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    I Ran A Marathon In The World's Largest Shoes

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      Very impressive ❤️👍

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      uhm there's no possibilities that we could meet but ok

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      I need only 2000$ to change my life.. been working for 4years as a seafarer only to pay the debts of my parents. My life is over.

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      by the way i love your 2020 rewind

    9. Awaab bin babar

      i am also a kid and i have subscribed your channel dude why didnt i got money

    10. Awaab bin babar

      wait what you give them money

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      Me who does not live in america 😐

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      Bro, you forgot me

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      So when it's Europe Tour?

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      Can i please borrow 1 million dollars. Please.

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      Him after the video: give me the money back!!! I'm just kidding guys

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      Yeah im sybs and me at malay


      Am I the only one who keeps getting un subscribed from beast??

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      Ha beast i don't know you would watch my comment. Bit if you did, please send me a ps5



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      If this happened to me they wouldnt have let me meet him. Im 14 tho

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      That boy is like "Hell yeah! Time to buy Ps5 👁👄👁" Meanwhile : Mom screaming " Thankkk You" & thinking how to get That money from his son 😂

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      me, in another country : awh man

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      I am not in america... I cry!

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      Rule number 1#: Don't take something from strangers Instead Take it from mr beast XD

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      I'm also subscribed give me one ps5,in india preorders were ended in 3 sec.

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      mr. beast my son is your AVID FAN here in Davao City Philippines...and everytime he watches your videos he always wish he could keep in touch with i make this move....hope you reply..i know this will make him very happy...I'l subscribe...bcoz im also hooked!!! haahaha...please shower us your blessings...

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      Why is nobody talking bout Jimmy's shoes?

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      when your subscribed but're also British so.... no money for you *sips tea*

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      I don’t live where you live so that makes no sense

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      Hey buuuut MrBeast I’m your biggest fan, but I don’t need any money you are so helpful to the poor so that makes my happy :D Btw do you live in America?

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      filipinos be like:👁️👄👁️

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      No one: USfilm to me at 3am: "Daniel LaBelle viewers watch this channel too" ...... nAni¿?!

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      hang on, is he... *BUYING SUBS?!* (edit: joke)

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      The lady who was suprised never saw money i think

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      Ur vids sucks Jk lol ;)

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      I never gonna Get moneys from mister beast In real life Bcz my country is far away from him ._.

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      My asian mom would be like *ReTUrN tHe MoNeY NNNoW 👁️👄👁️*

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      Bruh I live in UK so I better find a way to access this free bank lol 👁 👄 👁

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      You should make a challenge who ever could finish a marathon with 5foot long shoes first

    57. Josh Toh

      I did

    58. Chad MacDonald

      That woman is cringe

    59. Mr Melon

      cries in too far away

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      Right after this video u check if you’re subbed

    61. Abishek Ks

      Plot Twist : The notes were counterfeit notes.

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      "you might bump on to me in real life" me who lives in finland: Like that's ever gonna happen

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      Legend has it If you do this to MrCheap, he’ll give a grain of sand

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      to bad i dont stay at that state

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      Lucky people Winn never happen for me

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      Wow mr beast is dying slowly

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      Yes but I live in turkey 🤣

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      I should buy house near Mr Beast and get 10000 for profit

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      Moms be like let me put that in my purse

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      It would be very rare if i would meet you

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      That mom at the end: finally my salary for the 9 month pain.

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      I Subscribed you but I do t get money u are so bad 😥😢😢😢😢😭

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      When the fuck did u make this channel

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    90. keyaan darusman

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      That mom's so excited because she's gonna probably take all that kid's money

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      I have a nother phone and tablet a subscribed

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      When the mom said thank she was going to take away the money from the kid

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