Lil Durk Launches OTF Gaming "Official"

Lil Durk

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    Published on 26 days ago


    1. Diverius Hendricks

      I been rocking with durk since he drop dis ain't what you want. All Chicago nigga know that a legendary song

    2. Jace Creates

      Only Top Fraggers

    3. G T


    4. Casa de Manele

      Now you can buy Von, from buystation

    5. Tc305records

      New freestyle by Tc305records don't miss out on gang we up now check us out 💥💯

    6. Woof

      Durk is gonna be an epik pog gamer now

    7. Glocked 44


    8. S Kay trek

      Soulja boy don inspired lil durk

    9. armed

      Join that discord so mf fast boy im telling you

      1. OTF Bibby


    10. shawna baby

      Lil durk need to come to bmore stop acting scared 😘😘

    11. Victor Cerda


    12. Travell Lightfoot

      That The Actor

    13. Anthony Robinson

      That’s cool add me on PS C_NoteDOGG THANKS 🙏

    14. Sofia Villagomez Ramirez

      Mane why you did that. Did y'all know that Lil Durk Sacrificed King Von 😔💔? He dedicated Back In Blood to King Von. Listen to what he says "HE WAS DISSING ON MY COUSIN, NOW HE'S ASS ALL IN THAT WOOD HUH?" 😭😭

    15. Yo_God_ Wud_up Blackmanallah

      Ik this shit gone be wayyyy there then COD SAINTS ROW N GTA6

    16. Bz Solo

    17. ً

      Lil Durk sacrificed King Von

    18. Lindsay Tomlinson

      Imma just say fuck lil Durk killed von and fbg

    19. FumiGaming

      What up Fam , im a Warzone player and a huge fan of King Von #doit4von

      1. Albert Rodríguez Trujillo

        Shut up

    20. #GeraldOneHunnit

      Good play and stay out the way 💯

    21. Kiyoshi Kuni

      Let me join up lol durk

    22. JJ Nation

      This boi has 9 lives lol still my favorite rappo

    23. Tez Money

      Chiraq gta

    24. R

      Sign me uppp

    25. Ladainian

      OTF gaming that’s crazy

      1. OTF Bibby


    26. Reborn_greenz-_

      Bro is that a load out drop yo let me get my sykov pistol and my M16 real quick 😂😂

      1. Reborn_greenz-_

        @OTF Bibby yo wanna play sometime

      2. OTF Bibby


    27. Scarlet Harmison

      Lil Duirk goes so hard on this, never disappointed. He is not like other rappers who are going viral by using *Authenticviews* to get the views up. Thumbs up who agrees

      1. Deuzzs

        @vmbo first time on here?

      2. vmbo

        You know the view count is fake when you see bots posting this.

    28. beyondcinema

      What's in the box?

    29. Marcus Henderson

      Who knows that beat

    30. Marcus Henderson

      Aye who knows that bea

    31. J the Existentialist

      Von was better.


      the song Winning Streak by SAint Marcell / Grand Markell check that

    33. CrimeLifeRP News

      fire #doit4von

    34. Rondle H

      You have to make a movie my guy you would be hilarious

    35. TopShot

      Im a 24 year old gamer from the south side of see durk doing this means a lot hopefully i can try out for OTF gaming! I think my page speaks for itself lol

    36. Rezolution

      lmao why he acc good at acting tho

    37. All butsss in the house Boysss

      Go to the cemetery and give it back

    38. All butsss in the house Boysss

      Bro you ain’t have to snatch his chain and watch

    39. All butsss in the house Boysss

      Come on durk

    40. NikohOn YT

      Warzone first minute of it

    41. An Az

      0:18 when boss calls me on day off

    42. Corey Erica

      That's how Chicago really got here guns creates were dropped off in different hoods with nothing but artillery

    43. Timo M


    44. bighood6 Obito


    45. bighood6 Obito

      King von

    46. BLK!D

      ᴵ'ᵐ ˢᵘᵇˢᶜʳᶦᵇᶦⁿᵍ ᵗᵒ ᵉᵛᵉʳʸᵒⁿᵉ ʷʰᵒ ˢᵘᵇˢᶜʳᶦᵇᵉ ᵃⁿᵈ ˡᶦᵏᵉˢ ᵗʰᶦˢ ᶜᵒᵐᵐᵉⁿᵗ

      1. BLK!D

        Comment then

      2. An Az

        You cant even see who likes the comment

    47. Marc

      Dis tuff

    48. Nyeeve

      Folks lil ass need to be ina movie

      1. Nyeeve

        On foenem

    49. Jon -

      RIP VON!! (Never gonna let this nigga have a video without "RIP VON" in the comments" till the day I die)

    50. StreakOnTop

      Lemme join OTF gaming bro. I’m a streamer and will love that

    51. Ahinadab Yisrael

      Were do I try out?

