Switching Lives With My Cameraman for 24 Hours!

FaZe Rug

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    Everyone asked me to switch lives with my camerman Noah, and we finally did it! Subscribe to get me to 17 million subscribers!
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    1. FaZe Rug


      1. ElextroXYZ


      2. Alexander Vega


      3. Creedon Serack 7


      4. A&Z Vlogs

        📈great video

      5. Andres Ruiz

        yeah true he looks so like you

    2. YoBoyMarc

      3:55 you can not tell me he looked just like rug😭😭😂😂

    3. strxwberry sunshine

      No one: Not a single soul: Me: the carpet is a recipt-

    4. Andres Trevizo

      I like to see Noah on the cameras

    5. Rolando Cruz

      what hat is rug wearing?

    6. Dragon Boy

      Best video EVER

    7. COC FF

      16:06 rug to noah *after getting electric shock* what is wrong with u???....LOL I'M DEAD RN WATCHING THAT idk why but that's funny

    8. COC FF

      13:57 papa rug: *sigh* are u serious?!!!!

    9. ashley Army

      Oh my god he does look like Brian dressed up like that

    10. Narayan Dhimal

      Nice skit

    11. Andrew Alyoussef élève

      Do.Kelly10 your such a hater

    12. bts army and moa forever

      3:35 *me filming*

    13. Rose Quartz

      Omg once Noah cam out I thought it was rug

    14. Rose Quartz

      Faze Noah lmao

    15. Ivan Canahui Chun

      You have to go and give 100$

    16. Breezyy-_-


    17. Iker Martinez

      It’s so funny how they switched life’s

    18. ꧁Just Nate꧂

      yOuR aNgles ArE SOOooO BaD

    19. Damian Delgado


    20. James and Bishop N

      He is lit

    21. SuperStarGaming

      “Yo he looks so much like me” Me: **few seconds later finds the time he truly does** (4:27)

    22. Byron Dixon

      Lowkey when "Ruggy" walked out of the door to get a sick view I thought that was that actual faze rug

    23. RNO DY

      oh that’s look the same

    24. Zachary Edwards

      FAZE RUG i love your videos i watch your videos all the time

    25. It’s HALEY

      faze should edit his own videos for a week

    26. NDKing

      The way he did the cinematic‘s

    27. Humaira Uddin

      Hi i love you faze rug


      this video is the funniest omg 😂😂😂😂

    29. Hermilo Lira

      They did not switch lives just saying;)

    30. FTC Tattty

      Pops rugs face at the time 13:58

    31. Jacob Servindelamora

      Bruh he look weird 😂😂😂

    32. Sherrena Edwards

      Dandruff’s yogurt ghetto in my car I have no more money than anything but it’s a little weird because it’s so nice I have Genevieve

    33. Chanden Graybeal

      When Noah came out of the closet I thot that was the one the only faze rug🥳😎

    34. Meteorite

      well how do we have two noahs?

    35. Jared Goldstein

      3:10 that was the worst cinematic I have ever seen

    36. Aizea Suncin

      This made me cringe but it was still funny keep up the good work and have a good day

    37. T Krogh


    38. More Boost

      I had to come rewatch this was too funny.

    39. Gaming Mario Unbox

      Let’s hope he was safe when driving the Lambo

    40. Leonardo Rios


    41. Leonardo Rios

      I love this type of videos

    42. ʟuke sidel

      this video reminds me of “Thunderstruck” Kevin Durant basketball movie.

    43. Mohammad Niazi


    44. Unknown_friction

      hold on at the start of the video why is noah in his rooom with no shirt on whith faze rugs girl freidn

    45. MasonDude Gaming

      The camera man is so small and thin

    46. Tanner Bird

      can someone pls get Noah a sandwich

    47. Zxne ZX

      *bosely knew the whole time*


      I saw this in my recommended this morning when I woke up and I swear I thought I woke up in an alternate universe

    49. Linda Echeverria

      FaZe Rug makes me smile and laugh every video

    50. psv shashank

      what is going on noah

    51. BH Pozin

      *Fun Fact: Noah Edited This.*

      1. BH Pozin

        @Arian kria lol

      2. Arian kria

        Nope kina edited this

    52. Vashisht Khandelwal

      Scripted pranks lol

    53. Cristian Ledezma


    54. Cristian Ledezma


    55. Hali Maze

      Thats why faze rug have a cameraman.. your cameraman much better filming holding camera than you 😂 but i love this video!!!

    56. Elijah Hibbard


    57. Alex Ramos

      Rug ummm I mean what is terrible camra (rug)

    58. datboiAxel


    59. Jr. Cook


    60. akashhh

      the whole prank scene, was a prank for us and not mama and papa rug lol

    61. Rafael Fael

      Fuck you

    62. Monique Martinez

      wiw faze rug id so bad at rec


      rug i smash the like botton and smshed the subcribe botton that i think i broke it also i hope u reach to 20 mil

    64. John Joshua Balajadia

      plss subscribe to my channel

    65. John Joshua Balajadia

      plss subscribe to my channel

    66. Guy Name Jordan

      Do it with brawadis

    67. PimpDaddyJeo

      Yo I want a ps5 Instagram@ Jeo.solis

    68. arion askew

      hell no noah

    69. Ryan Wheeler


    70. John Gonzalez


    71. Lt_ Active

      Bruh he said Addison Rae needs to stop playing with me 🤧🤧

    72. bruh_among

      Ummm bro who else thought the thumbnail was just faze after 2 mins of looking at the picture to notice 😂

    73. Jamie Lee Ashton

      Ha ha ha 😆😆😆

    74. FaZe palm


    75. Adam Anderson


    76. Fernanda Tovar

      i never miss one of your vds your vds is the only thing that i like to watch

    77. Hardik Kana

      Yo Rug. Since you bought two PS5 can I get the one. I am Subscribed to your channel and I've never won anything. you can contact me on Instagram : hardik__0811

    78. kon zaxos

      please tell me the name of the song in 3:20?

    79. Todd Reid

      Rug I’m a rug rat and I’m wondering if I’m able to drink chug rug bur I’m 10 so yeah

    80. Andea Quintero

      Southwest and Faze should switch lifes for 24hours

    81. tiktok124

      I am the new FaZe Rug...

    82. Dora De La Cerda


    83. JD Playz

      12:39I started dying 😭

    84. Declan Shanahan

      Commenting on every single FaZe Rug video until he buys me a gaming PC

    85. Devin Meadows

      It's so trippy

    86. Pooja S

      Awesome video. Noah did look like Faze Rug when he changed his clothes wow🔥💯

    87. S-Juju1

      He sounds like he’s a little bit ha

    88. I T Gaming Ian

      4:15 bruuu

    89. Christopher Bates

      I loved it so good keep it up

    90. Chrisan Campbell

      OMG, this is amazing content and the creativity put into this video is increfible, lots of love❤❤❤

    91. Andres Ruiz

      Also i watched the tiktok video of them

    92. Andres Ruiz

      Did faze rug say ghost rider

    93. Cerensa George

      theres 5 on you shirt

    94. Ana Martinez

      They don’t act like that in real life I went to the mall and saw them there and they were soo mean

    95. Savagehacker


    96. Earl Ayon-ayon

      He do 30 jump in jacks and i do in school is 100 because we got punish by the prinsipal because someone is doing drugs at our school

    97. Bluツ ψ

      Who else saw the comment about this video

    98. Brandon Noyola

      Y’all see rage I didn’t now he was here omg

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      So funny 😂

    100. Brandie Cordero

      i have been a faze rug for 3 years