How PlayStation and Xbox Name Their Consoles

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    A lot of science, expertise, and genius go into every single console name.
    Well... okay maybe not into every one.
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    Published on 7 days ago


    1. CircleToonsHD

      Honestly, I had so much fun making this stupid cartoon and was chuckling the whole time while editing it, so I hope you enjoyed it as well!

      1. Toia-n-diel


      2. Username Not found

        No I’m not

      3. tystys 800

        Can you please make a second channel where you upload the streams you have done, I am there every time and love to watch them. I just wish I could re-watch them since they really help time go by a faster.

      4. mirco

        Cough xough PSP

      5. e non


    2. Theories with Noah

      Nintendo: for each consul it has a name that makes sense Sony: our names are in numbers Microsoft: are names just don’t make any sense

    3. Aligator

      Next console is "PSXZ6921 SERIES 360"

    4. Super Josh

      1:30 By the way don't do this kids, wait like a sane person!

    5. Торебек Т.

      Xbox mate must use only 5 words to name console: Xbox, series, x, s, one (360 isn't a word) Ps mate must use only 1 words: Playstation.

    6. FlamingPoopSock

      where is the xbox series E

    7. Mr Miggs

      Now that’s a comedy joke 😆 2:08

    8. Jbad11_42

      I love how xbox take sup literally half the video and ps takes the other half. perfectly balanced as all things should be.

    9. shadow trooper

      At least PlayStation is consistent

    10. soinhu foitu

      Samsungs Naming is worse I lost track- like Jesus crist what’s next samsung plus lg mega x triple camera wide screen scroll

    11. Faqih Aldian Noor

      I only have one console.. PS2 because that is the only one that i can afford at that time... Even until now i still use it.. 🙃

      1. Faqih Aldian Noor

        @soinhu foitu well tbh, that PS2 itself need some money from my parents too.. I don't even bother to buy PS3 & PS4.. PS2 is enough at least for me

      2. soinhu foitu

        Imagine trying to buy a PS5 at launch anyway. U guys rich or something? I've still got like 20 PS4 games I haven't beat.

    12. xxFortNOTGamer22xx

      Anyone else remember getting the Xbox 360 E?

    13. FMD8

      Everyone arguing about which is better Xbox and PlayStation while me and the homies are laughing at the war with our switches

    14. James Ner

      i think sony should make a 3rd handheld or console like the psvita or psp but it has better graphics or something

    15. CoreGaming 1

      The Xbox password that Xbox recommends me: Ieatcats2 The password you get recommended when you sign up to twitch or play station GhT9726@&usbcFPooP?!

    16. LunaticSquid 668

      Ok so let me explain: The Xbox original was simply named that as it was the original The Xbox 360 came with the Kinect system allow for “360” control, afterwards they introduced the Xbox 360 S, the S stands for super, while the E stands for Extra. After that crap fest, they introduce the Xbox 1, which was supposed to be their #1 console, allowing for smoother gameplay, and then its the same situation for the 360, Super and now Xtra instead of Extra. Then it lead to the creation of the the Xbox series X, now the X no longer stands for Xtra, but now it stands for Xtreme, then comes along the series S, the S now stands for Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious

    17. Freezing Jazzy

      If you think the Xbox is bad, just look at a guitar manufacturer called Ibanez. They have catchy model names like the "RG652AHMFX" "RGR5220M" and "RGR5227MFX" One of these is the same guitar just with one more string. Take a guess.

