Grading My $200,000 Charizard Pokémon Card


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    Grading my 1st Edition Charizard Pokémon card! Will it become a BGS Pristine 10 Pokemon card?! SUBSCRIBE NOW! -
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    1. Leonhart

      *Do you agree with the grades?*

      1. farmer raz

        No wrong dates for first edition first are only dated 95 not 95 to 99

      2. Likely Coons


      3. Sejuanis_Flail

        Definitely get the Pikachu regraded imo

      4. Peelvy


      5. Nicholas OBrien

        Get pickachu regraded

    2. Dominicandante

      They shouldhave given you a black label honestly

    3. Hamid kazerani

      this was uploadid on my birthday

    4. Kylie & Dad’s Toy Show !

      Best channel on USfilm! Inspired me to make one!!! 🐉

    5. Ic0n clan Re


    6. Frxstylxve

      I have first edition charizard

    7. KMX

      Im happy the Zard stayed in it's original case with Mitsuhiro signature. It's already amazing 😎

    8. Hexza

      You know what's crazy, being like 6/7 and opening the base set packs not knowing that in 22 years they'd be worth this much. My god, the cards i would have saved, not traded at school with friends and actually kept onto. I really wanna get back into collecting and opening but nowadays i just don't have the money to fund such a hobby. Real shame tbh.

    9. Kim Nam-Joon

      So my dad use to collect pokemon cards 13+ years ago and he gave me all of them and he had 4 gem mint first edition charizards. 3 holo's and 1 non holo. Should I grade all of them. A better chance of PSA 10

    10. GerritusLP

      disgusting fingernails

    11. johnny knoxville

      who calls their viewers their second name? wtf? bit weird

    12. bhushan tari


    13. X’s Revenge

      Guys I want to buy a vmax promo pack where can I get one that’s legit?

    14. Gabriel foster

      you should start posting again on your lets play channel

    15. John Doee

      8 years from now that ink won't even be on the outside of that card top loader

    16. Drawing Time With Miles

      he says "only 125" chrizards graded at spa 10 like it is totally not a lot

    17. Isaac Rodriguez

      I seriously love this guy! You seriously seem like such a genuine nice person and I absolutely admire your passion!

    18. Sparky Reynolds

      Raichu centering was way worse than Zapdos.....anybody could see that......right?

    19. Meme Maker

      8.5 surface had nacho crusties.

    20. B T

      I wish they would give you a picture or something to let you know where and why they graded low, that would be nice

    21. Justen Cook

      Hi my name is Justin I have over 5000 cards and I don't know how to tell if invaluable which ones I should send To get graded

    22. joy laa

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    23. monty Boy

      What are your thoughts or predictions on the value of the xy evolutions charizard holo's and reverse holo's ??? Any chance you will do a video on that...

    24. xxSNUGKENNYPxx

      Lets goo a good video for once😎😎

    25. Snafu237

      Umm i have that card... I wonder what mine is worth...

    26. ParallelUniversity

      I don't collect cards and this video just popped up in recommended, so I don't know much about this stuff. But from an outsider's perspective, it seems insane to pay tens of thousands more for a card because one has a near-microscopic speck on the back of it and the other doesn't. These grading companies are like Gods. Why does everyone trust them so much, when the results can be a little subjective?

    27. Dylan Cranfill

      Is that card signed on the actual card or on a covering

    28. Connor

      I would be so happy if I just got a pack

    29. RubyRedEcoboost

      IDK why you don't get you one of those big magnifying glasses on a stand and just hold the card under it.

    30. John Frankster

      $200, 000 card ROFL I love how people pull these numbers out their arse. When the cards gets sold for $200,000 then you can make those fuckinh redicilous claims. A PSA10 charizard has never sold for even $50,000 before, and this idiot clickbaits a $200,000 price tag on a youtube video lol. Im done listening to the horseshit.

      1. PoZo

        Bruh. Didn't you just see the one logic bought for 220k?

