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    Published on 4 months ago


    1. Leonhart

      *Can't believe I got an error pack in this video! ALSO, where should I go next?*

      1. NRL Trading Card Lounge


      2. CR3AT1V3 BU1LD3R

        Which Costco in Texas do you go to cause I go to the one in grapevine

      3. Just Sam


      4. Frisky DT

        @Holo Cards i was going to suggest that lol

      5. Isa's Pokémon

        You should go to Target next

    2. Desterx

      Do all costcos look the same or something lol

    3. Lilly Allen

      Bruh he just throws the other cards away why not give them to a charity shop so some kid can get them and play Pokémon

    4. Frank Phillips

      That error pack had me trippin!!! I’ve never had that exact thing before but I have had it where I got two regigigas display cards in one tin!!

    5. JTX Ceiron

      Chill no more PSA 10 goodbye PSA 10

    6. Jared Hoey

      bro you're ruining all your new stuff by just tossing it in there. come on now thats not how a dedicated collector would treat his cards. love the videos btw super envious wish i could so the same thing.

    7. Ummu Salwa

      i am very like you

    8. omer lara mohamad

      can i have both plz

    9. Mackovic 4TFG

      That umbreon gx rainbow shiny vault was a nice pull

    10. Allen Weaver

      I really hope you have an executive membership.

      1. Desterx


    11. Jerry Murillo

      They why no one else has a chance to get cards

    12. nomen sharinga

      on mi costco before i knew the poke fiber it whent down to 8.99$ i still have the pic 😭😭 i wish i knew

    13. Boston Blaney

      i have no pokemon cards

    14. Harold Farrow

      It’s F****d that I think if I won the lottery this would be one of my first things. Granted I’ve ripped bulk here and there on a budget but to no limits this would be hyped. I was tryna find those boxes for 8.99 for the contents and holy shit as I type this you pulled up to the pokeballs pretty much by 2 got one free

    15. Freshness Lmano

      Help this streamer out pls just watch one of his streams

    16. Colson Little

      My head hurts from the error pack

    17. Maui Foster

      I got that pokeball set for christmas

    18. Rowena Galang


    19. markus blomqvist

      11:51 the funniest moment for a while xD

    20. Todd Diehl

      You are the best USfilm don ater

    21. WOLF BG

      btw i have the same color\texture as the embreyon but its slowpoke and psyduck

      1. WOLF BG

        and 3 sets\boxes full of rare and ultra rare ;\

    22. Alain Patry

      You can find pokemon cards at Amazon There are always discounts Best prices can always be found to amazon ★ amzn.to/2LFK5IS

    23. David Martinez

      www.ebay.com/itm/402642430232 check this out ASAP full collection being sold off at heavily discounted prices to give everyone a great chance include the word LUCK all in caps in the message with your purchase of three or more Lots and your purchase will be matched so you by 3 you'll receive 6 YOU by 5 you'll receive 10 this is a great chance to get your hands on a vintage pack!!

    24. FlyOrDie722

      Where do you go to get cards priced?

    25. JadeDragon 33

      I need some of those poke balls my kids would love to play with them. My son loves Pokémon.

    26. Benny's Games

      So here that like stocked up and imma like So i went to costco and they had nothing XD

    27. Bismo

      How was that 8.99 a box thats so cheap

    28. Bryan Anthony

      That’s a great deal for the gengar box it’s $12 at Walmart. 24.99 isn’t bad for the balls but I’ve heard a lot of complaints about the Costco balls. And if u can price match for 3.50 it’s better

    29. Bcat09

      Boi get those gloves off

    30. sean moose

      So this why none of the big retailers by me got any Pokémon 😂

    31. Don Cromito y Cromañon

      Que guapas las bolas !!!

