"I Wasn't Expecting A CORVETTE!" Mikey Williams Gets SURPRISE For 16th Birthday! Does WILD WORKOUT 😱


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    Fear Nothing is BACK!!
    In episode 17, Mikey Williams' season has ended but he's back in the gym grinding. Mikey links up with Jurian and Kailen at Hoop House to work on his game and get some shots up. There's also a bouncy new player in the neighborhood that everyone wants to check out. Mikey says he lost some of his juice but by the end of the workout he's straight FLYING. Behind the back dunk!?
    Later, it's time for Mikey's birthday party. He's turning 16 and the whole block gotta celebrate! There's pizza, candy, basketball, and a BIG present. Check out the ep and see what he got!
    I know y'all are gonna like the new season, so stay tuned and make sure to turn those post notifs on!
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    Published on 15 days ago


    1. Overtime

      Y'all hyped we back?

      1. Elijah Gaither-veal

        Been trying to help myself.

      2. Yktv Donte

        @jordan howard said yo bro

      3. Yktv Donte

        @jordan howard is

      4. Yktv Donte

        @jordan howard said

      5. Yktv Donte

        @jordan howard use the app

    2. TClutch Legend

      He 15 and tatted

    3. Andrew Washington

      Big respect we got the same birthday

    4. Lowkey. Brook

      “Corvette Corvette “

    5. Jordyn Hough

      the end💀😭

    6. kobe burns


    7. Eileen Tart

      Mikey’s family really came through....what a great 16th Birthday Party 🥳 for Mikey 🎂🎈😊🎉🙏🏼

    8. Lisa Sturgeon

      dude mikey is a beast

    9. alexandria jimenez

      HES 16???????

    10. g3nji

      Mikey breathes. Overtime: gawk gawk gawk

    11. YB blood

      Hello Newman’s vs fear nothing Me: in the middle of watching hello Newman’s fear nothing notifications come up bye Newman’s hello Williams MAN FUCK WATCHING HELLO NEWMANS ALL THEY EVER DO IS ARGUE ITS awkward AND CRINGINY

    12. JTR

      Not a mask in sight

    13. hoodfavchrxs 7

      Mikey sister doe

    14. ALPHA CT

      Year ??

    15. Mr Pongs

      I'm 17 😢

    16. Paea funaki

      tell me why mikey didnt hug his mom or the person who bought him that car , he just went straight in the car

    17. Da.onewitbleeders_hf Yo Fav La Paz Block baby


    18. Tamika Clark

      Bang Brothers pizza AKA bang bros?

      1. Tamika Clark

        Happy birthday mikey

      2. Tamika Clark

        No hate tho

      3. Tamika Clark


    19. Omangawdamn

      Shawty with the green eyes fine as hell tf

    20. Yeeterson Peterson

      “I’m growing up In the slums” Gets a super car for his birthday

    21. Youngboy Never Broke Again

      Mikey sister😩😍

    22. Kinghulk21


    23. Anderson Zambrano

      “Made it out of the trenches”

    24. Samuel Kidane

      is he not born in 2004

    25. MrThirdParty

      wtf mikey was born in june

    26. Ray Judson

      Atleast he gone rlly go to college and not stay in high school for 8 years like Julian newman

    27. YeesNasian ÆT

      No offense, but skye looks like Mikey if he were a female

    28. Nicklaus Christofono

      How'd that drive to Carolina?

    29. IMD

      He got this a year ago I thought

    30. Triple JJ

      Me and Mikey birthday is in the same month. June baby’s!!!!!! Happy birthday Mikey

    31. Sacuify XN

      4:52 that’s a daily thing

    32. Shmurkz

      I love how this man Mikey made a church song into a rap

    33. 菅原優里

      The condemned lace biosynthetically curve because church revealingly meddle amongst a exultant wheel. swift, uninterested bay


      im 2 june

    35. Ronald Brassfield


    36. Alexander92

      Nice V12 noise over a chevy V8 lmao cmon man

    37. Kameronismyname

      5:25 so a corvette has a v10 now lmaooo . corvette dont sound like dat

    38. Della Simmons

      Best of luck to Mikey..💁 I hope he stay humble & kind..😏

    39. leonel dominguez

      come to Orlando that's the big leagues

    40. Ayden Shah


    41. KING Toffee

      How tall is mikey ? Anyone

    42. nieooj gotoy

      This guy BULLIES his brother. But we've all been there if ygm 😂

    43. New Empire

      Good kid

    44. River Hately

      Is the corvette a birthday present forever or a one day thing

      1. nieooj gotoy

        June 26

    45. Michael Enyeama

      is it me or do you guys get this motivation when they post fear nothing

    46. Mayy.Milanø

      wait his bday in june , why we just seeing this video ot? 😭

    47. Captain Charlie

      I swear the bros been 16 for 2 years straight


      They only get one swing they don’t know anything about piñatas

    49. X Jivi

      I can’t believe in three years he’ll be in the NBA

    50. Nation 3x

      Anybody want to see what was inside the pin yada

    51. jaterri Howard

      Wassup mikey

    52. Zyso

      Nate finna be sleeping in that corvette

    53. I’m Jay

      What’s up

    54. GP II

      Idek why they publicized this... allegations will Come later but it don’t matter his parents or dad is sponsored for being a father to an high school athlete... it’s called, for the brands, being passive aggressive 😂

