The Pat McAfee Show | Monday March 1st, 2021

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    Published on Month ago


    1. Art VanDalay

      Can we PLEASE clip the WW2 bomb discussion?

    2. JasonVuksan1111

      2:28:00 what's this song PLZ

    3. Marcus Danchision

      The insidious smile anteriorly irritate because join daily bare to a busy lier. parsimonious, axiomatic drawbridge

    4. GroupPen

      Ty’s jay glazer had me dead

    5. JHTotusTuus

      Love the hockey talk!

    6. John Robinson

      The discreet witch additionally mess up because dahlia ultrasonically travel as a pretty expert. observant, knowing humor

    7. LINK MAN

      I died when Zito leaned for Mit to talk 😂😂😂😂

    8. David Graham

      The poor step-sister excitingly train because motorcycle intracellularly brush underneath a mysterious gondola. dear, military octopus

    9. jack hutchinson

      Pat is not going to like the 100.

    10. Robby Johnson

      Pats frieeeeeeeddddd

      1. Robby Johnson

        No doubt

    11. Alston

      I'd love kyle juicy juice on the panthers we need a good fullback

    12. Saul Velasquez

      Those SB’s fire 🔥

    13. Melancholy Puppy

      Apple trash

    14. Joey isamazing

      A big part of why the NHL is so bad at marketing is because in Canada they don’t need to market since everyone already loves it and they are trying to use the same strategy in the states and it just isn’t working.

    15. sam wang

      The calculating nickel logically spot because accordion dfly hug but a obeisant preface. serious, bloody cost

    16. Devon Young

      is that AJ or Ivan Drago in the Coors Light vid??

    17. Karl Panton

      Yo these boys are on cloud 9 rn😭😭😭

    18. Alex Johnson

      Mansuri 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    19. Blank

      Apple couldnt pay me enough to use their trash 😂

    20. J_Rab101

      That pat mcafee top shot going easily for 15k

    21. Kyle Haith

      Let’s goooo juiccceee

    22. boydnchrist

      Do people forget that Brees’ last game was against the team that Mahomes had about his worse game ever???

    23. greenbaypackerfan14

      Gonna need a t shirt of that cheers between the Buckeye heroes

    24. Shane Willbanks

      Pat I promise you will love the 100 it’s crazy good love Kyle just for that 🔥🔥

    25. Chris o

      Bunch of stooges using iphones? Though you all were better than that.

    26. Ice Troll

      Loving that Canuck. You characters.

    27. philly doe

      Clean hat d but!!

    28. Benny White

      Can't get Colin Kaepernicked. Played decent on rookie deal then got 9 figure deal and not long after he was riding the bench.

    29. Benny White

      I'm sure race has nothing to do with the Mayors position.

    30. Benny White

      The people in NO would give up Brees to get Wilson...... NO WAY IN HELL....

    31. MR. SMOTHERS

      Ty is a national treasure.. happy he’s back

    32. Luke Parker

      Arizona still 3rd in there division unless Russ leaves the Seahawks. JJtook the money bro, and good for him

    33. HTTRskins21

      Damn what is up with the finger snapping today... Gets mad distracting when it happens 100x in the first hour lol

    34. Beau DiCicco

      Greattttt fuckin squeaks PAL!

    35. Luke Parker

      Yeah Lamar can drop a 70 yd run then they watch him and he can’t throw. He needs a good RB1

      1. Mactallica 92

        @Benny White Vick had a strong arm with no accuracy. Lamar doesn't have the arm talent

      2. Benny White

        Lamar can't throw. People always compare him to Vick...WHAT. Vick had one heII of an arm. Jackson should not have won MVP last year, had to have been pressure from the culture war.

    36. Luke Barredo

    37. Gunlism

      General Bob & The Crimson Chin 🔥 fire pic 🔥

    38. R u s s o

      I hope Juice comes back to SF how's 3 years 18m sound??

      1. Benny White

        Who you got as QB? I saw go hard after Godwin, resign Juice and bring in Winston on the cheap. WInston can play just needs to work on confidence and work the hesitation out, if he can cut down on turnovers he could be a steal for the right team.

    39. Jeremy Dewitte

      get jimmy g on your show

    40. Brian Molina

      2:58:57 was hilarious

    41. Oprah sides chair

      Mitt makes me cry laughing 💀💀💀

    42. Ronald Marbut

      I think the Miami dolphins Drew Brees thing is pretty damn interesting anybody on here remember when Nick saban was their coach it was a physical that kept Drew Brees from being their quarterback Nick saban did not want Dante culpepper at all he wanted Drew that would be interesting to see

      1. Benny White

        I'll never forget it.

    43. Keven Bair

      We need a pissed off whites meter.

    44. Joe K.

      Was great having Ty back

    45. Charlie DeLong

      If you add Hopkins to this past years Texans team how much better is their record? I don’t think he makes that much of an impact on the wins & losses?

    46. Trever Condon

      Shoot out to Pat,, A.J., and the boys. This Parer fan is getting a subscription on serious xm for your show.