    31. Jimmy Gaudio

      Still waiting for you to make a post to your 1 million viewers about systemic racism like you promised 6 months ago.

    32. J S

      Wait is that the card that you had issues in the mail with?

    33. carol craft

      My son has the first chaizard ho.o it Haaretz a one o it. He also hS 2holo charizard,and a. Chinese first editionhd has the whole collection first edition cards two cases maybe -

    34. cvg64

      Is this the charizard card that got lost for months?


      Huuuuuuuuuu yeaaaaaaaaa

    36. LilMxsty

      Every Intro "What Up Hart Squad" Best Intro 2020

    37. lowridr2

      In the early 2000s you would find Pokémon cards on the floor everywhere who knew they would one day be worth so much

    38. Koala Master

      Wait i have that card!!!

    39. Steve Gee

      no idea how you can handle the anxiety of putting that in the mail.

    40. Ibrar Khan

      I have entire box office of these Pokémon cards does Anyone wants to buy it.

    41. alfredgaming YT

      sell it to logan paul

    42. Nibba

      When this dude dies 500 000

    43. farmer raz

      So why is there like 5 copy right dates on box find.. it should only have 1995 or 1996 date on it.. that's like a 5ed rereleased card where there was like 1500 printed

      1. farmer raz

        Only 150 1995 halo charazard where printed for north America first edition are marked by 1995 copyright date I remember getting the battle set for xmas 95

    44. Simon Zielinski

      I appreciate your intensity pal what I wish I could have a card so beautiful 🤘

    45. Al Gon

      Is that your lost charizard?

    46. Leonerd

      Please cut your fingernails cleaner for the next Video :D

    47. Zilla Deliva

      White people haha

    48. Darkkefka123

      This guy must really like Pokémon

    49. Josh Andrews

      wow becket is tough

    50. Josh Andrews

      that zapdos should have been a 10

    51. Vaddix 99

      You are the ultimate virgin. Congrats.

      1. Vaddix 99

        @Valdis4418 Married to his left hand and wet dreams about Pokemon. You and him are virgins.

    52. Andrew Guerrero

      Every time you pull any cards out it’s sleeves or hard covers you lose value each time, plus you chance ruining the card. Ps your card is damaged on top of the back side because you or other fingers keep pushing it in or pulling it out to much. I never mess with my collection I leave it alone in its protective toploaders. Just some friendly advice

    53. James Le

      All I could see when he said pls help see what’s wrong with the pickacho Is his face

    54. Samuel Preciado

      Did the surface get a 8.5 because it was touched? 😂☠️

    55. Sal

      BEST CARD OF YOUR MONTH WAS YOUR 1ST EDITION BASE SET PSA 10 CHARIZARD!?!?!?!?!??!?!?? THIS IS THE CARD OF MY GOD DAMN LIFE TIME LEONHART. I WILL SEARCH THE WORLD FOR THIS CARD. But anyway.. Much love my brother, thank you for all the content you been pushing out lately, you're seriously killing it~! Whoever graded you fat pika wass having a very bad day. Re-send it to Beckett....Might as well Oh, and also 18:59 I see your gains bro. You got fckin brolic bro damn

    56. Collecting 4 Nerds

      you should have the pikachu regraded

    57. Shondrella Avery

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      4. Natasha 1

        @Bettina 002 wow that's so amazing

      5. Bettina 002

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    58. wyatt

      I feel like BGS have bought into their own hype about the BGS 10 that they have artificially inflated the difficulty of getting one

    59. Alvinator 520

      9.5 grade. Why? Because I don’t have that card so that’s .5 points off. Pretty sure that’s how they grade. Don’t quote me.

    60. The Life of TP

      Amazing video

    61. Tyler Tillman

      You should do a video on how to grade your cards! Unless you already did and I missed it. By how to grade I mean the process of submitting them to PSA or Beckett.

