Food Theory: Count Chocula's Shameful Past! (Halloween Breakfast Cereal)

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    It's Halloween season and that means it's time to talk about some spooky, scary foods! Today, we are diving head first into the iconic monster cereal - Count Chocula! Specifically, the count himself. What is his history? Is he related to Dracula? Well, the story is actually a little more complicated than that... Get your cereal bowls ready Food Theorists, it's about to get weird!
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    Writers: Matthew Patrick, Mark Hofmeye, and Luke Barats
    Editors: Alex "Sedge" Sedgwick and Danial "BanditRants" Keristoufi
    Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
    Sound Editor: Yosi Berman
    #CountChocula #Breakfast #Cereal #Halloween #FoodTheory #Dracula #Monster #Food #Recipe #Matpat #GameTheory #FilmTheory

    Published on Month ago


    1. Schatten Joshi

      If you use german pronunciation B makes more sense than P.

    2. Garrison Morton

      This man can make a theory out of everything.

    3. PhoenixIllusion

      I live in Romania very close to Lugoj, in the same region, so being close to the border with Hungary I also speak hungarian fluently and even went there plenty of times. I have never in my life heard someone with the name Chocul, not in Romania, not in Hungary.

    4. Ptenarian

      How many hours do you think he wasted on this.

    5. SweetRevenge666

      For anyone like me who loves Count Chocula cereal, Chocolate Lucky Charms make a decent substitute for the rest of the year. Not exactly the same, but still delicious, especially since Lucky Charms is already my favorite cereal. Well, it was until I tried Chocolate Lucky Charms, and unlike Count Chocula, I can buy them year round at Walmart.

    6. hermaeus

      I can tell you that as a native Hungarian that Chocul is NOT a common name at all and I've never heard of it🤫

    7. Max A

      mat “who told you about coco fang!”

    8. Vincent Müller

      Interesting what you Americans have as "Junk food" like gogurt count chocula, not like us in Germany we only have like mini-Pizzen ( Smaller pizza) Or Cornflakes (Normal Flakes).

    9. free heavy

      A succubus

    10. Its TKB

      Fun fact: I’m watching this while eating Count Chocula

    11. Arthur Soares Lima

      Can't wait for in a few hundred years people will be attending Count Chocula's funeral

    12. james barnette

      So the count has the best of both world

    13. zemzem123

      Fruity Yummy Mummy : Fruit by the feet.

    14. Lumberjack king the great

      I've never heard of this brand 1:56 oh that explains why I've never heard of it

    15. ActualAspie NC

      There's only one word that can be applied to this video and that is 'PHRASING!'

    16. Kai Kwon Do

      If you like vampires, go read department 19. That book is AMAZING!!

    17. Lennon The Duck

      "Now this is the part of the episode where your childhood gets ruined" Me, who has never heard of Count Chocula or his friends:

    18. 市ミズキ

      me watching this from Transylvania, in Romania and cringing at the way you pronounced "conte" and "Țepeș" : 👁️👄👁️💧

    19. Matei Iftode

      Lol Mat it is pronounced "Con-teh" and its not the same as count bc of a minor differente wich is that this word is at the 2nd person (the person that "you" in english is also part of) in the third person (the person that uses "they") its "ducele" and pronounced as "Do-che-leh" Also it is pronounced as "tzepesh" and wrote as "Țepeș" there are a lot more words and stuff you got wrong but y'know saying all of them would be a petty waist of time so just check the spelling and pronounctiation whenever you have words that are foreign (also just a fun fact Dracul in Romania means "The devil" )

    20. Evelyn Carsten

      I feel like it should be mentioned - historically, the disease that made people think of someone as a vampire is known as porphyria. It's a genetic disorder which lowers the hemoglobin count of those who have it, making them crave bloody, raw meat, forcing the flesh on their gums to pull back and become gaunt, and causing them to sunburn incredibly easily and painfully. The cause of the disease? Inbreeding, of course.

    21. ifyouSAEso

      I ate a bowl of this once then threw up hardcore the next day. Tastes nice though.