    47. You do you

      So when that Nigerian Prince sent me an email offering to sell me an American football team he was telling the truth? 3:18:37

    48. Luke

      After sxm w YT fam was electric as usual. I’m in tears trolling Phil mushdick as soon as sxm ended

    49. goon boy

      by far best podcast and best fans for a podcast prove me wrong

    50. Hephzibah

      JJ Watt....It isn't about money...Also JJ Watt....It's about the money....What a clown

    51. Stephen Prescott

      Cardinals are still an NFL head coach , and possibly a non gimmick QB away

    52. Jon Ruger

      iPhones have Samsung batteries...

      1. Melancholy Puppy

        And a samsung created processor or vital micro device if i recall lol

    53. Kane Dobson

      Love you guys! Listen everyday from Adelaide Australia. Need to get my ass up early to call in sometime.

      1. Benny White

        SO they can mock you and hang up on ya after waiting on the line for 3 hours??

    54. Sk

      Pat was off the vitamins in today’s episode

    55. Chris Schwartz

      Love the show but I cant help but wonder would yall make fun and insult Islam the same way you do christianity??????

      1. Mactallica 92

        They were all raised around Christians, they probably no nothing about Islam, hence why they don't make fun of it, and no stories revolve around it, while talking about NFL or NBA

      2. Nocturnal Gamer

        @Chris Schwartz yeah I saw the wresting bunny and Jesus skit so what?

      3. Chris Schwartz

        @Nocturnal Gamer not old white young white do you understand what insults are have you seen wrestling skits during break where the easter bunny and jesus christ are treated as the same do you understand sarcasm when they talk about christ.stop playing games and sleeping all day and get your self some intelligence

      4. Nocturnal Gamer

        @Jesse Short They weren't making fun of Christianity you old white

      5. Jesse Short

        Nah, you get cancelled for something like that.

    56. RattleSnake

      God I love this show

    57. Fares Cooks

      Yoooo shout out to Pat for using The Score 🍁

    58. Tommy Pugh

      The mayor of new orleans looks like the lady off the popeye's chicken commercials.

    59. Casey Snow

      3:21:21 is why I watch this show

    60. 49Gunnaz🥍

      Dope PaT gave love to, I am Athlete!! Real recognizes real

    61. My Teams Suck

      3:00:38 🤣🤣

    62. Steels AL

      “With an old white”

      1. Benny White

        Gets kinda tiring after a while doesn't it? We get it Pat, you and the boys aren't racist.

    63. Monroe

      Zito - The Swiss Army Knife

    64. Joel Burris

      I love watching hockey, but living in Houston hockey almost never comes on. I lobby for nationally televised games

      1. My Teams Suck

        Buy NHL TV

    65. silenttoxic707

      is it odd that i picture a field a bunnies hopping around while i listen to the countdown music?

    66. Zachary

      Notre Dame is in Paris bud

    67. Joey isamazing

      FYI you can email the New York post to let them and let em know Phil is an idiot

    68. Jim Yoss

      Mr. Hawk's apparel today looks like he's dressed for the undercard battle at Shinigami's upcoming fight.

    69. Dylan Clarke

      Love how these Apple Homers act like apple devices don't blow up lol they probably think Samsung doesn't make 30% of apple phone parts anyway and ignore that Apple hired a Samsung executive to over see their own battery development

      1. Jude Martinez

        fuckin got em atta boy

    70. imbetterthan every1

      Jim cornette on the rookie of the year: pat mcafee is rookie of the year. At least they got one of them right

      1. Nick Skiles

        And BOTH of them cut promos on noted stooge Bill Mushdick, by the way.

    71. Andrew Jaramillo

      The idea of someone jumping in from Late night special is funny because that's exactly what happened with me and I fell in love with the show.

    72. john wonder

      The Cap levels are 180 mil to 200 mil. Even I know that . So you put JJ on the Dline with Jones and draft a beast in the middle and allow Simmons to run free. All of a sudden the Cards are making stops. Lets see if they pick up Williams at Ltackle ?

    73. The RawkSaw

      Hahaha so Phil McCrevis didn't like the show ? Or was it Phil Mckrakin ? 🤣🤣 Dude should just change his name to Stu Pidasso 😳🤬💪👀

    74. plattmann92

      This show is at it's best when Boston Connor is not there.

      1. HTTRskins21

        Nah, way better when Ty ain't there with his "mhmmmm. Yeah. Yeahhhh. Mhmmmm" 24/7, before Pat even finishes a incoherent thought, he already agreed

    75. Chandler Betts

      Bro this Mushnik guy is a dirtbag. Look up the Jay Z article. How he still has a job in NYC of all places is befuddling.

    76. jules7209

      Love the dead. Love the shoes. I wonder if pat McAfee gets down?

