*WE PULLED A $300,000 POKEMON CARD?!* Opening 1st Edition Packs!


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    Published on 2 months ago


    1. Leonhart

      *Still shocked...*

      1. Ryan Marston

        You guys got that price really really wrong Charizard cards first edition Max PSC is 55000 and the one that you pulled is from 2020 not 1999

      2. David Pinto

        Trash 🗑

      3. John Thornton

        +Leonhart where can I purchase 1st edition packs? Is it still possible to the average person?

      4. Dr-Pepper

        So it consider yours or all of yours lol

      5. Weebo

        I got the card In the Thumbnail From the ground And after I found out it’s like 100 dollars

    2. David Pinto

      Trash 🗑

      1. Ryan Marston


    3. Les Perchistes

      Why is first one was 55k and know this one is 300k?

      1. Ryan Marston

        Exactly and that isn't even original so it's probably worth even less in fact hey Google

    4. xxtheegasagexx

      mapped packs?? pull rate is too insane. still dope tho

      1. Ryan Marston

        what do you mean dope do you believe it's worth 300,000 cuz it's not 1000 azwell

    5. Glenn Yee Xiang Liew

      I didn't know that you can become rich just by opening pokemon cards.

      1. Glenn Yee Xiang Liew

        @Ryan Marston So he LIED TO US!!!!

      2. Ryan Marston

        You can't it's not possible anymore the most expensive card is a Charizard PSA 1 first edition and it is worth 50000

    6. Bignezz

      can i still buy this old packs anywhere?

      1. Bignezz

        @Ryan Marston lol.

      2. Ryan Marston

        If you find one on eBay it's a scam if it says it's from 1999 they're actually from 2020

      3. Ryan Marston

        No is impossible to get a card from the 90s those are not real 1999 pack they were made last year

      4. xxtheegasagexx

        ebay $20k for a booster box

    7. Håvard Røneid

      No one is gonna buy it for 300k. Fucking delusional

      1. Håvard Røneid

        @Ryan Marston I dont fully understand what u are saying

      2. Ryan Marston

        You're so right I'm screaming right now in Rage most expensive Charizard card was 360000 in auction because it only 5 made people that a rich don't pass up the chance but these days made in 2020 a thousand

    8. Cheese Meister

      Pulls card, then like 4 other people touch it. Fucking ametuer hour over here.

      1. Ryan Marston

        You do realize that card is not worth 300,000 right

    9. Parveen Thapa

      Can you give me 1000 dollar💰

      1. Ryan Marston

        Actually scratch that I look today it's worth even less

      2. Ryan Marston

        yeah because that's all I called is worth

    10. Weebo

      How is that rare I have That And but how is that so expensive? I guess it’s time to sell it But not sell it

      1. Ryan Marston

        Because they don't actually know the price they just ask the internet was the most expensive but you can't do that anymore since it theirs is not from 1999 it's from 2020

      2. FridolinNilodirf

        Its a first edition, which you can see under the bottom left corner of the picture. And has no shadow at the right.

    11. Pheo 20

      Don't understand the fuss about Charizard cards... mine tasted awful

      1. Ryan Marston

        The Charizard card is not worth 300,000

      2. Muhammad Rafaa

        Hol up

    12. ShadowBrovaz

      Awesome video!!😎

    13. chinoboyckaps3

      He had a house worth of a card in his hands lol

      1. chinoboyckaps3

        @Ryan Marston but according to them, it’s the old school ones. So if they manage to sell that card for 300k then that’s a house

      2. Ryan Marston

        no it does not Charizard cards that are first edition made in 2020 if they were made in 2020 not worth a thousand

      3. リhir

        It's too amazing to buy a house with this piece of paper

    14. Hendrik Hen

      Bro do it slower

      1. Ryan Marston

        you'll have to wait 22 years to what to sell at 55000

    15. Wimsi 03

      Never sah sich a Bad Video

    16. No Name


      1. Ryan Marston

        Truly fake

    17. Lo FI


    18. BokZ

      I’m more interested on the person who will actually buy this for $300k

      1. Ryan Marston

        Yeah no one will see it it's not an actual original from 1999 it was made in 2020 so it's worth at least 3000

    19. Gohan Son

      His hands started shaking 😆😂🤣

      1. Ryan Marston

        But when they actually figured out it can't sell it for 300,000 his hands will be wet on his tears

    20. Wei Li Yin

      I just saw what u pulled out of 3 packs , u have incredible luck and please help me or advice me on what to do with my cards. I have hundreds of them out of the 2 boxes I bought in 99.

      1. Ryan Marston

        don't lie you can only sell the truly original ones 45 thousand

    21. Wei Li Yin

      I bought 2 boxes of 1st editions Pokémon cards back in 99 and traded a little for a whole set and put all the cards in plastic sleeves and stored in a box and left for twenty some years in my parent’s closet. Could you give me some advice or help on where to grade them or sell them? Any help would be appreciated. I think I have three 1st edition charizard. I bought them during the holidays and there was this long line of people in front of a toy store at the Glendale galleria, I have a habit of buying things during holidays.

