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    Published on 8 months ago


    1. Leonhart

      *What are some of your best memories with Pokemon and family?*

      1. Mohamed Shiham

        @Steve Phillips is your brother like 21 years old or 29

      2. Luke Punyer-Humphries

        I love your pink and sus

      3. Luke Punyer-Humphries

        I love your pokwmon

      4. Jeremy Pazuchowski

        Pick this code up I want to know where you live so I can send you a kind this is a yellow cheek Pikachu from 2016

      5. Infinite

        When I was in 3rd grade, my teacher would always get onto me for having Pokémon cards in my pocket, I used to trade them with kids on my bus

    2. Lizabean08

      I'm jealous I want your room 💜💜😸

    3. Lizabean08

      You're so cool💙

    4. Tyler Fortin

      Dude play ruby it’s so good play it on that game boy please you won’t be let down

    5. Itz_ Honey Light, Honey Dark & Xylon

      Can I have all please your so fit I want your milky

    6. Eric Clark

      Gotta love USfilm, creators are afraid to say the word "children"🤦🏻‍♂️

    7. Just Valiant

      What a heartwarming wholesome message by Jessie W. and Cody Maz.

    8. Angelo Mitchell

      21:21 “There’s my handsome Fayyyceeeeee” lolol

    9. Keyjah Davis

      Hey man o found my old folder to from1995..would you take a look..i founf it in a storage.dont know anything about them

    10. mitchell ward

      I remember taking all my brothers Pokémon cards out of his binder when I was a kid and playing with them. Your videos are making me feel guilty

    11. Weed Is Life

      Its not about the money if i found 1st edition binder id keep it forever.

    12. NEON_Yipzil

      I have the sealed 1st edition machamp holo

    13. Brady Hiatt

      why cant u say the word child

    14. grizzly boy

      Mostly only normals

    15. Alfie Blyton

      my friend gave me like 70 vintage cards for free, i was so happy and now i have loads and loads of insane new cards

    16. Justin

      And be a little gentelier with his cards man. Very rude.

    17. Justin

      Why are you deepening your voice like that??

    18. Andrew C

      I had that exact gameboy color, came with pokemon yellow as well. Think I got it for my 6th birthday. Man that brings back memories

    19. ERBInstrumentals

      I used to do small chores at different neighbors with my brother for some money. With that money we bought pokemon cards when they were just released. We took turns buying a pack, and he was always lucky with the holos. But besides that, we always had a great time. I can't believe this was already 20 years ago.

    20. Stan Thomas Music

      pokemon stadium for sure

    21. Joshua James

      i gave away all my cards awhile ago. videos like these makes me wish i didnt

    22. Shepherd99

      Base set 2 charizard dirt cheap!! www.ebay.com/itm/402596341025

    23. Momous Couscous

      Why is he going so fast showing all these pokemon... thats why its not worth a like

    24. Scott Woolery

      brings back memories of my childhood also i lost all mine cause of moving home to home cause my parents divorce

      1. FlowBlow

        I hope ur doing well now

    25. Tyler Cook

      pokemon stadium played that all the time cus my dang gamboy color always died to quick lol

    26. Jeremy Pazuchowski

      My name is Blake and I have a yellow chick Pikachu from 2019 I want you to look at I looked it up and it was fifty bucks if you want I will give you for 50 bucks if you make a good video

    27. Daniel Recinto

      I actually found a whole binder filled with old Pokémon cards So I decided to record it 😂👍🔥✅

    28. Djay Hutchins

      Its my first time watching this guy, I've watched a few videos now and every video its seemed like the guy has no appreciation for any of the cards except for the expensive ones. Maybe I haven't watched his best videos but my initial thoughts are I see a guy whos only interested for the money involved. Its disheartening to see folks that don't truly appreciate it. Again maybe i watched the wrong videos but that's what I see.