    32. Chris Conner

      How much for that reverse charmeleon only shiny I dont have of that evolution for that set

    33. Michelle Sorrells

      I got an error pack and got a vmax that shouldn't have been in the pack i opened

    34. Jason Bourne


    35. Casey Locklear

      Not being able to see the color of the online cards were driving me crazy a little lol

    36. Mirsad Hysaj

      Try to get all first edition cards 10 rated i meen litterly all cards

    37. MxnsH

      He got an XY sun&moon lol

    38. Fadyen

      I can't believe how cheap they are, one pokeball tin would cost that in the UK, just one, not three! I'm jelly

    39. Kayden Hunt

      i love you bro

    40. Tyler Johnson

      My buddy pulled a sun and moon pack with only full arts

    41. Believer of the Word

      Watching these haul videos and knowing you give most of it away is why I subbed. I'm late to the pokeparty but better late than never! Thanks for teaching me how to bond with my 13 year old daughter. ❤

    42. Garrett Knaack

      Hey LeonHart, Been watching for a while and finally subscribed. Don't ask me why it took so long 😅. I know you probably won't read this as you have so many comments but... I too live in the DFW area and was curious if you knew all Costco locations in DFW sold those boxes or cards in general. I didn't want to pry as to the location you went to so you could maintain your privacy. Please, if you know of other locations I would greatly appreciate to know.. Thanks!


      I want some toys can you give me

    44. 90BLIN

      Curb your essential shopping

    45. Nathan Chouinard

      Bros what is your job!!! ?

    46. Crisxpl04

      Lucky!!! My costco only has the nintendo switch games 😔

      1. Robert Strom

        My store still has tons of them.

    47. Imprints

      Why is costco so cheap, i need to shop there

    48. jase barnabe

      if you pause and go to 26:33 its just XD

      1. jase barnabe

        i mean 18:27

    49. Jessica Jarrett

      Imagine being able to find Pokemon cards stocked at a store... that is nearly impossible in Australia!

      1. Lytra

        Same in Scotland! We can only buy them in large Asda shops, and Game. And even then they are those blister packs with 2 packs and a coin. Also those metal balls with the bent cards. Aside from that we have nothing. I’m too scared to order online ahha

    50. Lividbody38

      I wonder if he can write off buying cards on his taxes

      1. Jagsacdc

        Yes he can and especially the ones he donates

    51. Dab_end

      I bought the same pokèballs and got a primal groudon ex ;-;

    52. Tiffany Seaton

      Still cool but it was just a little mistake

    53. Tiffany Seaton

      You just got and extra card in that pack and it was the vulpix evolutions card

    54. Melody Baird

      11:57 the ooooooohhhhhhhh is so funny

    55. Melody Baird

      9:56 shiny vullpix?

    56. Melody Baird


    57. Melody Baird


    58. Urban Farmer

      "It's a little mangled"...🤔 Could it of been the slam dunk in the trolly??🤣🤣..✌🏼💚

    59. Chad Rasmussen

      Holy crap that's alot of pokeballs lmfao

    60. Robert Pendergast

      Maybe hide the code cards so someone doesnt use them lol

    61. trevcon 3

      Bro what do you get in the Pokemon balls

    62. yourboy phateom

      Nothing to see hear just a 30 year old man buying pokemon cards had me dead

    63. David Thomas love my 2 friends

      Yes it happened with burning shadows that the cards are mixed

    64. mark stephen salon

      guys i think he likes pokemon

    65. DeclawedTV

      Went to my costco in San Antonio and asked if they have poke balls or any Pokémon cards and they acted like I was from 2005.... and no they didn't have any

    66. nick rose

      Dang 3 packs of evolutions in one $25 box. Just a pack is 14.99 at the shop. I should have grabbed some when I was Xmas shopping.

    67. みおさん


    68. nikjacksmom

      i am jack

    69. nikjacksmom

      i have a shiny charizard v that i might sell and you might be able to buy it

    70. Tribal Fuse

      Idk why, but watching him crab the poke balls made my anxiety sky rocket

    71. Rad Brad

      That part starting at the 2:15 mark is where you got my like on the video sir. I mean, you were already gonna get it, but i usually wait until the end of videos. Youre such an awesome person. Thank you for doing what you do for your fans, and people in need alike. Keep being awesome friend 👏👏👏

    72. Disney101elephant

      I was watching this and was waiting for the money to stop going up 25 dollars and when it did stop I was just like “Wow!! This guy cares about his fans” 😂😂😂

    73. Tommie Boy

      I love to get some of the old tins that you don’t want😁🙏🏾

    74. UNIQE


    75. Alexander Park

      Maybe if you stack them nicely in your cart you would get more room to buy more... But ok. I'll keep watching 😂😂😂😂

    76. Just a dude tryin to learn piano

      Sad life when I’m filling out a rental assistance due to covid form, so me and my kids don’t get evicted, and “no budget spending on Pokémon cards” pops up on USfilm 😭

    77. Jm Jm

      Is costco always stocked up like that??? (SoCal Area)

    78. Mark Carter

      That’s why I can’t find cards to buy people like this buys them all nice

      1. TheDailyDonut YT

        Bruh you probably didnt even watch the video, he donated a lot of the to a children’s hospital

    79. richard tate

      My brother pulled a reverse charizard and holo charizard from same evolutions pack, what is the % of that happening ?

