Illusions of Time


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    1896 snowball fight: joaquimcampa/status/1311391615425093634?lang=en
    Prospective and retrospective timing:
    YOUR BRAIN IS A TIME MACHINE by Dean Buonomano:
    ISOLATION - Mind Field:
    (every episode of Mind Field is free to watch on USfilm!)
    speed of time as we age:
    FELT TIME by Marc Wittmann:
    "Age effects in perception of time":
    WaitButWhy article about The Lion King:
    Barbara Walters for scale subreddit:
    Barbara Walter world history image:
    Examples of facts that challenge our chronological illusions:
    My "Narrow Slice" video:
    construal level theory:
    Pipe Dream" -
    Early smile image:
    2:30am at a 7-11 near Disney World - 1987:
    Great subreddit for candid video:
    New York City in 1993 in HD - DTheater DVHS Demo Tape:
    "Historical consciousness: the enigma of different paradigms":
    Zachary Sayre Schiffman's THE BIRTH OF THE PAST:
    History of twitter UI:
    Effect of roads:
    Talking With Attenborough Vsauce video:
    archive footage from and shutterstock
    MRI clips are of my brain as taken by the Stark lab featured in this Mind field episode:
    --MUSIC (in order of first appearance)--
    "glitch" audionetwork
    "sweet revival" audionetwork
    "passage of time" audionetwork
    "desert witch" audionetwork
    "facing south" audionetwork
    "broadway dawn" audionetwork
    "final breath" audionetwork
    "tribeca" audionetwork
    "carlin dream" Jake Chudnow
    "martinique" audionetwork
    "lazy daze" audionetwork
    "imaginary sun w less voices" Jake Chudnow
    "why so blue" audionetwork
    "for leah" Jake Chudnow
    "shona" Jake Chudnow
    "moon men" Jake Chudnow
    "crypt" audionetwork
    "eclectica" audionetwork
    "banjo ascension" audionetwork
    "heat and dust" audionetwork
    "twisted trip" audionetwork

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    1. Karlmit

      Watching this video made work pass faster.

    2. Sasha Kaiser

      Michael is truly such a talented creator. I absolutely adore his way of explaining things. Michael, do u wanna go on a date?

    3. Laniakea

      “When something becomes part of the past, can it truly be experienced again??” I heard as I experienced the same chilly-fresh-watery feeling that I used to get when I clicked on his videos in the evenings of my begone teen years...

    4. Adam Calvet Bohl

      This video was short... it will feel longer afterwards. Very interesting!

    5. Dat Boi

      To any and all people watching this in 2030, 2040, 2050 and so on, upon this video platform or the next, we are perfectly content without your technologies or entertainment of your era. It would be really nice to experience them, and we will, but we have all we currently need for satisfaction. A couple things to state: We have yet to land on Mars, America has not yet had a female president, COVID-19 is still a worldwide issue and Queen Elizabeth is somehow still alive. There could be a massive global war or a massive medical breakthrough in just a few years and we are all completely unaware due to time, as are you with your future. Live your life like we all should as I’m writing this: appreciation for the current moment. Because this current moment is fleeting and yours will be too

    6. Bisti Ni Ho Gayi

      I thought the world was black and white before 70s when I was a kid. Ahhh my funny little old mind!!!

    7. Bisti Ni Ho Gayi

      When you were kids, who thought the world was black and white before 70s ?

    8. nickjoeb

      Brain explosion!

    9. James Jurg

      This 30 minute video feels 2 hours long beacuse I learn so many new things

    10. tall Jordan

      Anyone watching this, again, in 2044?

    11. Indigo Civilian

      Who's watching in 2023?

    12. Rocco Anderson

      Every time I watch v-sauce I swear my iq rises and makes me able to view things from a different perspective

    13. Bisti Ni Ho Gayi

      But I am the main character of the universe... Believe me... Strangers!

    14. Ten

      Those twitter posts about "oh mah god I'm old" lol. Y'all just old

    15. Hydrogen Bomb

      Its against USfilm recommendations laws This should be recommend after 12 years

    16. Cactipear Kemotaku

      Shouldn't you he off kidnapping chipmunks or something?

    17. Alexander Petrovic

      This video did certainly not fel like 30 minutes. ;D

    18. Shone Joseph

      8:13 lol wait till he hears that Dr Stone counted time for 3000 years

    19. a11myfriends aredead

      relevance of time

    20. P Bebnowski

      A sweater without a shirt underneath just looks wrong

    21. mayorICO without any video

      Just remembered that the t-series vs pewdiepie war was 3 years ago.

    22. namethatisnottakenyo

      Stop harassing my brain like this, it gets anxious and doesn't like it but still finds it fascinating.

    23. mayorICO without any video

      and what is it called when i start listening to a 5min. song in 16:20 and at the end of the song it's 16:30 ?

    24. Sabeer Khan

      Im glad you’re back.

    25. David LaMaster

      Holy shit the beard!

    26. Caleb Christensen

      The king returns! Praise be 🙏

    27. MythRobo

      Therapist: Beardless Michael doesn't exist, he cant hurt you *Beardless Michael:*

    28. xSpicehTero

      My boi said "you're as old as your parents when they had you" and I don't know what to do with my life...

    29. Egg

      I learned more from this video than a whole year of school

    30. Karen Houston

      very interesting &informative. given very nicely

    31. martin beaver

      ‘It was worth the wait’

    32. River Hardman

      wow that was 31 mins that was so fast! oh wait

    33. Charlie Meza

      What's doom scrolling

    34. Molivi

      It is the first time that he says "I think" in any of his videos and then inserts his own terminology. This sounds like a doctorship made on USfilm

    35. Alexandru Mã-ta

      I tell you way the time past faster wen we are older. Because then we do not learn so many things. So if you what (relatively) to feel that time pass slow, you have to learn new things every time.

