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    BREAKING NEWS: ATF Making AR/AK Pistols AOWs and MORE!
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    1. Military Arms Channel

      Thank you for cranking this important video out.

      1. WE THE PEOPLE

        @Jason Sanchez that would mean that the people at Q would have had to make it up also.

      2. Jason Sanchez

        Yankee is calling you out as Bullshit. Saying ATF never said nor wrote this. Is this true Jared

      3. WE THE PEOPLE

        @fuzfire they will destroy America

      4. WE THE PEOPLE

        @avery B how did you know? Went boating this morning and lost them all

      5. avery B

        @WE THE PEOPLE you should accidentally lose all your guns in a boating accident

    2. Daniel Goold

      I want the California button ban repealed.

    3. Situational Ready

      My fellow Patriots and Americans - it is time to make a stand for our rights, for freedom, and to honor those who paid the ultimate sacrifice that swore to protect and defend the Constitution and the freedoms that are enumerated in our Bill of Rights - and granted to us by God himself. If we don't take a stand and do whatever is necessary to abolish the tyranny of whom, We the People, granted them the "just powers", and deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, has become destructive to our Republic, it is the right - it is our DUTY to abolish such governments. WE ARE HONEST, LAWFUL, FREE MEN WHO WILL NOT STAND TO BE CRIMINALIZED BY OUR GOVERNMENT WITHOUT DUE PROCESS! WE HAVE RIGHTS!

    4. Chad Cox

      Is the pistol itself the problem for the ATF; or is it only after the brace is attached? Thanks.

    5. Ben-Jeffrey Kemp

      I need update i am late to the party. Why are you not a Trump fan he is pro 2a but I am curious what he did that pissed you off?

    6. BigMark2.0

      You're alright for a Pats fan. lol. Keep informing us. Thank you!!!

    7. Chris jo

      ' Lint to info'??

    8. FancyEddy

      Wait.. so what does it mean to me? I just ordered an AK pistol (with brace) which will be built in about 5 month. Will not be able to take it home? I was planning to be making it an SBR anyway but wtf... Waiting for stupid stamp is ridiculous.

    9. vinney boombotz

      the left and big brother has won and will continue to take rights away..fall in line or be put on the list..trump supporters are on the list..just follow the lawas the best you can..everyone will follow california and newyork..just plink around with your 22 lr..and shot gun to hunt ...ammo wont be plentifull or cheap any more...dont your own thing and dont break any rules..

    10. Kenn Hepner

      It is not what "you" want to have, it is about the rights enumerated in the constitution. Rights can be limited, if the people let it happen ... then they are eliminated by government fiat, never to be seen again.

    11. Travis Thacker

      Yea I would love to write Mitch M. but he does not listen to anything or any KY citizen. All he wants to do is keep KY poor while keeping his big ole buddies rich.

    12. William Walsh


    13. arnold estipona

      Why the NRA,2A lobbyist and other pro Gun to file petition to Supreme Court to render all circular,regulations , executive orders and all other orders rendered unconstitutional and render illegal against the constitutional 2nd amendments. So all these orders infringe your basic constitutional rights.

    14. Jonathan Paquette

      ANY one who voted for Biden should be subject to these new laws first. Then we can go do as we please with them. They will have no way to defend themselves.

    15. Lyle Graff

      Trump carries and is pro gun so all this kinda stuff your talking about isn't that important imho and biden has not won and won't, i know from a source I can't divulge, Dems heads are going to roll and america is going to be in shock!😳

    16. Rusty Kilt

      You think you have problems ?.. in Australia, you need a licence for a NERF gun......

    17. wincav

      Does anyone know what the NRA is doing to combat this?

    18. donnie tirril

      I said that when the NRA didn’t go after him for band in the bump stock the bump stock was illegally Bandan because hell you can use your belt loop do the same thing

    19. kneegrow416

      Well, we're screwed. Wish we had time off WORK to go "peacefully protest" but our need to earn a living kind of leaves us screwed by loud liberal fools

    20. RR PLAN C

      Trumps parting gift for you all.

    21. Situational Ready

      1:16 Jared - when ppl complain about Trump not doing anything for gun rights - that has nothing to do with your channel and you somehow thinking you're doing something wrong. Your reply to the "Trump not doing anything" has nothing to do with you - not sure why you took that personally.

    22. VOLS34

      Law enforcement in the “FREE STATES” won’t enforce this bs.

    23. Alberto Corral

      If i have a palmetto state lower but no upper or brace, am i still in trouble? Ive literally never fired since it got it

    24. Mildred Fippen

      Ii no longer have a copy video option. So how can i share it?