      1. Ahinadab Yisrael


    52. Joel Embiid

      Otf Gaming

    53. Ricky Sosa

      This is a conspiracy ( if u kno ) betta shut up 🤐 🤫

    54. AZDoEProductions


    55. luis25k

      Watch it be a mobile game lol

    56. Jordanheaven

      I wanna see this full movie at the theater

    57. jsjshh jhdbdsh

      Bro you need to slide asap for yo twin you can't let timmy life like that

      1. Jerome Harris

        Nigga ain’t even worried about VON he ain’t ever slid for anybody 😂 wtf?

    58. Leave It To Me.

      I found a crate similar to that outside my house a couple hours ago bro...

    59. Leave It To Me.


    60. carlos carlito


    61. Fryx

      How do i join

    62. Cousin Sticky


    63. Damian Foley

      How i sign up?

    64. FlixZCTRL

      Loadout drop

    65. Charles George

      Been waiting for dis

    66. chouristic gaming

      Wonder what was in that box 🧐

    67. LuvrJB

      How we reach out too OTF gaming is there a hashtag?

      1. OTF Bibby

        Twitter : @Otfgaming

    68. Tec Mun

      Put me on

    69. Elijah Warren

      durk need to be inna movie cause his acting way to fire 😂💯

    70. Jonathan Toussaint

      i need to be apart of this man

    71. Matthew Sneed

      Durk u better buy 0 block g don’t let sum dumb mf get his hands on that history.💯 OTF

    72. DemonMorgue

      Bro if this wasn’t skitted and getting his real reaction would be funny af 🤣🤣

    73. Valgeh TAMIL

      Ay durk, whers your brother?

    74. Jeremiah Bryant

      F you

    75. Reezico

      yo pick me up durkio. im steppin on everyones toes

    76. galore global media and music

      My boy next level 💯

    77. M3ZZY TV


    78. Boss Taye

      Legend has it that’s a crate full of switches

    79. LIL TRAE

      RIP VON

    80. Corinne Jackson

      How are you going to be playing games when your friend just got killed

      1. Mitch M


    81. LetsCryBaby

      I wish I was in the otf squad fr man

    82. Phantom Gaming

      FaZe clan be like: chuckles im in danger

    83. angel Pg3d

      Funny how you keep rapping about gangster shit yet you ain’t slide for von he was your duo

    84. fornite baller

      Von and durk the type of niggas who get more bodies in real life then call of duty

    85. Stonks Pung

      i wanna join otf gaming ;(

      1. Stonks Pung

        for von

    86. Liltaje

      God is the greatest

    87. Liltaje

      Allahu Akbar

    88. Liltaje


    89. omar bosha

      Stop doing music and think of your brother's revenge be a man just once in your life its your brother

    90. drones r us

      Lil durk you think your cool don't you .lil durk. Macaroni

    91. Sedan Fulks

      Sosa did it first

    92. Abubakarr Bangura

      What happen next can you do a part 2 Only my Family in my eyes

    93. Okay Man

      Ian tryna be like that but they should make a lil durk skin

    94. uhuliter

      Not gonna lie already hyped what it is

    95. Raihan Sungkar


    96. Adam Solomon

      New music Eritrea Estifanos Abraham Dae bo 2021

    97. CHI TOvvN

      Imagine a hot drop on o’ block

      1. luis ortiz


    98. amanda santiago

      Yo my name on xbox is mrmexican but I'm gonna add otf to it

    99. dan robles

      Durk on his way to a billion...mark my words. This dude is wise, you can tell how he move. 🥶

      1. xx xx

        @steel ratana Trucking company? You mean he work with Edai?

      2. steel ratana

        @Q D stop being a investigater goofy ur doing too much

      3. Q D

        @Thomas Slusher and we wouldn't know durk without keef we can play that game for ever everything im saying is facts

      4. Thomas Slusher

        @Q Dmy man we wouldn't know who von was if it wasn't for durk

      5. Q D

        Von put the snitch in why he told in exact same outfit durk had on when he snitched on live TV y’all probably ain’t even know what boule or etymology is talking about net banger like I could care less about any of these dumb ass gang bangers they can all die for all I care I’m just trying to enlighten y’all remember the 10% of the world controls the 90% so only 1/10 human can think for them selves and see the truth so you’re just proving ur a sheep my Man