27_plays

      The video title: I dont know how to play minecraft Him: He says he’s dream Me: Hmm.... Makes sense

    20. Eva Lankford

      He's dream lol

    21. Jane Cat

      That was intense.

    22. tepoy77

      Dude you're literally dream

    23. Tiec Tran

      Hi dream

    24. Mil Joseph Sorita

      You are dream

    25. Stephanie Brown

      I had my first la Croix the best ever

    26. Stephanie Brown

      ur my fav youtuber I just wanted to let you know 😀 I wuv ur vids

    27. Tester Account

      he faked that he is bad at the game to hide that he is clay

    28. mdmimad

      He's not bad he's a liar watch a dream face reveal Danny is dream it is amazing I know!!!!!

    29. SEMAJ DXD


    30. OwlLee

      Danny plays roblox hmmmmmm

    31. SplatBad

      Imagine Danny playing Undertale

    32. kharl

      OH DREAM

    33. Harry Pitman


    34. Remy Boyz

      i only had polar seltzer :/

    35. Jhoana Devibar

      Hello dream

    36. ivo cruz

      u ARE dream, im from future

    37. jan ethan delos santos

      I'm gonna subscribe if Danny is Dream

    38. bobby kohls

      hes dream

    39. JuTheTuber

      I feel epic seeing myself in the chat

    40. oliveboard

      the fact that he can build better than me and i have been playing for 5 years really says something

    41. Plazaduck


    42. Lilly

      I thought danny said he was dream!

    43. Alypgz Seiji

      We saw hes Gamertag on minecraft and Dream's Twitch


      u didnt notice that hes dream the whole time..... DREAM ARE U GAY?ARE U INLOVE WITH GOERGE I SAW UR FACE REVEAL

    45. alex Hunter

      You are dream

    46. Spider Potter


    47. Amelia A

      U should play botw

    48. Pro Bacon

      YOU DREAM!

    49. Pro Bacon


    50. Pro Bacon

      You dream

    51. Tommyzombie4 is a cookie

      I thought you were dream

    52. Angelo Gallego

      Your the dream guy

    53. ArcticFox_2019

      Whats up Dream

    54. Sashwat Gupta

      Danny is actually dream

    55. Teofila Cecile Arreza

      Go to google type. Dream skin

    56. Celine :D

      "I don't know how to play minecraft" Me:😐

    57. 31 GAMER

      Just search dream face revealed

    58. 31 GAMER

      Haah danny is a dream

    59. Kain Hou

      Plot twist: He is Dream

    60. Jax Cannon

      If you are dream reply to this comment

    61. Jax Cannon

      This is not dream

    62. iexinoir

      this video is 500x funnier when you're a minecraft veteran

    63. Jax Cannon

      Now Im fully concerned and sure danny is not dream He is so baddd

      1. Linda .H

        It’s dream

    64. DecayingMaze

      Whoever said I was being “mean” for saying “Danny isn’t good at Minecraft”.... He literally said himself that he isn’t good💀 Plus Dream is one of the best players so how would Danny be Dream is Danny wasn’t that good at Minecraft😭y’all silly

    65. Milky Muffin

      Hi dream

    66. EggsForLife11

      U sound like dream


      I've played Minecraft more than you... But I still can't make a decent house 😭

    68. Shabnam Taraporewala

      If u dont know to play minecraft how r u dream?

    69. Pedro Martínez Torrero

      Hi Dream

    70. TheAp397

      i really like watching somebody that isnt a god at minecraft becuase its acully relatable its cool watching somebiody with a simler minecraft skill level.

    71. cool cube gaming

      I thought you dream you liar

    72. Hilario Jose

      Are you dream?

    73. AhmedVlogs

      its dream

    74. Esde Bes


    75. nathan wailly

      The Trickster

    76. ッwhite

      He is dream

    77. The Gentleman

      Oooooooohhhhhhhhhh dreeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaammmm

    78. Emily Aquino

      Danny is pog.

    79. pilay si doggie at si renejay

      She had dream face reveal

    80. pilay si doggie at si renejay

      She is dream hahah

      1. Linda .H


      2. nathan wailly


    81. Garden Master V2

      Danny is acting so dumb

      1. Garden Master V2

        He is dream byw

    82. Rebekah Pleitez

      I love u danny

    83. Akana


    84. Pedro F. Lopez

      everybodyknow you are dream so didnt know why i did that

    85. Pedro F. Lopez

      you watch you

    86. Pedro F. Lopez


    87. fairy masson

      drew add this to the minecraft playlist on ur drew gamezalez channel

    88. Nyi Lin Tun

      Are u rlly dream?

    89. Md.Nasiruddin Talukdar

      You are dream

    90. Relatable memes

      He is literally dream dude

    91. Cher Daryn Marie Cube

      His dream the real dream

    92. Callie Siddons

      ten days ago I'm dream 1 month ago ive been watching dream


      Are you dream


        Please 🙏 🙏 🙏 replay

    94. Calynx nathan Cacactin

      Danny is actually dream

    95. jazz nathan kiezer burgos

      your not first time you 10k IQ and your dream

    96. elsie aban

      And you said fuck

    97. chester lai

      Prove it are you dream

    98. chester lai

      You are dream

    99. Tess Macleodsmith

      I love how this guy is 2 people

      1. Tess Macleodsmith


    100. Sam Senbandith

      Are you dream? Telllllll true🙃🙃