    25. Playn Hardball

      Lol too late now. The US is about to become a communist country. Bury your guns. The real time to exercise your second amendment right is near.

    26. Jagmohan

      The problem is the NFA. That is the law that needs complete repeal.

    27. Roger Gillespie

      Just like before the automatic weapons ban of 1986 was issued all machine guns was grandfathed in... It'll be the same with the ak/ar pistols we own now... they'll just ban importation and manufacturing of these guns inside the United States...

    28. American Islander

    29. Humanity Enslaved

      People aren't even fighting for their right to breathe properly. You think they're going to fight this? Nope. America is dead. It's the USSA now

    30. KingMrBigE

      This is why I bought a SIG Rattler PSB and a Keltec RDB. The "brace" on the Rattler simply detaches and is a non vital part, no buffer tube sticking out. Can still posses it, shoot it, etc. As for the RDB, it does not fit the description of an AR at all but yet it is.

    31. JOSH MKC


    32. dale wagner

      The ATF is also comprimised.A lot of senior agents are covered in dirt. Follow the money. Love ur channel, watch ur six.

    33. Daniel H

      I have no issue with any type of background check. Beyond that, its infringement.

    34. Rad Richy

      Its a Department vs a Nation🤣

    35. dam00k

      WA State used to require pistol regulations (basically just a wait period if you don’t have CCP) on AR lowers intended for pistol builds. Now they’ve dropped those requirements and instead mandate that AOW is checked on the NICS form. Insidious deep manipulations happening and not just within the federal agencies. You could wake up a 10/10 federal felon one day by doing nothing more than going to bed the night before.

    36. John Taylor

      Biden 2020

    37. C Flashbang

      The ATF acts the way it does because we, as Americans, allow it. FACT: United we stand. FACT: Divided we fall. FACT: Individualism in America is higher than it has ever been and the government will "care for us all" into submission. You may not like the words and we all know the truth hurts, but those are the facts.

    38. Frankie Marquez

      So that means you're going to take our weapons away any kind of weapon

    39. Mauricio Martinez

      ATF needs to be disbanded.... their sole purpose is to infringe on the 2nd amendment, which is unconstitutional.

    40. Book_ Davies

      I was one of those guys that didn't care about the bumpstock. You're right man, it's not the thing itself, it's the compromise of position that hurts.

    41. Tuzlak

      If you bought it wouldn’t you be grandfathered In?

    42. Kimberly Zinn

      I pray our enemies are getting these. Looks like An tifa and BLM have something like this. I pray you do your research before you sell.

    43. Michael Jackson

      Let me guess the binary trigger next. Government sucks.

    44. Cliff Silverman

      Tha ATF gestalpo group have no right making any laws. Defund the ATF, the worst gov. agency ever

    45. tronarat

      I live in az and we have prop 122 that allows us to reject federal laws that we vote as over reaching and unconstitutional I wunder how that will turn out for us here but honestly I've just been considering doing the sbr tax stamp and jumping through the hoops

    46. Ronnie Grizzle

      I am so thankful for our sherif. Here in Lincoln County Ok our sherif as well as other have made this county a sanctuary County for guns. In ALL GUNS

    47. Kinder Yacht Services

      Shared Brother!

    48. Dan Powell

      3 more days and we’ll know if civil war is coming.

    49. Maxymus L

      Lmkwywm bro this’ll bs

    50. Maxymus L

      I’m Fk tired of all this Fk atf mfk

    51. Dirty Bauer

      Abolish the ATF and the NRA. Fuck both of em we dont need em.

    52. Allen Geary

      ATF should not be allowed to issue regulations of any kind

    53. Matt556

      We need mass protest near big federal buildings like state capitals and no one should break any laws we need to actually do something about it.

    54. jelenes92

      Making law biding citizens into criminals. Policies not my constitutional god given rights for my peace

    55. Sharon Clair

      The Deep State is all inclusive. You like the Deep State vote for Biden. You like Freedom and Liberty Vote for Trump

    56. Joshua Maxwell

      Imagine going to buy a car, then the governemnt declares that type of car illegal. Same principal.

      1. Joshua Maxwell

        precisely, but more people would be angry if it were a vehicle.

      2. M33f3r

        A car isn't specifically defined as something for the government to keep their noses out of though like the 2nd amendment. In this case its even MORE insane than them doing that with a car.

    57. Joshua Maxwell

      I recieved an e-mail from the GOA about this, NRA however ain't said a peep.