    18. Emily Miao

      i thought mr. playstation said "anyways we're gonna go to the bathroom and we're gonna show you a little sneak peek" 1:37

    19. Kenshi 2207

      i have xbox 360 E

    20. Dilusha Madusanka


    21. Jack Zicrosky

      this guy: "omg x-box naming their consoles they all over the place, so dumb" also this guy: "omg playstation naming their consoles in the order that they've been invented, so dumb"

    22. ToughWolfie

      I got an playstation ad while watching this

      1. Husnain YT

        I got a doritos one

    23. scp plush lol


    24. scp plush lol

      I am surprised this guy has 1m sub he used his pen to move the face and body

    25. Papery

      where’s the *x* *b* *o* *x* *3* *6* *0* *b* *l* *u* *e* *d* *i* *t* *i* *o* *n*

    26. Adarsh Inginshetty

      Sony: Google the new names. Microsoft:Uses Bing for new names

    27. gnbman

      Imagine trying to buy a PS5 at launch anyway. U guys rich or something? I've still got like 20 PS4 games I haven't beat.

    28. Thomas farquhar

      Microsoft Xbox Xbox 360 Xbox 360 s Xbox 360 E Xbox One (what the actual fricc) Xbox one S (just the original one) Xbox one X Xbox series X (not one X somehow) Xbox series S (SERIOUSLY GUYS) Sony PS1 PS2 PSP (portable) PS3 PS4 PSVita (probably the only deviation yet) PS5

    29. Lizbomb Plays

      Why does he sound like soos

    30. Fidgety Galaxy

      Nintendo: yeah and here’s our 3d gen 3ds, the NEW Nintendo 3ds Nintendo 3 years later: uh we just crapped out the NEWER Nintendo 3ds

    31. Landon Merry

      I owned a 360 E did they just not actually exist or something

    32. Lucy Payne

      Jamal is the xbox guy

    33. Ansh Boi


    34. Bob Kerman


    35. Autis Medic

      I have a 360E that made me sad 😢 and if you pay attention and think about it the xbox names do make sense

    36. curfuzzle

      Don’t act like the PSX isn’t even a console.

      1. argus boy


    37. Dare Saraj

      Wait, if Xbox One X only has one X, that means the name should actually just be BOX

      1. argus boy


    38. Juan Ibarra

      It’s going to be Laban as “P6”.

    39. eklo 123

      I actually have a 360 E 😂

    40. Adrian Hidalgo

      I just realized that the mouth kinda looks like a penguin beak

    41. KJplayz 21

      Me to the guy who names the PlayStations: Who are eho are so wise in the ways of science The guy: You know sometimes my genius is its almost frightening

    42. McNugget #7511

      It's the playstation won too tree fore and fiev

    43. soyUsernameWasTaken

      Fun fact: aside from 360, almost every generations of xboxes are just different arrangements of the letters B, O, S, X and number 1. xbox xbox1 xbox1x xbox1s xboxsx xboxss

    44. lIBeastIl

      but i have an xbox 360 e :(

    45. Retro cheetah


    46. Nathaniel Polzin

      This might sound dumb but what does he do for his animations... It's kinda cool I think...

    47. Quirkey

      Ur mocking PlayStation for having a conventional and easily understandable naming convention/scheme. Ok

    48. SheA Wakeman


    49. Mini Crewmate


    50. Nightmare

      0:30 My Xbox 360 E that I have since I was 6: am I a joke to you?!

    51. SaberF1 DaYusuf

      Ps 1 / xbox one So why the hate?

    52. Wolf Lover890

      The ps joke was funny

    53. Fooble The Goblin

      wait... s, e, and x?

    54. Osmar Marquez

      That nice

    55. Joseph Ison

      What’s next PlayStation Alpha and Xbox Omega?

      1. serdy ximi


    56. Musicstation

      PlayStation X

      1. serdy ximi

        0:28 so thats what i have inside my microwave

    57. Bones #27 B


    58. OnJemus

      Is it just me or does he sound like vegeta when his giving a name for PlayStation

    59. Julian Munnok

      wH@T @ßøút n£t£ńdø?

    60. bloop

      Forgot about the PSP

    61. jj parsons

      Is this implying that ps is better than xbox? We all have our own opinions, so I have respect for whatever the answer

    62. PythonPlusPlus

      The next Xboxes will be called Xbox Z, Xbox Kai, Xbox GT and Xbox Super

    63. Sexy Thanos

      RTX 1 to RTX 3080

    64. Coco Laughter

      At the end I got an ad of some dude playing deck the halls on Miller lite bottles and I couldn’t stop laughing. The timing

    65. Cønnør J

      I've always wondered why xbox names are so stupid.