      1. richard tate

        @MEMES_4_life that’s crazy

      2. MEMES_4_life

        @richard tate wow the lowest I seen a 1st edition charizard sell for was about 2,600$

      3. richard tate

        @MEMES_4_life thanks, yeah if I woulda known how much they were gonna get to I would have kept all my first editions when they came out :(

      4. MEMES_4_life

        The chance's of getting a charizard from any pack is very high I have never pulled a charizard from a pack and I have been collecting for about 7 years or more so you would have about a 25% chance of pulling 1 charizard so I would say you would have about a 4% chance pulling 2 charizards

    80. Olivia Norman

      "Leaf energy" lol Ty for all you do.

    81. Rohini Kute

      Yes i also got by how i didn't no

    82. VzwsoN

      What’s with the gloves, weirdo?

    83. Chile Dean

      And I just spent $16.99 on 1 pokeball. Smh

    84. KingKonger87

      Had no idea you were in Plano, TX. Me too. No wonder I can't find any pokemon cards anywhere. Lol. ^_^ Leading the way, nice job on the million, and good luck on the Charizard VMAX pull. Check out my Charizard VMax Pull! I got super lucky!

    85. Ashton Edwards

      Ordered a ton of those Pokeballs turns out they were French

      1. Ashton Edwards

        Update:got a gold card out of it

    86. Shiny_Celebi

      Plaino a plain piano

    87. Lethal Zex

      I work at Costco and just started collecting again. I can’t wait until we get more Pokémon items!

    88. Antônio Daló

      If you could do other subjects videos I think it would be nice and make your channel better , like videogames and stuff

    89. Antônio Daló

      I live in Brazil and there only come 5 cards in each pack here and just trash cards

    90. Scott Archer

      poke dam cards

    91. Leo Cotello

      I'd be so mad if I was a kid that went to coscto looking for some cheap pokemon cards, only to find everything is gone. Oh well... Do it for the views, amirite?

    92. Jackie Garrett

      this guy donats to people now youu know that I love tht man

    93. Dying Diglett

      Thanks for cross contaminating with your gloves ❤️

    94. The Jada Show

      This is why people can’t find Pokémon cards bcs people are buying 2000000 Pokémon cards

      1. Zurf Meechan

        He gave most to kids... don't be salty

    95. Microbe42

      I’m honestly glad that a person this kind and generous is able to do something he loves for a living. It seems that he knows how fortunate he is and gives back as a result.

    96. Xerxes Z

      Why would you give good cards to kids that are gonna die in a couple of years :/

    97. Cole Smith

      What’s that point of gloves in the store when all the products you bring home are dirty too? I never understood this logic

      1. Tyler Godwin

        Cole Smith no I understand, personally I don’t think it’s super helpful either. I think the principle is that if everyone wore gloves much like masks, then everyone would be helping to protect others by not having skin contact on objects. More of a total effort. Obviously the likelihood of everyone taking part is so low it kinda negates the few that decide to do it. Just wanted to point out the perspective of why he may be doing it in particular.

      2. Cole Smith

        @Tyler Godwin You’re still touching things that thousands of others have touched (getting those germs all over your gloves), there’s no point in it. The second you start touching other stuff with your gloves, they pick up germs immediately and might as well be your skin. It’s pointless

      3. Tyler Godwin

        Malandros Tumbados I think it’s more for the sake of other people so his own skin isn’t touching other stuff. Similar to wearing a mask to help protect others.

      4. Malandros Tumbados

        Yup and then they touch their own belongings with the same gloves that they touched the entire store with.

    98. Eric Tang

      I wonder where he puts his extra Pokémon cards.

    99. Maxine Barnish

      Omg that error pack was wacky

    100. Channing Michaelis

      Ok i love ur videos and i have respect for what u do but, save some cards for the fans?