Gojira - Into The Storm [LYRIC VIDEO]


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    New album 'Fortitude' out now: gojira.lnk.to/fortitude
    Produced by Joe Duplantier and 351 Studio - www.351studio.com
    INTO THE STORM | Lyrics


    Say something about awakening
    The rebellion you felt before
    Wake, change your course, laws will follow
    Restart, reactivate the core


    Yeah you come out, you’re awake now
    Put your fist in the air
    You were hiding, now you throw yourself into the storm


    Gather your strength raise your eyes
    Fear not the demons you’re up against

    Now that you dove down, found the bottom, begging for air
    How sad, how long it takes us to rise and fight!
    Yeah you come out, you’re awake now
    Put your fist in the air
    You were hiding, now you throw yourself into the storm

    Flames dancing in the open, you step into the light

    Now that you dove down, found the bottom, begging for air
    How sad, how long it takes us to rise and fight!
    Yeah you come out, you’re awake now
    Put your fist in the air
    You were hiding, now you throw yourself into the storm

    Into the storm

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    1. Israel Franco


    2. Esteban


    3. SmokeTheDays

      For a moment I thought I was listening to In Flames, could be nice In Flames song

    4. MrMisterDerp

      Note to self, don’t listen to this on a train track

    5. Hershey Brandon

      I love me some gojira so no disrespect, but messuggah did this in bleed........

    6. Gat

      Well I don't know how to say this otherwise. This song describes perfectly my own struggle with anxiety. Music is a cure for illness. Especially yours. Thank you guys. Merci.

    7. V.

      When i listen to this track it makes me think about "La Horde du Contrevent". I cant stop thinking about "Ω" facing the torrents of the storm. Amazing album.

    8. Tom White


    9. Shok Pfeiffer

      Just came here to say that this is my fav song on the album 🤘🏾

    10. Carolina Cornejo

      thanks for this song!

    11. Evoluutioteoria

      That riff gives me serious disposable heroes vibes... Which is a good thing of course

    12. Le Cercle Des Quintes

      Vous êtes tellement taillé pour faire de la scène, vivement que cela reprenne ! L'album entier nous incite aux walls of Death, pogos, et fesses à l'air ♥️ Allez ! Viendez nous faire bouger !!!! 👍🤘

    13. Buddy Rich

      You guys start to be known So good 🤟🏻🔥

    14. Daru P

      Can someone explain to me how 4 folks can create such powerful sound that it'll knock you off your feet

    15. Justin McMackin

      Can't wait to see them in October 🤘

    16. Lance Allen

      From Fly the Whales to Now. It is their time. Hold on Boys.

    17. Lance Allen

      4 Kick ass Musicians. Thats all.


      Fkn AWESOME song and message for the exact times we’re struggling thru atm! This should be an ANTHEM for all that are “READY TO FKN’ ROCK”!!! ❤️👊🏼🔥💯🎶🤘🏻🎸🏁

    19. HeavyInMe

      Feels like a critique of Americans' tepid opposition to fascism and treason as democracy crumbles.

    20. HeavyInMe

      If these guys have ever done wrong, I never heard it.

    21. Arie RuiHamzah


    22. sayer1mj

      This song lyrics speak to me, as a person holding onto thoughts that I have problem expressing those thoughts for fear of the response. This is a banger no matter what!

    23. pyrogian


    24. simon crowthet

      Epic no more said 💀🤟

    25. Maximo Mendoza

      This song is a masterpiece everyone needs to hear...just flawless.

    26. A. Khusyairie

      This just release 3 weeks ago.....but i've been here 3000 times already.....how?

      1. Kevin Wilson

        It's amazing.

    27. Carlton

      Song Title Update: "When Cymbals Become Train Crossing Signals"

    28. michael gaspard

      Yowza!!! 🤘

    29. Heavily Medicated

      So fukking good it's seriously making my eyes water..

    30. dishpapa

      It does sound like a train bell

    31. Redcat94

      This sounds like a heavier version of Korn.