    77. jules7209

      Wrestling observer rookie of the year Mr. Pat McAfee 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

    78. Taylor Deano

      Every time Pat says alright let’s get outta here, I almost close USfilm, then I look at the video and there’s 15-20 min left. Love it 😂😂😂

    79. Taylor Deano

      I love how Pat says let’s get out of here, then the video goes for 20 more minutes 😂😂

    80. El Tejano Sports

      Watch will fuller and Clowney sign with AZ too and go all in....

      1. Justin Graham

        @Colby Walker that and an online. Hopefully they don't sign martins bum ass we saw how he was in houston. He'd be a decent backup but I wouldn't let him block for kyler and watch him end up like joe burrow

      2. Colby Walker

        Nah. They don’t need fuller. They need Aaron jones or draft ettiene, von Miller, and move up to draft Kyle pitts if they get Aaron jones, or sign a TE if they take ettiene

      3. Justin Graham

        If that happens I'll just have to sew cardinals over my texans jersey

      4. jason davies

        so they can all be losers in 2 states?

    81. luke

      More hockey talk!

    82. WizardsFan721

      Show needs Conner

    83. Spite Lip

      Pens suck - Go Caps!

    84. SirBernard

      Big boomer show lol.

    85. Marc Taylor

      Cardinals is perfect for JJ watt. Gets paid and goes 8-8 or 10-6 at best. Just like the good ol days

    86. Jasin Ferati

      You trim the bushes the tree looks taller 😂

    87. Nathen Lamar

      Lol why did pat rhyme outside with wife instead of bride

    88. Jonny Bailey

      I will never understand why people are so offended by swearing

      1. DREVM

        @boydnchrist These guys also don’t cuss as often because most are recent players or mainstream media people who will get in real crap if they swear on live TV, it’s a trained thing most of the time rather than a purposeful refusal to swear. They’re also not talking for four hours straight. It’s cool you don’t but plenty of Christians swear like anyone else and I don’t think this show ever does it solely to be funny, they’re being real, which is basically the point of the show. Also basically none of the swear words these guys use were invented anywhere near when the Bible was written so not to offend you but that makes no sense.

      2. boydnchrist

        @Jonny Bailey I’m a Christian, like many of the athletes Pat interviews. And no, many do not cuss and I notice Pat doesn’t really seem to when interviewing these people. I think it’s a respect thing. I pay particular attention to this in the interviews because it is kinda interesting to me. How often do you even hear AJ cuss? It’s really few and far between he drops even an a** or sh** word. Has AJ even used the F word the past year? Catholic priest are what you seem to be referring to.

      3. Jonny Bailey

        @boydnchrist I think Christians have more to worry about then a few words. Like what priests have been doing to altar boys forever. Most people don’t cuss because they don’t know that they’re not on an fcc regulated show and once they hear pat or one the boys do they usually open up.

      4. boydnchrist

        @Christian Archambault I have a buddy who owns a shop. He loves the Pat McAfee show and would love to keep it on and listen in while he works. He doesn’t because at any time someone could walk in and maybe with a kid and hear a few f bombs in less than a minute 🤷‍♂️ It’s just not professional. Half the guys Pat has on don’t ever cuss and they get their points across just fine and usually they’re great convos. To think about it, most if not all are Christians that don’t cuss.

      5. Christian Archambault

        @boydnchrist those people are asshats though, Catholics cuss plenty.

    89. Jake Cochrane

      Okay Pat, I see you in the Grizzlys


      Pat you nailed the Lamar Jackson take. Appreciate it buddy

    91. Abundance Yeh

      3:21:09 "Does that mean Bill keeps his clothes on?" - AJ Hawk

    92. Travis Flowers

      Good for AZ Cardinals Good for JJ Now they need a Running Back!!! Whom could it be...?

    93. Drew Lutz

      Mushdick is the father in law in every comedy movie

    94. Red

      I thought NY post was satire tabloid

      1. Charlie DeLong

        That’s The NY Times..

    95. Brandon Bagley

      @18:35 Pat answers the meaning of life

    96. Jimmy Kerrigan

      1:09:24 Pat “that team could be a team” McAfee

    97. Jacob Daubenspeck

      Is Lamar going to be able to run the ball the way he does now, in 5 years? Can he maintain his current level of play long term? I would guess they are worried that he will not play as well in 5 years if he doesn't play better from the pocket.

    98. K P

      Say if I was looking for a Jay Z song later and didn’t wanna look up so called incident, what shouldn’t I search for? Also asking for a friend!

      1. Benedikt Weigele

        Your friend definitely shouldn't search for: Jay Z Mushnick

    99. nicholas hardesty

      There’s no speedometer in a nascar so they have to estimate based on rpm

      1. nicholas hardesty

        @Benny White oh really, thanks I thought they had a tachometer, so they have to estimate based on the lights wow even harder

      2. Benny White

        No speedos or Tacs either. Just lights on the dash, there’s four green lights, two yellow lights, two orange lights and then red lights.

    100. nicholas hardesty

      Yeah I was just thinking what about the C on #1 Jersey 🤷🏻‍♂️