    36. Sam TropicsTM


    37. xsosx :D

      Damn this sure really took a lot of TIME better drop a like

    38. Yeetus Cleetus I eatus your feetus

      If you like Vsauce you’ll like the SCP Foundation now go read the wiki

    39. ujjwal sharma

      It's 2021 but I'm still living in 90's ....... 🙂

    40. Bisti Ni Ho Gayi

      Wait But Why readers! Like here

    41. Tony Joyner

      Time is an illusion and feelings are relative ...

    42. Andrew Schneider

      Every VSauce video feels like a Magnum Opus.

    43. Grand Admiral Thrawn

      dude sometimes you don't wanna know why we feel nostalgia coz that'll ruin our feeling of nostalgia how you can think that the good old days were not good old days but some psychological shit.

    44. David List

      those last two minutes are solid gold. "Be bored." My greatest inspirations and inventions have come from boredom.

    45. Mindseas

      Yes, precious, tasty brain stuffs! About time, tho.

    46. Random

      I gotta go spray a diarrheal In the planetary earth continuum that is my bowl

    47. Pokemon Go

      How often can a man change his sweater 🤣😁👌🏻

    48. a7xsalvador

      He is 34? I thought he was like 50

    49. Dadricmaster97

      Maralyn monroe was born in a completely different year to queen elizabeth 2!!! Maralyn monroe was nowhere near the Jurassic era!!

    50. Joseph Pickard

      Last year, I was in my local town and a kid at a record shop said to the guy behind the counter, "Do you have any oldies in, like Radiohead's Kid A?" I figuratively turned into a pile of ash at my own recognition of my pending mortality

    51. Bryce

      Bless this man

    52. Pagan Min

      this makes me wanna cry

    53. Avve B

      14:00 midlife crisis?

    54. Mohammed Amr

      Make a video about why we will not take talking with AI engines as serious and meaningful as talking with humans, even talking with aliens, if ever exist, would be much more serious and meaningful.

    55. Alec Pangato

      For the first few seconds, I honestly thought it was a floating head lol.

    56. Aditya Ruikar

      Do anybody noticed how much apparels he changed with time

    57. Debb Awwa

      6 days ago?...... does anybody else remember already watching this years ago ?... maybe he has a similar video o

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      Vsauce is the definition of yes, but no

    59. Bman

      Idea porn that really means nothing. Keep pushing forward towards your dreams, your goals..enjoy the now.

    60. Abc Bcd

      way too deep

    61. Fe7 General

      I would say its been like two years but I think thats the point of the video

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      The king is back!!

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      anyone watching this in 2022?

    64. Muso Master

      Green duck: TIME?

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      How many TIMES did he change his sweater?

    66. Xavage

      The difficulty of accepting the flow of time is becoming unbearable as we grow older.

    67. Erin J

      The draconian withdrawal successively arrive because brian philly precede athwart a frantic bucket. accurate, filthy giraffe

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      say my name! heisenberg

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      THAAAATS why it took you so long to upload.

    70. lukas reineborg

      When my mom was 16 she got me, when I was 17 she got my younger brother, there's a larger space of time between me and my brother then me and my mother and that feels kinda weird

    71. jittrin nimitpermpoon

      This is real deep one. Great vdo, as always.

    72. Jozef SK

      '27:20 imagine not even conceptualizing the existance of any other civilization outside of earth. I guess the 2000s were really a prison age' That comment above is what I like to imagine every so often. From a possible perspective of someone far into the future who might possibly live a thousand years away, for whom a daily mundane reality includes something sci-fi, unthinkable now. Like a boring business meeting with a few more extra terrestrial races for example. The interesting part is, that such comment would be totaly relatable to someone, if my sci-fi imagination would happen. Someone so far away on a time, technology and a knowledge scale, yet having the same thought. A mind bridge between ages.

    73. SmolFruitGaming

      this is wicked

    74. Elia

      How the hell has it been 140 days since you did the shave thing

    75. Dr. M&M69

      I can't wait until Vsauce come out with the video, "I discovered Nuclear Fission Energy and made some insane stuff"

    76. Tate


    77. james c

      looks untidy. seconds later. YAY =) than... awww....

    78. Math Dantas Tav

      basicly michael showing us that he's old

    79. Elias Churchill Vazquez

      Absolutely loved this video, probably one of the best in my opinion!

    80. boitahaki

      1.Forget what you studied last week 2.Remember that one embarrassing moment from 15 years ago

    81. Jules No last name

      This is trippy

    82. Andrew

      the whole video felt shorter than the last 2 minutes, in which I was waiting for the video to end so I could get some noodles

    83. Adomas Abugelis

      Time itself is an illusion

    84. T BROSKI

      Can I rent your beard for 2 weeks bro lol.

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      Who else thought this was real as a kid

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      After 9 minutes my brain melted

    89. Ethaniel Clyne

      Making your own terms and hypotheses now, amazing 🙌🏼

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      Where can I buy that brown sweater michael is wearing.

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      wow, is anyone watching it in 2030?

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      I was born in 2009 and I remember Jurassic Park coming out??? huh?? H U H

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      It's been a long time since you came around Been a long time but you're back in town but this time, i feel like this video is too long... not like the old days huh...?

    94. Vihtic

      VERY great timing for this video. A lot of us are experiencing these same phenomenon due to covid and quarantining. This video reminded me how much I love watching these types of videos.

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      Im not ready for an existential crisis on a weekend

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      31 minutes of epicness

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      I never thought there would be another one

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      16:30 me when I google "ab ovo" and figure out it's actually a type of ovarian cancer

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      you know that movie interstellar? you got to watch it twice to REALLY understand it... this video is like that. you need to watch this twice.