Jake Paul Vs Nate Robinson Fight Watch Party!!


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    Jake Paul Vs Nate Robinson Fight Watch Party!!
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    1. african kaleab

      Props to Jake Paul. Jesus is King. Orthodox Christianity is the Truth. Pray to Savior. Pray to Mary. Have faith in Him. 2021 will be your year. God bless g.

    2. how to properly clean your plastic computer

      My man Nate got knocked into REM sleep

    3. asioe kiou

      Hey bro what did you sniff you're over there twitching

    4. eioshen boboi

      The count in the first round was a joke.13 seconds😂😂

    5. soiung toiue

      The bridish version of Mr beast

    6. Jonathan Irwin

      RIP our beloved Drake. He was a rapper, my rapper. You rapped my heart with ❤️ R.I.P DRAKE Fly high, my friend 🕊

      1. Game Dev

        What? are you even talking about

    7. Miguel Macedonio

      🍻 woohoo!

      1. eioshen boboi

        Hey bro what did you sniff you're over there twitching

    8. Rock girl

      Guys mygoaltv streams all free live fights. Good quality too. This will prob get removed but it might help some people. Ppv is a rip off.

      1. soiung toiue

        Dude we don't even appreciate your mouth talking

    9. dcoog anml


      1. asioe kiou

        Stop trying to be a USfilmr cuz you're not even a USfilmr you're irrelevant

    10. yasio bolo

      Nate literally has no idea how to box he completely ran into Jake Paul and Jake used his momentum. Like wtf was that.

    11. qopoy dnon

      Im really disappointed in Nate I expected so much more........

      1. Rock girl

        Dude shutttt up nobody cares

    12. Dave keeps on bullying me

      Imagine coming here and thinking you were gonna see the fight...

    13. Plasmatic

      I wanna see Nyx Onyx fight too lmaoooo, that donation convo was entertaining af

    14. Matt Tammaro

      Nate still snoozing

      1. qopoy dnon

        The bridish version of Mr beast

    15. Johnnydelgoto

      Nate WHYYYYYY WHY you go and let us down like that ohh down like that

    16. PlasticTub

      Nate doesn’t box it’s no surprise that he lost

    17. Redouane T

      Mike Tyson vs roy Jones ..و ملاكمة الشوارع usfilm.info/fire/gdmSoZ-gnLaU064/video.html

    18. DeFi Club

      jake handles ksi easy

      1. Victor Cruz

        @DeFi Club Hopefully the fight happens soon.

      2. DeFi Club

        @Victor Cruz maybe, at least JJ comes to fight, where as logan is just playing around. Jake is another story, he has a boxer mentality / killer instincts.

      3. Victor Cruz

        @DeFi Club JJ probably does it only to people that are much bigger than him. It worked for logan but I feel like he is coming up with something different for Jake.

      4. DeFi Club

        @Victor Cruz maybe but that wild style is not effective in most boxing matches.

      5. Victor Cruz

        No, JJ could box. I think Jake will win but it will be hard. Not "easy".

    19. Francis F

      Nate literally has no idea how to box he completely ran into Jake Paul and Jake used his momentum. Like wtf was that.

    20. Benett Pace

      Everyone when he said that he knocked him out cold “🧢🧢🧢🧢🧢🧢🧢 CAP your lying he can’t do that”

    21. Jack Konieczny

      Bro, the chat is so stupid .


      Dude where is your chin?

    23. Genghis Khan

      How fucking many ads? Jesus christ

    24. Luke

      C’est nul

    25. Simon Pierre

      Dead body reported

    26. lawn clipping

      My predictions before the fight Jake paul vs nate Robinson: 3rd round ko by Jake Mike Tyson vs roy Jones jr: I taught that roy was going to win by points

      1. WWE Clarke

        But I thought Jake was gonna tko Nate 2nd round

      2. WWE Clarke

        Me too

    27. weird puff

      I haven't got 5 hours for you. You mad ?

      1. weird puff

        @Karl Urban well not now lol

    28. Brock Freeman

      And here come the memes

    29. Oscar Fernandez

      Nate got knocked the fuck out 🤣🤣🤣

    30. :_Sub_To_Tijht_ :

      I missed it lemme rewatch

    31. Jordan Williams

      3:23:10, 3:26:38 that's what its all about friends.

      1. Critical Fps

        Legend man

      2. Connor

        you're legend man. 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

      3. Marco B

        People like you give me hope

    32. Marco Stone

      The count in the first round was a joke.13 seconds😂😂

      1. Emeraldstar716

        We get it

    33. Arminoideris

      holy shit 1.6Mil views, lets goooo Kavos

    34. CH1NA VI

      I want to sock everybody who was saying "show the fight" or "unsubbed" like bruh get some fucking brain cells

    35. Zachary Meehan

      His reaction to the KO 😂

    36. The rRAZEr

      3:26:36 Jake wins by Ko Even tho i don't like the pauls, that was a sick knockout, gotta give props to Jake.

