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    Published on Month ago


    1. Ethan R. Santiago

      0:05 😆

    2. Wajdaan Akeel

      My account is atomic-network8

    3. Zuzi Lopez

      I hate the predator skin

    4. Mark Leighton

      I just went to stealthy and I was the only one there that I could see

    5. Teresa Gronowski

      Predator ls my favorite movie

    6. The meme Express

      I’m disappointed that fortnite didn’t put you are one ugly mother.... in the minclip

    7. George Edwards

      T5g: new 'peala cup

    8. Grey’s World

      Next one Godzilla

    9. mohammed Abdullah

      its not free you nide the battel pass

    10. Mikey Houser

      I did the entire prediter quest in 1 day

    11. klauvenyum FNAF lover

      Can i ask. Do you Need battlepass for The predator skin challenge?

    12. Mr M


    13. Pierce Tutak

      good, friend me on fortnite

    14. Maitland Gilla

      I love you video

    15. Adri Lan

      Terminator is here!

    16. Sean Tanner

      FBI OPEN UP! we got em epic victory bois

    17. Boba BlueberryXXD

      (Myth I wondered about) Can you see someone while they’re using the Predator cloak mythic while using the Mandolorian Sniper

    18. Yusuf Rayyan 4A_33

      Robocop can be next

    19. Patricia Wanchez

      Did anyone hear it reeeeeeee

    20. Tony Gaming

      Every time they add a boss I watch the movie that comes with it

    21. Tony Gaming

      I hope they add the old bosses back

    22. Random animation

      Hey t5g can you contact epicmand ask for a harry potter crosver please I would do it m6nself but I m 9 so ya

      1. Random animation

        Sorry I'm on tablet

    23. Nitroninja25

      I wait you can get it for free without a battle pass

    24. Henry H

      Wait a flipping second, me and my friend were playing and found a portal near where Ruckus spawns. Is that rare?!

      1. JayTeenTv

        That was the second portal, that portal brang black panther to the game

      2. JayTeenTv

        Thats like really old 🤦‍♂️

    25. Karen Vela

      Lol who has terminator

    26. Santhiago Alvarez

      No sweats

    27. Anthony Trepanier

      do you need the bateil pass

    28. KingDino


    29. Chalmers Pales

      why does fortnite put npc's only and 2 mythic boss how about FORTNITE put alot of bosses

    30. JC - 05DB 809116 Queenston Drive PS

      t56, we were introduced to snapshots right, ... that means peely knows about the zero points power and stuff because there are so many different versions of him.

    31. Magnus Håland Jørgensen

      There`s three dots at Hunter beside a tree, that if u damege ut predidor Will Come out. It's a quest

      1. Magnus Håland Jørgensen


      2. Magnus Håland Jørgensen

        Yeah, thanks for edvice

      3. Magnus Håland Jørgensen

        U desserv a shout out

      4. Magnus Håland Jørgensen

        How u fond it

    32. Xander Not-Steven

      i just hope all the 9 year olds out there know that fortnite did not invent preditor

      1. Xander Not-Steven

        also the skin is not free you need the battlepass

    33. Dylan K Rivera

      Me when predator weapon: g i v e m e t h e h a n d

    34. Dangelo Charles

      I wanna see a theory video about the next battles pass and what the live event could be

      1. Dangelo Charles

        👇🏽If yall agree

    35. Maria Francisco


    36. Marie Litvnchyk


    37. Aero Assassin

      I wish epic added a Lobo skin

    38. jahjahpipi

      Important: I was in battle lab and and io guard spawner went up with the shadow and ghost henchmen doing the confused emote. Wish I could show the picture

    39. Samuel Cox


    40. Cameron Wood

      Terminator is in after I watch this😂😂😂

    41. Quinton McSwain

      I got the skin

    42. Fnaf Snug

      Go to splode as sky

    43. Adrian Gonzalez

      I think the old map is under the new new fortnite map

    44. Iya Birmingham

      T5G I just found out this you might have not know but the truck bot from chapter 1 is behide dirty dock :) hope this can be on a video

    45. Roman

      *Top5Gaming* play this map 252684054603 thank you!

