BACK TO BOAT LIFE (our daily routine on the sea)

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    Now that the excitement (chaos) of splashing the boat and immediately preparing for cyclones has passed, we’re slowly getting back to our familiar routines of living a life on the sea.
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    We’re Jason and Nikki Wynn. We been living #OffTheGrid and exploring the world for 10 years.
    Our first six years of #travel were an epic road trip around North America.
    Now we’re on a #sailing voyage about the world. Did we have any previous sailing experience, of course not!
    Neither of us is overly talented, smart, rich, lucky, or retired. But that doesn’t stop us from reaching far-flung destinations, having wild #adventures and managing everything that makes living aboard a moving vessel possible.
    We’re two ordinary people that just so happen to live an extraordinary life.
    And this is why we publish our lives on the world wide web. We share in hopes of inspiring you to find your adventure.
    Timestamps if you like to Jump Around:
    00:00 Sunrise on CURIOSITY
    00:50 Intro
    01:30 Getting Back in the Groove
    03:07 Sailboat Morning Routine
    05:05 Boat Life Chores
    07:33 Rain Water Capture & Filter
    08:23 Polishing Stainless Steel
    09:14 Cold Lunch, Hot Days
    12:31 Daily Weather Check
    13:54 A Big New Problem
    15:09 Rain (Again)
    16:11 Crackin' an Old Nut
    18:19 Swim & Free-Dive
    20:54 Fresh Coconut Cream
    21:40 The Best Time of Day
    23:19 Dinner - Pumpkin Curry
    25:23 Bloopers
    #BoatLife #Catamaran #TravelVlog #DigitalNomad #LifeStyle #Sailboats
    © Gone With the Wynns 2020

    Published on 15 days ago


    1. Gone with the Wynns

      First vid of 2021, thanks for being a part of it with us! In this crazy, uncertain, and movement restricted world, it’s important to take delight and pleasure in our daily lives as much as the adventures. For those looking for information/vids on our solar and off-grid setup, you will find that here: Also, wanted to take a moment to answer a couple of the most common questions. 🤗 ❔ “I’m curious how long were you able to stay underwater before you left the islands? And now, how long are you able to stay under?” 🗨2 min was our average before leaving the boat. Now, we’re out of practice and 1:15 is our best. Recipe for the smoothie 🍨: Shredded coconut, banana, papaya, pineapple, frozen coconut cream, ginger, cinnamon, cacao powder, water. ❔“Why aren’t you collecting rainwater” 🗨We are! That’s what the buckets on the transom are for. 😎 ❔ “Try JB weld on the cracked stanchion” 🗨the steel stick we mentioned is a JB weld product

      1. Jarret Yingling

        What is the name of that epic purple and teal blue funnel with detachable strainer?! It made several appearances in this epi but I can't find anything like it on Amazon or even Google image search :( Does it have a brand name?

      2. F G

        Always waiting for you guys video

      3. Shelley Langley

        Awesome average day video! It’s much more relaxing than my day in healthcare during COVID-19. I love the cooking!

      4. Brooke Martin

        @Cajun Kev Thanks!.

      5. Cajun Kev

        @Brooke Martin the song is called Without You & it’s by band called The Lightearts

    2. Salvatore DeRose, Sr.

      No NOT boring at all, so peaceful and beautiful. You guys are blessed. Really enjoy watching the trials and tribulations, all the Stuff that happenes good and not so good lol

    3. The Flyin Hawaiian Travels

      Another wish I was there video.

    4. The Flyin Hawaiian Travels

      Jamaican style of cooking with curry. Actually, its part of Caribbean .

    5. 1Alone

      "Flitz" for the stainless!

    6. Furniture Guru

      I need a fox nose coffee cup!

    7. A Silvermoon

      Jason always looks like he's about as high as one can get, and Nikki looks like she's secretly upping his doses. 💨


      I would love to k now the music you guys use on your videos

      1. Gone with the Wynns

        The artists are listed in the description box (in the order they appear) and there's a link to the service Nikki & Jason use to find them all. 😎 Curious Minion

    9. Jack FnTwist

      I'm trying to find the video where you guys talked about the mini drone.... Am I conffusing the channel?

      1. Jack FnTwist

        @Gone with the Wynns Thank you so much. I'm having doubts between the mini 2 and mavic air 2 for my first drone.... There are pros and cons to each for my particular needs. Would you ever consider doing a little comparison, since they're sponsors? The doubt has kept me from buying for quite a while (thankfully, because the mini has improved greatly). Unfortunately, I have to use a gift card. If you have affiliate links with the big retailer, I'll gladly use it.

