SML Movie: Among Us

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    Someone is an impostor in the house!

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    1. superbowserlogan

      Go watch the behind the scenes:

      1. Karina Guzman


      2. Madison Bailey


      3. Super Andy

        I’m 500

      4. Albin Nibla

        Im th 500th commenter

      5. Boywithnoname Boywithnoname

        superbowserlogan are you gonna make Mario Rosalina and Jeffy is gonna do reaction videos today

    2. TTV Snipergod

      Lace what was that toodiy allbotday

    3. Kadin Gunter

      dead y daylight

    4. Zavier Duong

      Do gta and I watched all videos

    5. Jaron Lulua

      Junior is not smarter than code lol Cody should’ve been the imposter cause Cody doesn’t like junior and Joseph

    6. Evan Conner

      My favorite video game is fortnite

    7. Patricia Rodriguez

      C'mon I like his idea meet cody's real parents

    8. Josh Benjoe

      A Sci Fi Comedy Thriller

    9. emmanuel avila

      I love this vid♡

    10. emmanuel avila

      Chef pee pee was the imposter

    11. Bailey Bucey

      SML answer: Nickelodeon Kart Racers 2 (GP).

    12. Ebony'skidz Hayward

      What was it called because I want to watch on Netflix because I oh yay

    13. Andres Garcia

      Please part 222222222222 ple

    14. Usman Khalique

      PP is the impasta because in the real among us game the impasta always comes out from the vent

    15. smite


    16. Luis Hdz.

      What among us download tiya it makes you talk to other people

    17. J-Amy ims Rice

      Tooty fruity on booty

    18. Aerion Palmer

      Hi I am just going home o I think I will will be in the

    19. Lucas Lewis

      | [] [] | | U | ---------- 🟩🟩 🟩🟩 🟫🟫

    20. Luke Sneller

      I think they are called impostors cause they try to impersonate crewmates

    21. Dealma Hernandez

      😭not jeffy

    22. Shadow Wolf

      Mario: pasta? Impasta

    23. Edmund Boateng

      Top 10 saddest anime betrayals 7:02

    24. Gungamegearup

      I really like sml but its not just the same as before were they used to have real gun cursed words funny jokes and funny vlogs its just not the same

    25. Ryan Atkinson

      RIP Jeffy 😭😭😭

    26. shed 17 camacho123

      How could mario be the imposter he was at the couch witt jeffy

    27. Zerohat

      9:54 Ken: Cody Killed Joseph

    28. Tammy Quimby

      Do a video about Cody gets a new doll and they go to the store than get a chunky doll for Cody than bowser junior make fun of him

    29. Tammy Quimby


    30. Lianis Rodriguez

      RIP shrek

    31. Alex Walker


    32. No Stop

      When shrek died and chef pee pee said he was in the kitchen I already knew it was him because how did he not hear shrek scream and plus he was in the kitchen but didn't report

    33. FakeRobloxGuest

      Chef Pee Pee was the imposter.

    34. Racquel Simms


    35. Mostafa Abdelmoneim


    36. Trice Lees

      Among Us is my favorite game

    37. Miah Paul 3241

      7:26 haha

    38. bryson xxxgamer2000


    39. YT-SAVAG3BOY131

      Peaple hoo now it was chef pee pee bc he has knifs in the kichin

    40. Pokemonfan 69

      I kinda knew it was Chef PP, cause if the murder happened in the kitchen then it was obviously him. Also, Chef PP hates Jeffy, Shrek, junior and Bowser. Shrek made a crappy mess in the bathroom, no pun intended. Bowser has been making Chef PP’s life miserable so has junior, Jeffy has been making messes for him to clean up. So yeah newsflash, Chef PP was the imposter the whole time.

    41. Zzz exploring

      Click this if you like jeffy 👇

    42. Simulationking1 The YouTuber for everything

      And it’s also strange how chef pe pe killed everyone in a numerical order from the person he hates the most to the person hates hates the least

    43. Simulationking1 The YouTuber for everything

      I knew it was she’d Pepe in the first kill because no one dislikes Bowser more than chef pe pe

    44. Simulationking1 The YouTuber for everything

      Technacly Sheff pe penus lost because they threw out junior and he is stuck with the city best cop

    45. Mohammed Altemimi

      Pubg mobile

    46. roderick 1243

      Pee pee is sus . get pee pee

    47. roderick 1243


    48. blue Army

      It's cool

    49. blue Army

      I not like that

    50. blue Army

      O my gos

    51. blue Army

      Shut up

    52. blue Army

      It's jeffy

    53. blue Army

      Hi I a kid

    54. DiamondFrozenKnight !

      How come when mario died rosalina did not care when jeffy died she screamed

    55. GenieHD

      Jeffys death had me weak

    56. Donna Blackbird

      👁👃👁 👄

    57. Zarek gamer

      my favorite video game is mincraft and among us they are awesome!

    58. bryson kinlaw

      jeffys like wow that was mature

    59. Joel Calderon Juarez

      Chef pee pee is kinda SUS


      Sml idea :::: jeffy gets Coronavirus

    61. Hirpa Kenea

      Why did Rosealina suffocate in space she was from space

    62. Marie A


    63. Glance Carter

      SML Idea: fall guys (even though I hate the stupid game)

    64. LeviPlayz

      video idea josephs uncle.

    65. leonjk daveil

      I like to play among us

    66. g and j squad Etshitshi

      I love this game I have been playing for a while now and I am not imposter yet

    67. Maria Melecio

      My favorite game is among us

    68. free-razraz

      At 5:00 game starts

    69. Firefighters Power

      Isn’t Rosalina from space

    70. X SERIES

      Make a sml movie called the traitor

      1. X SERIES

        Make a sml movie called jeffy meets Elon musk

    71. Julian Regalado

      I already knew it was gonna be chef pee pee

    72. unicorn mermaid yay

      So chef pee pee was a imposter

    73. Jaqui Casher

      My favorite game is among us

    74. Random world Fadian

      Sml idea Joe serves revenge

    75. •FreakShow•


    76. WOOREDD

      I bet cody went to go see joshpes uncle

    77. Ronin Ogborn


    78. Amber Henderson

      ;lkgt5vny7hbn b

    79. Alma Demar

      I love your show

    80. Alma Demar

      I love your show

    81. Kalvin Cuateco

      I hate Chef pee pee

    82. Cjjeepster

      Tooty fruity on booty

    83. Maria alverez


    84. William Virgin

      SML Question: My favorite video game's are rec room among us and roblox!

    85. Saleh Mishaal


    86. Luke Sorrell

      i am a fan not an enemy just joking

    87. Luke Sorrell

      my fav game is ur mom

    88. Ulyana Tur

      I love Among us

    89. alex 0-0


    90. Nate's wooden train studios

      The sml question at the end in this video is the same at the end of Jeffy's WiFi problem.

    91. Ean Michael Paul Emerson

      I love jeffy video's

    92. Liliana Ortiz

      I knew it was chef pee pee because he killed bowser

    93. kimberly kahler

    94. Roxana Gonica


    95. Kelsey Garcia

      i knew all along that chef pee pee was the impostor

    96. Jessy Ochoa

      Chef pee pee lied to everybody

    97. Katrina Doyle

      Imposters are aliens 👽

      1. Katrina Doyle

        They can fit in vents and kill you with there tongue