      1. Cyberpunk

        Yeah. He did a nice little combo with a sweet right hook finish. It was beautiful.

    37. Kelly-Marie

      Why didn’t you title your vid “Live Stream me watching the fight”

      1. BikeRush

        Bit fucking obviously that he can't stream a pay for view event on USfilm ..... why would he need to change hes title because people don't understand basic shit

      2. Kelly-Marie

        @Deadman Outcast true lol 😂

    38. Xav

      Free hugs

    39. Trenton Hood

      Get a hair cut please

    40. vzasta

      Nate got hit by a pillow... that was the softest punch I’ve ever seen

      1. Baboon 123

        he would knock u out

    41. Fifa Paco

      So first he fought a guy out of shape who hasn't trained then he fought a fucking crab and now he fought an NBA player who charged in like sonic. This is funny asf Jake really rocked Nate's shit.

    42. Bane Wade

      Lmao at all the retards in the chat asking him to show the fight like that isn’t completely illegal

    43. Dillon Mackay

      Why is he whispering?

      1. SOSA GOAT

        Cuz he nervous a lot of the times when you watch boxing you get nervous because you want a certain person to win

    44. steven Jack

      3:17:20 jake Paul fight

    45. Statichands

      Why are so many people spamming "show the fight" he obviously can't that would be copyrighted since it's pay to watch. I swear half the people in the chat are as dumb as chimpanzees

      1. MicGoogle

        Just posted my reaction to the Nate Robinson Knockout! I just need some motivation so if you guys could check it out I would really appreciate it

      2. JexxMixx76 Rose

        @Clorox Bleach 😿

      3. JexxMixx76 Rose

        @Clorox Bleach ever since i had my daughter i cant handle alcohol even small sips and ill be puking and miserable for days

      4. JexxMixx76 Rose

        @Clorox Bleach i usually assume someone wants to fight when they drop addresses and unfortunately my body cannot handle alcohol it makes me sick

      5. JexxMixx76 Rose

        @Clorox Bleach ima assume you were gonna fight until you read what my intentions would be

    46. Conj

      It’s looking bad for Nate

    47. Renuyel Pam

      Imagine watching a four hour reaction stream

      1. TotallyAnExpert

        @Aug 99 those are rookie numbers. I know of someone who did a 69h livestream.

    48. William Kasana

      Why did you unfollow me kavos😪 Tuned into your stream from the beginning not forgetting that I'm two hours ahead of UK time Right now it's 10pm here Have to wake up at 11 to go work Don't know why you unfollowed me but anyway love your content and keep up the good work ❤️ML My twitter is @Willy4real

    49. Skeletal Dragon

      Kavos if I were you I’d delete that video about you hoping Jake would get knocked out. Looks very bad now man.

      1. jack beswick

        99.9 percent of people wanted jake paul to get knocked out, so not really

      2. Karl Wandji

        Not really tho, he just want Jake to get humbled like the rest of the world.

    50. PsyQo HyDroz

      Hey man all your hate towards Jake and he still won

    51. WhosDatDude

      Kavos I dare you to fight jake

    52. no exceptions

      Why didn't jakes nose bleed

      1. Mikkiiiboy

        He broke his nose so he doesn’t sneeze that morning

      2. Bruh Really?

        I think his nose broke something like that

    53. no exceptions

      No wonder why ksi is ducking😂😂😂

      1. Rosa Tamez

        @no exceptions he’s not lol he can’t fight because of COVID-19 lol and music,USfilm

      2. no exceptions

        @Rosa Tamez ducking out the fight with jake

      3. Rosa Tamez

        That’s the point of boxing lol

      4. JCG DL

        I don't really think it's ducking. I don't even think KSI takes boxing seriously anymore. Isn't he a rapper now? USfilmr turned boxer turned rapper turned irrelevant.

    54. Alex thiccboi

      I hate my life

    55. Daron Moran

      Mike or Roy were told they can’t have knockouts... that’s why there wasn’t that many head punches because if there was a KO they would be disqualified and possibly not be allowed to re-do the fight or any fights

    56. Nightcrawler Gaming


    57. dekkedbyink

      KSI dropped Faze Sensei what are you talking about that he can't box XD

      1. Cyberpunk

        @dekkedbyink I never said he'd fight Jake how he fought Logan, I said JJ will eventually get pissed off by the counter jabs due to Jake's superior technical boxing skills and JJ will eventually try to go for the KO by swinging wild. We all saw JJ, when he swung wild, it was pretty much chin level. His swinging had everything to do with Logan's advantage, yes, but his normal hooks are terrible. They're wide and looks like he throws them wild and hopes to just land one. He doesn't have superior boxing iq to Jake. That's all I've taken from their fights. JJ's downfall will be his swing and wish, brawler style hooks.

