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    Follow Player in this compilation of episodes 1-5 of Among Us Logic! Whether he's playing on The Skeld, Mira HQ, or Pollus, Player just can't seem to catch a break. Join him and his good friends Captain, The Gentleman, Veteran, and of course Mr. Cheese, as they try to win both as crewmates and impostors...
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    Published on 2 months ago


    1. GameToons

      Among Us Logic 6 is next Saturday! In the meantime, check out GameTunes -

      1. MsEli2000

        Hello I'm ibrahim

      2. Jamie Meeks

        I want MrCheese vs MrEgg and i want MrCheese to win

      3. carolyn fitzpatrick


      4. Nyle Haughton

        The best youtube video

      5. Hadi Hajj


    2. Spring Guenzler

      You are the best gametoons

    3. zoey beth

      its so good lol

    4. Freddy Imran

      Mr egg:I DONT UNDERSTAND PLAYER WHAT DID I DID TO U! PLAYER:oh u didn't did anything to player cuz I am not player Caption:no th-this ca-cant be Players:my name's not player my name's MR CHESSE *INTENSE MUSIC* *KILLS MR EGG* the biggest plot twist of 2020

    5. The Regs Gaffney


    6. The Muscular chicken

      11:37 “For the last time quiet you bafoon! You stupid,spineless, good for nothing incompetent!” “MR.CHEESE!!!!” *STAB STAB STAB STAB STAB STAB STAB STAB STAB* “Okay okay enough! You got him.” “Mr.ChEeSe Do GoOd BoSs?”

    7. Roxy Hassoun

      You can also use the same place as usual for the weekend

    8. Roxy Hassoun

      So you have to go to the boys? Well okay 😔😔😔

    9. Lacey Moore


    10. Gareth Lindley

      i always watch it

    11. barulaganye sebata

      My fevariete is player

    12. wyatt olivia luke horse kids


    13. shane o halloran

      Idea:Mr egg returns and is impostor with Mr cheese

    14. Gracey_ glamour


    15. Lenny Lomod

      Why noone uses lime

    16. The Muscular chicken

      I came for the thumbnail


      hi!!! it me from among us rememeber?i gave u a shout out

    18. Cutee The Kitten YT

      Oh I love it!!!

    19. Mz.1 musik

      I love this video

    20. Uni Citi

      You just got a new sub dude :D

    21. Sierra VanGorder

      And... subscribed!

    22. Sierra VanGorder

      i think your so talented with your among us logic animations! is 14 coming out?

    23. maria nesta Ligtas

      I like me cheese

    24. Bilal Gaming

      yesterday when I was playing among us mr cheese come and we play

    25. Nick Thomson

      love the song at the end lol i allmost peed

    26. Emerson Robles

      Saca para español

    27. Thea Aquit

      I don't know what

    28. moises nava

      Mumbo Jumbo?

    29. Stacey Ross

      Who plays among us hear

    30. kenton merasty

      I hate yellow he should pay for what he did to player

    31. Liam Bennett

      Hi I love among us logic

    32. Odd Bovit

      0:00 among us logic 8:39 among us logic 2 17:56 among us logic 3

    33. Alley Buschman

      So funny😆

    34. PLUZ_ FireWolf

      knoms vocie is sky

    35. Uni Citi

      Omg so true!

    36. Kinga Ganko

      Dif you guys see that poopyfarts96 when is was impostor at the end of the game he FARTS!! 😂😂

    37. Shannon Brackett

      the mr cheese thing XD

    38. Priscilla Ferrier


    39. Priscilla Ferrier

      Wow nice seminarians dude 🥰

    40. ceanna hidalgo #2

      Sssss said

    41. Fanro Cm


    42. Kasondra Armstrong

      MrCheese:oh hi player hope we win as the impostor

    43. Olivia Estrada

      god dam it mr.cheese

    44. Rubie Maynard -Fruity Squad

      Mother is so caring

    45. bobaldo7

      i love yor vidos

    46. Gio G

      Its a walkthrough movie! Believe me guys!