      1. Cønnør J

        @MarkosLegend how? The Xbox one was like their 5th console. Naming them Xbox, Xbox 2, Xbox 3 (and so on) may be a little boring or something, but at least it would make sense.

      2. MarkosLegend


    66. Isaiah Neal

      Who else thinks circle should make his own game

    67. Wolf tag

      Bro what about the PSP

    68. Games_BR


    69. Sir Charles Dinosaurison the second jr

      Fun fact the s in xbox 360 s xbox 1 s and xbox series s stands for slim. Its for people who want a cheaper Console

    70. tech gamers


    71. Hagashii

      0:28 so thats what i have inside my microwave

    72. Polarspoon 18


    73. albo nymus

      PSP and PS Vita sitting crying in the corner now...

    74. Christopher Short

      I heard microsoft almost named the 360 xbox 3... They didn't want to behind sony with the ps3

    75. Twinbornmoon692

      I have the xbox 360 e I always wonderd why it look different

    76. PMDP S2806

      What if Nintendo and Sega are still the only console developers today? And if Sony and Microsoft never made consoles?

    77. Miek

      Xbox Scarlett was a good name to get out of the usual sameness.

    78. Arianna Dorsey

      I heard a little bit of Vegeta in the genius behind the Playstations. *Is Vegeta secretly naming all of the Playstation consoles?*

    79. Wizard Flame

      The 2 componys remind me of apple and samsung. Apple has numbers samsung has a bunch of random numbera the a50 a20 etc. And even more ironic samsung has a better operating system, same with xbox. Edit: also apple started before samsung with touch screen.

    80. Comrade Gray

      TBH PlayStation names there consoles with more sense like ps 1 not ps x

    81. Easton Shaw

      Okay I was literally just thinking the same thing and then checked my phone and saw this in my recommended wtf 😳

    82. Komaeda_Juice

      i have an xbox 360 e so yes, it is real

    83. Freeman

      XboX names are like AC series names. Next version of AC (after Valhalla) could be named 5, although it will be 12 release. Not couting spin offs like mobile or Liberation. Or Rogue.

    84. e non


    85. Boi Wolfya

      I feel like xbox just has a dart board with xbox, series, and a random letter on it

    86. Ulisesツ

      Anyone else here before 10 million subscribers

    87. Kaue Josiel

      Todd,uuh tylor, something like that-

    88. Kaue Josiel

      Todd,uuh tylor, something like that-

    89. Orange

      Xbox: *Gets flipped on the side.* The guy naming it: "360, No Scope, Final Destination, Fox Only!" And thus Xbox 360 came to existence.

    90. Timmilton Placeholder

      Next-box will be the Xed-box series Xed S scince the Ex xbox was the x box series x. For Xample, it goes x xed xcomunicated by x s as s is exed by x again

    91. King Sulom

      Best video I saw for a looong time now

    92. Kalozya

      I like how soon as I clicked this I got a Nintendo ad

    93. CadeMan011

      Someone forgot the Xbox 360 Elite

    94. inspector mudkip

      I’m a die hard Nintendo fan, and I don’t mind the stupid names.

    95. RShieldsy

      PlayStation: Why won’t you just be normal! Xbox: *screaming*

      1. MarkosLegend

        You guys aren’t normal because every other console ever named is not a ordered number. We are all different

    96. Ivan Quiles

      I believed the original X Box was a prank because I thought the name was ridiculous

    97. Jatt Lover

      how does he do it he is the best how does he name them ?!?!!??!

    98. I don’t really Have a name for this channel

      If Microsoft makes a handheld they should call it the Xbox 180

    99. Fire Gamer

      I think that xbox name is just xdirect remove the direct Put box Xbox Design a box with x