    58. rldel149

      The following doe not constitute legal advice and should not be construed as anything beyond opinion. OK G&G Here is the problem the ATF has with AOWs. Their opinions seemingly violate the law. Note: 26 USC is revenue law. 18 USC is criminal law - keep those in mind. See the link. AOW is not defined under title 18 (criminal). It is in 26 (tax). You can look up the definition. Let's break it down one comma at a time so to speak. So let's look at that in detail. ====== 26 U.S. Code § 5845(e) Statute: The term “any other weapon” means any weapon or device capable of being concealed on the person from which a shot can be discharged through the energy of an explosive, Remark ; AR and AK pistols because of the actions cannot be concealed, (perhaps under a full length Matrix trench coat but "on the person." But this is not really the big point. It certainly can be argued in court. --- Statute: a pistol or revolver having a barrel with a smooth bore designed or redesigned to fire a fixed shotgun shell, Remark ; AR and AK pistols do not have smooth bores. The Judge and similar that CAN fire 410 bore shot shells are legal because an AOW is the reverse - a smooth bore revolver or pistol capable of firing shot shells - not a typical rifled revolver or pistol capable shot shells. AR and AK pistols do not have smooth bores. --- Statute: weapons WITH COMBINATION shotgun and rifle barrels 12 inches or more, less than 18 inches in length, from which only a single discharge can be made from either barrel without manual reloading, and shall include any such weapon which may be readily restored to fire. Remark ; Think configurations of single-shot, Over & Under, rifle & shot gun (such as 410 bore / 22 break action sporting arms) whose dual barrels are 12" and greater AND whose OAL (over all length) is less than 18." (think about the first AOW requirement - concealability). Notice this phrase "may be readily restored to fire" (think modern ammunition - not muzzle loaders) --- Exclusions: Such term SHALL NOT INCLUDE a pistol or a revolver having a rifled bore, or rifled bores, ; AR and AK pistols have rifled bores. (exit argument here.) Notice a pistol or a revolver can only be an AOW if it has a smooth bore AND can fire shot shells. --- Exclusions ctd.: or weapons designed, made, or intended to be fired from the shoulder AND not capable of firing fixed ammunition. Remark ; Key: "designed, made, or intended to be fired from the shoulder" This is either rifles shotgun "and not capable of firing fixed ammunition." Think muzzle loaders or even breech loaders providing they DO NOT FIRE AMMUNITION. See 18 U.S.C., § 921(A)(17)(A) The term “Ammunition” means ammunition or cartridge cases, primers, bullets, or propellant powder designed for use in any firearm. === This is critical - "pistol" is not defined in either titles definition (show me if you can find it) - "Handgun" is. And then, not in title 26 (revenue) but in title 18 (criminal). When you don't have something defined in the law, it defaults to common language which would make pistols handguns. OK so, what does the law say about pistols and revolvers? It says they are not AOWs PROVIDING they have rifled barrels. See 18 U.S. Code § 921(29)The term “handgun” means- (A)a firearm which has a short stock and is designed to be held and fired by the use of a single hand; and (B)any combination of parts from which a firearm described in subparagraph (A) can be assembled. So A "handgun" is defined to be fired one handed. Shotguns and SBSs are smooth bore shot from the shoulder. Rifles and SBRs have rifled bores and shot from the shoulder. See also Title 18 definitions ++++ There is a history of the ATF just making things up by caveat. Such as saying putting a pistol stabilizing brace to your shoulder "makes or remakes". There is no basis in law to defend this ATF opinion. It will stand until changed or challenged but using a screwdriver to chip ice does not magically "make or remake" a screwdriver an icepick. I can bark, but that won't make or remake me into a dog. Another way to put it is a screwdriver or a baseball bat may be used as a deadly weapon but at no time did either stop being a screwdriver or baseball bat. Examine another ATF opinion seemingly not supported by law - the ATF have previously said adding a vertical rifle grip makes an AR or AK pistol into an AOW. What is the first requirement of an AOW? "The term 'any other weapon' means any weapon or device capable of being concealed on the person from which a shot can be discharged through the energy of an explosive," -- If an AR or AK pistol was not previously "capable of being concealed" then adding a vertical grip does not make it more concealable. Rifles, shotguns, SBRs & SBSs are designed to be shot from the shoulder. Adding a second grip does not make it one of those does it. What it does is revert an AR or AK "handgun" into a "firearm." Just as Rifles, shotguns, SBRs & SBSs are designed to be shot from the shoulder, handguns are single handed. So lets take the ATF's asinine logic as a reductio ad absurdum. If shouldering a pistol by the stabilizing brace magically "make or remakes" a pistol into an SBR purely by how you hold it (i.e. no physical modifications) and adding a foregrip to a handgun makes it an AOW -- then by extension, everyone who uses a 2-handed grip on a pistol or revolver VIOLATES the NFA by "making or remaking" a pistol or revolver into an AOW. Here ends my questions and comments.

