Hired REAL Ghost Hunter To Investigate Our New House!

Funk Bros

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    Hired REAL Ghost Hunter To Investigate Our New House!
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    1. Xavier Evans

      8:07 it starts getting creepy

    2. Antonio Cloud

      Can u do ghost Aventures

    3. Jose Montoya


    4. julius reyes

      Bro I heard someone say hello

    5. Phil Brown

      Help please I’m scared please stop the video

    6. Luke Smith

      It’s just a remote

    7. Luke Smith

      We can’t see any of the lights turn on they just say they do

    8. Jade Malone-Taylor

      Hey funk bros where can I get y’all’s merch?



    10. Gaming & More

      Bro the views are at 666k

    11. Bryan Urias Mendoza

      I herd somebody say kill

    12. JoeyOnFnm

      3:56 I think Corey and capron said “ yeah u can go anywhere in the house” at the same time..

    13. Tristyn R4223

      So SpOoKy

    14. Olivia Flanery

      Ekkk nightmare

    15. Fishy Boy

      Dude go to 15:22 Did you see that thing in the Background

      1. Damion Hatchett

        idk if thats a joke but its really funny you talking about the guy in the background lolololololool

    16. Charles Pestrikoff

      I know this came out a month ago but I had only just watched it

    17. Charles Pestrikoff

      I just watched your ghost video my heart was pounding

    18. rio valencia

      omg i cannot Believe im talking to you

    19. Oliver Voigt

      Imagine they say “are you interested in me?” And then it just fucking pops it’s head out of the floor and screams in a scratchy voice you and points at the camera man dragging him into the gates of hell

    20. Parker Laird

      When you relize that it is all fake

    21. Bill Mensch

      Why am I watching this at 11

    22. cdmckone

      Believe in ghost

    23. Luis Partida


    24. carson Decuir


    25. Jello Man

      my doors in my houses open randomly its just wind, my dad says i still think it is a ghost

    26. Justin Wendel


    27. Evalina Martenez


    28. alpha wolf

      After watching these videos I can not sleep at all

    29. endrit pro


    30. Loucas Kubalsky

      When U guys were in the kitchen it's funny how he's just there in the back on his phone

    31. Dalia Argueta

      This is soooo fake srry

    32. Shmeppi Shmep

      Bro you don’t need to test your house mate it doesn’t have the ronees

    33. Billy Rauff

      Corey what are those thing. Detective ararrarra

    34. Aaron Townsend

      I’m creeped Out

    35. Watson Harrell

      Jesus loves you brochachos

    36. Anna Kovaleva

      So i also hired ppl to come check out my house and guess what... THEY FOUND A GOD DAM GHOST

    37. John Graham

      Bro I was just about to go to sleep and I am on my chair and I am like let’s go run to your bed as fast as you can 😂

    38. Rebecca Yates

      I have a gost in my house

    39. Rebecca Yates

      I love you so much

    40. Master Chef

      You should call it gay

    41. Jennifer Holbrooks

      Papa jake wtf

    42. Brb Mcd

      Is this even really or are y’all faking

    43. Jennifer Breitling

      This is how many people believe in ghost. 👇

    44. Bat Drew

      I saw a little boy reading a book in the background while you guys were making fun of it

    45. Cori Tobler

      I don’t think I’ll be the same ever again

    46. Soggy Lemon45

      This is so fake

    47. Seppe Geboers

      I believ it

    48. The real Boys

      Comment if you don’t believe in ghost and like if you believe in ghost

    49. Shadev2_rain

      When he was making it mad I got a really bad chill

    50. nemeless channel

      I can't watch this or i can't sleep gen

    51. Toys and Reading and gaming

      One time my cup moved i my couch

    52. Honest Rival

      Spirits aren't permited to interfere in human life but if u provoke it it will. Be careful .

    53. Brook Marie

      The camera guy is pissing me off they would stop moving the camera off the lights and kept putting it in them like rn I want to see the lights

    54. Chad Provost

      i beeliven

    55. Silas Gregg

      i believe, for i have heard a ghost before.

    56. Izzac Merino

      You guys should do seasons on this paranormal stuff

    57. ZSMEDM

      Is there a part 2?

    58. jaja jaja

      Imagine faking ghost videos in 2020

    59. Karam Saqallah


    60. Jacob Huffman

      What if it’s nova?

    61. Watts Epherson

      Never heard anyone quote The Last of the Mohicans before but I guess there's a first for everything.

    62. Sabrena Bonner

      omggo to 10:21 and look at the window

    63. Expraxe

      I whould ask are a devil or a goul

    64. Ryan Venter

      What are we supposed to see I can't see anything in the security video dude

    65. Faze Hyper

      Why not night

    66. Loom 25

      As I started watching this the fire alarm started going off

    67. Isaiah Irizarry

      are you interested in me

    68. Amanda Kissel

      I believe it

    69. Beth Alston

      At 15:10 there was a bang

    70. Tricia Wales

      Im scared

    71. Zach

      That's just creepy

    72. Copmen TheGamingXED

      What happened next

    73. AnimeWolfGirl 2020

      I still liked your videos but I don't really like that u guys have arrowhead because I native American too

    74. Moosha Nuqingaq

      I was really scared for you guys

    75. Sophia :D

      Why was I hoping that there house was haunted-

    76. Landon Hull

      This is the biggest load of horse sh!t

    77. Spicy Boy

      I be leaving all your BUTTS

    78. Erica Peralta

      they should do a 3am challenge

    79. Ty Vue

      When they sit down it looks like they are in school

    80. Kaylee Sawyer

      I’m only 12 and I would love to start learning about paranormal activity and communicate with spirits in a safe way

    81. Leo Ruiz

      did anybody hear a hi in spanish when they were in the chimini

    82. Nathan Faudar

      Ask the ghost if it has phone and if the ghost has one ask him if he watches your USfilm videos

    83. terrance kok

      Bro this aint funny tbh, ghost is real and it already say that theres something blocking them from contecting you guys through the box, and im pretty sure thay Jesus. It also said that they aren't a angel and when ur asking that if they were a demon or not some said yes. So just dont contact ghost its not what u want to mess with. You guys dont have power to control the situation only Jesus have... I typed a lot but just want to tell u guys to read the bible and u will find out whats right...

    84. Mullinator

      Damn Phasmophobia in real life 💀

    85. Sara Kamel

      Btw ghosts are not real this is just a human being like a ghost

    86. Alice McMillan

      Bro that goest shit is fucked

    87. Lindsey Button

      I feel bad for Corey

    88. Zaid Experience

      When I seen this video I heard something in the basement

    89. daniel bottenfield

      bro why does it bring back memories from like first grade with there like siting listening to the story she's telling.

    90. Noah Isaguirre

      But wen Someone died in your house the house is Hunted

    91. Noah Isaguirre

      I Don’t believe in ghosts

    92. Mahad Mumit

      Me eat chocolate

    93. Shito Jennings

      If it’s not human then what is it it’s a T. rex duh

    94. isaac Santos

      I spell it that's believe it's actually true that's scary but I want I was freaking I was a good night for Halloween I hope you all get this bye bye

    95. Siahito _2Jz

      If only this was at night

    96. Brandon Barkley

      When is there going be a part 2!!!!!!!!

    97. Daniel Snyder

      anyone else wondering if it could possibly be the ghost of the goat that was killed at the other funk bros house

    98. Master bailey

      I am definitely a person that feels like someone is watching me

    99. Septex

      So scary👻👻

    100. Kendelle Williams