    32. Marc Phillip

      This song is life right now.

      1. Marc Powell

        It's crazy accurate to the geopolitical and societal situations.

    33. Guilherme Barbosa

      All right, this should be easy to not headbang to... 1:01 - fuck

    34. B.D.S.L

      Wouhaaa, vous êtes direct le meilleur album de cette année et pour toutes les autres à venir

    35. Ivan Ivanov

      For a second there I thought it was their cover of bleed

    36. Diana S

      im gonna do Yoga to this today

    37. rusamene

      Gojira bleeding

    38. Zenom

      Mario have 2 brains. One for each arm. I cant see any other explanation.

    39. Andy Stojek

      Wtf....WOW!!!! This is brilliant!

    40. Correactor

      I love how the drumming sounds like a train bell. It matches the theme quite well and gives a sense a movement, such as into a storm.

    41. Nioh

      This album is awesome you guys are literally on the top such amazing music

    42. José Guerrero

      This is gonna be great live! The chorus is BIG!

    43. Alex Morgan

      Another masterpiece, can't wait to her this live

    44. cultusfetus

      i hate myself for ignoring this band for so long 😭😭😭

      1. Daniel H

        same here. but now! We are happy to have Gojira!

    45. Jason Holman

      This is one of the more complete albums I have heard in a while.

      1. Shok Pfeiffer

        Lol since their last one

    46. J W

      I got a fever...and the only prescription...is more ride bell

    47. fishfindercharters davis

      I wish I could say my heart in French these guys are awesome

    48. fishfindercharters davis

      Nope should be share and learnt from the legend that did it this band is the reason why and all is , this drummer is all that is !!!!

    49. Dinky Winky

      that is what i need on wake up. sry neighbours! o/

    50. Sotiris Angelidis

      Verse is exactly the same with the verse from Pineapple thief's Alone At Sea... :)

      1. Paul Atréïdes

        i listened to that track ..and ..nope :)

    51. João Ricardo Ribas De Morais

      By far the best song of Fortitude. And one of the best of the band history. Well done!!

    52. Marcelo Dias

      The energy i feel coming from this song, especially the chorus, reminds me of the same thing i feel when im listening to liquid fire, so emotional... Fucking love it, that shit had me into tears lmao they should do shit like that very more often

    53. TheLonelyBrit

      The intro shows that Mario's making good use of that little metal sheet looking cymbal you can see in his Minotaur video. (If it's a proper cymbal I have no idea, I know very little about drums, cymbals, etc)

    54. patrick hart

      Fuck George floyd. I still like the song tho

      1. patrick hart

        @Paul Atréïdes Now, that you dove down Found the bottom begging for air How sad, how long it takes us to rise and fight Yeah, you come out..... well I guess I should say it's more about rioting than George Floyd's dumbass. But still the fuck died from a drug overdose not suffocating

      2. patrick hart

        @Paul Atréïdes song kinda obvious it's about George floyd

      3. Paul Atréïdes

        what ? why are you talking about george floyd

    55. Shkotay D

      The closest poetry I can find to this CHARGED and POWERFUL song is one probably one many of us know well. Take heed, for it carries the same, bitter power that no one can take from us, but ourselves: Invictus BY WILLIAM ERNEST HENLEY "Out of the night that covers me, Black as the pit from pole to pole, I thank whatever gods may be For my unconquerable soul. In the fell clutch of circumstance I have not winced nor cried aloud. Under the bludgeonings of chance My head is bloody, but unbowed. Beyond this place of wrath and tears Looms but the Horror of the shade, And yet the menace of the years Finds and shall find me unafraid. It matters not how strait the gate, How charged with punishments the scroll, I am the master of my fate, I am the captain of my soul." Indeed, throw yourself into the storm and fear not the demons that you are up against.

    56. Felipe Veliz V


    57. J Smith

      Patriots world wide our new anthem

    58. Asma Ali

      the riff at the first minute made me clean my room

    59. Rah Kite

      It's the storm on my brain when I listen to this title!