    59. hollyfoxThe

      Is it boogaloo time? But seriously, I'm still searching for the Lint to info. It wasn't in my dryer filter either.

    60. caleb lockhart

      i hate to say it but hear me out this isnt just the ATFs doing its everyones fault for constantly voting for who ever says they will protect your 2A right the two partys are hand in hand anymore do YOURSELF a favor and look into there history there is someone better this year and you can call me whatever you want but jo jorgensen is your only chance at ending this shit year after year i know its almost to late but hear me out look into her and bring a end to the ATF

    61. white recluse

      They don't listen to the president's executive order, we don't listen to them. Some of you have to realize at some point you going to have to stand up and just say NO I WILL NOT COMPLY!

    62. Bantz

      Thanks Trump!

    63. SlickDickDaddy

      This is absolutely Trump's fault he put in place that representative of the ATF even before he was appointed many Republicans did not agree with Trump's decision to appoint this guy you can look it up shouldn't have put somebody that has a leftist agenda as the head of the ATF completely his fault

    64. SlickDickDaddy

      lol all the trumpets saying to vote for trump to protect the 2nd Amendment is so fucking laughable educate yourselves

    65. mpk 666

      Wait hold on... why is universal background checks a bad thing? Or did I mishear something?

      1. Guns & Gadgets

        to start, the person-to-person sale is made illegal

    66. honz

      Hello, I'm a Canadian and I find this disturbing because it is following right in step with what is happening in our nation. While we do not have a 2A and we have a national licensing scheme, we - in the framework - had a vast 'freedom' in comparison to many other nations. Hell, the SKS is almost a national favourite. In any case, on May 01 - in faux response to the Nova Scotia Arson/Shooting massacre, our government enacted through Order-in-Council (a decree), a full prohibition on 9 "types" of firearms. First being the AR-15/10 family. While we had to register our AR15's since the 70s (restricted firearms can only be used at the range), the AR10 skirted and was a non-restricted firearm usable for hunting. Along with this came a bore-size and muzzle velocity ban - banning any muzzle larger than 20mm and firearms that could discharge at a muzzle velocity of 10kJ or greater (50BMG, 460, etc...) I say this - because it seems that this is a coordinated effort. The Eurozone was debating new regulations last year with the Czechs standing up against Brussles. My heart goes out to y'all this coming week.

    67. TIYX

      Are you really surprised? Think about it. How many video are here on YT with people shooting their AR "pistol" while shouldering it. Everyone know a AR pistol is a work around to the SBR laws. Even a AR with only the buffer tube and no butt stock or arm brace is still somewhat shoulderable. Don't get my wrong the SBR law is bullshit but are we really going to sit here and actually claim a AR or AK with no butt stock or arm brace is a fucking pistol? THis is why I never messed around with AR or AK pistols. Their legality has been a ticking time bomb in the grey zone for a long time now.

    68. Jeff Williams

      Thanks for your efforts!

    69. Noel Mckinney


    70. Shane Powers

      I never thought about it, but, ATF might be good for guns. It’s thinner than motor oil and doesn’t gum up so quick when it gets brutal cold. I don’t know about that red color, but it’s worth a try.

    71. NotSo Random

      So would it be best to register my ak pistol as an aow or should I just register it as an sbr?

    72. William Emerson Ya just never know what to expect or who to believe.

    73. JC

      Fear mongering.

    74. Mark Rodriguez

      Shit looks like gotta get an AK pistol now

    75. chris hensley

      I have contacted my representatives thank you for posting the links below.

    76. mike pulcine

      If joe biden wins we will be at war

    77. SatilliteSteve

      It’s easy to get around it, not a stock, not a brace. It’s a counter weight.

    78. Brian Peck

      I understand the creeping menace but lets get perspective...I'm an environmentalist. When I see concrete laid in natural areas I know that ground is lost. No going back. When is concrete ever pulled up? These atf "laws" however can be reversed. Normalization of crazy is a danger in itself. Whether I agree or not with full auto restrictions, a "piece of plastic" that reproduces that full auto function is the same thing. Confirmed by the Duck test. Same goes for "arm braces" ...actually soft shoulder stocks...because that's how they are used. We may not agree with bans on sbr's, but these loop holes are just not where I want to make a stand. They're legally weak. Backing weakness can come back on us. Some say that the other side is using any means necessary. Can't argue with that and their biggest tool is the useful idiots. Do we have to go fool retard 2?