    29. mariah ahid

      What is a pokemon

    30. jesflyaway

      I wish he owouldve shwon the team on the pokemon game byo editions :D

    31. Aaron Lawrence

      Leonhart: this is an entire gameboy advance! What were you expecting Leonhart? Half a gameboy advance?

    32. Angsty finds

      my 16 year old me is kicking my assthanks for showing this so many memories

    33. Vidya Fah

      It's a little disheartening watching him pull out the handhelds and cartridges. I can only imagine the reason they gave the physical cartridges along with the handhelds is for Leon to take a look at the Pokemon they've collected in-game. Unfortunately he just turned them on and moved onto the next piece lol. I understand though, the channel is almost entirely for unpacking cards, but for a lot of people the video games were all we had since we couldn't afford cards.

    34. pumpz4

      www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Charizard-Rare-Holo-4-102-Base-Set-1999-Pokemon-Card-WOTC-GREAT-CONDITION-PSA/254781233117 anyone know if this is good deal ?

    35. Gabriyel Blair

      guess what i have a base set with shadow mewtwo holographic card


      Pokemon Rs

    37. Gravity Chamber Openings

      Love your videos. You made me want to get back into collecting Pokemon cards. I even started my own USfilm Channel.

    38. happy feet

      love your vids can we trade

    39. Ian Williams

      I sold a 1st Edition Charizard back in 7th grade for $120. Biggest regret yet.

    40. Kamiko Senpai

      20:47 Bruv just said he never played Pokemon...... fake fan, I'm done with this channel forever.

    41. MR. Thriller777

      awesome cards,

    42. Travis Wirth

      Leonhart: this is an entire gameboy advance! What were you expecting Leonhart? Half a gameboy advance?

    43. Peter Sibley

      I have around 50-70 level 100 in Pokémon leaf green

    44. Peter Sibley

      I’ve been getting uneven and scratched and marked cards right from packages. What should I do Leonhart? I’m a collector as well 😊 love you channel ❤️

    45. Savor The Vapor

      Pokemon snap is such a underrated game. I played it for hours.


      6 months late but blue transparent gameboy advance was the best one, other kids were always jealous :)

    47. Melissa Mothersil

      I LOVE your channel so much! P.S You are amazing

    48. Paul Manno

      I don't even trade Pokemon cards, but I highly enjoy the positive energy you bring consistently. Everyday and every video you make the effort to bring positivity to everyone. I cant give an award but you have my utmost respect, stay strong and never give up!

    49. Jarrod Steve

      My favorite memory is definitely when my mom bought me packs and sat with me to watch me open them to see what I get! She loves me opening the cards, and will often surprise me with packs!

    50. Jordan Rhodes

      What you can’t say children I’m very very confused ?

    51. aniMeIkh

      can you just becarefull when you take out the card and put it back?

    52. Tony Howes

      I’m so glad I found this, brings back some memories man

    53. Pokemon Fan

      love the video

    54. Brandon Cunningham

      Why can’t he say the word children? He said he’ll say later. Didn’t pick it up

    55. Henry Felix


      1. Henry Felix

        @AJ Jordan yes but it’s different 😂

      2. AJ Jordan

        U dont? 😂

    56. ABC_chicken_nuggets

      the last cards sre so cool

    57. TURTLEboiiGG

      yeah teachers banned them for me too in middle school

    58. Joseph DiCesare

      You handled them with zero respect... kook

    59. chris aldridge

      My mom and dads friend he gave us his Pokemon card binder and well there was just some pretty old cards and some non-old cards in there and there was a hollow Charizard in there and it was from 2016 and all of the cards in that binder they where all in pretty good shape you get what I am saying Leonhart? If you do get what I am saying just reply to this comment and just let me know.