    22. Vulnresati

      We are too busy selling cereal to children we don't have time for... Children

    23. Renamon 565

      That's a lot to digest

    24. Angel Taniya

      "I feel like Inbred Batman would be half as good" Bold of you to assume Bruce Wayne isn't inbred

    25. EVBigglesWorth

      Sweet home Alabama

    26. Samir Amdzhadin

      Halloween cereals: *exists* Matpat: hmmm... yes, there is a hidden meaning in this

    27. AYAH ASAD

      Never heard of the mummy or werewolf one. I’ve only had Count Chocula. I remember buying a box of Count Chocula and my sister got Frankenberry and everyone ate MY cereal

    28. RedFan 127

      Ai Deus do Santo Céu !!! Olhem quem é o incestuoso....FELIPE 1 DE ESPANHA !!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    29. Sul Wah

      Me who has never seen any other cereal than that one cereal with the cookies, Frosted Flakes, coco puffs, fruit loops, that one Oreo cereal and nesquick: I appreciate the information but who tf is he

    30. Five Geese

      Boo berry was my favorite

    31. MangoMationZzz

      Me: has large chin Mat Pat: ILLEGAL

      1. Vulnresati

        I can't believe you came from inbreeding. Only they have chins

    32. Melissa Callaway

      The fruitiest werewolf there is maybe can be his catchphrase

    33. misty

      Bro I just realized the Transylvania movie2 Is just like this they have a baby he is kinda exsplaining a bit of the story line in the video-

    34. that cone guy

      You should talk about the Burger King Pokemon Pokeball Recall that happened in 1999.

    35. Pup Club

      How much more are you going to put on my plate because I’m loveing it

    36. Eliza_da_UwU_gal

      Me seeing this the first time: Uh wha? Me seeing this the second time: W A I T

    37. FC's The Meme

      Hmm you instead taught me ironically a lot about Hotel Transylvania oddly enough. And wouldn't that make Doofinsmirtz one of the trait carrier and kinda Phineas maybe?

    38. J Buddery

      Imagine the shame Vlad the Impaler must have for his great grand nephew, who sells chocolate cereal and has fights with a frankenstein's monster who sells berries

    39. Bronto Cheeseburger

      whats next, music theory?

    40. Iliam, Thais Vilella

      I have scrolled all the way down until the last video on recommended for me. Didn't know i had so much free time

    41. Masked Roses

      6:16 I know im not the only who caught that. But is it a pronunciation error or a Food Theory pun?

    42. Amaan Kumar

      Fruity Mummy actually has the best catchphrase

    43. John Porteous

      5:57-Fry is his own grandfather and he doesn't have a Habsburg Jaw Seriously MatPat, when are you going to make a Film Theory on Futurama?!

    44. Petals

      I had never seen so much history in one food theory.

    45. Mo J

      2022: welcome to sport theory

    46. Mushroom

      As a romanian, The palace of Dracula (Where a film took place) Is absolutely worth visiting

    47. _YnnatheguardianChannel_

      "apple jacks" *froot loops*

    48. Lemonwhisper og

      Who are these guys?

    49. Cupsett Productions!

      Better love story than Twilight.

    50. larry alegre

      I liked fruity mummy’s catch phrase 😅😂

    51. bio luminescent duck

      I should be watching coryxkenshin's new video but NO I'm here watching count chocula's inbred freaggin past and i am NOT regretting it!!

    52. devin hopkins

      I swear... THESE have sooo much production quality.

    53. Ben Makes

      Yomy mommy

    54. Fabio Ho

      I love austria Vielleicht weil ich da lebe? Wer weis

    55. Annoying Person

      4:23 mummy said its a strong chin for a strong boi

    56. Da little lapis kitsune


    57. Ibuprofen

      3 cereal videos in a row... nice

    58. stephanie kievaughan

      Boo berry makes my Poop green Thats Fun though not really a complaint

    59. Niki Tre

      Fun fact (because I stumbled over it literally yesterday and thought it was really funny to stumble over one dynasty in such a short period of time): Pretty much all the power of the dynasty of Habsburg was gained by forgery of documents, the "Privilegium Maius" to be precise. The dynasty did have its high time around 1273, where Rudolf I. became King of the holy roman empire. The rise of the dynasty came to a sudden halt when the nephew of the second Habsburgian king killed his uncle out of greed. The crone went to the Luxemburg Heinrich VII. and the Habsburgians where out of the game for a while. But in 1359, Rudolf IV. had the idea to create a document that would give his house huge advantages for taxes, areas, courtsystems... inspired by the real existing "Privilegium Minor". While Karl IV. never accepted his claims after a historican revealed them as the plump forgeries they were. However, almost 100 years later, the Habsburgian Friedrich III. became king in 1442 and Emperor in 1453 and validated those documents, which were then considered accurate (without anyone remembering that they were actually proven to be fake before) until the old empire was disbanded and a historican proved them wrong again in the middle of the 19th century. So, here is really long historical fun fact, nobody asked for xD (that might aswell have been the inspiration for game of thrones xD). The link to the source for this is (, for anyone bothering to read the long version in german ;)

    60. Caroline Yalda

      And twilight ruined all vampires

    61. subito zx

      Co-ooooh-kie Crisp

    62. purelitenite

      porphyria is also common in inbred, AKA the “vampire disease”

    63. Video Game Music

      Yes, this is the outlandish stuff I love about MatPat videos. They definitely shouldn’t all be this, but this is good to have occasionally.

