Barcelona 4 - 0 Osasuna - HIGHLIGHTS & GOALS - 11/29/2020

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    #Barcelona #Osasuna #Highlights
    Barcelona beat Osasuna 4-0 with goals from Martin Braithwaite, Antoine Griezmann, Philippe Coutinho, and Lionel Messi.
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    Published on Month ago


    1. Aida Taha

      🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 ball


      They played with a tough team holy crap i can't believe they won even scoring 4 goals, thats half of what Bayern did to them. Just saying

    3. Bash K

      I love the commentators

    4. chau ngoc hoe

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    5. Ermias Beyene

      Maradona for ever

    6. ProTreeVideos

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    7. Caleb M Kilbride

      yo I am caleb and i am 9 years old and my coach said I will make it to fifa

    8. mikea hiooi

      I wanted to watch it but it was way to early in the morning..

      1. mikea hiooi

        1:26 What a pass by messi😨🔮🕵️🏃

    9. alida flus

      3:42 Kroos is typing

      1. mikea hiooi

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    10. Brothers Alvarado

      Messi Barca El Mejor De todos los tiempos ...con todo chaparro

      1. miko foin

        1:26 What a pass by messi😨🔮🕵️🏃

    11. Brothers Alvarado

      Wow que Gooolazo de Griesman.

      1. miko foin

        Thessalonians 5:22 [KJV]) For all have sinned, and come short of the glory of God; (Romans 3:23 [KJV])


      3:20 o feel like they muted his mic cause he was screaming

      1. mikea hiooi

        someone give hudson a shake

    13. miko foin

      3:42 Kroos is typing

      1. alida flus

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    14. Diego Aragonez

      10 the best number ever!

    15. C Blay


    16. Nautilux1110

      Barcelona / Messi are bad team when play against real teams....!

    17. Nautilux1110

      Barcelona / Messi play very good against cheap teams....!

      1. miko foin

        You guys know Messi might leave to man city because they met all of messi demands and he’s not playing the next few games

    18. Time Travel Walk

      Dest, best RB in the world! Change my mind.

    19. Eddie

      So the 3rd goal wasn't offside?

    20. Matty B


      1. Pro Philmz

        @Matty B this better not happen istg

      2. Matty B

        @Pro Philmz look it up fam they selling him to United fuckin stupid who tf is running shit?! Do they not see DEMBELE is pure world class talent?

      3. Pro Philmz

        WAIT WHAT

    21. JLummin

      after Griezmann's first miss, I was like not again because he's been missing a lot. Then after seeing him score twice I was then thinking wow he's maybe getting more confidence in at least attempting shots and even helped on a few others. With Real Madrid losing, Barcelona needs to take this and move closer up. Sadly I do think Messi is gone next season but as a Barca fan, I hope they finish strong

    22. Diegito Con Cafecito

      Vamos Barça

    23. contrite sinner

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    24. julio zola

      1:26 What a pass by messi😨🔮🕵️🏃

    25. Plissken

      What's with that one announcer saying Messi is doing everything everybody else is doing when scoring?

    26. Fomich

      someone give hudson a shake

    27. Asethium OneClick5

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    28. Valerie Pham

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    29. Seni Adenew


    30. Seni Adenew

    31. wolf gang

      You guys know Messi might leave to man city because they met all of messi demands and he’s not playing the next few games

    32. Pranay Agarwal

      3:18 When dat toe hit dat furniture

    33. Why We Love Film

      Braithwaite, Griezmann, Coutinho, Dembélé and Messi. Isn’t the score 5-0?

    34. Why We Love Film

      Wasn’t the score 5-0?

    35. Armando Diaz

      Goolazo azoooo azo azo bombasoooo 🤩

    36. Master Roshi

      Lord Braithwaite 😂😂

    37. c.

      Bad goal celebration LOL bad commentary the whole way through

    38. owoloyi

      What's a la liga weekend without Ray Hudson?

    39. Lon3wolf

      Wtf is wrong with Ray Hudson

    40. emersyn jacqeline

      GOAT. Never in doubt. Those who trash-talk him have never played football.

    41. Ashton Peacock

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    42. daen Amaz

      What messi does at 2.50 will not be mentioned in the headlines or seen in stats. Bit no other player alive today can string an attack together like he does. Best ever

    43. Hunter Watkins

      Griezmann is regaining his form

    44. Cal Ender

      The Barca curse is beginning to lift on Antoine, every great player had it. Neymar, Suarez, both have had a rough start before they shot up to making the best trio of all time.