    79. Guidy

      Destroy these clowns. F the ATF.

    80. Chewie S

      Dear big government, thanks for making it clear as to why we the people have a 2nd ammendment, your enemy truly❤

    81. Gilroy Libbs

      Where does the ATF.. get the "power" to write it's own regulations???

    82. LightWing Studios

      Ironically....THIS IS TRUMP' ATF! ROFLMAO!

      1. LightWing Studios

        @AdoreYouInAshXI That's like saying "It's not Trumps DOJ". It's THE DOJ. ROFLMAO!

      2. AdoreYouInAshXI

        You must not know how the ATF works huh? It's not "Trumps ATF". It's THE ATF.

    83. Kyser

      any updates on this pure bullshit? I like how I am being made a criminal by no act of my own.

    84. Tricareasaurus Rex

      How to defeat the ATF: Cops: Stop blindly following orders Citizens: Refuse to comply Everyone: Shoot first, ask questions later Fuck the fed boys

    85. Hayseed1776

      That's why this is the most important election of our lifetime vote Trump or sell your guns

    86. Hayseed1776

      SOMEONE PLEASE ANSWER THIS QUESTION, To my knowledge we have had background checks for 30 + years, please please someone explain to me what is universal background check they're talkin about something different than the background checks that I've went through for the past 30 years? Thank you love your videos

    87. Roscoe p Coltrane

      Don’t give an inch.

    88. Osvaldo Valdes


    89. American Islander

    90. Joshua Tunis

      They really need to get rid of thr ATF

    91. Richard Harris

      Like subscribed this is info I cant live without

    92. Piece Keepers Apparel

      Hey thank you for what you are doing to educate folks on the stuff that matters! We have a lot of education on our site also for anyone that's interested, we also donate a portion of every sale to vetted non-profit organizations at the local level with teams of pro-second amendment lawyers that challenge infringements to our 2A in a court of law. Check out our apparel if you get a chance, we have unique designs that point out the ridiculousness of things such as Gun Free Zones, where 96% of mass murders occur according to the Crime Prevention Research Center! Thank you for what you do brother! We all need to come together, or else they will pick us apart, one gun at a time. Our founding fathers didn't even want a standing army, since historically, they have been dangerous to Liberty...they wanted a citizen militia equipped with the latest and greatest (Militia Act 1792). Keep Your Powder Dry...Piece Keepers Apparel

    93. Allan Evans

      F them come and get them

    94. David Allred

      I don’t understand why you are not a Trump fan. He is all that stands between us and losing the 2nd amendment.

    95. Hamp Repper

      It'll work here in AL - contacting reps I referring to

    96. DurrtyBuck

      Idgaf anymore these bureaucrats want the American iron fist, 1775 style.

    97. Javy Javier

      I got this response from my Georgia Senator Kelly Loeffler about this matter. October 29, 2020 Dear Vargas, Thank you for contacting me about the ATF determination for the Honey Badger Pistol. It is an honor to serve the people of Georgia in the United States Senate, and I appreciate the opportunity to hear from you. On August 3, 2020, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF) notified Q, LLC. that its Honey Badger Pistol with a stabilizing brace is subject to additional regulations under the National Firearms Act. I disagree with ATF’s decision on this matter. Millions of stabilizing braces are currently owned by lawful gun owners across our nation and in Georgia. This arbitrary decision made by unelected bureaucrats is a departure from the previous stance the ATF itself has held since 2012. In response, President Donald Trump suspended the ATF order for 60 days as the White House reviews the decision to ensure it will not interfere with the ability of law-abiding citizens to exercise their constitutional right to “keep and bear arms.” I sent a letter to the Department of Justice urging Attorney General Barr to remedy this issue. I stand with President Trump, and as a strong advocate for the Second Amendment, I will continue to closely monitor this situation. Thank you again for contacting me. If you have any other questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me. Your comments and opinions are a vital source of information to assist me in carrying out my duties as your U.S. Senator from Georgia. Sincerely, Senator Kelly Loeffler

    98. TennysBalls

      These pistol braces are made for the wounded and disabled veterans of this country and the atf is trying to make these hero's go to jail for owning them. i literally cannot comprehend what the ATF is doing.

    99. TennysBalls

      i just contacted both my senator and representative expressing my issues on this topic. thank you for having the links in your description to make it easier.

    100. Jason T

      They can go fuck themselves! Time for a gunfight