    62. Aldo Garcia


    63. Elon Musk

      Imagine if someone just ripped that card

    64. Tim Bo

      So would a Beckett 9.5 be worth more than a PSA 10 also?

    65. Hunter Stofferahn

      Can you do all your graded card collection video ? Your vids are give us joy 🤩

    66. ITzRecklesss

      i think that Charizard in the first part of the video will get a 7-8.5 grading. mainly because of the whitening in the back

    67. Sejuanis_Flail

      Is a Beckett 10 better than a PSA 10? I always hear people wanting PSA grades, but only Leonhart talking about Beckett grades, does one make the card more valuable than the other?

    68. Flaming Card Games

      Why are you always filming yourself sideways if you spread your arms?

    69. Cristian Ahumada

      I guess an 8

    70. y2korea3070

      Yay!!!! great to see your card was found!

    71. Shawn Griffin

      How come this is worth 200k But i seen on pawn stars show or whatever it was A rated 10 worth 38k

    72. I Love Pokémon

      Is vivid voltage coming in English?

    73. almighty josh

      😂 i watched this guys video hes weird

    74. d: Darren Willson :D

      can you restore a card and improve its grading under microscope????

    75. d: Darren Willson :D

      i really need money...

    76. shhhpark

      i hate these videos popping up in my recommended....i had a first edition charizard card stolen from my backpack in middleschool and it still hurts my soul almost 20 years later

    77. Positive Vintage

      Japanese cards do not get enough acknowledgement!!! 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻

    78. Muhammad Kharismawan

      Why’s the value fluctuating so much? I thought his charizard is worth at best 50k early in this year.

    79. I C

      I feel like Becket should give a reasoning to each grade that they give. Like I seriously don't understand how the surface of that Pikachu only got an 8.5

    80. Robert Harrison

      Sadly my mum cut in half every single one of my pokemon cards when I was 9-10. Including 2 first edition charizards and many others. I can't remember what I did to deserve that, but it still makes me sad to this day that I lost my entire collection that I'd been building since 1996.

    81. Peelvy


    82. Dominic Hess

      i don't see anything wrong with that pikachu honestly. I think they mistook the design for scratches.

    83. Snail Cage

      It bugs me so much when people with American accents pronounce the i in Charizard lol. With UK or Australian accents it doesn’t bug me at all but it drives me insane when Americans say “char-i-zard”. Am I the only one

    84. Bikram Perhar

      How much is a shadowless red cheeks Pikachu base set

    85. Chris Nichols

      Why didn’t Beckett grade the last charizard? I’m confused

    86. Allan Manson

      You're a grown man. Grow up.

    87. Gooner KIRK

      I had 2 lost them

    88. jaysvapes

      Need to stop going to becket. 8.5 on the surface of that pikachu is a joke

    89. Lmc_Majestic

      Where do I buy a first edition pack

    90. J A

      I wish I could get a Charizard 1st ed......must be nice dude lol

    91. BTyson NZ

      We have the results and Leonhart, You are not the father -Jerry Springer

    92. YakiJump!


    93. Yugioh Lover

      This guy is just another tool. Like Logan pual. No wonder people can't collect 1st eds anymore. They ruined it.

    94. Saifooni Fam

      Their are 2 becket pristine charizard’s already

    95. idol hands

      there is no way the price for the charizard card wil exceed what it's currently at. time to sell.

    96. Hoody

      I would drive down to the grading places next time, mail can’t be trusted

    97. EX杀 Vision

      Who started watching Leonhart back in 2016 and forgot about him?

    98. Emmanuel Rodriguez

      Is beckett or psa open to walk in and do drop-off for submissions on cards

    99. Alex

      Literally had a 1st edition holo charizard (blastoise and venusaur as well) in my deck as a kid. Then one day around 2000-2001 my mom went on a religious cleanse and threw them away. I was mad then, but now..... after seeing what they are worth?? NO