    60. Godchi1d Von Steuben

      OMG!!! DID YOU GUYS CATCH THAT!!! He stopped while reading that letter, and said "I CAN'T say that word..." THE WORD HE WAS NOT ALLOWED TO SAY WAS "CHILDREN"!!! Why not, doesn't violate any USfilm Community Guidelines?!? SO WHY CAN'T HE READ THE LINE "THE GOOD YOU DO FOR THE CHILDREN" OUT LOUD, ON HIS CHANNEL?!? In case I'm wrong, I won't make any accusations, because what that suggests CAN mess a persons life up, and if I'm wrong, I'd never want that to happen... but you do the math, why wouldn't he be "allowed" to say the words "you do for the children" on his USfilm channe???. He seems a bit old to still be into Pokemon cards, as much as he is, just like Micheal Jackson seemed a bit old to be hanging out with 12 year olds... Do some research, maybe there's some restriction where USfilm doesn't want adults drawing fan fare from children, or something... Other than that, I can only think of ONE reason why he wouldn't be allowed to involve children, in his Pokemon USfilm channel, and it's court and adult probation related, if y'all catch my drift...

    61. Godchi1d Von Steuben

      Yo! Mis-handle cards much?!? Keep your fingerprints off the face and backs. Oils in your skin damage the cards. Basically the salts in your natural skin secretion BURN the ink, and leave permanent, more and more visible as they age, fingerprints on the cards. ESPECIALLY on fields of solid, dark colored inks. Like on the backs of those rares. Funny, the better the card you were looking at was, the more likely you wer to take it out of it's sleeve, press your thumb against the back of the card, ajd damage it, befotpre putting it back... When you get a bunch of good cards like that, you take them out of the sleeves ONCE, to put them in acrylic. And when you do that, you handle them by pressing your fingers against the cut edges of the card, NOY by pressing your fingers against the backs and faces, like you do repeatedly, in this video. Good job reducing the value on numerous rare and/or valuable cards, your mother must be proud...

      1. Godchi1d Von Steuben

        @Herobrine610 Yes, yes they did. USfilm did, when they gave the video a "Comments" section. Y'know, coments, as in "Comments, anyone?" A question. It's an open forum. People look to these videos for instruction. This self proclaimed expert was making a potentially costly mistake. A mistake that, if unnoted, could cost his viewers money. THAT'S why there's a "Comments" section, in the first place. So if there's any valuable information missed by the video, that can be added, there's a forum for that information. Also making a venue for thoughts and opinions, as well. USfilm "asked; " Comments" (anyone?), and I responded with valuable information, not represented in the video, and my thoughts and opinions. I may have disapproved with the way he presented the cards in the video, but at no point did I say he shouldn't be making videos at all. It's a free country, with freedom of speech. He has the right to post sloppy videos, and I have the right to "Comment" on them. I respected his right to post videos, by not saying he shouldn't be making them. Respect my right to comment, by not saying "no one asked you"... USfilm did. Don't troll me again, your punching outside your weight class. Know your place, you'll be better off.

      2. Herobrine610

        No one asked you

      3. Herobrine610


    62. Ty Golden

      Pokémon Stadium was awesome

    63. brandon krause

      He must have ripped off a lot of kids to trade up to that from a few commons xD. People are still pissed at me 20 years later for using them to trade up xD.

    64. dennis retro plays 0528

      hope you guys are doing great in thesse times and to whoever sent that package your a legened

    65. Justin G

      These videos are making me mad that I sold my cards 5 years ago.

    66. Thomas Bienert - eSports Caster

      Over the past weeks I watched soo many videos while I dont feel very good. Your mood is so nice and so positive. And the reason why I love this channel so much is basically this video! You are like a perfect father to this community. How you appreciate the stories everyone had with pokemon is just amazing. Thank you leonhart.

    67. gameswithchris chris

      It really don't matter what shape or condition it's good cards and their old what you expect for every card to look perfect

    68. ennie minee

      Anyone else love the Pokémon snap game?