      2. Gone with the Wynns

        You're not, it was in this vid: But they've also added it to the post on photo gear & you can see all their gear and there are links & discount codes too! That's here: Don't forget, shopping through any GWTW product links won't cost you anything extra but it will through a few pennies into the sailing kitty! So when you're ready to buy, click over from here. Curious Minion

    10. Andreia Hachimoto

      I loved this video!!!!!!!!

    11. Urban Willis

      On the Stanchion Base, have you thought of drilling a hole through the tube receptacle across the cracked part and pinning it with a stainless steel 1/4 inch bolt and securing it with a nut? Also McMaster Carr Catalog would be a great tool.

    12. 1bill1marina

      14:35 Put JB weld after cleaning of course then a stainless pipe clamp round it. That should make it at least stable. Till u can find a new mount

    13. United Kuttanad

      Love from kerala (india )

    14. Nisha Ray

      Randomly discovered you guys & I have now started binge watching y’all’s videos. Love the videos!!

      1. Gone with the Wynns

        Welcome aboard!

    15. dreupen

      How about a hose clamp or two on the broken pushpit base

    16. sj kraft

      For the Perimeter Rail Stanchion, Try to find two(2) Stainless Steel Hose Clamps to match the outside diameter of the cast Stanchion. Add them to the base to cover the crack. This will get you to shore, till get a replacement part. Good Luck.

    17. s2ktuner

      Your very normal day seems like an awesome vacation to me, makes me realize how much of a suburban hell I live in. You guys are a great team, got a new sub here.

      1. Gone with the Wynns

        Welcome aboard!! 💙💛💙

    18. Brian Joyce

      A day in the life for a balance we all require. Well done and smelling the roses! Thx Wynns

    19. daily dose of

      Wow this was an unbelievably relaxing watch. So happy USfilm randomly recommended this to me 😍

    20. tom hayman

      “Put the lime in the cocoanut and you stir it all up......” oh well. Maybe your next “boring” vid. Glad to see you back on board. Safe travels.

    21. guy guruta

      Hello from Brebeuf Québec Canada...we just got 3 feet of snow...enjoy

    22. KnittinginPNG

      Thank you for showing how you process coconuts!! I live in the Pacific and I sometimes buy canned coconut milk because I don't have the energy to process coconuts like the locals do. But using a blender is an amazing idea!

    23. Stacy Pearce

      Do you guys fish?

      1. Gone with the Wynns

        Yes from time to time & spear fish too. BUT we like to support the locals buy buying fish at the market too.

    24. Stacy Pearce

      What did you do off boat?

    25. sokin jon

      Would love to see more what you eat in a day

    26. v1d300

      Are you looking for a full-time minimum wage assistant with zero sailing experience? I can apply :)

      1. sokin jon

        This is funny

    27. JBryant Concierge

      I loved the very normal routine sailboat day. More please...

    28. SuperSTOL 50

      Nice video guys, good to see you back on the water

    29. Bubblegum Snaps

      My newest and most favorite channel I just happened upon. How utterly lucky, you’ve made an Illinois girl so happy, especially the coconut part, must make quarantine coconut rice and curry! Very much look forward to your adventures. Very, very nice to meet you virtually! Be well!✌🏻😀✨

    30. doddie benton

      Love watching you guys. Silly off question I know but I must ask where did you find those pink plates?

    31. deep5811

      Love you guys. Mix in some more "daily life" episodes. They are a good thing.

    32. Andrea Berlatsky

      Love the bloopers 😊

    33. Bill Bayless

      And you got chalula how?

    34. zzzx xzzz

      If you have to say it wasn't a fart , it was probably a fart ! 🤥

    35. Mike Flanagan

      Glad you got out of the ocean before it started raining. I was worried you were gonna get wet. 😜 Still loving your videos after several years. I started back when you were RVing, and you helped me through some episodes with my own RV.

    36. afscm23

      At 23.48 is it starting to rain quite heavily? and just to say ive only just found your youtube videos and i think they are amazing :) many thanks.

    37. miko foin

      A very powerful video

    38. connie howe

      Awesome video oooopss

      1. miko foin

        the stanchion, thus trying to isolate the aluminum and the stainless steel. Ideally, remove all the other stanchions and isolate it with a physical barrier from the aluminum bas

    39. FoodieOnTour

      Loved it.... isn't that what we all (not on a boat right now) dream of?

    40. Cardin Trinh

      there are better internet for you it startlink service anywhere in the worlds .

    41. Gary Herlth

      You know the silver lining is you had a break from sailing. It was meant to be.

    42. 0648marge Buchanan

      So enjoyed your day ...your awesome

    43. Darren Munsell

      Keep some of those coconut husks - it makes great fire wood, if you get on a secluded beach

    44. Gray is Gorgeous

      I just want to thank you both for your wonderful channel /videos. It has brought me great joy to watch your adventures. It is a saving grace in a scared world. The videos are so professional and stunning!