    47. Saqib Videos

      omg i love your chanel

    48. Lori Kent

      Please stop making the gentleman hitting Mr cheese

    49. Pandian Mallika atha love you please see this video

      I beg u to make player win at least once

    50. Lola Holt

      I feel bad that ninja disconnected I love him

    51. Mr Cheese Gaming

      11:55 ninja said that mr cheese killed gentlemen

    52. Het leven van een moeder met een tiener moeder

      He's tolt Yellow but you do domb edit

    53. Het leven van een moeder met een tiener moeder

      This sound is to hard 😬😬😬🤫🤫🤫🤫


      mr cheese killed in front of everyone which was not smart


      ninja does not speak english and everyone else does!


      i love this show!


      I like this show and my favourite characters are mr cheese and player.

      1. Creeper Kid OMG

        Same here

      2. Sir. Fluffy cat


      3. koala chan

        me too!

    58. Natalie Paul

      And im just eatin my cheese with a beenie on

    59. Modou M Kah

      Doesn't anyone notice that every time player gets voted of who agrees with me

    60. yash yadav

      dude i love this movie u did a really really great job it was entertaining suspense and funny at the same time.good job keep it up

    61. Cyteatofree

      Player done speech* The gentleman:i say we vote him To be the president The crowd:yayyyyyy

    62. Malio Jitenburo

      I love player he's yea

    63. The king Casanova

      Mr lime and mr cheese are the best imposters

    64. bonfils bisetsa

      Mask 🎭

    65. chris mas

      Great ending not expecting that at all. I thought he didn't like him bc he was being annoying

    66. Chinaa 1

      Among Us Zombies

    67. Mr Cheese Gaming

      its funny they play on proximity chat

    68. Jenni Wasowski

      IM MR CHESSE Me:????!!!!

    69. Tommy reveiw

      Make bday return

    70. mystika2002


    71. Redstone Master Roblox


    72. Extra Spicy Official Gaming

      AMAZING VIDEO!!!!!

    73. Vidal Buh

      38:00 that’s sad

    74. hanshancoy handals28

      Mothers kids are soooo cute 😍😇😗😗😀😇😍

    75. •Da_Bored_Imposter•

      so no ones gonna talk about how much it surprised me that Mr.Cheese was acting like player..?

      1. •Da_Bored_Imposter•

        @Malio Jitenburo Same ;/

      2. Malio Jitenburo

        Mr.cheese is so smart to act like player I thought he was dumb 😂

    76. Chelsie Kain

      Poopy farts is my favorite XD

    77. Teresa Valencia

      WOW!! IM GLAD YOU GOT 23 Million VIEWS!!! THIS VIDEO IS SO GOOD!! :D (btw im on my moms acc)

    78. Lily Owens


    79. Lego Stop Motion

      Ive alwase considerd that every among us Logic movie Is a season for the series

    80. Cg Mike


    81. Domenica Suero Vieyra(Student)

      Antonia suero

    82. Rori Schnepf

      Bullying is bad he says as he chokes Mr.cheese

    83. Nieves Munoz

      Pink and purple

    84. TheGamingReaper


    85. Lily Farrer

      ok why did that song sound amazing???@!?!!??!?!?!?!?!? hhaahhhaha you should post that song

    86. The Sky Star Rangers

      Mumbo jumbo hey my sister brother

    87. HS - 01DG 916739 Brisdale PS

      Me: I want to eat cheese My sis: what did u say Me; OHHHHHH YEAHHHHHHHHHHH my sis: wut Me; kicks my sis out

    88. Arinas Abuzukhar

      thats me am rose like whattttttt i promise it is me

    89. hayden lai

      player:listen is not sheriff is the gentl-(everyone except sheriff and player):I (and I mix is together the player would said (is the gentle I)

    90. Miryam Aljabur

      Warning: Do NOT pull Poopyfarts96's finger. Only if you wanna die then, do it. But pls don't.

    91. Emily Ng


    92. Harriet benjamin

      YES JUST YES i hit 400,000 likes i wa the 1st one to do it yeyyy maybe cus i have good luck from my moms burth day today YEAH BOYYY YEET LOL XD

    93. SwimChicken 1903

      Legit story of my life I say something and no1 bleives me till they get told I was right by some1 else

    94. Ravikrishna Yerramsetti


    95. Alvin Östberg Ivarsson

      I like when PF pressed the emergency button then mr cheese gets voted out

    96. Yohanes Vici

      how can player be mister cheese

    97. gulsum noori