G-Eazy - Back To What You Knew (Official Video)

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    G-Eazy - 'Everything's Strange Here' out now!: smarturl.it/ESH
    Director/ Creative Director: Lauren Dunn
    Prod. Co. : Happy Place
    EP: Tara Razavi
    Creative Producer: Matt Bauerschmidt
    Producer: Valerie Bush
    Dir. Rep: Emily Sanders, Reveur Agency
    Production Coordinator: Sarahi Salazar
    1st AD: Benjamin Del Guercio

    Management: The Revels Group, Matt Bauerschmidt, Jamil Davis
    Chief Staff Manager: Kathleen Wathen
    Creative Art Director: Jessie Camp

    Talent: IV

    DP: Russ Fraser
    1st AC Seth Lawrence
    2nd AC: Bobby Pavlovsky
    Gaffer: Dimitri Christofordis
    Board opp: Chris Van Lieshout
    Electric: Sven Van Ostrand
    Key Grip: Taylor Reick
    Grip: Chris Ginnaven

    Prod. Designer: Haley Appell
    Art Director: Cameron Nawaz
    Set Decorator: Hensel Martinez

    Post Producer: Tony Stackhouse
    Post Coordinator: Brandon Moody
    Editor: Julian Conner, Frame48
    VFX: Frame48
    Colorist: Jacob McKee, Forager Collective

    Styling: Anastasia Walker
    Grooming: Sabrina Bates-Whited

    PA: Coty Walker
    PA: Nick Hatroff

    Label: RCA
    Social Team: Leah Mack, Abir Hashem, Jasper Graham, Chris Maldonado
    Follow G-Eazy:
    #GEazy #BackToWhatYouKnew #EverythingsStrangeHere

    Published on 9 months ago


    1. dallas cowboysSB2020

      🔥 🔥 🔥

    2. Lina Balderas

      this song in my dreams, the meaning?

    3. эmiли


    4. Tristan Massie

      Golden 🙏🏻

    5. Drishi Berry

      Who’s the girl he’s with? I know it’s probably in the description somewhere, but I still don’t know which one

    6. Aaliyah Lewis


    7. diego rueda

      Damn!! That beat!!!🙌🏼🥴

    8. james Smith

      Fucking dope G Easy song right here!! Video hits right!

    9. martina herrmann


    10. hunter yarger

      All time favorite music video.

    11. alena jibon

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    12. Martina Herrmann

      Babe 😍😘💋love you

    13. Άννα Ρέππα

      At least,could you be sober this time?

    14. سعاد السلفية العنابية

      Shes unreal damnnn😻😻😻😻

    15. Alyssa Karalynn

      This hits hard, as much as you are in love with someone...when both are using in a "relationship" they don't know the real person in each of them...they fall in love with the high/using with the significant other...once I decided to get clean and away from that game/life style ... I wasn't in love with the person i once thought was my other half, father of my kids, everything...don't EVER go back to WHAT YOU KNEW....it will just hurt more...stay clean, don't go back down the dark horrible path. I loved you, ya kno, now the children are the ones getting hurt because your rich family will do anything to take the babies from me...I didn't make YOU A HEROIN addict...we both did. I appologize that we because addicted to opiates... I'm out, your stuck in the game...I loved you, not the real you, the high you...long story short...I can relate to this.

      1. B.B Beauty

        Wow this is me right now stuck stuck in 15 year relationship using the same but it's hit it now IV had enough I don't no what love is clean 😥

    16. Milo Mbingo

      Halsey.. Letters jumbled up to Ashley 🤔🤔

    17. Jesica Espeland

      Love it

    18. Covatous

      After she left, I turned into something I always hated and despised

    19. Heena Bariya


    20. Oscar Bello

      This only hits the broken hearts. If you know you know

    21. Sandy Rivera

      they say hes gone "mainstream" but there os nothing mainstream about this, honestly .

    22. Cartomancy Daily

      HEARD TWO-THREE songs and subscribed right off the bat

    23. Cari Sunshine&Rain

      Legit!! My Jam

    24. Brenda Galindo

      Relate to this song too much

    25. angela bałazy


    26. Chancelor whiting

      He.. Snapped.. Felt Af..

    27. REPfowler

      I'm with you brother

    28. Angie Felicis

      this song deserve more views

    29. Dr4gMeToH3lL snake

      guys.. do we know the name of the girl in the video? im searching her and i cant really find her.. damn she is... thank you in advance

    30. Catalin Ovidiu

      Dont listen to this song and drive , fked my car cause of listening to this , G was deep on this , yep , he s the best ..

    31. Cas Dubois


    32. DethMike

      Simply best song out this album!=)))

    33. Proud Man

      এমন বদলে গেলে কেন প্রিয়তম???❤❤❤ যাই হয়ে যাক না কেন আমি তোমাকে ভালোবাসি

    34. Ana Lopez

      Story of my life. SMH. :)

    35. Matthew Tong

      Falling asleep with all the comments and their assumptions, dude is making music, he couldn't care less about your opinions.