    46. Gunner Phillips

      I got the hole outfit from the predator

    47. YaBoiKREX

      Fortnite must love Arnold schwartzinator LOL he’s in predator and terminator

    48. Sabarieja Isaacs

      while I was watching this vid an add of fortnite adding in Sara Conors came on lol

    49. Wall-E Wins

      The edit at the beginning is hilarious

    50. Orion Pomeroy

      The terminatior came out 1 hour after this video

    51. Blue

      Bro the soccer skins are coming on my birthday (:0)

    52. Cool Gamer

      How did you guess it

    53. EvenEvan Studios

      I really hope the floor is lava Ltm is going to be a regular mode because for the grefg one I had a glitch that wouldn’t let me join is I tried to ready up it would let me it was weird

    54. Archie Ayres

      The terminator trailer is actually a hint to among us on polis where you get a imposter out then they put there thumbs up

    55. UndeadHoundoom

      I love the new update. Predator's Cloaking Device and the Preadator skin is cool. I cannot wait for the Terminator skins and now sand tunneling is back. I just wish that the soccer skins had a Liverpool F.C style tho

    56. Niko Supic

      vividwindow5728 pleas send me a skin

    57. Max Decker

      I don’t like the banana army

    58. Steve Jones Films

      How can I contact you Top5Gaming?I found something very interesting in replay mode. Kinda looks like John Jones/I.O. Base under the grotto

    59. Box Fox

      How were you able to make this fucking 9 minutes

    60. Phantom Challenger

      I already killed 'the demon' and got the predator skin!

    61. Tr1cK Sh0tZ_YT

      Bro look 582 dislikes how???

    62. Gabriel Naula

      The only thing i dont like abt the terminator is the cyberdyne salute it shouldve been renamed to something like for john or good job because it is something that actually relates to the movie and im not ashamed to admit i cried during the second film the t-800 died in lava im ashamed

    63. Mohammed Ali

      You should said more about the pickaxe for the preditor it shows two red lines when hitting an enemy or build.

    64. no-pool08

      The Predator’s mythic is nearly invisible. Not invisible.


      It’s been two years where is my golden chicken nuggets

    66. K. Uchiha

      Football/soccer skins are coming out on my bday!!

    67. K3nd0g Gaming

      The predator skin is the secret skin

    68. K3nd0g Gaming

      I wish terminator would be like the Arnold Schwarzenegger, but when he got shot more robot would show, gradually it show the full robot body .

    69. UltraPg3d Bean

      I’ve never see you with soo many memes

    70. Shark Brown

      Last night I got a w on solo

    71. Kenryl Sangalang

      I played and yes it is terminator and sarah

    72. Over Seer

      This is why I did not unsubscribe to this USfilmr: funny, interesting, and most of all very inspiring

    73. Matthew Coniglio

      Can you make a video about the terminator because it finally came out and I want to know if he is a boss lol

    74. Kayceemikel

      Top 5 know how to entertain there fans

    75. Allen Rust

      This man is a geinus

    76. Ea Victoriano Bernal

      And its tommorowwwwew


      an army of bananas found his home FBI OPEN UP fbi = federal bannana intelegence

    78. Ea Victoriano Bernal

      I will choose ec bahia

    79. Adventurelord

      This is brain dead

    80. Ea Victoriano Bernal


    81. Day boss


    82. Sajna Asif

      Do you need battle pass for"free" predator skin

    83. Vera Boldewijn

      Do you got 31 million vbucks

    84. Chelsie Sulfaro-Caudill

      Well I can't gram not

    85. Porto Family

      Fortnite x hunterxhunter

    86. Sunny Kim

      Can you pls gift me the terminator skin my user is thewhy25 and I subbed to you

    87. MurBoi

      3:30 31 million v bucks

    88. countryboyz04

      my fortnite name countryboyz04 (also my youtube name)

    89. mahdi minty


    90. lko21

      What chapter did you start playing fortnite? Like chapter 1 reply chapter 2

    91. Manoj ND

      Your absolutely right

    92. the gameing king


    93. AJ Tweedell

      You need a legendary weapon in a gray tactical shotgun

    94. Dubzking Nation

      Epic: releases soccer skins Me: where are the NBA's fortnite skins?

    95. AJ Tweedell

      Guys want to know how to defeat predator

    96. SG_Ailuro

      Why am I watching this, I don’t even play fortnite anymore lol

    97. DB

      I got preditor the first game I played

    98. Jose Nunez

      Dammm only if Arnold sign we coulda had him as a selectable style

    99. Cursed Hololive

      Of course