      2. dekkedbyink

        @Cyberpunk KSI been boxing for 3 years he fights different with people his size versus a bigger person

      3. dekkedbyink

        @Mikkiiiboy I’m aware people spar with injuries all the time whether he was injured or not ksi still dropped him

      4. Cyberpunk

        @John Bercow I think JJ would eventually get pissed off after getting slapped with a bunch of counter jabs and go wild when he sees any chance. That's when I predict he'll do to JJ what Jake did to Nate.

      5. Mikkiiiboy

        @dekkedbyink sensei had broken ribs before the spar

    58. TravelerZer4

      Jake vs Nate reaction 3:21:00

      1. jc QuArTzZ

        Safe g

      2. Desert U

        Bless you

      3. IdiotSandwich

        Appreciate it 👍

      4. Ebonix33


      5. JJH


    59. razez

      Mike got robbedddd

    60. kepler 55


    61. Mike Tak

      Nate robinson got knocked tf out 🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂

    62. Unknown destroyer


    63. EEL

      Who else watched the fights for free?😂

      1. no exceptions

        Nope i have my ways😎

      2. Colin

        @Luke Wu dang dude chill

    64. Mayukhmali Das

      Tyson's fight was boring not gonna lie . Jake Paul's fight was more entertaining !!!!

    65. Yoboydrew

      A draw my assss tyson whooped him Jones just hugged

      1. Djordjevic_ Hfgr


    66. JexxMixx76 Rose

      It was a draw

      1. JexxMixx76 Rose

        @Ziac _ it shouldnt have been a tie but for some reason it was i swear it was planned

      2. JexxMixx76 Rose

        @Ziac _ sorry i should have been specific i swear the last fight was faked from roys part did you see now many hits he missed on purpose

      3. JexxMixx76 Rose

        @Ziac _ not all the fights just the last one bro

      4. JexxMixx76 Rose

        @Ziac _ at the end thats what they said unless you didnt watch til the end

      5. Ziac _

        No it wasn’t 😂

    67. Moises Martinez

      Nate got rocked

      1. Moises Martinez

        @Aug 99 ok but Nate is a athlete and he took the fight so his fault

      2. Derrick Gates

        @Moises Martinez true

      3. Moises Martinez

        @Derrick Gates he can’t fight he needs to go back to basketball

      4. Derrick Gates

        Nate needs to go mma because he does not know how to box.

    68. man's not hot

      Im really disappointed in Nate I expected so much more........

      1. Dark Ace

        He did more then expected to me

      2. DOOM Studios

        This fight Shouldn’t have been pushed back even further but nah they rushed the shit out of this match

      3. Djordjevic_ Hfgr


      4. man's not hot

        @no exceptions LOL if that wasn't prepared I'm DEAD LOL

      5. no exceptions

        I didn't

    69. Crazy Ginger Jake holden

      Called a draw because Boxing is a dead sport, did not watch it. I watched you though. I watched UFC and you over this crap boxing fights.

      1. AppleAkiyama

        @I'm Joking nah the featherweights at the start were pretty entertaining

      2. I'm Joking

        Jake fight was only entertaining fight.

    70. Limit

      Imagine saying you would stream the event but not😂😂😂

      1. Frying Pan

        Rick and Morty profile picture says it all.

      2. Masoom Ahmed

        you know that's illegal right? Why tf would he do that

      3. JCG DL

        Imagine thinking he'd stream a live copyrighted fight. Who's really the dumbass here, man.

      4. Ninja YT

        Y'all really thought u would find a livestream of the fight on USfilm there were links to the fight all over Twitter for free

      5. x Cammy

        You can’t legally show it bud

    71. Verpion

      Nate Robinson down bad.

      1. iiApp ,

        lol you're the one who said remember this comment when Nate wins and got like 4 k likes just for it be so badly wrong

      2. Charbel Makarem

        Rosa Tamez are u good brother

      3. Rosa Tamez

        @Charbel Makarem Wakey wakey its time for school come it’s time for school wake up man

      4. Charbel Makarem

        Verpion nah he’s just taking a nap he’s tired

      5. Rosa Tamez

        Loveee you’re tiktoks you’re so funny😂😂

    72. JaxonPlays


    73. HazThe1st


    74. Gurpal Singh


    75. Porfi