    45. David Paul

      Mr. Messi is pure excellence & pure class :) RIP D.M.

    46. Anna Kim

      Griezmann goal wow

    47. Arely Alvarez

      Griezmann goal is giving me Rakitic flashbacks and RIP Maradona you will never be forgotten.

    48. MESUT OZIL

      These commentators suck ass

    49. Eric thomas

      Someone explain how that third goal not offsides?

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    51. LazyCouchPotatoEntertainment

      Random game New idiot players and messi getting old

    52. Lior Kolton

      Ray Hudson is the best broadcaster in sports

    53. Wisco9er

      I love the quick *"OoH"* that comes out of Ray right after Griezmann scored 🤣🤣 3:13

    54. Edit69

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    55. archie i mullins

      One goat in heaven and another on land 🇦🇷🇦🇷🙏🏽 RIP DIEGO

    56. BC Bushcraft & Survival

      Chemistry between coutinho and greizman is awesome. Two outcasts looking dangerous again

    57. Blvd Road

      these commentators are ANNOYING DAMN!!!

    58. Guzel Kuş


    59. David Van Horn

      what was that at 5:30..? a fart? lol

    60. Peace FC

      4:39 2 signed players people lost confidence in scoring goals in same game and playing great Love it 😍⚽️

    61. 12Free XNXX II

      Very happy new hera 💋

    62. sam

      2:39 Messi thinking about hand of god goal...oh wait we have VAR now

    63. Victor E.

      Why was Dembele’s goal disallowed?

    64. Chacha Magazine

      Wtf was that scream for Colazo Colazo 😂😂

    65. Mohil Trivedi

      can someone explain why dembele's goal was disallowed? it didn't seem like he was offside.

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    68. Jack Ryan

      Love that griezmann is getting more confident and comfortable

    69. WizzyNJay DPTG

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    71. Vanessa Outland

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    72. Jobs mine

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    73. Jeff Bernal

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    76. Jora Music

      Got a hat trick today. Feels great baby!

    77. Marcos Aguirre

      Im happy Coutinho is back , we just need Neymar and Suarez back.

    78. random person

      What was that griezmann

    79. Elifasi Nimpagaritse

      Griezmann was trying to kill the goalkeeper

    80. Zach Yusuf

      3:19: classic Ray Hudson

    81. Depeka Rai

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    82. Opdragon806

      For the second goal i think the goal keeper could have done better

    83. Aaron Garcia

      This is the Griezmann we've been waiting for!!! Slowly getting that confidence I just hate that a lot of Barcelona fans were losing faith in him so easily. Messi is just out of this world he's the playmaker.

    84. Cesar Vargas

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    85. Simon Saldana

      Osasuna keeper: sees ball “Nah”

    86. Castillo Suazo

      Y donde estaba este jugador cuando jugaron contra el bayer crisma jjjjj

    87. USA Jumper

      If you watch closely, the first goal was Messi faking a “hand of god” move to trick the defender. What an evil genius

    88. Mic Naka

      The commentators for la liga are trash compared to prem

    89. Eduard G.L

      Messi trying to recreate The Hand of God at 2:37 has me 💀💀💀

    90. BR AVO


    91. Evil


      1. SIDAF

        Dembele’s goal was canceled cause trincao was offside..probably why Messi didn’t even pass to him in the first place

    92. Khiry Managan

      Bad celebration Antwan lol says our friend Ray Hudson haha

    93. TheKingsman

      That Griezman goal was amazing yesss but the okay was totally elaborated by Messi.

    94. Kalpa Harshana

      People talking about Griezmann goal but what about Messi goal, no other forward can do it like that and he's 33

      1. Icewallowcome 1

        It’s because it’s expected for messi whole greizman is shit

    95. ChizzyTheKid

      Who's Braithwaite?

      1. Icewallowcome 1

        They bought him when Suarez was inured from levante

    96. ahmad abed

      Love that griezmann is getting more confident and comfortable

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    98. Lukas Wellesley

      There should be a camera angle from the refs perspective, so we can see what they see

    99. Larry Dembrun

      Larry Dembrun good game

    100. Mykola Rieland

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