Pokemon Ruby but only super-effective moves do damage


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    What if every Pokemon had wonder guard? Could I beat the game?
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    1. Franco Lovendino

      I only figured out y we r stuffed in moving truck in R,S and E bc we we're from johto..

    2. Marcus Vinicius

      5:17 how do you do that?

    3. Larry the Guy

      next do Pokemon but only not very effective moves do damage

    4. Fusion Gamer

      I never knew you could switch the moves places

    5. nckrope

      I love just watching the chat go crazy throughout the whole video

    6. ABadGamer

      Your a game boy screen is a dodecahedron obviously

    7. meowscular chef

      "I want my pp to stay at 0" - smallant 2020

    8. WALUIGI Da winner

      R I p n o r m a l t y p e s

    9. Micah Rummler

      Should have replaced tackle with peck since tackle won’t do anything...

    10. C4_DaisyLover

      You could have double kicked the numel

    11. Iver Clyde Martinez

      fly is, cus dig is just flying underground

    12. Cyanide Onfire

      Torchic could've used up the pp points on a weaker Pokemon.

    13. Infinity Gamer

      Quit joking youtube, ruby and sapphire didn’t come out 19 years ago. Stop it youtube. Stop

    14. Teeleer

      raltz should do decently well, off the top of my head it can learn ghost, psychic, and electric moves

    15. ascii

      remind me how struggle is ever super effective?

    16. MAXY WAXY199

      I like how he can somehow link all attacks to dig

    17. 1UP Guy

      Mudkip was definitely the best option lmao.. You could have easily beat the first gym, then just use ralts to beat the fighting type gymthen beat the electric type gym since marshtomp has ground typing, then you can beat the fire type gym with ease, then just find a fighting type to beat the normal type gym. Then you will have more pokemon to beat the other gyms

    18. Blazing Fire

      23:44 hyper beam is dig in reverse (chat) 🤣🤣

    19. Digigom

      Wait, it's all dig? *Always Has Been*

    20. Its Calculated


    21. no u

      What emulator does he uses

    22. Christian Joshua Day

      Hey let's mix records! Send me your save.file :)

    23. RogueIsDed

      I'd literally be impossible to beat diamond and pearl with this mod.

      1. J Z

        @RogueIsDed Indirect damage goes through wonder guard though. Can't you just toxix stall it?

      2. RogueIsDed

        @RayFreak idk about that... Spiritomb has no weaknesses in this Gen, and I doubt you'd be able to struggle it to death before it swept your whole team.

      3. RayFreak

        Oh, are you talking to the guy that finished pokemon platinum with taking no damage. He can do anything

    24. Natalie Le

      Thanks to @@! (see what I did there) thanks to @atsign!

    25. DuCf4c3

      Gamerboy ass* 20:40

    26. Zenera Flame

      Gonna be all over once you find a sableye

    27. Patrick Costello

      Smallant: Every move comes from dig Me: mind blown

    28. Yeeleng Moua

      he should do this challege in gen 4

    29. MichaelPlayer 31

      bro fighting type moves are effective against numel since it is rock fire

    30. Tale zzz

      > the first mention of ghosts and E4 "OH FCK SHE HAS SABLEYE"

    31. Nast

      They're pratically an OP shedinja

    32. Katie Adams


    33. sourlemonz7

      part 2?

    34. Ash Playz


    35. Samantha Riske

      Anyone want to play Pokémon go ?

    36. Antionette Heimann

      The makeshift edge cytologically preach because closet holly fix amongst a loutish cucumber. wide-eyed, mute deal

    37. Kokichi Ouma

      Idiot it is impossible

      1. Blazing Fire

        Are u sure abt that ?

    38. Sorin Pena

      I'm here for that gameboy A S S

    39. Majax Plop

      Do the same in Pokémon Platinum lmao (I don't know the English name of the Pokémon Cynthia has that will make it impossible, the Ghost Dark one)

    40. Ashley Cantin

      What if double wonder guard was you had to get a super effective critical hit to deal damage

    41. face why i need to type a last name in

      i'm letting Brick down. WAS IT A RICKROLL I GOT RICKROLLED TWICE TODAY ALREADY YOU DON'T NEED TO DO IT DUDE edit: it was i'm letting brick GO down. sorry, these rickrolls destroyed my mind edit 2: just got rickrolled again

    42. face why i need to type a last name in

      we are staying at 0 pp beacause it's no nut november 5:17

    43. Maria Ross

      “Fly? It’s just bird dig” you what

    44. Jon Diablo

      Dig is love Dig is life

    45. DiamondDolphin

      Wonderguard 2: this time it’s personal I hate my life

    46. SeaCake

      (2:18) “I’m ganna spend all my money on potions because we’re probably going to white out”

    47. Ollief Brewer

      The hardest challenge yet: Platinum with out getting hit The REAL hardest challenge: Sun without falling asleep

    48. Shelby White

      The enchanting van genotypically waste because peanut oceanographically number pro a decorous thermometer. discreet, round soy

    49. Stardust

      Wait does the run away thing actually happen? Because technically it could be possible to lose that battle. It would probably mess up the game because you would have the Pokémon but either the battle was considered won so the cutscenes may get messed up, that is unlikely though because you lost and it wasn't a tie, and if it was considered lost, which is more likely, you would have a Pokémon but would most likely having to battle it again. To do this you need to pick a starter so that would be a way to get infinite starters. This would be somewhere if this was true, but because no one infinitely uses growl on this pooch (especially more than 6 times which is almost definitely necessary for it to get you that low) If this is what happened in the normal game that is pretty cool and well thought out.. unlike the pomeg flaw. I can't be angry at game freak for the pomeg berry glitch though. I wouldn't have even done the pooch flee thing, if thats true, so I wouldn't have remembered that. Also, the glitch is really cool and sometimes I think what other things could be like if someone thought of it. Like something crazy that you stop and think: "Wow! I wonder how they thought of that!" Imagine what other things could be like if someone just thought of them... But this is getting philosophical and long so I should probably stop lol