      1. Gone with the Wynns

        TY! 💙💛💙

    45. Kevin Weldon

      What a great video about normal every day life on a boat. Thanks so much for sharing.

    46. yuoop noke

      I love nikkis hair short like this! Also love the “boring days”

    47. Jeff Allen

      Things are looks good to me! Back on the sea!! I would have died on Gilligan's Island.. Can't eat coconuts...

      1. Gone with the Wynns


      2. yuoop noke

        You are the best

    48. MJ Sailing

      You guys are too cute, even for the things you do on your 'non filming/entertainment' days. Oh, and I officially invite you aboard our new boat in 2023 to give us thorough lessons in cooking and coconut manipulation. I know you must be very excited to take us up on it. 😉 Stay safe and happy - and enjoy 2021!!

    49. Greenie! G

      Jason. Love the shades. Message me the brand and model svp

    50. Travel Tour Taste

      Hello again my friends, great to see you. Hope you had a great Christmas and just wanted to wish you a very Happy New year and may 2021 bring you much success, joy and happiness. Stay safe and catch up again real soon.

    51. pumpupthevolume

      Wait. Who's flying the drone?

    52. Jim K

      Great video. Definitely gives a bit of reality check for many who don't understand how much routine maintenance goes into the daily boat routine.

    53. Century22

      I still loved it. A day in the life. No rush to go anywhere. No impending storm. No entry exit red tape hassles ! No major breakdowns. Love you both. Thanks for sharing.

    54. Larry Grimm

      Why don’t you have a nas? I just built a 40 TB nas, so much better than a bunch of ssd’s and hard drives for storing all that 4K footage. Larry

    55. Jack Daniel

      Not sure if it has been mentioned but i believe the reason the stanchion bases cracked is primarily due to galvanic corrosion between the aluminum base and the stainless steel stanchions - see all the white alu-oxide in the cracks? Do yourselves a favor and spray some Boeshield T-9 or some other lubricant into the space between the base and the stanchion, thus trying to isolate the aluminum and the stainless steel. Ideally, remove all the other stanchions and isolate it with a physical barrier from the aluminum base - something like electrical tape but preferably a Delrin spacer. It's a lot of work, so spraying the bases with a lubricant on a regular basis is probably more feasible. As a matter of principle, always try to avoid getting different metals in contact with one another in the presence of water - it'll save you a lot of headaches.

    56. J. Mark Lane

      So, when the camera's not on, do you throttle each other? j/k. Lovely couple, enjoying the videos, thx.

    57. Peter Tratechaud

      Your video file storage could benefit from having a dedicated NAS on board.. another item that would need to wait until you get to New Zealand/Australia.

    58. TheDriftingsmoke

      how many guns?

    59. Tara Wright

      Why not collect rainwater for cleaning?

      1. Gone with the Wynns

        They are collecting rainwater. Those are the tubs on the transom and that's what Jason's filtering & pouring into the water tank. See the pinned comment for more. Curious Minion

    60. Wallette100

      Just rewatched your Marquesas video where you had the allergic reaction to taro leaves. I live in Hawaii and yes, many people have elevated reaction to certain taro leaves though never seen one as bad as what you had. You also said that you may be allergic to mango skins. That's also a common thing here but it is not the skin of the mango. It is the mango sap that causes a reaction. As long as you don't touch the sap, you'll be ok.

    61. Debbie T

      Would love to see more what you eat in a day

    62. A Sailboat Named Roxy

      Great video!

    63. dolita windo

      You are the best

    64. douglas carmouche

      One of the best episodes ever!! "And that is what nuts are made for..."


      You two have gotten really weird being on land too long! I still love your videos! Glad to see you’re back in your natural element.

      1. dolita windo

        You guys are fun to watch. Love your videos. Thanks. Glad you are back on your boat.