    64. Dante Broken

      Watching This Video As I Eat... Count Chocula!

    65. Rob

      Wow and here I was thinking that "Corn Pop was a bad dude!"🤣

    66. Phoenix Havoc

      Well I think I learned more about Matpat's family gatherings around minute 5 than I wanted to

    67. Aurora Fulfer

      i love the mummy's catchphrase as is rip

    68. Hash Gamer

      So matpat is making a theory about a mascot I think this covid thing took over his mind

    69. _np 7

      Can so meine explain me why its spelled Pretzel in America and Not Brezel?!

    70. Vinny Chanthery

      My theory is: Count Chocula is Mavis and Jonhathan's other child. Younger brother of Dennis in Hotel Transavania

    71. Christian S

      Mans really just looked at Count Chocula’s long chin a went “That guy’s inbred.”

    72. Carrot Sticks

      So basically, Count Dracula from hotel Transylvania could be inbred too???

    73. BBQ Sauce

      Video: *is about inbreeding* USfilm: yeah this is a good spot to put a child's toy ad

    74. Kasu

      In the first few seconds of the clip there is a lot of speaking and the one that stood out to me was “ska vi åka till Sverige” which mean should we go to Sweden but in Swedish if you know Swedish u probably live there than why would that be a question are they on semester or do they live somewhere else but hey that’s just a theory a Swedish theory thx for reading

    75. MultiDakman

      Admiralty the only Halloween/Monster cereal I have ever seen, till now, is Count Chocula, but I hate sugar cereal, so I have never cared to try it.

    76. Vicolas Munoz

      My dad is older than count chocula hes a littlw older

    77. Firefox gameing

      But....but I love count chocula :(.

    78. Anonymous One

      I didn’t know that any of these cereals exsisted

    79. Hideki Onishi


    80. Zander Is Purple

      Matpat: Dracula is based on a real-life person! Me: Vlad the Impaler?! Matpat: Vlad III Tepes, AKA Vlad The Impaler! Me: HAHA! I knew it.

    81. Iolanda Girleanu

      Lol I've dealt with some Hungarians during my lifetime (given that I am a Romanian), but I don't recall ever meeting someone called Chocul or hearing about it being a common name in the area. Hmm 🤔

    82. Alex Milliken

      Mats just giving count Chocula an amazing story that actually makes sense

    83. J.J. Cheesman

      Sometimes I watch these theories and am 100% with it, and other times I just watch with my jaw open and can't believe what I'm spending my time with.

    84. BMoney8600

      Count Chocula has the Habsburg chin!

    85. GandalfTheOne


    86. Y K

      i just realizes marceline from adventure time is a dhampire.

    87. Tavi

      Don’t ask me why when I first read the thumb nail I thought it said snorted... just don’t... idk either

    88. Red

      it all make sense cuz of the movie hotel Transylvania

    89. Alicent Fiery

      they were sold out of count chocula and boo berry this year ;-;

    90. Joshua Mckenzie

      fruity yummy mummy i oppress minorities

    91. UnpaintedHenry Productions

      Halloween is the WORST in Finland. WE DON'T TRICK OR TREAT

    92. Rogan Sullivan

      The thing is that this has nothing to do with the cereal

    93. Abdul Hadi Arafat 7A

      this doesnt make sense

    94. Tarik X

      This like in fnaf 5 with the vampire that says ,, the baby isnt mine"

    95. __

      Why am I watching this I have never even eaten any American cereals

    96. Spicy Oregano

      wait the mummy and werewolf actually exist!? I'm more shooketh than Colonial Sanders being yeeted into a river

    97. adan Vazquez

      Fruity mummy had a pretty good catch phrase

    98. MegaFun13

      The real question is if Robin Williams was under all that makeup for that live action Count Chocula ad.

    99. Pocket Prepper

      Dang it i missed my chance for frankenberry

    100. Sewwfffyhjijui

      1 month later and I still don't understand how Chocula is inbred. He never proved how Vlad the impaler was inbred.