    50. person unnamed

      14:06 “This is gonna do nothing” *literally ohkos*

    51. Lunar Insomnia

      Good luck fighting Cynthia's Spiritomb lol

    52. Pickle Chicken

      *shedninja noises*

    53. Meo Con

      Or beat Pokémon only using Pokémon that can mega evolve

    54. Meo Con

      I dare you to beat Pokémon only using starters

    55. Mike Moore

      That first fight with May was just animal abuse :(

    56. Oui Hoopin’

      Splash is just like not using dig. I was the wee bey gif at that point

    57. Keul

      Imagine having this for Platinum, and having a Spiritomb... it would be absolutely broken to say the least

      1. Keul

        @Lunar Insomnia but would soak have any effect? Since it wouldn’t hit with any super effective status, I’m unsure that it would even work that way

      2. Lunar Insomnia

        I was thinking he could use soak to turn it into a water type and then use an electric move

    58. Sculpture

      Alternate title Pokemon ruby but every pokemon is shedinja

    59. Aryssa Peng

      3:49 HEAL OFFFFFF

    60. Chantal Morgan

      Dude the wally battle was so funny

      1. Chantal Morgan

        By battle i ment catching ralts

    61. FBG-Playboi Kasino

      “Small ant , you live here ?!”😂😂😂😂

    62. Tremain Jackson

      I want you to do this for DPP. (Diamond, Pearl, Platinum)

    63. I like Turtles

      Can someone pls tell me what device he uses

    64. Chris Drakeford

      How about the reverse of wonderguard where only not very effective damage does damage !

    65. JAZZINATER23

      You know what you should beat gen 1 with only bug types

    66. Ferdinand Luskel

      I don’t know Why, but I thought he’s about to play through this game only waiting for the opponents pokemon to struggle. Not being able to attack them at all. This would have been by far the most senseless way of wasting your lifetime. On the other hand it proofed to me, that there’s no definition on how to spent your lifetime and it made me very happy to see someone do that.

    67. UberHaxTommaHawk13

      Got a challenge use Confusion status moves only to beat the game no damage dealing just confuse ray ect..

      1. Cliche _

        Doesn't confuse ray do damage

    68. ShadowDMR

      anyone have nostalgia at the names as it turns out the chat gave a good few names of jaiden animations pokemon names for shroomish and zubat lmao

    69. Johnny Bravo 25

      1:44 prof. bi*ch

    70. Apple Lish

      Oh boy Sableye is gonna be hard to battle

    71. Antón Pía Martínez

      He needs toxic to beat sableye

    72. One RandomZu3long

      Im pretty sure flanarie's team in emerald is where one of the slugma's was replaced by numel

    73. Tomer Attias

      That's impressive, but can you do it when only not very effective moves do damage??

    74. Tom Powers

      The neat rooster concordantly head because numeric transmurally save on a makeshift brother-in-law. unkempt, abrasive harbor

    75. Confusion Cosplay

      Absolutely nothing to do with the video, I guess, but... there was like one time I watched a stream live, and chat was barely moving. Then not even 5 seconds into the video and I've already seen like 7 "gdgfgfyrhruurufhffhyrueieirgfuifuf" with chat going really fast.

    76. truejimbob

      Internet Service Provider Companies: 9:31

    77. ross mcewan

      isnt sableye invincible then

    78. Aidan Williams

      Lets be honest, this is just the the “facing a shedninja every battle with more health” run

    79. Jacob Thakore

      Hopefully no one has a sableye also in gen3 struggle is typeless so nothing resists and nothing is weak to it

    80. Alexander Gacek

      small ant : wally what are you doing? the zigzagoon who literally only knows tacle : sadness noise

    81. Gauge McCarthy

      What do you play on

    82. M.b.660

      Image playing a Nuzlocke with this

    83. Raphael Marques

      Hey man tou could just use Foresight and you could hit the pokemon its was going to be a good strategy

    84. Chailee Her

      “You dont get hit when dig” Rock climber onix use earthquake

      1. General Hamster

        shi-taki mushroooms

    85. MONDOU

      So everything is d i g Always has been

    86. Mackenna Hulsizer

      "I'm gonna hope we outspeed" He says, about a Lvl 16 vs a Lvl 28

    87. Plantimations!

      Alternate title: Pokémon, but Shedinja is useless

    88. Jeanes Strebe

      Do a run Where only non effectiv moves hit.That`ll be crazy.

    89. Zentanio

      Now do it but only non-effective moves can do damage

    90. EVPointMaster

      Now do a run like the inverse battle. Super effective moves do half damage and resisted moves do double damage

    91. Dark_Wolf

      What if there's a Ghost And Dark Type Pokemon?

    92. Luckle65

      In short, dig=god move

    93. UniCat Pops

      so a levitating electric type is invincible

    94. Izabro747

      Running into a sableye must hurt.

    95. Sam Strike

      So Pokémon ruby where every Pokémon is shedinja on steroids

    96. Oscar the Gamer

      Did u think about sableye

    97. M1SSPLAY

      22:30 for later

    98. Arlyn Pascua


    99. Max Bruh -

      I a. D. L cnd. &. ‘$*

    100. Matthew G

      Pure electric type with levitate.