    36. Sarah

      He must have been hurting bad when he wrote this

    37. Destiny Doss

      I just wanna ✨die✨

    38. catina gross

      Right here

    39. Young Richard

      Damnn loving this vibe... 🔥🔥

    40. Rejeane Redmon

      Halsey PREGNANT

    41. Mary Metal

      is she Halsey????

    42. Patricia S

      Kevin L.

    43. TrieuVi

      This dude became the weeknd I swear 😂

    44. Kier Snowdon

      This is lo-fi geazy. Jokes aside, I've seen all sides of G. I didn't like when he got in with blueface and them weirdos, so this is milesss better than all that yeet skrr brap brap shit 😂 G finding urself bro

    45. Bluestar44

      I think we might be over this time, I thought that we were over last time at least could you be sober this time so we can finally find some closure this time. You really fucked me over this time.

    46. Storytelling by Noblesse


    47. murat öztürk

      Underrated song

    48. Anna Lopez


    49. Isaac Lopez

      found myself here again ...2021 gang 🤘🏽

    50. Masuk Lane

      Your voice G is so beautiful for a man, I can never get tired of your music!🥰

    51. Toast

      You really fucked me over this time. 🥴

    52. Vienna

      I know I keep commenting on this, but Lauren Dunn was really the right choice for G Eazy in this project. Love the videos. And they compliment his music very well.

    53. Jill Thompson

      I, what I want to know, when they never accepted who you was why would they respect you now?

    54. Da Mauli


    55. krystal reville

      Listen literally reminds me of me and my ex he cant be with me cause I started getting into loads of drugs and he leftv


      Halsey geazy 💔😭💔

    57. Kirstin Smith3


    58. Charles Nichols

      They s they still don't

    59. LILBITT

      I like this

    60. KØNFLICT

      "G Eazy's the best" - Joji, yes yes he is

    61. Special Man

      This guy sucks, mgk best 😎

    62. DenverCoetzee1

      He a dope raper

    63. William Ross

      I feel every word.

    64. Sol Bua

      I love the beat!

    65. Ashutosh Porichha

      But this is what you turned me into

    66. Katherine Entrekin

      His music sucks now....wtf

      1. Ashutosh Porichha

        This is just a side project, just wait for the rap album TTHT

    67. Mishy Ah Now

      I’d also be drunk the whole relationship

    68. TruthSeeker

      This song has been stuck in my head ever since I heard it. It's like a soundtrack to my life lol

    69. Ava Hermes

      hook up fever

    70. Reanna Brown

      My relationship took some heavy hits the past decade. This break up between them reminds me of those depressing times. Ahhh. Toxic relationships.

    71. Bich Bui

      Iya ya Allah.

    72. Ulises Escamilla

      This shit is so underrated man 🙁🔥

    73. Ashley Reeves

      Am i overthinking it... or is this a play off of her and her new dudes video from a year ago “11 minutes away” like the waking up over and over and doing the same thing each time. Idk maybe I’m going crazy watching this shit lol but it’s genius

    74. K K

      That awkward moment.. when he is dating Ashley Benson but he writes about Ashley frangipane

    75. Puddin Pop

      This is us lmfao

    76. Melanie Murczak

      Mein Liebesleben litt schon heftig unter Luxus Kinder die mir nicht gehörten und die ich nicht wollte so wie mein Familienleben auch... Sowas hätte, wenn alles richtig gelaufen wäre im Knast geboren werden m

    77. Jazmin

      “& P@!N, & ! @!NT F!ND N0N3 W0R$E.” 🔊®️

    78. Özge Emilova

      i don’t know why but this song always makes me cry

    79. Crystal Dion

      Right back to what we knew .... fml

    80. Adita Calderón D' Idme


    81. Max Ortiz

      Is that the same chick from Had Enough??

    82. Kendall Kowerchuk

      this song got me fucked up man

    83. vibin thomas

      This song found me

    84. Kevin Sellers

      More than I can without passing every one off. To bad

    85. Graciela

      Felt this

    86. Fc Morena

      Bro you the badest, got fan from Africa

    87. Kylie Marie

      Stop not me falling for him..

    88. Bau Tom

      ఆ ఆi love u girl.

    89. Gai Qun

      Yang milih allah like yg Mili dajal hirawkan 1:39.........m.

    90. malina


    91. Fredy Romero


    92. Mia May

      Fucking Genius-Eazy!

    93. Sqs New

      I hate Halsey for turning him to this!😡

    94. Biet Dau

      ya allah plz forgive me stop watching this.

    95. James Tenerias

      I miss ur dumbass now I'm where I'm really not wanted or so I feel

    96. Kristen Gray

      My new 2020 Soundtrack

    97. Alisha Cordova

      This is so good!

    98. Derrick South

      Why dafuq is anyone calling this good? I guess if you've never heard actual music ever then MAYBE you'd be like, this is chill. Naaaaah that was hard to get through.


      Who else is randomly listening to G eazy songs??? Just getting lost in time😪😪😪

    100. Harmony Hawkins

      I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS SONG....I CAN listen to it on repeat ALL DAY EVERYDAY!!!!!