    69. TrilllLalo1223 l

      I really want that charzard

    70. AA - 10KC 686410 Streetsville SS

      I whisk you can give that

    71. Dustin Caballero

      I wanted you to go through the pokemon save files so bad

    72. Patrick Dailey

      I remember in 1999 when Pokémon cards first came out and everybody had them at school trading them and showing them off to friends. They got banned in less than a month lmao

    73. Darkrei

      FYI that Ruby cartridge is fake.

    74. eGotBeats

      just wondering why you couldnt say "those words"

    75. Troy Nason

      How much is a regular base set charizard in good condition worth? (not shadowless or 1st edition.)

    76. World Wide United

      ive got pokemon red for gameboy color.. just came across it the other day

    77. jojo the builder

      I have my binder from when I was a kid !!!! Full of pokemon's only the original pokemons

    78. Aaron Fisher

      I’ve recently started watching you. I haven’t played Pokémon or collected cards since I was a kid. But you’re really making me want to start collecting again....BUT I have a bad habit of taking hobbies way too far and I’ll end up spending thousands of dollars trying to pull the 1st edition gems

    79. King Cosmo

      does a swirl add to the value?

    80. Eylmao

      It's so sus that he can't use the word "child", has he explained why?

      1. J T

        @Colton McLean It's been months, has he ever explained?

      2. Colton McLean

        I'm assuming he doesn't because of he does the video will be marked as for kids and no one will be able to comment as well he won't make as much ad revenue money

      3. F T

        how is that suspicious lolmao

    81. K Dub

      That was EXTREMELY nice of them to give you that stuff,you seem like a nice guy im new to your channel but I hope you do something nice in return for them. have a good one!

    82. Jordan MP

      I would be pissed if he was finger fucking my cards like this. He’s so gentle with his but don’t GAF about this dudes. Also these videos are great if you mute them, so you don’t have to hear this corn ball’s voice.

    83. Jeff Gregorich

      14:27 i had that card but i didn't know it was rare and i traded it like 3 years ago

      1. Blackbereh

        If you don't know that a base set Charizard is rare and valuable, how are you even on this channel

    84. David Robinson

      You aren't truly a 90's kid, unless you had to smuggle your trading cards into a binder lol. True nostalgia.

      1. David Robinson

        Also Stadium was #1

    85. Adreece schaub

      That sound when you turned the gameboy on made me Smile so big and brought back some of the best memories 👏

    86. Mike Dinardo

      8.9k likes lets gooooooo

    87. The Stalk Archery

      I have the legendary Charizard in perfect condition 🔥

    88. Mike James

      Touching, my family didn’t have money so I only got one pack but loved it, my friend had a first edition Charizard I got to touch it once will never forget 😂

    89. Joe Joyce

      Why cant you say the word children????

    90. Broc Kinsey

      The charzard of course !!!

    91. Sterling Yamamoto

      It was like that from me

    92. Tobi Zahradnik

      Please handle with care they look like some could be GEM mint condition 💎 But they are very fragile. Light, air quality, moisture and temperature can all effect the cards. I have over 500 cards most excellent to NM condition. Cards include; base set full collection, fossil collection full set, jungle full set 1999 wotc. Also have a few 1st edition and other bits and pieces

    93. Correy Adkins

      My big bro has dark charizard and dark blastoise

    94. Blackbird 111

      Why can’t he say the word children? He said he’ll say later. Didn’t pick it up

      1. Aaron Lawrence

        Leonhart: this is an entire gameboy advance! What were you expecting Leonhart? Half a gameboy advance?

      2. EV Sikez

        Its called the coppa act search it up

      3. Grish A

        Same deez nuts

      4. William •

        Same what

      5. XxURBADxX 3350


    95. Dillon Swain

      Pokémon cards were banned by my school.. they took my holo Moltres 😭😭

    96. Ash King

      Pokemon Snap was my very first game I ever played. So many memories just rushed back.

    97. Thuglife Pikachu

      Ouch! seeing him fall for the fake Pokémon yellow game

    98. Elly Westaway

      You manhandled the shit out of those cards.

    99. CHEVY B

      I like the dark gengar