    22. Josh Turner

      Crazy thing looking at this boom in Pokémon is that me and my brother had some of these cards that now go for thousands and would just destroy them while playing with them hurts to see 😂

    23. iamCozmiq

      got a 1st edition pack and pulled mr mime. Yeah great and all but my son ripped it.

      1. iamCozmiq

        @Ryan Marston Yeah got a pack for 500$

      2. Ryan Marston

        Don't worry it wasn't worth that much anyways

    24. Hoop Rips

      This was insane!

    25. Junior Jimenez

      after viewing this video... and being a card vendor for about 15 years.. these people are buying weighted packs and opening them live, which 100% guaranteess a foil but their pricing is completely off. For instance the Flareon they listed even graded at a 10 is around 500, the charizard is also falsely priced and anyone who knows they opened shadowless packs which even at their peak prices isnt accurate to this. This is just to bait people into thinking pokemon is higher valued than it should be and their "experts" arent as they claim. Misleading prices, but cool pack openings, but over manipulating the public into over valuing their cards in an attempt to justify their values. These are the type of people that over hype something and sell out before a crash. The crash has happened and they let people into over buying at artificially inflated prices. 100% dislike that and hope people like them get called out for it.

      1. Giacomo Sanguin

        So how much would that charizard be priced?

    26. GeMaZ

      11:17 the Charizard card 300 000$

    27. Nghĩa Đặng

      Ảo giá à

    28. Moshii love

      I swear, everytime someone gets the rare charizard their hands are shaking and I love it 😂

    29. Moshii love

      I swear, everytime someone gets the rare charizard their hands are shaking and I love it 😂

    30. Asim Durrani

      Lol he was shitty and super upset he didnt pull it. Was about yo cry

    31. Electrical burst

      wow nice

    32. Melissa Gomez


    33. Blind devoy

      I have fakes but I am not disappointed. In Pakistan finding real foreign toys is impossible. But also overall it is a card. So i ain't that sad

    34. SoToxicX


    35. Mats Winter

      Its definitely not a PSN 10 because the Guy touch IT so many Times at the Front so Just a 8 maby a 9

      1. Ewan Thomas

        That's now how it works but sure, they deliberately didn't touch the holo foil which is what ruins the card and its gradw

    36. isarutobi xz

      moin Leute Trymacs hier

    37. Tylen C

      It’s 43000

    38. WaterMelonsGacha

      How is flamara 1000$

    39. Marisol Lopez

      He didn't only get a 300 thousand dollars he now has a bounty on him

      1. Marisol Lopez

        @Ryan Marston how much is the charizard

      2. Ryan Marston

        the most expensive is a 1999 original Charizard PSA 1 first edition and that is worth 50000

      3. Ryan Marston

        He didn't get $300,000

    40. Cg Dragneel

      Who even buys a 10000 dollar card?

      1. William Boi

        Rich people

    41. Cg Dragneel

      Are this cards really that expensive???

      1. Virsoh

        They are very expensive but not 300k

    42. pokemon catcher 619

      checkout my channel ill be uploading champions path and vivid voltage booster packs!

    43. Chromatic Michel

      This vid is insane also rip Leon 1st edition charizard which got lost in the mail when it was sent to be graded

    44. Gercek Firtina

      Fake prices

    45. FunkU519

      I love when he says scrambled egg

    46. Samuel Pater

      When I find out it is a charizard I faint lol

    47. Leh Pwe

      Where to selling Pokémon

    48. Jackson Bunning

      My dad ussd to collect pokemon cards as a kid and he has a shoebox full of first editions.

      1. Justin Lee

        Wow wel if there kept in a shoebox all loose , unfortunately that was a horrible idea - over the years I guarantee that the quality of the cards won’t be worth much - as the shacking of the box at all with them moving will scratch them up , dent the corners, and slightly have damage to the edges... These cards must be in prestigious condition to be valuable and desired - So I bet his cards lost 60% value just him storing him that way -

    49. xFolioid Jay-


    50. Jose Garcia

      Where can u buy these packs??

    51. Jim Rasinkangas

      It's $55,000

    52. Stijn Jansen

      I swear to God i think i have a 1st edition charizard im not even kidding

    53. Tour Quadrillion

      The guy after pulling charizard: can I keep it?

    54. Zhang Leo

      This just so stupid and fake af

    55. Kester_ Smith

      Opening pokemon cards is like opening csgo cases but more lucky and expensive

    56. sassoking

      How can all thé finds be at the last card? It’s probably staged

    57. melxdiq

      I love how a piece of cardboard is equivalent to a house. (This is a joke I’m a pokèmon collector)

      1. natori fin


      2. Fue Chee

        Nothing close to what a sports card can sell for. I’m confident Pokemon will get there in 5-10 years though.