    60. juk kai

      Perfect 👌

    61. War Drums 17

      The Great Awakening. The Storm Is Upon Us! WAKE UP.

    62. ghosterx mdfk

      I need a fucking video for this song!

    63. Owen G

      1:02 Mario out here reminding us that he could play Bleed if he wanted to

    64. Robert

      Sounds like Meshuggah bleed

      1. Paul Atréïdes

        it's the use of the hertha rythm ..meshuggah didn't invent it ;)

    65. Closed Eye Visuals

      Jesus BLEED much? lol

      1. Paul Atréïdes

        it's the use of the hertha rythm ..meshuggah didn't invent it ;

    66. Drypalm Ashin

      Looks like a pack of wolves all 4 of them standing there!

    67. Wayne O'neal jr

      I really like this song and this band...so right now

    68. Marco Villegas

      This song is sooo generic. Boring.

      1. Marco Villegas

        @Paul Atréïdes Exactly what I've done, thanks.

      2. Paul Atréïdes

        don't listen and move on then

    69. Joseph Daniel

      The lyrics in this video exactly matches the current COVID pandemic situation here in INDIA😭

    70. Luna P

      I just can't stop tapping the replay button, istantly made me a fan. Good job, USfilm algorythm. I'm also oddly captivated by the cover art, pondering whether it's your regular knight or a stern middle-aged lady in armor. It's a rough face but somehow also has something that strikes me as female but I can't put my finger on it.

    71. beerus boss

      the sound is disgusting and not melodic

      1. The One

        @beerus boss yet you keep listening to their music, just gtfo and move on.

      2. Paul Atréïdes

        what a dumb comment

      3. beerus boss

        @Luna P they don't respect music, they intentionally play shit

      4. Luna P

        The introduction (and some middle parts) sure aren't but there's a distinct melody that picks up a bit further in. Not uncommon in the genre.

    72. Zachary hunkele

      This is for sure to get me through some work outs

    73. juan pablo camargo vanegas

      This is a perfect time for this song. Now in Colombia, we are killed for rise up our fist against this goverment that only enslave and shows to the world another reality. We will still rising up until our rights are reinstated.

    74. fabrice sautois

      Voilà je viens d acheter l album 💿👍👍👍

      1. beerus boss

        tu aurais du garder ta thune

    75. Erik The Red

      Wtf, how is Mario playing 2 different rythyms at once and then joe is singing to that gallopy riff

    76. axlxain

      best track from album imo

    77. misumi75

      Incredible drummer!!!! Démentiel !!!

    78. otywun

      If you search for a good partner in life, find one who listen Gojira 😉

    79. pzs

      I have listened to metal my whole life and playing guitar for more than 12 years now. I am 29. I am from India, from a village in West Bengal. There were a lot of financial struggles in my life, however i have struggled hard and now have been working as a software developer in Bangalore from 5 years. I earn good money now and trying to give everyone in my family a happy life. As all of you may know India is going through a health crisis due to corona because of which i have come home and have been working from home for 6 months. Well the point is I have never been in any rock concert. I would try my best to see GOJIRA live once in my lifetime. God bless everyone. We are metalheads. LOVE.

      1. Duane Ajas

        Hang in there, I've seen Gojira twice (Vancouver), they are worth whatever it takes to see them!

      2. H B

        @Daru P wildly inaccurate.

      3. Daru P

        @H B eh, its sikkim

      4. H B

        Bangalore is the metal capital of India. I literally watched Gojira there for the first time in 2012. Plus dozens of other major bands. Once things recover, you'll have the opportunity to attend some great gigs.

      5. Brian Parsons

        You will see them my friend.🤟

    80. Jinzo

      my favourite on the album

    81. Nath F

      Nobody gonna talk about how epic the chorus to this song is?

    82. Fivel Gosouth

      Someone watch super dragon ball heroes on mute while listening to Gojira. I triple doggie dare you.

