YBN Nahmir - Opp Stoppa (feat. 21 Savage) [Official Lyric Video]

YBN Nahmir

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    YBN Nahmir - Opp Stoppa (feat. 21 Savage)
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    Published on Month ago


    1. sirking koerber

      It's been so long


      1:14 is the only change, thank me later

    3. Mikee Shoosh

      Did ybn not get robbed in london

    4. Our Animal Friends

      active beatiful music. :)

    5. M_45USS ZZ

      The video starts at 0:00

    6. __2valid

      21 savage: achievement unlocked savoir.

    7. Nguyenthi Anhkhoi


    8. Sixfigure


    9. alexis buentello

      no one : this song: *pussy*

    10. E C


    11. Flash Bang

      Cod wwII 2021 soundtrack hit different

    12. Savion Gardner

      21 said "21" like 21 times

    13. lil slatt

      He rhymed my body with my body and yall still think this fire

    14. Mihnea Rata

      This is the true ybn

    15. GARRYS MOD nuevo. el YouTube

      No me roben mi cansion qne yo inventé 🤬🤬!!!

    16. GASMAD


    17. Helena DeSousa

      the ad before the video started was turbo-tax

    18. Toni Odejimi

      WOOOOOO! Oppa Stoppa is more than a minute now! yay

    19. Beverly Hilger

      That fucking ww2 shit make it cool asfffff

    20. Travis Kaye

      This beat is so nasty

    21. Stony Tark

      plugg 808 baybeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

    22. Deeton Charles


    23. Tracy Dace


    24. Zuurhh

      The cover goes crazy

    25. Zuurhh

      The cover goes crazy

    26. Cambjr Official

      I’m the best 17 year old rapper in the INDUSTRY ‼️ on GOD🔥

    27. Xquisete

      That beet from Kyle Tik tokin this works to tho no cap

    28. R3TR0

      Why are all good songs so short

    29. sss llls


    30. Flip


    31. Basvra

      21 Savage killed this one

    32. Jessie Abraham

      This is 4 years old, just 21 part is new

    33. Dr. Getrekt

      Actually pretty fire tbh

    34. MGNG TV


    35. jake k

      Dude no

    36. Getfocus Rite

      Jesus Christ, Yeshua is the Messiah King of kings Lords of Lords, he is the way the truth and the life, he gives freedom and eternal life, hes the door to the kingdom of heaven, Son of the Living God who died for our sins and rose from the dead 3 days later, we have to repent for our sins and believe in him and get baptized, hes truly coming back with judgement on the earth, we all must have close relationship with him before its to late, the last days many will be deceived, read your Holy bible not chatholic or mormon bible, pray to Abba Father in Jesus Christ name to baptize you with the Holy Ghost and fire, the Holy Spirit will lead you to all truth, wake up! Theres a war going on here and devil wants to play God and trying drag us to hell with him, he knows his time is short.

    37. King Enow

      usfilm.info/fire/ZJiIbKKwp9inqtQ/video.html 🐂🐂🐂🐂

    38. C&G skits

      This ain't a song this is a freestyle😂🔥🔥🔥

    39. Monica Rager

      Omg I'm going crazy over this!! 😍🤑 I see why they hate my son Nahmir! He's perfect!!

    40. Brick Sanchez


    41. Corey Jones


    42. Nehemiah Parsons

      Fire ass visuals

    43. Unlimited Anime

      Yo 21 is on this. You can find the original with just ybn

    44. Chris Bou Chacra

      The fact that 21's knife is forged into his helmet 😂😂😂 ngl 21

    45. jack mitchell

      this defeats the whole point of lyric videos i cant even read the lyrics

    46. Jordan Bell

      give this niggah a grammy

    47. KushBoy

      Well, the video is finally out

    48. Chance Repp

      This collab is 🔥

    49. Dominic Cropper

      Vladimir brought me here 😂😂

    50. Braydon Burke

      Music video

    51. Nomikawa

      Finally a song that isnt as fast as me brushing my teeth

    52. Drip Sama

      Ybn a flavor of the month rapper. He ain't finna pop off again.

    53. Hoodie

      21 carried so hard😂👌

    54. Unwanted -Nafwan-

      Damn bruh 21 go hard asf

    55. Mic Myers

      Shitttttttt this hard

    56. Женя Евгений


    57. Anthony Toledo

      Ybn sold his soul🤦🏽‍♂️😔.....anything for the fame

    58. Bee.humble-


    59. boujee dondada

      Thats that oppa stoppa stoppa

    60. Xamus RS


    61. Big Deebo 305


    62. Young Njja


    63. Ace Leone Music

      #HEGOTONE👌👌💯 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    64. Oondonez

      Me free Chris doe we was bouncing with fofos

    65. Scruhzy


    66. Raiju Gwopo

      I keepa rocket in my pocket

    67. Martin Castillo

      the song came out on my birthday

    68. Natedogz Yt

      This is a true poem.

    69. Sookymonster868


    70. [Shock] Young

      This shit go hard ngl 💯🔥

    71. JK Tavious

      Ybn nahmir need to go back to the old flow.

    72. Christine Miller

      Hot song

    73. venus

      Is he blinking or am I trippin 😭

      1. thatGuy0

        He blinkin

    74. FlyDreww

      Next Up In Baton Rouge? usfilm.info/fire/hqSPeaJ7gsdjpLI/video.html Be Sure To Subscribe and Leave a Comment !

    75. pO_ D3V1N

      that transition to 21 🔥🔥🔥

    76. Gta Online

      Im So emotional fucked up that im almost a girl

    77. Evan Ramos

      yes, he was actually blinking, ur not high...

    78. Jerry Lafume


    79. mistic

      Pure 🔥

    80. 74tildaworldblow

      What's ybn? "Young bitch nigga* fit him perfectly

    81. Deku


    82. Jay_144fps

      i thought 21 was an alien

    83. Big Mex

      Fuck you glad! I ain’t got Tik Tok so this shit his fault! 🤣😂

      1. Big Mex

        Shit do bang though! Had to say that before anyone got on my bumper... 🤣

    84. ninou

      Love the chief keef references

    85. GlockKay

      Fake ass rapper😂😂

    86. Friedland Research

      21 sound like riff raff

    87. M Aufa Asy Syakir

      Me and the Boys playing "COD" while listening to this music

    88. Basketball Mixtapes

      GOD bless🙏🏾💕

    89. Tea. .brookie.bear.:D

      My first sighting of ybn was a week after he dropped rubbin off the paint I was so suprised seeing him he walked in running through pennsquare mall at around 6-7 ( located in okc ) he looked at me I was with my mom at the time so I couldn’t go up to him , plus he was surrounded by a bunch of guys .. 20 minutes later o see him running out of the mall with his friends chasing him and some kid with glasses looking for him , idk I think it was a obsessed fan buh the eye contact with me and him was phenomenal I was 10-9 years old at the time I was a very chubby girl with a bun wrapped in a braid , idk why I’m even describing i don’t think he even remembers me but it was so cool I told everyone of my cousins cause they had a crush on him and they were jealous lmaooo

    90. Ronald Chump

      Lord Jesus Christ this is terrible

    91. Samurai Kam


    92. Misery Scopes

      Can anyone recommend a 21 savage song? I heard most of em but forgot most of em😭😭

    93. Zoe4life

      Adam22 brought me here

    94. Gjid Gird

      Savage on the wrong team

    95. B 97

      21 made this song lit 🔥 😂🤣

    96. Savagery 561


    97. Esmi Medina

      ybn finna come up again