      3. Nathan Schaut

        It's weird haha

      4. joel lindberg

        Hahah yeah

    58. Diego Bustos


    59. Jordan Ramos

      Did he keep The Charizard because he did pull it XD

    60. Lookup

      There were times you could have traded a mini pizza for this at school yard.

    61. Chace Paris

      Gift me🎁 charizard💯✌

    62. jeff kient

      Weighed packs much 😰

    63. DasOausHB 1984

      Wow... He's Shaking!

    64. Just Valiant

      Is that really worth $300,000? It looks like it's more around $4,000 -$20,000. Well I'm probably missing something, I hope anyone can inform me on this.

    65. goodyboygaming

      me realizing when i was 8 i had a really good vapeorion lol

    66. yannic johnson

      This exakt ninetails (Sure Not exactly this) was the First Pokemon-Card i had as a Kid......never got a vulpix and never knew how the Game works but i Just Loved the Artwork of this card

    67. DerJageyDomm

      How mich does cost these boosters? And where can i buy it? Can someone help me out i want to get more informations about these 1st edition cards.

    68. Anime freak

      300k... right... It's fake, it's about 100 to 350 $ worth, so stop lying -.-

    69. Mr.Cheeseball_YT

      When I was little I had the same nine tails in this vid but lost it

    70. Dustin Trombly

      I looked up "1st edition base set charizard opening" videos and everyone got one of these. Starting to think it's really not that rare.

      1. Brooke Burner

        They aren’t.. they have to send the card away to get graded .. it’s probably a PSA 8 and it’s worth nothing near 300k the guy himself says it’s all off center

    71. swxatzZz

      Nice Video. Greets from germany👍

    72. Guy Buddy

      When I was in 2nd grade my friend was trynna trade me a charizard for 3 of my cards and I didnt take it cuz I was giving 3 cards and he was giving only 1 I feel stupid

      1. Sina Ψ


      2. Mxntage


    73. Arlene Trinidad

      What if ur like one punch man and ur hand is trembling sand u accidentally rips the card 😭🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😨😨😨😓😓

    74. pizzo schizzo

      siete dei pazzi...

    75. Miguelme Falgui

      Seriously? All pulls are holo cards. How is that possible? lol smells fishy

    76. Bazaar Creation

      Confused I watched a lot of pokemom card openings and these guys are pulling these super ass expensive cards lol

    77. 1101 100

      I had it once but it's a fake.

    78. Shoey 671

      I don’t know anything about Pokémon, but I watch this reaction video because of the passion.

    79. nekita

      I wish I had this much luck dude

    80. Valentin Ruiz

      You are not making history

    81. thekiingofvenice

      300.000$ for a piece of paper? Who’s the moron that pay for that?? I cannot believe it.....i hope it’s a joke....

    82. Markas Does Everything

      he got a pikachu and acted like it was nothing

    83. 19ama3 a

      I had a first edition charizard glitter or something I wonder how much its worth as this one is 300.000 that one should have been atleast a 1000 lol but I threw all my cards away 😅

    84. WHiiTE DiiAMOND

      Never is this card 300'000$ worth after everyone touched it with his fat fingers

    85. Jose Mauricio Dias Galeas

      I have one just like the Ninetales. 8133280178 .5165919826

    86. A J

      Can someone explain me how paper with plastic can cost 300k?!?!

    87. OJ Magaoay

      I like how just the common cards are worth a lot of money also XD

      1. OJ Magaoay

        @Jordan Adkins even a 1990 PSA 9 1st addition Pikachu is worth 500 bucks

      2. Jordan Adkins

        But how much are they worth?

    88. Katie from gatch life #23

      I have the one

    89. lorenzo Sabatino

      300.000? It Is less than two Grand

    90. Martin Cisneros

      I bet y’all know how to make Obey off them but not actually play the card game LOL

    91. MDPgaming

      Who else checked the date this was released when they saw the masks

    92. spike

      I hate america

    93. Rico Gross

      Du gehst so scheiße mit denn Karten um lösch dich !!!!!!!!

    94. G Dando

      Should of tore it up

    95. frenzy blox

      Guy was shaking so much

    96. Pokemon card open shit

      Would love some packs team rockets my favorite.

    97. Lime Light

      Guys hands just trembling holding the Charizard lol

    98. A1XLLO

      I got this before but didn’t know it was so rare

    99. dasbakon

      One of these guys may he in possession of a $300,000 Pokemon card, but it's a guarantee that all of these guys are still in possession of their V-Card

      1. Alex Gambrell

        yea cause woman super hate guys with a lots of money... think before you type

    100. Nathan Jones

      Imagine getting this hyped over a children’s trading card game. Clowns

      1. Nathan Jones

        @Christopher Madero lol nah

      2. Christopher Madero

        Said like a true bum. Those cards are worth more than anything you own.