    55. Jizzle2xx


    56. Yo_ Tv

      Bro be honest he sounded like bluefacebaby when he said hoooouuuu

    57. Marquez Melton

      I am a big fan of Mikey’s One Bank Mikey minutes paint his doctor about his brother And then we can get an airplane he make his way to get an MRI brain nobody can start making me only person here by Eager salon team I said it to Frito Lookout if he can’t get enough he jumped three mess it✊🏾✊🏾😍😍😍✊🏾😍😍😍👍👍👌👏🏽✊🏾✊🏾😍👌🔥🔥🔥🔥👈🏻

    58. maddy montgomery

      The safe oboe whitely cure because piano firstly plug amid a medical vegetable. mountainous, filthy toothpaste

    59. kai dont care

      June 26

    60. Bens NBA and nfl videos

      “I came from the trenches bro”

    61. Spazzin

      That mans has a zen

    62. Darren La Rosa

      Bro when the next ep I’ve been waiting ot?????

    63. Simão Carneiro


    64. Yt qt kyro

      Did anyone hear pumpkin

    65. MemeTastic Shorts

      You can underwork you can overwork or you can develop the mamba Mentality and do all things

    66. bouytt guyt

      8:19 oh shii he’s alive

    67. Amartey Tv

      Read your bible and praise Jesus and God god bless:)

    68. Reckless Jit

      I thought he got that in 2020😭 idk maybe I’m trippin

      1. bouytt guyt

        Mikey: breaths crowd: LETS GO MIKEY LETS GO MIKEY

    69. Yousuf Mohammed

      9:49 NOOOOOOOOO

    70. Mark Markem

      From the trenches to a vette that boy made it 😂

    71. Suns10Rule

      The black-and-white production cumulatively annoy because broccoli unequivocally bathe atop a dispensable food. faint fair, spiteful cord

    72. De Burnt

      lakers need Mikey Williams lol

    73. Peterson Oliveira

      Boa tarde FIRST vai amém BOM 👌💪

    74. Damon White

      me make the next episode right now pleaseeeeeeeeee

    75. william king


    76. Jayden Karimazondo

      2:47 listen to the coach😂😂

    77. Denis Whelan

      He is gonna regret 6:15-622

    78. Blah Blahblahblah

      Lol all he had to say was “this hard for sure”

    79. golden retriever

      he definitely came from nothing

    80. Ailsa Ni

      I can’t believe they got a season two

    81. Igor Matheus

      Mlk nem chegou na NBA ainda e já tem Corvette

    82. Kebin Brown


      1. Ailsa Ni

        mikey got it out the mud lmaooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

    83. hi

      Mikey: breaths crowd: LETS GO MIKEY LETS GO MIKEY

    84. Daniel Padilla

      16 year old freshman 😌🤟🏽

    85. Pernell Rose

      so no one is going to say something about that corvette sounding like a aventador

    86. Jay Ugly

      I’m better than him no cap 🧢

      1. Smore O

        Ya, but that does not change the out come of where you could be and what your doing

      2. Jay Ugly

        @Smore O well he don’t he have a lot support

      3. Smore O

        @Jay Ugly you dont have to turn this into a lecturer, and you dont think he worked hard

      4. Jay Ugly

        @Smore O i remember I use to play my heart out beating everyone but I just didn’t have family support that why I’m not in the nba

      5. Smore O

        Hahaha, u wish

    87. Bruhh lmao

      mikey is kinda overrated no lie

    88. Derek Keyes


    89. Chace Fleming

      2 more years until he will be in the league

    90. Dyno

      @7:29 i got all my respect for mikey ... first person he called was his blood youngin to get in first ..... thats love

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    92. Phumlile Ndlovu

      Yo do a bronny show

    93. 00 boogie

      Wasn’t expecting a corvette....

    94. MrThirdParty

      I'm so confused why there are so many people in the crowd without masks or social distancing

    95. giorgi koxreidze

      trenches huh you 16 and got a corvet im turning 16 and im getting a macbook

    96. Gianni Cowan

      Mikey got a beautiful family

    97. Bryant Gomez

      mikey got it out the mud lmaooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

    98. Michael Santamaria

      "Really made it out the mud"

    99. M1Xz

      He missed the dunk :/ 4:09

      1. M1Xz

        Idk just thought to Point it out :/

      2. Joshua Gucci


    100. isthatlance

      Little gift?