    83. Jaden Satter

      Who else be blasting this going like 90 down the highway???

      1. Luna P

        Cause we environmentally responsible metalheads don't drive over 90 nowadays.😎👍🤪 Thank you for chosing the highway instead of the neighbourhood at 1 in the morning. * cries in German *

    84. pyrogian

      for me best album 2021 so far

    85. Ilarion Mandelenis

      L'Enfant Sauvage vibes!

    86. MyOwn PrivateAlaska

      Top. Respect from Russia

    87. Billyboy 9

      When that riff kicks in after the initial vocal...this is why I fell in love with real metal in the mid 80's. I'm getting old but not too old for this!. Great band!.

      1. Luna P

        Too old? I certainly plan on pushing my rollator round the mosh pit one day.

    88. Jason Perkins

      This song is amazing. Holy shit!

    89. Mark Gilbert

      Thank you for the great music! Excellent.

    90. Carlo Kugelblitz

      Nice Band name!

    91. Mark Stewart-Sims

      I'm kind of upset I've been sleeping on Gojira this long, lol. This song is so bad ass!

    92. Super Janemba Is Happy

      Reminds me of Bleed. Very cool song.

    93. Nico Borie

      Maybe the best track from Fortitude. I hope they release an official music video for this one.

      1. Mauro Zerbo

        Es una aplanadora este tema es increíblemente buena

      2. TranceSFX

        @Stefan Seidenschwanz Yeah I have to honestly agree, so unbelievably cringe. I puke every time I hear "put your fist in the air". The sign of the worst to come usually.

      3. Circumvenscion

        Why is anyone so concerned with this song sounding "cheesy"? Nothing about this is cheesy. It's legit, real and inspirational. Like many of their songs. If you're so insecure that "put your fist in the air" is too much for you, perhaps reevaluate your life and priorities. This song dominates.

      4. Wayne Oneal

        It's got my vote..over and over ....

      5. Stefan Seidenschwanz

        @Kainen 789 i'm not saying the lyrics are bad, but the words „Rise" and „Put your fist in the air" are pretty overused. Everytime i listen to it David Draiman appears in my room. I wouldnt call it a masterpiece.

    94. Nitesh Pokhrel


      1. Paul Atréïdes

        it's the use of the hertha rythm ..meshuggah didn't invent it ;

    95. DamZZmaD

      Le riff de fin me rappelle "Nothing to Say - ANGRA"

    96. Les impros du Lezard vert

      Purée, je ne sais pas si je suis en dépression, mais qu'est-ce que j'ai pu pleurer avec ce titre.

      1. Nicolas Kalen

        @Tyler Stevenson français !

      2. Tyler Stevenson


      3. Arnaud Heckmann

        Tu dois couver quelque chose c'est sûr... Moi ce titre me donne plutôt envie d'envahir la Pologne ou un truc dans le genre

      4. misumi75

        Chaud mec, courage !!!

    97. Stanislav Osheneks

      Очень сильная вещь, одна из моих любимых) Невероятные переживания от прослушивания, спасибо Gojira!!!

    98. MrKorps3

      Pour moi, c’est LA pépite de cet excellent album. Comme ils ont pu le faire dans chacun de leurs albums précédents. Je pense évidemment à LOVE pour TERRA INCOGNITA, REMEMBRANCE et EMBRACE THE WORLD pour THE LINK FLYING WHALES ET GLOBAL WARMING pour FROM MARS TO SIRIUS THE ART OF DYING pour THE WAY OF ALL FLESH THE GIFT OF GUILT et BORN IN WINTER pour L’ENFANT SAUVAGE PRAY et LOW LANDS pour MAGMA Après je ne dis pas que tous les autres titres ne sont pas bons mais il y en a toujours un ou deux qui sortent du lot. Je suis un fan inconditionnel du groupe depuis leur début et quand j’écoute un album je l’écoute complètement. Gojira je vous Love

    99. Mütherload Ü

      God damn

    100. Aylin Madrid