    66. Houses Built Tiny

      "Soften our assumptions" Well said. Especially for a couple of overanalyzers like you and me. You guys had my attention from "tea with a nature's head" 6 or so years ago, which backed me up to I Love (the letter) "U". A lifetime adventurist, sailor, innovator myself, I was never one to spend much time watching USfilm. I think you where my first subscription. 2020 was definitely a learning year for many of us that have the never quit attitudes.. Good to see you on the water. BTW overanalyzers is a compliment to intelligent people like you guys. Many High-IQ People Tend to Be Overthinkers: They Incessantly Overanalyze Everything There’s this old Zen parable that relates how over-analysis is a common attribute of intelligent people. A Zen master was resting with his quick-witted disciple. At one point, the master took a melon out of his bag and cut it in half for the two of them to eat. In the middle of the meal, the enthusiastic disciple said, “My wise teacher, I know everything you do has a meaning. Sharing this melon with me may be a sign that you have something to teach me.” The master continued eating in silence. “I understand the mysterious question in your silence,” insisted the student. “I think it is this: the excellent taste of this melon that I am experiencing … is the taste on the melon or on my tongue …” The master still said nothing. The disciple got a bit frustrated at his master’s apparent indifference. The disciple continued, ” … and like everything in life, this too has meaning. I think I’m closer to the answer; the pleasure of the taste is an act of love and interdependence between the two, because without the melon there wouldn’t be an object of pleasure and without pleasure …” “Enough!” exclaimed the master. “The biggest fools are those who consider themselves the most intelligent and seek an interpretation for everything! The melon is good; please let this be enough. Let me eat it in peace!”

    67. Laís Souza

      Gosh, that's a beautiful life

    68. misuyy fong

      T la meilleur, on t adore ???

    69. Mike Braun

      Wow simple is so great . We love spending time on the boat just floating . AND EVERYTHING IS WORKING

    70. Sharky Regimbald

      Hello from canada ottawa

      1. misuyy fong

        Amazing video man

    71. Barbro EvanderLindquist

      Excuse mee but how often do you shift out the "ropewoork" on the steeringweel? Suppose there could bee a lot of rost under....if it is steel under offcorse?! Barbro Sweden

    72. KC OOI

      please take care and loving our ocean, don't simply throw the rubbish into the ocean!

      1. Gone with the Wynns

        There are probably more coconuts floating in the water than boats! They fall in, break apart, wash up all the time. Curious Minion

    73. Eddie B

      You have come full circle back to 'life on the boat' in the middle of a pandemic!

    74. Lost Target

      Moving lots of files on WIndows? Google an app called Teracopy, it'll make it sooooo much easier.

    75. Westway Crossing

      Stanchion base Fix: use a hose clamp to hold it together. Not pretty, but will prevent it from getting worse. And might hold better if you fall against it.

    76. Paul Brochner

      I'd give anything to be somewhere hot again.


      Hey you can make coconut candy with your left over coconut

    78. Charles Dahl

      a couple of pilgrims, on there Banana Boat

    79. drttyu liqm

      I love nikkis hair short like this! Also love the “boring days”

    80. rodandkristy

      You guys are awesome!!!

      1. drttyu liqm

        A couple of hose clamps on that stanchion base would be a good temporary fix..

    81. Dennis Brown

      You guys are fun to watch. Love your videos. Thanks. Glad you are back on your boat.

    82. Jaren Sandberg

      Ice freezes “solid” is the word you were looking for, not hard.

    83. rh2669

      Nice video, especially fun to watch after a crazy day. Thanks for all the effort putting it together and posting!

    84. David Turner

      "Tap into your inner MacGyver" Ha ha, That's Gold!!

    85. Charles Bates

      You should do more of these. It is very relaxing

    86. Doug A

      never feel bad of the normal days content. it's fun and relaxing watching you two do anything and everything. you can just lay there for 3 hours and do absolutely nothing and I'd still enjoy it. Peace!! :)

    87. Latitude Adjustment

      What was the funnel/strainer thing you used on the water tank and where did you find it?

    88. Peter Collins

      Thank you both, the curry was a 10 and so was my last 27:35!

    89. Paramotor NC

      I enjoyed that. Thanks for taking us along. - Ben

    90. Jeffrey Grant

      Do you upload all your videos to storage in the cloud like OneDrive with the hard drives as redundancy?

    91. Maryj

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    92. MrSeraphcorp

      Dream life.. Thank You both!!

    93. Paul McGee

      By the way, how did you learn to sail?

      1. Paul McGee

        @Gone with the Wynns thanks guys 👍

      2. Gone with the Wynns

        Head over to the sailing page on the blog and click on the "sailing school" tab. When you're done with those, there's a tab on the whole shopping experience, a tour of the boat, costs, and much more! It's the go-to place with all the answers. Curious Minion

    94. Paul McGee

      You guys are inspiring me. I just need to convince the wife but she'll come round..

    95. Travel Trousers

      Put a couple of steel hose clamps on the Stanchion base until you can get a proper repair. Not idea but it should help.

    96. Scott Petrich

      A couple of hose clamps on that stanchion base would be a good temporary fix..

    97. rangeorge85051

      if you don't have a dog these days you can blame it on the camera

      1. Gone with the Wynns


    98. Gary Barker

      Good to see you back. Is Iridium Go as good as they say?

    99. serdy ximi

      about that.

    100. Hassan HOY

      nice cool ppl :)

      1. serdy ximi

        just put a hose clamp on the broken stanchion base and let'r rip another month or so. :D